Best Business Backpacks For Men In 2017 Reviews

If you take a look around, you will notice that a lot of commuters are now carrying business backpacks. Well, it is not just because they are fashionable, backpacks provide a more practical and convenient way to carry all that you need from one point to the next. Your Laptop, notebooks, and other items will all fit in there and your hands will still remain free to hold a cup of coffee on the go.

If you are thinking of getting yourself one, here is a list of the top 5 best business backpacks for men. These are comfortable, spacious, they distribute weight evenly and have certain features that you will appreciate and want to have.

#1. 2018 Hot Waterproof Swiss Gear Multifunctional Men Luggage & Travel Bags

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This is everything you would want in a business backpack. It will serve a number of functions in relation to carrying things. It has a number of pockets and compartments that can be used to carry items of different shapes. It is also quite strong so if you are the type that likes to carry so many things that the bag is about to bust, you will be impressed that it can withstand the pressure.

You would think that when the backpack is full, it will be uncomfortable, but no it will not. It is well padded to ensure the straps do not dig into your shoulder and the back does not take a lot of pressure. This tough bag is also waterproof and comes with a lock for security. Take it anywhere, on your commute, hiking, use it as a gym bag or even hand luggage on the plane.

#2. Tigernu Slim Business Laptop Backpack

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This slim bag is very stylish and looks very professional on your back or in your hand, but it still has the ability to take a lot of items. The Tigernu has a maximum carry weight of 40kgs, its numerous pockets and compartments make it easier to pack a number of things in it without the bag bulging too much. The compartment where the laptop and other delicate electrical gadgets will be carried is well padded to ensure they do not break.

It is made from breathable nylon material which is water resistant so no problem if it starts to rain and you have this business backpack on your back. The material is also quite strong so the bag is quite durable. You will also appreciate the strong straps with sufficient padding for better comfort. The zippers are also equipped with an antitheft feature so that your property is safe in there.

#3. Victoriatourist V6018 Business Laptop Backpack

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This backpack bridges the gap between functionality and style it is designed to be slim which gives it the stylish appeal but at the same time, it has a lot of compartments to carry whatever you would like. There is an internal compartment that can accommodate a laptop with maximum screen size of 17 inches. The front pocket divider can be used for keeping pens, pencils, as well as cell phone and it will be well organized.

The back is well padded for comfort but at the same time, it has good airflow so that on a hot day it does not end up feeling too hot on your back. In the side pocket is a hidden mesh pouch that you can use for a bottle. Use it for a number of functions and you will not be disappointed.

#4. Victoriatourist V6002 Laptop Backpack with Check

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It is no hassle going through the security checks at the airport. The backpack is designed to make it possible to have your laptop scanned even without getting it out of the bag. It is also quite spacious with the ability to accommodate a laptop of up to 16 inches. It also has a number of internal pockets and compartments so that you are better organized. It can accommodate small items like pens and pencils as well as coins as well as big ones the size of a laptop.

The material is pretty durable and waterproof and there is ample padding to ensure that you are comfortable. The straps are strong to withstand the weight of the items in the bag but also padded to ensure it does not dig into your shoulders. This is indeed a convenient business backpack to carry around on your commute or even when traveling on leisure.

#5. Polaris Laptop Backpack with Hidden Laptop Compartment and Anti-thief Zipper

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This backpack provides a safe compartment to keep your laptop. It might have the smallest capacity of the best business backpacks for laptops, but still 15 inches is big enough for many laptops. The compartment is padded and it has an anti-theft zipper to ensure no one has easy access to your possessions. There is also padding for your own comfort on the back and it will distribute the weight evenly to ensure that the heaviest part goes to your back instead of the shoulders.

It is made from durable material that is also waterproof. You will be carrying this backpack for a long time before you can think of replacing it. It is also quite fashionable in 2018 so you will look cool carrying it around this year. The pockets are well distributed which also helps you distribute the weight of whatever things you are carrying as well as remain organized and avoid clutter in your backpack.


You will find a number of backpack makers claiming to have the best but in most cases that is just a lot of hype about nothing. You yourself should determine how well it matches up to your needs and whether it meets your expectations.

When compiling this list, we actually asked different people what they expect of the best business backpacks for men and we matched their responses with these that had been suggested by experts and they came out as the best.

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