Best Blu Ray Rippers In 2017 Reviews

It is always challenging when you are using the old drives that use laser beams because of the slowness and time consumption that it takes. In fact, some will even fail you at the last minute when you re burning one thing very important and then you need to restart again. Where is that time when you are in a hurry? You need something faster but efficient.

The answer to all your worries lies in what we have for you below, Blu-ray drives. They are fast and efficient and in fact easy to use. The items that we have brought are rated as the best and if you want to proof, try others and get shocked and worried. You are all welcomed to our stores

1. Samsung Ultra-Slim Black Optical Drive

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This is an ultra posrtable DVD writer that is slimmer than what you even thought of but the best to be used for your ultra-book. It has been made with smart power technology that wil only mean tthat it needs low consumption so that it is made well and will not use your power highly. I has been deviced in such a manner that it is able to be connected using a single USB port so that mobile consumers are able to have a flexible solution that will not use much power.

If you want to store your data, you can do it right away, thanks to the smart archive technology that has been used in it. The quality recording time that it has is the best and will allow our DVD to have a storage space for a longer time.

2. Blu-Ray Player External Laptop Burner Drive

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The goodness about this item is that it will offer you more storage than what DVDs have been offering you. It has been made with a Panasonic combo drive in the inside so that that functions ad attributes are of the best value. It is good to note that as you connect it with your desktop computer, you will need also to connect it to the motherboard of the computer so that it works well enough. The reading speed that come with these system is incredible because you will get up to 8 * more DVD reading speed. It comes with an enclosure of the drive that is made from plastic but that does not bar it from giving you the best required performance ever. It is a cheap but quality drive that you need to have.

3. LG Electronics 14X USB Blu-ray Disc Rewriter

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It is a system that has been designed with a writing speed that goes up to 14* BD-R writing speed. The operating systems that it can work with include Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The white silver color that is has been made with is good to ensure that the system is easily identifiable in whichever slot that you fit it in in your CPU. The color also does not fade out easily.

The item that we have for you above is notoriously loved from the higher capacity that it uses to store data. That means that if you want to have the best data archiving product, don’t even move a step further because we have it here for you. One added feature is that it will work in other systems without even having an additional software installed.

4. Pioneer Slim External Blu Ray Writer

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One important thing that you need to be aware is that you have landed in the slimmest and smallest of all the Blue-ray eternal drive that has been introduced in our markets. It has been made with a clam shell design and comes with the best bundle of a cyberlink software for your use. It uses the new 3.0 USB technology that makes it work faster and efficient.

When you subject this drive to operate at 6* speed, then you will have to be aware that I is going to give you 205mbps. What we have not included in this speed is that the framing and protocol overhead has also not been framed. The USB port that you will get from this item is that it will supply your lines with more juice over your power lines and that is advantageous for you because you will not need external 5V adapter.

5. Aluminum External USB Blu-Ray Writer

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This is an external Bly-Ray writer that has been introduced in the market and what you are going to get from it is perfection and speed. It has been made with a 1mm of strong unibody that means that the casing is strong enough to withstand the small dangers that might surround it. The 3.0USB interface that it has is the best because that will give you time to have the best transfer rate to your system. Get it today and start having the best way of burning your data and even reading it from your DVDs. It will serve as the best when others have always failed you.

The above rays have been made with precision so that you have the best when things seem not to be working for you with other drives. They have been made with the best readable and writable speed so that you don’t wait for too long when you want to burn and store your information. They are easy to install and some will only need you to connect them to your motherboard if you want to use them.

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