Best Bearing Splitter And Gear Puller Set In 2021 – Complete Product Review

A bearing splitter comes handy when you need to replace the steering pump or to perform a similar job in your car. They can be used removing pulleys, gears, and bushes fitted near to your house. Gear puller set remains durable, and they are perfect to be used for pulling steering wheels and pulleys on light trucks and cars.

Gear puller set comes in a carrying case, and an automotive specialist needs them to restore a vehicle. Gear puller is available in different size and design, and one should strictly follow safety precautions using the tool. Make sure you buy the best gear puller set for your personal use.

Here are given bearing splitter product review and gear puller set product review which will help you to buy one for your personal use.

Product Review: Best 5 Bearing Splitter and Gear Puller Set in 2021!

1. 8milelake Bearing Splitter Gear Puller Separator Set Tool Kit (12pcs with 5-Ton Capacity)

Best Bearing Splitter And Gear Puller Set

The toolkit consists of 12 pieces of bearing splitter gear puller. It contains 2 inches and 3 inches of bearing separators. The box consists of 4 set of hex-mesh puller legs. The eight-mile lake brand is quite popular in the market, and the box weighs 10.19 pounds.

The bearing separator set includes bar type puller (5-inch,) which is heading with a forcing screw. The separator tools can be used along with bar puller kit, and you may use the legs to perform a wide range of pulling a job. Each bearing separators may be utilized separately or in a combination form along with other tools and pullers.

What did we like?

  • It is a handy storage case.
  • Can be easily carried to anywhere.
  • They are designed to pull bearing and inner race bearing.
  • They are heat treated.
  • Each bearing can be used separately or with other pullers.
  • The toolkit is available at reasonable price.

What didn’t we like?

  • The material remains soft and deforms when pulling some bearing, which is tight.
  • The finish of the tool is not up to the mark.

Our Verdict

The toolkit is very handy, and you may have the tools to pull a garden tractor steering wheel. The product is good to be used for light duty work. The metal remains too soft, and one of the legs remains too short to thread a nut on the fork. The toolkit is not suitable to be used for heavier duty and serious bearings. The jaws remain too thick to fit most bearings.

2. Ztech Gear Puller and Bearing Separator Splitter Tool Kit (14pc. Set)

Best Bearing Splitter And Gear Puller Set

The Ztech 14-piece gear puller and separator is a high-quality product that can be used to remove and install large industrial bearings. The brand is one of the top bearing splitters, and gear puller set available on the market. The toolset can be used to remove gears, pulleys, bearings, steering wheels and more.


You may use them to separate ball bearings. The bearing separators are available at a size 9/32” to 3” in diameter. They are made of heat treated forged steel attachment. The tools have black oxide finish, and they are chrome plated for durability. The tools apply pressure evenly to separate bearings, and you may remove the gears without damage.

All the tools come in a blow molded case for easy transport and storage. The item weighs 9.48 pounds, and the product dimension is about 13.2 x 2 x 9.7 inches.

What did we like?

  • The 14 piece of tools can be used to remove and install large industrial bearings.
  • They are forged steel attachments chrome plated for durability.
  • The tools have black oxide finish.
  • It smoothly removes gear without damage.
  • The blow mold case is good for storage.

What didn’t we like?

  • The center of the bearing separator is small in size to pull large bearings.

Our Verdict

Ztech gear puller and separator are good for professionals. The tools are durable enough to handle large industrial bearings. The box offers safe and easy transport and storage. The product is available at an affordable price, and they are great to be used to remove pulleys and bearings.

The manufacturers didn’t provide instructions how to use the tools. Some customers found the center of bearing separator is too small for pulling large bearings. Overall customers are satisfied with its built quality.

3. Ztech Heavy Duty Bearing Splitters and Gear Puller/Separator Set 2″ and 3″ (14pc. Complete Kit)

Best Bearing Splitter And Gear Puller Set

The Ztech toolkit can be used to remove pulley, bearings, gears and more. The box includes separators, puller crossbar, lead screw, forcing screws, two-piece hooks, yolk center adapter, and extension legs. The brand is quite popular manufacturing high-quality bearing separator puller sets.

The heavy-duty product weighs 11.9 pounds. The versatile tools can be used along with a puller and legs for performing a different type of pulling jobs. The puller crossbar can be used along with forcing the screw to do pulling jobs. The tools are treated steel and drop forged.

The product comes in a molded case for easy transport. The item weighs 11.9 pounds and dimension of about 13.6 x 10.6 x 3 inches.

What did we like?

  • The tools can be used for wide variety of pulling jobs.
  • The versatile tools can be used along with bar puller or separately.
  • They are made of heat treated steels.
  • The toolkit offers easy storage.

What didn’t we like?

  • The nuts may strip out if more pressure is applied.
  • The rods may bend if you put high pressure during the process.

Our Verdict

The Ztech toolkit is a decent product for the price you pay for, and you shouldn’t keep too high expectation for the products. They are not suitable to be used for the everyday process. They are fancy items which can be used to perform standard jobs. If you put high pressure on the tools, they may bend or strip out.

4. ATP Bearings Separator and Gear Splitters Puller Set – 2″ and 3″ (14PCS Tool Kit)

Best Bearing Splitter And Gear Puller Set

The ATP 14 piece bearing separator puller can be used to remove bearings, pulleys, gears and steering wheels. The toolkit includes 4” and 5” extension legs, four sets of hex push puller legs, 6” yoke center adapter, 2” and 3” bearing separator jaws. The separator tools if used with bar puller and legs; you can perform a wide variety of pulling jobs.


You may use the tools together or separately. The kit includes A-type puller head bar with a 9/16” forcing screw. The product weighs 12.02 pounds, and the dimension of the toolkit is 13.8 x 10.6 x 3.1 inches.

What did we like?

  • The tools in the kit box range in sizes and diameter.
  • The tools are heat treated steel attachments.
  • They may use to remove gears without damage.
  • The handy toolbox can be used for wide applications.
  • The toolbox provides easy operation anytime, anywhere.

What didn’t we like?

  • Some bolts are too short and can easily bend.

Our Verdict

You may use the separator puller to pull small to medium size bearings. Professionals working in the automotive field can use the bearing puller tool to perform pulling jobs. The size of the bolt remains small, and after modifying the tool, it may work out. The metal on the puller plate is little soft. So they are good to be used for light jobs.

5. ABN Heavy-Duty Bearing Separator Splitter and Gear Puller (14-Piece Tool Set)

Best Bearing Splitter And Gear Puller Set

The ABN 14 piece set is a heavy duty tool kit, which can be used to separate the bearings and remove the gears smoothly without any damage. The heavy-duty toolkit includes bearing separator, long pawls with nuts, long thread bolt for bearing splitter with nuts, one push-rod flat-head, one push-rod cone-head, one bracket, and one piece M-10 thread long push rod.

The versatile product helps you to remove gear, steering wheels and pulleys from the shaft. They are one of the best bearing splitter available in the market with good customer review. The set is 100% compatible with most automobiles, power sports vehicles and ATVs. They have constructed products with high-durability and made from heat treatment, and chrome-plating stainless steel.

They have a black oxide finishing on them offering longevity and strength. The set comes with a hard-shell plastic and blow-molded carrying case, which makes it easy to transport and makes the storage simple. The toolkit weighs 4.4 pounds.

What did we like?

  • They are the highest quality 14 pieces heavy duty kit.
  • The puller arms and extension can be used to meet different needs.
  • You may use the toolkit for automobiles, sports vehicles, and ATVs.
  • They are durably constructed chrome plated steel tools.
  • They can be easily transported and offer quick storage.

What didn’t we like?

  • None

Our Verdict

The premium tools and accessories from ABN are high-quality product available on the market. They operate smoothly with separate bearings and remove gear without any damage. Customers have rated 5/5 for this product. The gear-puller set product review remains positive without any negative reviews against the product. The heavy duty tool kit can be organized quickly. They are lightweight making them easy to carry.

How to Use Bearing Separator/Splitter Most effectively?

A bearing splitter is needed to replace the steering pump and to perform repairing job in your vehicle. They are a piece of a tool which can be used to rebuild your alternator. They are effective in removing gears, pulleys, bearings and bushes which are grown near to your house or other building. The tool helps you to finish your repair job in the garage quickly and efficiently.


Using the splitter

Remove the two large bolts found each side of bearing splitter by holding the split plate together. You may use a wrench if needed. Now you have to keep the bearing splitter behind the bearing, pulley or gear which you want to remove by placing half of the splitter plate at each side. If the splitter plate doesn’t fit behind the part, then taper the edge of the split plate near to the bottom of the part.

Tighten the two bolts using wrench allowing the separator plates are fitting behind to the bottom of the part you want to remove. The plates should remain tight around the part to get a good grip. Screw the steel beam over the splitter using a wrench. The twin beam comes with a splitter kit with two large bolts on each side and another bolt center of the beam. Screw the two bolts on the beam to the hole provided on separator plate.

You may screw the beam using hand until the tip of the screw enters the shaft where the gear you want to remove is mounted on. Keep on tightening the center of the beam, using the screw until you release the bearing. If you need you can remove the bearing splitter if there is enough space for the part you want.

How to use Gear Puller in the Best Manner Possible?

A gear puller is used to pull gears from the shaft. You may use the tool to remove pulley, wheels, and ball bearing from the shaft.

Steps to use a gear puller

You may select the appropriate tool to get the job done. Fit the jaws of the puller to the gear. Adjust diameter of the jaws using cross arms. Ensure the screw fits into the gear or component. Now you have to adjust the gear puller. Once you select the right size of the puller, you have to adjust the cross arms until the jaw fit right angle against the gear. Let the screw sit front center of the gear.

The next step is to tighten the forcing screw, and for this, you need to use a socket wrench to tighten the nut to the end of the screw. Turn the socket wrench until the gear becomes loose. Throughout the process, the puller should grip the gear at the center.

Final Verdict

There are wide selections of bearing splitters and gear puller available in the market. You should select a high-quality product if you are a professional and need to carry the toolset wherever you go.

Based on the customer review ABN Heavy-Duty Gear Puller and Bearing Separator Splitter (14-Piece Tool Set) is considered to be one of the best products to be used by a professional. The 14 piece set is a heavy duty kit, and the tools can be used separately or all together. The handy toolbox is a lightweight product.