Best Beard Grooming Kits In 2017 Reviews

IntroductionFew things look or feel as good as a well-groomed beard. The beard has been a symbol of masculinity since time immemorial. The beard has risen to popularity in recent years and with it items to groom it.A good, complete beard kit can be the solution to making your beard presentable. A comprehensive kit can help your beard while remaining big, not cover your face’s handsome features. Furthermore, a good beard should enhance and not cover up your face’s features. Quality beard kits will include brushes, combs, oils, and lotions. The following beard kits will groom your beard while still maintaining your masculinity.

1. The Beardsley in the Box Beard Care

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The Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Set is fit for a king. The kit includes a natural boar bristle brush that will give your beard a brushing experience unlike one it has had before. It also has an anti-static beard comb to untangle the knots and straighten your beard for better appearance and growth. The third item is a beard oil that will smoothen your beard and moisturize it for smooth brushing and combing. Given that most men do not like smelling like perfume the oil is almost odorless. The kit gives your beard a clean appearance that gives it a touch of class that will make an impeccable first impression no matter who you meet.

2. The Mountaineer Beard Care

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The Mountaineer Beard Care Kit is a natural product made from quality ingredients and includes no animal products. The WV Timber Beard Oil has a Cedar wood and Fir Needle scent but has an almost unnoticeable scent that would agree with most gentlemen. The oil works best when applied just after you wash your beard. The kit also includes a Magic Beard Balm that smells like grape and lime and grooms very nicely. The other component of this beard care kit is the WV Timber Beard Wash. The wash is good for the beard when used with water since it lathers very well. It can be used as facial soap as often as you like but once or twice a week is the optimal frequency.

3. The Beardsley in the Box Beard Care

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TheBeardsley in the Box Beard Care Set contains shampoo, a conditioner, a lotion and Beard Oil. The Beardsley Company has unique formulas to groom best your beard growing it better and faster while giving it an elegant appearance. The Beard Oil is sprayed into the beard before brushing. The shampoo is particularly formulated for facial hair and in conjunction with the conditioner will make your beard smooth in feel and appearance. Both your beard and mustache will be fresh and soft after using these products. The lotion has a Bay Rum Scent that is very manly and after a few sprays, the beard should be brushed giving it a feeling of coolness. It is a complete product.

4. The Maison Lambert Deluxe Beard

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This beard kit can be appropriately called the ultimate beard kit. Everything about it is great beginning with the packaging which is a classy wooden cigar box. The products inside are organic including the shampoo, balm, and oil. The wooden comb is handcrafted in stunning French fashion. The woody scent of the products is noticeable but not obnoxious, a significant advantage for most men. The beard kit’s organic characteristics and classy appearance are ideal for any man seeking ideal grooming for his dear beard. The Maison Lambert Deluxe Beard kit would especially make a great present.

5. Jack Black Beard Grooming

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The kit contains an all-over wash for the entire body. The wash lathers well with all body hair giving it a creamy feel while keeping your hair clean and fresh. The beard lube is made from organic products such as jojoba and eucalyptus. The lube’s transparent makeup is of great assistance since you can clearly see when you are shaving. The products are formulated to give beards exceptional shine and reduce irritation from razor burns. The kit has an artistically crafted black comb. The packaging makes the kit especially convenient for traveling.


The beard kits mention above are the top of the line. They save cost by being sold together and also have better effects since it is easier to use them together. A beard kit should be a close companion of any bearded man, and the kits above should be the first you choose.

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