Best Backpacks for College and Schools

Going to classes every day means spending much of your day studying away from your hostel or home. Hence, the list of items or accessories you need to carry is endless. Computers, highlighters, and books, for instance, are essential for studies. If you have a portable projector or printer that you use often, a quality backpack will benefit you as well. To get a large and functional model for day-to-day use, read on. Our picks of the best backpacks in 2021 are not only durable but also spacious.

List of the Best Backpacks in 2021

10. Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack

Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack

The technology behind the Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack is one of the most trusted in this niche. If you want a waterproof backpack that is spacious and waterproof as well, look for one. The mix of nylon and polyester used to make it is not only durable but also waterproof. It keeps delicate items such as computers dry and protected from the elements as you commute. Finally, the material is stylish and has a stable base that does not fray nor roll when placed on the floor or ground.

You will like the adjustable straps on this backpack. They are wide, padded, and have a curved design that aligns well with the neck and shoulders. Thus, while carrying heavy items, the risk of it hurting or irritating your back is slim to none. Finally, the Under Armour Hustle 4.0 is perfect for students because of its spacious design. It provides adequate space and organization pockets for schooling accessories. It also comprises two soft-lined front pockets for keys, side pockets for water bottles, and a spacious bottom pocket for gym shoes and muscle roller sticks.

What We Like
  • Light/durable fabric
  • Spacious design
  • Multiple pockets
  • Waterproof design
  • Stable base (roll-proof)

Our Verdict

Under Armour Hustle 4.0 is a lightweight backpack with ample storage space for laptops and books. It also has comfortable straps (padded) and many pockets for categorizing your items.

9. North Face Jester Backpack

North Face Jester Backpack

The North Face Jester Backpack has unique artistry guaranteed to last for a lifetime. Its fabric is of high-quality material, and the stitching is firm to withstand heavy loads. The outer pockets come with durable two-way zippers for ease of opening and closing. This carrier has adequate space. The main compartment can fit your books and a few of your stationaries. It also has a cushioned compartment to secure your laptop and devices up to 15-inches wide from breakage in case you drop the bag.

The mesh side pockets stretch to fit water bottles of different sizes or an umbrella. The shoulder straps have soft padding for a comfortable carrying experience, while its removable hip belt adds support when walking or hiking. North Face Jester has contoured back with mesh fabric for your comfort and prevents sweating.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Contoured back panel
  • Removable hip belt
  • Fits 15-inch laptops
  • Supports heavy loads
Our Verdict

Do you carry heavy books and a 15-inch laptop to school? The North Face Jester Backpack is stylish, durable, and therefore ideal. It fits and secures bulky items such as laptops. Moreover, because of its padded straps and stable, contoured back panel, you can carry heavy objects in one without injury to your back.

8. RONYES Unisex College Backpack

RONYES Unisex College Backpack

The RONYES Unisex College Backpack is an elegant looking design that comes with a folder cover. Its appearance and style make it suitable for use by all genders. The bag has an external USB port and a built-in charging cable to allow you the convenience of charging your devices while the power bank is in the backpack. Alongside the double zippers that ease access to items, it also has a magnetic snap button in the flap for security.

RONYES Unisex is a lightweight student’s backpack that does not irritate the back. It is durable, resistant to abrasion, and has a padded back panel and straps that improve support and comfort while in use. It also has four internal compartments, which include a cushioned pocket with a Velcro strap for securing your tablet or laptop. Finally, you get a spacious front pocket (zippered) for storing small items such as keys and cash.

What We Like
  • Padded laptop pocket
  • Lightweight backpack
  • Double zipper design
  • Comfortable straps
  • Stable back panel
Our Verdict

RONYES is a spacious double zippered backpack with a unisex design that benefits men and women. It has a padded interior pocket for your laptop. Its padded back panel prevents back injuries, while its padded straps are adjustable to fit all people.

7. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

The Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack is a lightweight design for outdoor use. It comes in a high-quality polyester fabric that is also water-resistant and scratch proof. This material is also not easy to tear, and the stitches are firm for longevity. It features an external USB charging port with an inbuilt charging cable. It connects your power bank inside from the inside to your external devices while walking to class.

When it comes to space, this backpack is very generous and comes with six pockets. The laptop pocket can fit a fifteen-inch device and has padding that protects your device from scratches and external shocks. The main compartment is roomy for your daily books, power bank, and a few clothing. It comes with a flap that allows water droplets to flow downwards without leaching through the zippers. You can comfortably carry this bag with one hand or on your shoulders using the padded straps.

What We Like
  • Perfect for school/work
  • Adjustable straps (padded)
  • Padded laptop panel
  • Durable polyester fabric
Our Verdict

You will like the structure and the functionality of the Modoker student’s backpack. The polyester fabric used to make it has a durable, vintage theme that men and women like. It is spacious and has a versatile compartment for your fountain pens, highlighters, and or smart reading glasses. Finally, this water-resistant backpack has a charging port (external) for your phone.

6. Vaschy Unisex Classic Backpack

Vaschy Unisex Classic Backpack

The Vaschy Unisex Classic Backpack is a premium quality design that offers you the capacity to carry an assortment of accessories and class books and utensils. It has a polyester shell, which is lightweight, water-resistant, and long-lasting. It is also resistant to heat and does not shrink or stretch after washing. This resilient material is additionally waterproof to keep your items dry under heavy rains and splash waters. Its bottom is highly reinforced to protect it from abrasion and to handle heavy loads.

The pack is very spacious and organized. The padded laptop sleeve protects devices from accidental falls and can comfortably accommodate a 15-inch device. Other compartments have zippers and have slots to arrange your accessories to avoid cluttering smartly. It comes with a fully padded back and shoulder straps to rest comfortably on your back. It also features zippers with leather pulls to smoothly to open and close the pockets.

What We Like
  • Light/portable design
  • Fits 15-inch laptops
  • Zippered compartments
  • Padded back panel
  • Durable polyester shell
Our Verdict

The heavy-duty polyester used to make Vaschy Unisex is ideal because of its longevity and water-resistant design. It also has a “cool-looking” unisex design that comes in many fade-proof colours. If you carry a laptop to school, you will enjoy using this backpack as well. Its padded inner panel fits up to 15-inch laptops.

5. YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack

YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack

YOREPEK is a reliable backpack made from long-lasting polyester. The bag is waterproof and has heavy-duty two-way zippers that are leak-proof. It also features a security-friendly compartment, which makes security checks seamless in local/international airports. Finally, the bag has an external USB charging port that connects to the high-capacity power bank in the bag via a cable.

YOREPEK has a headphone jack slot for listening to music on the go. The cable handle (steel) on offer fits snug in hand, while its padded shoulder straps are comfortable. The back elastic and has a mesh material with deep air pores to create maximum airflow between your back and the pack. Finally, side pockets have a flexible mesh fabric to carry a water bottle and umbrellas.

What We Like
  • TSA-friendly backpack
  • Non-irritant mesh fabric
  • Functional side pockets
  • Has a USB charging port
Our Verdict

YOREPEK is perfect for hauling heavy items such as books and computers to work. However, if you want a backpack that can charge your phone as well, it is one of the best brands in 2021. Its high-capacity in-built power bank supports all smart devices.

4. High Sierra Loop Backpack

High Sierra Loop Backpack

High Sierra is a large backpack with numerous compartments and multiple pockets to allow you to organize and travel with all your necessary and back to school collection. It also has a key fob to remind you not to carry your keys. You will access each compartment easily via two-way zippers. The unique tech spot sleeve in its mid-section, on the other hand, secures your tablet or laptop. Finally, the padded side pockets of this bag protect your devices from damage from a sudden drop or knock.

This premium organizer comes with York-style or S-shaped and adjustable shoulder straps to align with your neck and chest. Additionally, both straps and the back panel have a breathable mesh padding. The mesh allows more air circulation between your body and the pack. The meshed side pockets allow easy access to your water bottles. You can also attach extra gears on the compression straps at the bottom of this pack.

What We Like
  • Breathable mesh panel
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Padded side pockets
  • Non-stick zippers (2-way)
  • Tech spot sleeve for devices
Our Verdict

High Sierra Loop is a breathable backpack with padded straps and leak-proof zippers (non-stick). It also has padded side pockets for phone and keys, and a spot sleeve in the middle for securing a laptop or tablet. Thus, it is a good bag for students.

3. Mancro Laptop Backpack

Mancro Laptop Backpack

The Mancro Laptop Backpack is an exceptional and versatile pack for a college student. It is generous in space with adequate compartments that allow you to travel with most of your school items and clothes. Within the chambers are pockets to keep your accessories organized. While traveling or walking, you can conveniently charge your device using the USB port and inbuilt charging cable directly to your power bank in your bag. Finally, the backpack has a password lock and robust metal zippers for securing your valuables in flights, bus stops, and or the subway.

Mancro’s heavy-duty nylon fabric is water-resistant has a reinforced top mount handle that supports heavy loads. The grey, blue, and red themes have an appealing unisex look, while its shoulder straps are wide, adjustable, and padded. Finally, you get side pockets for water bottles or other small/ delicate items.

What We Like
  • Adjustable carrying straps
  • Heavy-duty nylon fabric
  • Novel USB charging port
  • Free combination lock
Our Verdict

Mancro is one of the most secure backpacks in stores. Its heavy-duty zippers are leak-proof and lockable using the provided combination lock. Its padded straps are comfortable, while its large main, front, and side compartments satisfy most students.

2. Sosoon College Backpack

Sosoon College Backpack

If you are keen on arranging your study items for easy access at school, the Sosoon College Backpack works well. It has five main pockets for organizing your stuff. It also has a shockproof laptop section (padded) that fits 15-inch devices and side pockets for phones and keys. Side pockets also fit water bottles and umbrellas.

Sosoon has a waterproof outer shell that keeps items dry during a rainy day. The two-way zippers each has an antitheft lock hidden in the side pockets for safety. The backside is thick but soft and ventilated to allow airflow for comfort. The padded and adjustable shoulder straps have a card slot on one strap and a hook for sunglasses. Finally, you will love its USB charging cable and headphone interface, which enable you to travel in style.

What We Like
  • Padded laptop section
  • Versatile side pockets
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • USB charging slot
Our Verdict

The USB charging slot and a headphone jack in the Sosoon backpack stand out. However, if you want a spacious and secure bag for travelling, it is a good option as well. Zippers (two-way) are leak-proof, while its main compartment fits most items.

1. SwissGear 1900 Scansmart Backpack

SwissGear 1900 Scansmart Backpack

Do you have a hard time offloading devices while going through security checks? The SwissGear 1900 Scansmart Backpack design makes traveling easy and convenient. The compartment for smart devices such as laptops opens flat for easy checking. Furthermore, it has many small compartments for books and stationaries and organizational meshed accessory pockets (zippered). The sturdy pack will serve you for a long time thanks to its high-quality ballistic polyester. Accompanied by the strong stitches, it will withstand heavy loads without ripping apart.

SwissGear 1900 has a heavily cushioned back panel that supports and cushions the back of users. The shoulder straps are adjustable and have inbuilt suspensions for comfort. They are also padded and lined with a mesh fabric that prevents them from slipping. Finally, SwissGear has a rugged mold-grab handle and meshed side pockets for keeping your umbrella or water bottles.

What We Like
  • Ballistic polyester
  • Padded mesh straps
  • In-built suspension
  • TSA-approved design
Our Verdict

With SwissGear 1900, you get storage space for books, laptops, umbrellas, and water bottles, to name a few. It has a durable design with thick straps that lay comfortably on the shoulders. It also has a TSA-approved design that comes in handy in airports.

Shopping Guides for Backpacks


Finding the best backpack is not as easy as choosing the first one you come across online. You need a durable product that will fit and secure your items from the element and is comfortable to use. Thus, before reaching for your pocket, check the material of your preferred student backpack. Is it nylon or polyester? These are among the most recommended materials because of their lightweight designs. They are also durable and water-resistant.


Buying a backpack that cannot fit your books, laptop, and stationery is a poor decision. Before ordering one, therefore, make sure its size is sufficient. It should have a spacious and functional main compartment with a zipper for protection. Backpacks with side pockets and accessory pockets are also ideal because they allow categorization of items such as stationery.


A heavy backpack that digs into your shoulder or irritates your back will frustrate you in the end. To have enjoyable trips to work or school, look for a comfortable backpack with these key features. First, it should have ergonomic and padded straps that distribute weight evenly on shoulders. Models with stable and or padded back panels also protect the back from irritation and injuries.

Conclusion: Our reviewed backpacks make commuting to school or work fun for most men and women. They are durable, unisex, and have spacious designs that satisfy the needs of most people. Most of these backpacks are waterproof and have adjustable straps as well.