Best ATV Snow Plow of 2019 | Buying Guide

Best ATV Snow Plow

The icy pavements and driveways would make it difficult for you to drive, walk or even step outside your house during the coldest days of the year. Enter the ATV snow plow kit. The ATV snow kit is the most convenient way to get rid of snow when it hampers your daily life. While removing snow can be a daunting and tedious task, if you live in a snowfall prone area you would know that a shovel isn’t enough. The ATV snow plow is the most versatile option you can have at hand and below reviews help you in choosing the best ATV Snow Plow.

Top 5 Best ATV Snow Plow

550-inch DENALI ATV Snow Plow Kit – Polaris Sportsman 335/400/450/500 (older models)

Best ATV Snow Plow of 2019 | Buying Guide31YTUtrDlfL The Denali ATV is extremely adept at handling snow, sand, and gravel. Made from 11 gauge steel, the blade is designed to produce the highest levels of performance under harsh conditions. The blade has an 11-inch scoop which allows you to work faster with it. There are also four gauge ribs that run along the side of the blade and offer support to it. Also included in the box are additional hardware like the push tubes, skid feet, and other installation hardware. The plow is center-mounted, thereby allowing the impact if any to disperse along the middle. This prevents damage to the plow and ensures that the plow can be used all the year around.

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4Swisher 2645R 50-Inch Universal ATV Plow Blade

Best ATV Snow Plow of 2019 | Buying Guide41fP2BBFgRML The Swisher’s blade is so strong that not only can it be used on deep snow but also for loads like sand and gravel. The blade is extremely durable, and when it comes to getting the job done, your search for a perfect blade ends here. The blade ( for the sake of ease of use) can be adjusted to a height between 18 to 24 inches. This allows you to control the blade easily and use it for different purposes.

The blade can also be mounted and unmounted without any additional tools which are obviously a big help if you wish to make changes. Given the blades high load capacity, it would greatly benefit you to invest in a high-quality winch. This would allow you to not only clear up snow but also lift heavy loads. The Swisher blade can be expected to last for a long time and provide high-quality performance, giving you all the more reasons to choose it.

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3Kolpin 10-0520 X-Factor Plow in a Box

Best ATV Snow Plow of 2019 | Buying Guide41fB5FjPyL The Kolpin 10-0520 is one of the few variants of the all in kits. In terms of durability and power, the Kolpin is virtually unmatched. The biggest advantage is obviously getting all required hardware in one box. This saves a lot of time hunting down for individual parts. When it comes to performance, the Kolpin is an absolute beast. It will effortlessly plow on in cold weather and the harshest of conditions. The heavy duty tube and the steel frame construction ensure that the Koplin can take any amount of workload with doubling back.

The coolest feature, however, is the five position blade which can be adjusted according to the area you wish to clean. The HD skid shoes protect the exterior of the machine and the plow from awkward bumps that may damage it. If you live in extreme rugged weather, the Koplin is the perfect plow for you to invest in.

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2WARN 78950 ProVantage 50″ Straight Plow Blade

Best ATV Snow Plow of 2019 | Buying Guide31KosaVGiLL Another top contender for the title of the best ATV snow plow, the Warn 78950 is made from 12 gauge steel which not only lends it a superb durability but also allows heavy-duty ribbing. The boxed design of the model also allows extra support. The blade has a coating of anti-corrosive material to keep it sharp. The center mount allows for extra rigidity and also protection against curb damage. While using it, I found the blade extremely easy to install.

I had to make some slight changes to the axle and the radiator protectors. Otherwise, it was absolutely perfect. I would like to mention here that I have tried out this blade under extreme ice conditions and it perfectly lived up to the task. Given the blade’s proven track record, I would recommend it to anybody looking for a high-quality blade at a reasonable price.

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1Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow

Best ATV Snow Plow of 2019 | Buying Guide41lGW2KoBL The UniPlow Plow is, quite simply put, the ultimate package in terms of snow plowing. The box includes a push tube assembly, a universal mount, and the plow blade. The universal mount will allow you to attach it with almost all available ATVs in the market. I have tried a lot of all in one box plows available in the market and this by far gets it right in most counts.

The plow blade of the UniPlow is 50″ wide. This allows you to clear out the snow faster and more efficiently. The Universal mount attaches not in the front but the middle, thereby allowing an even distribution of weight. The piece de resistance of the box set, however, is the inclusion of all hardware materials. This means that you would not have to buy any hardware parts separately.

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Why Buy an ATV Snow Plow?

The two most effective ways of getting rid of snow is the snow blower and the ATV snow plow. However, given that the snow blower may actually be more budget-friendly, do consider the versatility of the ATV. The ATV can be used for a host of other tasks all the year round. There is also the factor of fun associated with an ATV. Why use an ATV unless it’s way more fun to use than the closest alternative? Also considering the fact that the ATV can clean tight places more efficiently obviously tilts the favor overwhelmingly in its case.

What to Look For While Buying an ATV Snow Plow?

Choosing the best ATV slow plow has never been an easy job. You have to educate yourself on the factors that set one model above another.

The primary factor you ought to keep in mind while buying a snow plow is obviously the blade size. The blade is integral to clearing all snow. So, apart from being wide, the blade must also be durable and evenly supported.

The mounting is also another factor that is to be noted since that is what determines weight distribution.

Also, do keep a look out at the ease at which spare hardware parts are available in the event of a mechanical mishap. If you consider these factors and invest, the chances are that your blade will last long.


Each of the ATV Snow Plow blades I have reviewed is unique in their own way. It is absolutely up to you to decide what exactly you are looking for in the product. The weight of the blade and the height of adjustment all come into play during use, and therefore, it is essential to make an informed choice.

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