Best Alarm Clocks in 2021

Time has moved on and we live in a world dominated by smartphones which perform different functions, one such being that of acting as an alarm in the morning. However, that hasn’t dented the charm of the good old alarm clock as the market remains populated with some of the best alarm clocks one can find. The changing times though, have had their effect on this device as well and today one can find some of the coolest alarm clocks with advanced features such as Bluetooth, LCD displays, wall projectors and the like.

In this review, we look at ten best alarm clocks 2021 which effectively do their job so you don’t end up sleeping through the alarm or wake up to annoying alarm clock sounds. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

powerful and loud speaker

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock
  • Stimulates sound, touch and sight
  • Powerful alarm sound of 113db.
  • Pulsating lights


Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock
  • Nature’s sounds and sunrise simulated light
  • Pleasant alarm
  • 20 brightness settings


Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock
  • Classic retro style alarm clock
  • Easy legibility
  • Stereoscopic and 3D numeric indicators

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powerful and loud speaker

1. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

A hell of an alarm clock that will drive you out of your bed, the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock lives up to its name and produces maximum impact so you always wake up on time. It works by stimulating your three important senses namely sound, touch and sight which makes it an ideal alarm clock to be used by hearing, hard of hearing and hearing-impaired persons alike.

This top rated alarm clock boasts of an alarm sound of 113db. which is too powerful to ignore and sleep through while it rings. Besides, the pulsating lights that come on wile the alarm goes off enhance the effect the alarm sound produces. However, the highlight of this device is the Super Shaker bed vibrating unit you get along with this clock. If the sound and the light weren’t enough to wake you up, the shaker definitely will. Just place it under your mattress or pillow and at the pre set time the shaker will start vibrating to get you out of bed. The shaker is also an effective way to wake up to the alarm without disturbing others as there is no sound produced in its case.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Stimulates sound, touch and sight to wake you up.
  • Powerful alarm sound of 113db.
  • Pulsating lights when the alarm goes off.
  • Super shaker that vibrates the bed.
  • Wake up without disturbing others.

Our Verdict

The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is on top of our list and the best overall. Boasting of powerful sound vibration features, it is one of the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers and will make sure you never miss out on that important meeting or appointment. Definitely an alarm clock you must have.


2. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Wake up not only to the alarm sound but also, wake up naturally while your body is stimulated through the sunrise simulated light. The Philips Wake-Up-Light alarm clock is a result of some careful scientific research to give alarm clocks that wake you up to some pleasant sounds of nature in a natural way so you feel refreshed and energized instead of cursing the annoying alarm clock. It sports an awesome sleek design and being a Philips product, the quality of the product stands guaranteed. The clock certainly stands up to the premium tag with some advanced features.

The wake up light comes with 20 brightness settings to choose from. As the bedroom gets dark, the light slowly dims to put you gradually to sleep. And in the morning, 30 minutes before the scheduled alarm, the sunrise simulated light comes on, gradually increasing in brightness to stimulate your body. So, finally when you wake up to the alarm half an hour later, your body will feel refreshed. The alarm itself mimics bird sounds. You can also set the alarm sound to an FM radio setting so you wake up to your preferred radio show. The light can also be used as a reading light during the night. The alarm comes with simple tap feature to snooze and runs by plugging the device to a power source.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Wake up in natural way to nature’s sounds and sunrise simulated light.
  • Light stimulates the body while the alarm sound is pleasant to hear.
  • 20 light brightness settings.
  • FM radio setting can be chosen instead of the alarm sound.
  • Awesome design for adding to room décor.
  • Small tap to snooze.

Our Verdict

The Philips wake up light alarm clock is the second on our list and the best premium. The pleasant sound and natural light simulation feature make this device one of the best alarm to wake up to. If you can shell out some extra bucks, then it is one of the top alarm clocks you can go for.


3. Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock

A classic retro style alarm clock that will take you back in time, the Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock is designed to be a reliable alarm clock that will kick you out bed on time with super loud alarm making it one of the best loud alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. This retro alarm clock sports a black dial with stereoscopic numbers in place of the usual printed cardboard found in the market. The white colored hour and minute hands on the black dial make it extremely legible for you to know the time.

Adding more visibility and lending some awesome looks are the 3D numeric indicators which enhance the style quotient of this alarm clock. The second hand glides smoothly across the dial without making any ticking sound to completely get rid of annoying alarm clock sounds for a peaceful sleep. For night time viewing, the dial glows evenly through an illuminated manual light. Making this gadget a truly reliable alarm clock is the fact that the alarm does not snooze but can only be turned on or off. So, you will definitely have to get up to turn it off. This device runs on 1 AA battery.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Classic retro style alarm clock.
  • Black dial with white hour and minute hands for easy legibility.
  • Stereoscopic and 3D numeric indicators adding to style and visibility.
  • Powerful alarm sound to wake you up.
  • No snooze buttons.
  • Quiet sweep movement of the second hand without ticking sound.
  • Glowing dial enables easy night time viewing.

Our Verdict

The Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock is the best value product in our list of the best alarm clocks 2021. An eye-catching retro design together with good functional features and easy operation make this product one of the best simple alarm clock you can go for.

4. RCA RCD30 Digital Alarm Clock

RCA RCD30 Digital Alarm Clock

The RCA digital alarm clock delivers all the convenience you need and the features to make your waking up time as pleasant as possible. An affordable option with a compact design and easy to operate user interface, this device is a very popular choice among buyers. This alarm clock features a 1.4-inch red LED display which gives good visibility. The screen displays the time and the alarm indicator and the clock also allows you to change the brightness settings to high or low to adjust your viewing.

The control buttons are super easy to use. You can effortlessly set the alarm and turn it on or off. For enhanced user comfort and prolonged waking up time, this clock features a big snooze button at the top. You can repeat the snooze option at a soft press of the large button. A 9V battery backup means you don’t have to worry about the clock running out of power.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Compact design and easy to use interface.
  • 1.4-inch LED display screen for good visibility.
  • Set the display setting to high or low brightness.
  • Large snooze button for prolonged wake up time.
  • 9V battery back up.

Our Verdict

The RCD30 alarm clock is one of the best digital alarm clock in the market. A compact design and easy controls with good battery back up make it a good option to go for and it is light on your pocket as well.

5. LittleHippo MELLA Alarm Clock

LittleHippo MELLA Alarm Clock

A perfect sleeping partner for your kid, the LittleHippo MELLA is not just an alarm clock but a sleep trainer, sleep sounds device, night light and a nap timer all packaged in one device to give your kids a peaceful sleep and make them wake up on time. This exciting and popular gadget features some good visual features to help your child learn and adapt to daily sleep routine. The colors and facial expression on the round screen change through the night. When its time to sleep, MELLA sports a sleeping expression along with a light color of which you can set yourself. Half an hour before the wake up time, MELLA changes its facial expression to a playful one and the color turns yellow. And when its time to wake up, MELLA sports a smile along with a green light which stays illuminated for one hour.

Coming in a playful spherical design, this clock features three sleep sound options namely white noise, ocean and lullaby to gradually put your child to sleep and you can also choose from three alarm sounds which are child friendly waking up alarm sound. If these features weren’t enough, this clock also has a countdown feature for naps and time outs and also 5 different brightness settings for the lights. It is made of ABS silicone material which is totally safe for your child.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • An all in one device that is an alarm clock, a sleeping machine, nap timer and a night light.
  • Light color and facial expression on the screen change depending on the time of the night.
  • Three alarm sound options.
  • Three sleep sound options – white noise, lullaby and ocean.
  • 5 brightness settings.
  • Made of nontoxic safe ABS silicone material.

Our Verdict

The LittleHippo MELLA alarm clock is one of the best bedside alarm clock for your kids. It not only packs in tons of features in one device but also teaches your child to get adapted to a sleep routine that will prove beneficial to the kid’s health in the long run.

6. DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio

DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio

An alarm clock that also doubles up as a radio set to take you back to the good old days of yore. The DreamSky Decent Alarm clock boasts of a large 4-inch LCD screen with bold and big numbers to display the time, which make sure you don’t have to strain your eyes from a distance to know the time. Also, you can adjust the brightness from 0% to 100% giving you 100 different levels to set the brightness. Time however is just one of the elements present on the screen, as it also displays the temperature and the alarm indicator.

A built-in radio with a powerful and loud speaker allows you to tune into your favorite FM channel anytime you want and also provides 15 different levels of sound adjustment. The radio comes with a sleep timer so just turn on the radio during your bedtime and gradually fall asleep as you listen to the radio in the background and it will automatically switch off after the preset time elapses. One of the best clock radio, it allows you to set the alarm sound to a buzzer with 8 minutes of snooze option for one hour for an extended wake up time or wake up to the sound of the radio to suit your tastes. You can either plug this device to a power source or can use 3 x AAA batteries run the device.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • 4-inch screen with big bold display for comfortable viewing.
  • Built in FM radio for entertainment and aiding in sleep.
  • 15 different levels of sound adjustment.
  • Brightness adjustable between 0% to 100%.
  • Radio with sleep timer for auto switch off at night.
  • Alarm clock sound can be a buzzer or the FM radio.
  • Runs on batteries or a plugged power source.

Our Verdict

The Dreamsky Decent is one of the best alarm clock radio and a bestselling choice among buyers. With its dual function and numerous adjustable display and sound settings, it delivers good user satisfaction and is a very appealing product indeed.

7. Mpow Projection Alarm Clock

Mpow Projection Alarm Clock

The Mpow Projection Alarm Clock is another good alarm clock and popular product among users for the numerous appealing features it comes with. It boasts of a sleek and stylish curved design and has a large 5-inch screen display featuring blue colored big numbers with adjustable brightness between 6 different levels. The best part however is the clock projector that comes with three adjustable level of brightness and can be set to any angle between -30 degrees to 90 degrees for easily viewing the time your ceiling or the wall. The ideal projecting distance is 7ft. to 10ft.

One of the best dual alarm clock, this device lets you set two different alarms at the same day and choose between three alarm sounds such as wave, bird’s singing, chord ringtone. You can also choose to wake up to FM radio that’s built into this alarm clock radio and features sleep timer, powerful speakers, an antenna and allows you to choose between 15 preset FM stations. The clock comes with 9 minutes of snooze to let you sleep just a tad more. This device runs through a plugged power source or batteries and also allows you to charge your smartphones using a USB cable.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Stylish curved design and 5-inch large screen.
  • 6 different levels for adjusting the brightness.
  • Clock projects with 3 brightness levels and titling angle between -30 degrees to 90 degrees.
  • Dual alarm clock with 3 alarm sounds.
  • FM radio with 15 channels and antenna for better signal.
  • Allows USB charging and runs on plugged power source or batteries.

Our Verdict

The Mpow Projection Alarm Clock comes from a popular manufacturer and with a large screen, radio, dual alarm and projector packs in all things one can ask for. Surely one of the best digital clock one can find.

8. Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock

Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock

Infuse some fun into your mundane daily lives with some funny gadgets. The Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock is an ideal pick when it comes to this as it transforms the ordinary alarm clock that just sits by your bedside into one that will make you get out of bed in the morning. Loaded with wheels on its sides, this clock at the preset alarm time just jumps from its nightstand and starts rolling on its wheels while simultaneously giving out the alarm. If it ever bumps into any object, it just changes direction and continues rolling. You will certainly have to get up and chase it down to stop the alarm.

Annoying at first it may be, however you will thank it later when you realize you never missed an important meeting in the morning. It is one of the best loud alarm clocks for heavy sleepers and gives out loud alarm tones which even the hard of hearing can hear and making it impossible for you to sleep through the buzzing sound. However, for more convenience, it lets you select the snooze option and the time your snooze lasts.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • An ordinary routine gadget transformed into a funny gadget.
  • Alarm clock on wheels that starts rolling when alarm goes off.
  • Extremely loud alarm sound which is impossible to sleep through.
  • Snooze option for more convenience and longer sleeping time.

Our Verdict

While the primary job of an alarm clock is to wake you up on time, the Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock goes a step further and makes your mornings start with some fun and excitement. With its loud alarm, it does its job extremely well and the rolling feature are a testimony to the innovation and research that went into this product. Certainly, one worth going for.

9. Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock

Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock

Keeping things simple amidst the complexities in life is the Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock that is designed to do meticulously what an alarm clock is supposed to do – wake you up on time. This simple alarm clock features an LCD screen displaying numbers in big red color and also lets you adjust the brightness level using a dimmer slider depending on the time of the day for easy and comfortable viewing. The controls have been designed and placed in a user-friendly way for easy and hassle-free operation.

Sitting on top of the screen is an embedded night light that is bigger than usual to get the perfect illumination for night time reading and also in case the kids are afraid of the dark while sleeping. The alarm is loud enough and will continuously buzz for 5 minutes before getting switched off automatically. However, the clock also comes with a snooze option for a period of 9 minutes, before it goes off again to allow you to sleep a little longer. To power it, you need to plug it into a power source or just insert two AAA batteries for the required back up when power goes off.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Simple alarm clock with user friendly operation.
  • LCD screen with big red colored numbers and adjustable brightness.
  • Night light for nighttime reading and mild illumination while sleeping.
  • Loud alarm with 9 minute snooze.
  • Powered by batteries or an electric source.

Our Verdict

The Travelwey Home LED digital alarm clock is one of the best digital alarm clock with its simple user interface which provides good user satisfaction. It is a good gadget to have and doesn’t cost too much either.

10. U-Picks Mirror Alarm Clock

U-Picks Mirror Alarm Clock

Get ready for the day while you wake up to the sound of this alarm clock and also ready yourself in front of the built-in mirror on this gadget. With a dual purpose, the U-Picks Mirror Alarm Clock truly gets you going for the day. This digital alarm clock features a 6.5-inch LED display that is large enough to comfortably display the time and also serves as a mirror for daily use. Incredibly lightweight it comes in an awesome slim design and looks similar to a smartphone.

This digital clock frees you from the ticking annoying alarm clock sounds and also lets you adjust the brightness levels in three different settings. The numbers too are big enough and easily visible from any angle. Turning on the auto feature will automatically dim the light when the room gets dark and time for you to hit the sack. The alarm is loud enough to wake you up and comes with a snooze option. It is powered by a USB cable which can be plugged to your laptop or PC to draw power from. The USB ports also allow you to charge your phones. This device comes with a stand to keep the clock in place. To start your day on a good note, you also get two card clips with good wishes to which you can wake up to each morning.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Alarm clock and mirror rolled into one.
  • Two card clips featuring good wishes.
  • 6.5-inch LED display.
  • Lightweight and slim design.
  • Three level brightness adjustment with auto adjustment feature.
  • USB cable and two USB ports.

Our Verdict

The U-Pics Mirror alarm clock is an example of the innovative transformation, alarm clocks have undergone with time. A sleek design based on smartphone and a mirror and clock rolled into one, this device is an appealing choice among buyers.

Things to look for in an Alarm Clock – BUYERS’ GUIDE

While looking for an alarm clock, you should consider the following things:

Customizable Alarm: Usually alarm clocks come with a dual alarm feature which allows you to set two different alarms. However, people who have a tight working schedule may need more alarms for reminders throughout the week.

Alarm Sound: Since, you would be waking up to the alarm sound every morning and would be the first thing you listen in the day, you should check what are the alarm tones you are getting. Is the alarm tone the standard buzzer or are you getting pleasant nature-based sounds?

Alarm Volume: The alarm volume must be powerful enough so you don’t sleep through it. Also, look for a clock which gives you a wide range of levels for adjusting the volume.

Alarm Snooze: The alarm snooze feature allows you to sleep a bit longer and is added to offer you more convenience. While some alarm clocks have a pre-set snooze time period, some give you the option of setting the snooze time yourself. However, some alarm clocks in a bid to make you get out of bed do not have this feature at all.

Visual Display: Digital clocks have LCD or LED displays with varying screen size. Choose one which is most suitable for you. While a large screen allows easy viewing of time, it may take up more space than the compact smaller versions.

Brightness Adjustment: Most of the alarm clocks come with adjustable brightness which you can set depending on the time of the day. Some clocks also have an automatic adjustment feature which alter the intensity of the light automatically through built-in light sensors.

Power Source: What is the power source the alarm clock runs on? Does it run on batteries or does it requires to be plugged in to a power socket? Having a battery back up will keep you clock working during power outages as well.

Other Features: You may look for other features in the alarm clock such as a built in FM radio, a night light, Bluetooth or some advanced features like nature simulated light which stimulates your body to prepare it to wake up.