Best 5 DIY Christmas decoration ideas to makes

Christmas is the time of the year when everybody is in a festive mood. It is time to enjoy and celebrate. To add flavor to this celebration, houses, buildings, and streets are beautifully decorated. As this festive season is important to everybody, people love doing this decoration on their own. So I have compiled some amazing DIY ideas for Christmas decoration that can be done quickly and make your house look perfectly designed for celebrations.

Best 5 DIY Christmas decoration ideas to makes 1

1. Many objects of different styles and different lengths give a beautiful look to your house rather than same size hanging objects looking like banners. Take objects of different types including stars as snowflakes and cut their hanging strings in different lengths. Then hang them around your room. Get some tall candles for your table. White color presents a beautiful, soothing look so try getting white colored objects. For your chimney area, hang a pretty long garland giving it an exotic look.

2. If you are inviting guests over for a Christmas dinner, why not give them a perfect Christmas feel on the dinner table as well. Cover your dining chairs with white clothes and wrap bows around them to give them a beautiful, tidy restaurant like look. Make sure to secure them underside with tape so they don’t open up when chairs are moved around. You can use green color bows to add more Christmas flavor.

3. Doors usually left unattended when it comes to decorating your house. Use them to add beauty to your house. Do not put just one wreath but make them into two or three and hang them on your door vertically. Get wreaths of different sizes so they look like a snowman and add accessories to them like a winter scarf and a winter cap.

4. Pinecones have been commonly used for Christmas decoration but this year gives them a new look. Dip them in a mixture of golden or silver color so they take up that color. Put some sparkling glitter on the top and make sure to do that when the paint is wet so it sticks on. Use these pine cones as flowers in your vases. These can also be kept on side tables as a bouquet.

5. Make your couches look prettier by using little pillow cushions as presents. Put a colorful, plain cushion cover and tie it up with a bow. Do add, put a rhinestone pin also so they give them a perfect present like the look. Also, make a little snowman from jars using little eyes and nose. They can be perfect accessories for keeping the sitting room.

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