Best 3D Viewing Glasses For Home In 2017 Reviews

There is one concern that all of us should be aware of, and that is we have to realize that everyone’s eyesight and physical face dimensions are different, so using the QR code provided in our products may be great for some but not so much for others. The code to success in using this product is to use the Google cardboard configuration website to tune it for your custom face and eyesight.

There is no need for any manual lens adjustment on our VR units, but you can adjust distance on the goggle cardboard profile generator page to any distance that you want. We have designed our products with an ergonomic design so that it ensures you having a balanced stress condition in three points on the head thus reducing 30% pressure to the eyes, and as a result, providing you with a lasting wearing comfort for its users.

#1. Samsung Gear VR

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Those that were waiting for a big a big surprise in the mobile world, then this is the moment. Mobile virtual reality is finally here. With the Samsung Gear VR, you can play amazing games, watch Hollywood’s best movies in your private cinema, socialize with friends new and old, be at the center of a suspense thriller and see how you unveil or take yourself out of the place, and so much more. The Gear VR deposits you right into the center of the real action-and it’s only from Samsung and Oculus that can provide you with that.

Buy and watch hundreds of Hollywood movies and TV shows that are found in the Oculus Cinema. In Oculus Video, watch 2D videos including trailers, clips, and your movie files in a totally new way. You can pick from multiple VR theater scenes including a home theater, a huge screen theater, and even the surface of the moon.

#2. Habor 3D VR

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This is an item that will adjust your suitable focal distance by rolling the gear at a range of 55mm – 75mm and adjust the object distance by pushing the button so as to get a stretch lenses.

This is a product that has been made with a Premium Leather Face. When we compare it to other VR glasses with sponge foam faces, Harbor ones with a leather face is more elastic, non-sweat-absorbent, comfortable and sanitary.

It has been designed with an ergonomic Head Belt Design that ensures a balanced stress condition in three points on the head thus reducing 30% pressure to the eyes. It has a wide compatibility that comfortably fits iPhones, Android phones, and Windows phones with a screen size within 4.0 – 6.0 inches (remove the EVA mat if the phone’s size is larger than 5.0 inches)

#3. IMAX Movie Visor 3D Vr

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This is a Shocking 3D Immersive Experience product that is more comfortable and has Stable Knobs. It has an innovative design that is comfortable and wearable. It has adjustable straps for flexible wear, reasonable lighter bare, and lightweight of 280g. It is also compatible for smartphones available for iOS, Android & PC phones Series within 4.0-5.9 inches.

It has been fitted with a top wheel for sight distance adjustment, left and Right button for (PD) Pupil Distance and (FD) Focal Distance adjustment at a range of 55mm – 75mm. Its myopia glasses are directly wearable. Its magnet-Adsorbed and easy removing front cover that enables you to charge and use your earphones and its headphone is also available.

#4. Motoraux 3D VR

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This is a high precision with SHOCKING 3D Immersive experience, more comfortable and Stable Knobs. The good part of this is that it is workable with a smartphone within the size range of 4.0-5.5inches, and the goodness of it is that no app is needed. It has been fitted with Adjustable Knobs straps for giving you a flexible wear, reasonable Lighter Bare Weight design of 280g.

The product is also workable with a smartphone within the size range of 4.0-5.5inches, and there is no app is needed that is needed to run it. It’s Pupil Distance (PD), and Focal Distance (FD) can adjust a range of 55mm – 75mm, top wheel for sight distance adjusting.

#5. Freefly VR

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This device has the capability of tracking your 360° head movements and projects this on your screen, making you feel like you’re in a virtual world, this is called Virtual Reality. Buy it and you can enjoy another world with extreme immersive due to highest Field of View (120°) in the market today, now even more lightweight and with added soft leather finish for the biggest comfort level even after longer periods of use.

It is a Premium quality virtual reality headset that works with your existing mobile including the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy 4&5 and Samsung Note 3&4. Screen sizes of between 4.7″ and 6.1″. With automatic thickness adjuster which can also help you adjust the thickness that you want to use. The Freefly VR has become well-known as the number one mobile-powered VR headset for those that are looking for great immersion, great design, and ease of use. Every part of the device has been designed with user comfort, simplicity, and immersion in mind.

Unlike cheapo google cardboard, we have brought you products that have lenses that are individually adjustable so that you can get the perfect focal point for each eye. This is a hallmark that is important for users with different optical corrections for each eye. Also, it allows you to put the visor up to your face, too. The eye distance can be adjusted easily too.

They have been built with a head strap that is elastic and very comfortable. The overhead strap is also very important in preventing the glasses from tilting unlike the cardboard which only has the horizontal strap. Adjusting the size is easy as all through bands are velcro. Finally, they have a cushion that lays on your face that makes them to be far more comfortable than a sharp cardboard edge and really helps.

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