Best 10 Places To Go In The USA On Christmas Day 2019

Visiting the USA is always nice on a Christmas day, there is so much to see, and the choice is so diverse. It is always a really enjoyable, inexpensive family pass time, picnicking. If you are booking a Christmas day vacation in the States and just want to do some simple stuff and spend time with your family, outdoors, enjoying the weather and the scenery, then the USA has some of the most beautiful places in the world to do this.

10. The Grand Canyon National Park

You can find this park in Arizona. Here, you will get to see the Grand Canyon, which is more than two hundred and seventy-seven miles long. The Colorado River carved out this canyon bit by bit in a process that took millions of years. This process is still ongoing. Sightseeing is not the only activity in this national park.

9. The Niagara Falls State Park

You can find this park in the State of New York. Here, you will get to witness one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the whole world. These falls are as high as one hundred and seventy-six feet and as long as one thousand feet. The Niagara Falls is an amazing spectacle of nature’s awesome power that you cannot afford to miss. It is simply breathtaking.

8. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Human beings are capable of many things. Mount Rushmore is a testament to this fact. It is here, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, that you will find four national monuments sculpted on the face of a single mountain. These monuments include depictions of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

7. The District of Washington

This is the national capital of the United States. You cannot possibly visit the United States and fail to visit its capital. Here is where you will see the White House, the US Congress building, the Arlington National Cemetery and the Washington Monument

6. Cumberland Islands in Georgia

This is one of the most beautiful places for outdoor activities. It is just a few hour drives from the southern part of Savannah. It is a national seashore that has been tagged as a picnicking haven. You can also pack some things so you can enjoy hiking, camping, and swimming. Visiting Cumberland Islands is a great choice for people who want to experience the peace here as the National Park Service restricts 300 people only on the island at any one time. Just the place for a romantic picnic!

5. Grand Park, Chicago

It is also another great destination where there are lots of gourmet treats for food lovers. Here you will find food festivals every year. You will also find live music, the art institute, stunning statues, rose gardens and the addition of Millennium Park, in which you’ll find an outdoor music pavilion, an ice rink and a theater – built below ground – as well as a modern fountain and an iconic monument, the Cloud Gate.

4. Cranberry Islands, Maine

It is the great designation for picnicking. On the Cranberry Islands, you’ll get a cool and calming break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Hike or bike the islands in safety, and discover the interesting museums and quality gift shops.

3. Red Rock Canyon Nevada

It is located just a short drive west of the Las Vegas Strip, with its glittering hotels, world-class restaurants, and unmatched entertainment choices, Red Rock Canyon is an oasis in a neon desert. Here you can go horseback riding in the morning and have a Red Rock wedding in the afternoon, or you can pet the wild burros that line the road just at feeding time.

2. Key West

In a perfect world settled on the tip of the southern tail of Florida, the entrancing shoreline getaway goal of Key West is among the most fancied and magnificent getaway choices to have on the Eastern locale of the United States. Highlighting an extensive variety of conventional alternatives, resorts and a captivating stretch of sandy shorelines, visitors regularly visit here to have some shoreline spectacle and douse up some sun while getting soaked in the amazing scope of exercises accessible here.

1. Big Sur, California

This region is about 89 highway miles (143 km) in length along California’s coastal Highway 1 and lies between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles area. Wilderness permits are required for overnight backpacking stays in many locations. This stunning location has provided inspiration to photographers, painters, writers, and musicians.

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