Basics to Consider before Buying Freestanding Bathtubs Online

There is no doubt that the biggest consideration you have to make before purchasing your first freestanding bathtub is whether you really need it. If you indeed do, the next question should be; can I afford it? There is no doubt that we all would enjoy the ultimate experience of a good quality soaking bathtub in our homes. No feeling can beat the experience that you get when you lay in one of the fashionably designed bathtubs, preferably with sweet-scented candles lit around it, soft music filtering through the air and a glass of fine wine or beer at an arm’s distance. It makes you to completely relax and think straight, as your thoughts wander in a blissful manner.

It is for this reason that many homeowners, especially in Europe and America, are into the trend of remodelling their bathrooms by installing high quality freestanding tubs in them. This does not only enhance the interior decor of their bathrooms but it also escalates the value of the entire house. A nice soaker tub in your bathroom can easily turn your bath time into a cherished lavish ritual that you can easily afford on a daily basis.


Most of the deep bathtubs are made out of resin stone, which is more fashionable currently probably because of its attractive sheen, sturdiness and longevity. These types of tub models stand on four legs and they are immobile, hence the name “freestanding.” If you go for the models which don’t come with leg stands, their corners would most likely be curved on all the four sides, or stands at the their bottoms that enables them to be possibly moved from one point to the next. Bathtubs were very popular in the Victorian era. However, they have come back with a bang and are easily meeting the needs of the contemporary market. More stylish designs have been churned out and most of them make profound fashion statements in any modern home.

The freestanding acrylic bath tub is one of the most popular tub models in the market today. Most of them are white in color while their legs can be stylishly adorned in various designs and colors. The best thing about them is that they can suit any type of wall color. They can also be embellished with chic hand showers and taps. The thermal sheets used in the tubs’ bodies enable the water in them to stay warmer for 60% longer. You will definitely be glad to dip yourself in a stand alone soaking tub after a long torturous day’s work. It would be even more rejuvenating if you add a pinch of bathing salts into the bathing water before jumping in.


Given that these tubs are available in different styles, shapes and sizes, it is always very important to ensure that you have all the necessary information that will enable you to make the right choice when buying them online. This is absolutely vital since the cost of a nice deep soaker tub is not some loose pocket change.  It might as well be the most costly accessory in your bathroom. Therefore, you have to be sure of what you are purchasing. Some of the most important factors to check before making your purchase include: material, size and design.

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It is always imperative to know the type of material used to make any free standing soaker tub that you are interested in, and if possible, know their merits and demerits. This goes a long way to enable you understand the best suited cleaning method for any particular material, as well as decide whether your floor can bear up the type of tub that you want to buy. Some of the most common materials used to make freestanding tubs include: acrylic, which is a fairly light material that is easy to maintain; steel, which is resistant to rust; cast iron, which is a heavy duty and strong material; stone, mostly made from marble which is a highly priced material that comes with a mark of opulence, but susceptible to erosion by acidic substances; and porcelain, which lighter than cast iron and resistant to corrosion.


It is always imperative to bear in mind the amount of space you have to spare for the freestanding bathtub in your bathroom. It is normally advisable to take precise measurements of the intended space. You should also measure the entrances through which the tub has to go through before it reaches your bathroom. You wouldn’t be amused to buy any freestanding tub online, only to discover that it doesn’t fit in the space you intended it for or, worse still, it can’t even go through your front door!


Once you are sure about the material and size, you can now go ahead to sample the different designs and styles of the stand alone bathtubs available before you finally choose the best. The design that you choose will heavily depend on the existing interior décor of your bathroom and how you would want it complimented by the tub.

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