Artificial Christmas Trees for the 2021 Holiday Season

Artificial Christmas Trees for the 2021 Holiday Season

Artificial Christmas Trees
Add the Best Artifical Christmas Tree to Your Holiday Home Decor in 2021

We are all fond of artificial Christmas trees, arent we? According to some estimates, more than 75 million households display artificial Christmas trees every year in the United States alone. As Xmas trees are so common and found at almost every house during the Dec 25 holidays, many seek the best and most unique to add a different look to their Christmas dcor.

Are you looking to add style and more unique touch to your Christmas dcor this year? To make it easier for our readers to find the best artificial Christmas trees out there, we have listed the top 9 for you.

Keep reading to learn about why these nine made it to the top 9 list out of thousands of artificial Christmas trees and why they could be a perfect fit for your home dcor this year.

Useful Artifical Christmas Tree Buying Guide

Buying a perfect 25 Dec tree is not always an easy task when there are thousands of options available to choose from. You get confused and often buy something that doesnt match your needs, making it a burden in a long run. For example, the tree may look beautiful and affordable but when you bring it home, you find that there is not enough space to accommodate the tree forcing you to adjust the furniture of your entire living room.

You dont want that happening to you? Do you? This is why it is extremely important to think about different factors before buying a Xmas tree. From tabletop smaller trees to 11 feet tall large trees, from wall mounted trees to pre-decorated pre-lit trees, you can find an amazing variety today from different manufacturers to meet your needs. All you need is to identify what works best with your available space and requirements.

The Dimensions: The first thing you want to do is to decide about the place where you want to put your Christmas tree. Second, what is the height of your ceiling? You dont want your Christmas tree to touch your ceiling, right? You can find a lot of dimensions to choose from. Make sure to measure to learn about the dimensions, the bottom diameter (the floor space the tree will cover) and the height before buying one. Simply put, the dimensions must fit the space available in your room.

The Lighting and Decorations: What do you prefer? How much time do you want to spend on decorating and lighting your Christmas tree? You must think about these questions before buying one. There are many high-quality pre-lit options available in the market that comes with multi-color lights with impressive lighting effects. These trees save your valuable time but cost more. The other simpler option is the trees without any lights, also known as unlit trees. If you want to come up with your own decorative design and create your own lighting effect, you can opt for the unlit one. These may be cheaper but you have to spend money on your lights and other decorative items as well as time to decorate them.

Even though pre-lit trees save time but for the families where decorating Christmas trees is a tradition, these may kill the purpose. In that case, a tree without lights will be more appropriate. If you are buying a pre-lit tree, make sure to check the length of power cord and see if it is enough to reach the nearest power source from the space you want to place it.

Assemble Time and Storage: Christmas tree is something that you decorate once a year. After the holidays, you may want to pack it and store it to use again the next year. For this, you may want to look into different factors that make storage convenient for you. First, learn about the assemble time. You dont want to spend a lot of time in assembling your tree and then putting it back into the storage box. If the tree comes with two to three parts, it is usually easy to assemble.

Also, learn about the weight. If the weight is less, the tree is easy to move and store but if it is heavy, it may consume some time to disassemble and store. Make sure if you have enough storage space for the tree you are buying?

Warranty: Most synthetic Christmas trees come with a warranty of 5 years which is pretty much industry standard now. You may want to learn about the warranty before buying it. Products with more warranty years usually speak for the better-built quality. Another good practice is to look into base support and strength especially if you have kids and pets in the house. In many cases, if the base support is not sturdy, a jumping cat, a running dog or a toddler reaching for the ornament can throw it on the floor.

The Type of the Fake Christmas Tree: The type of the Christmas tree mostly depends on the needle type. The three most common needle types are Treu Needle, Pine Needle, and Classic Needle. Look into different types to see which one complements the interior design of your house.

How to Measure the Quality of the Artificial Christmas Trees?

Most buyers prefer to keep their Christmas trees for more than one season. For this, you need a high-quality tree that can last for years to come. A common question is about identifying the quality is excellent, good, ordinary or poor.

One of the parameter to gauge the quality of the tree is to count the branch tips. Trees with a lot of branch tips look full and more natural. Most trees are designed in a way to hide the trunk behind the needles other than few exceptions (In acase of a faux trunk which is purposely visible). A good practice is to look into images in detail before buying these trees online. For example, if the manufacturer claims that the tree is full, look into the image to see if you can see the trunk. If you can see the center pool, it is a clear indication that the tree is of a low quality.

Another feature of high-quality trees is their base strength. Look if the tree comes with asturdy metal stand or something weak. Check if the tree can stand a little push. In many cases, when plastic or poorly built stands keep the tree straight but a little push or a cat jump can make them fall. In some cases, the tree can lean to one side with time due to weak base support.

The next feature to look for in the high-quality synthetic tree is the construction. If the branches are hooked, the tree may not last for many years. On the other hand, hinged branches last for many years. Most of the high-quality artificial trees have hinged branches as they are pre-attached to the center pool which keeps the construction simple and long-lasting. They are packaged flat but when opened, the branches expand like the tail of the peacock.

What to Look for in the Trees with Lights (Pre-Lit)?

Pre-lit holiday season trees are a norm now and still gaining popularity. They are convenient for buyers as they save time and effort to string your own Christmas trees. Pre-lit trees are also well designed to keep all the strings and cords out of sight.

If you are buying a pre-lit tree, look if the lights are multicolor and what are the other configurations and lighting effects it offers. A good example is of trees by Balsam Hill, a well-known manufacturer of pre-lit fake Christmas trees that offers Color+Clear Lights with a remote control to switch between clear and multicolor effects.

Another feature to look into is the number of lights used throughout the tree. A good proportion is at least 100 lights per foot. For example, if you are buying a 6 feet tall tree, it must have 600 lights. Also look if the lights are approved by UL-TM and confirm with the manufacturer if the lights will stay on in case one light burns out. It was a common problem afew years ago but the new trees are not constructed with better and smart wiring which enables lights to keep working even if one light burns out but it is always good to confirm.

The commonly used lights on pre-lit trees are LED but some better quality lights are also available, but LED lightsare industry standard.

How Much Storage Space the Artificial Christmas Tree Takes Up?

As these trees remain in storage for most of the year, it is one of the most commonly asked questions. Many trees come with a separate storage box or bag. The size of the storage box depends on the size of the tree and its construction. A 7 and a half inch long Christmas tree usually comes with four and ahalf feet tall and one and a half feet wide storage box. The smaller sizes come with smaller sized storage boxes but the storage boxes also vary based on the manufacturers.


It is not too early to prepare for the Christmas holidays. The artificial Christmas trees are the central piece for the Christmas dcor preparations. We are sure that with our top 9 listed artificial trees, you can add a new and unique look to your home and living room. Choose the large size or the small one, the inexpensive one or the high-end luxurious expensive realistic looking from Balsam Hill, we can assure you that every tree listed in our article provides you the best value for your money. These are top rated trees praised for their quality and features. Choose from the list according to your needs, we are sure you will find the one that is perfect for your room size and other requirements.

If you are unsure on the best way to decorate your Xmas tree, be sure to check out Lisa Robertson’s brilliant YouTube video guide review below.

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