Amazon – Black Friday 2022 Prediction

Black Friday falls on Friday, November 24th. It always falls the day after Christmas. You may be wondering why this should pertain to you. Black Friday is one of the only days of the year where you can get some of the best shopping deals–no matter what product you are looking for. One of the great things about shopping Black Friday deals on Amazon is being able to shop within the comfort of your own home–no waiting outside in lines freezing cold, fighting off crowds, or frustrated searching within stores. Black Friday also falls just in time to get some great, affordable Christmas presents for the people you care about.

Amazon Black Friday 2022 Predictions

Amazon is known for having some of the best Black Friday deals around. So what types of deals are they planning on surprising us with this year?

While Amazon does usually release an ad, you won’t be seeing anything until November. Past years, they’ve released fliers between November 18th and November 21st. Based on Amazon’s press release, it is believed they will release their flier on November 16th this year.

Amazon’s Black Friday deals don’t take place on only one day, like a lot of stores. Some of their deals span a month, weeks, days, or just hours. Based on past years, it is believed that the Black Friday Deals Store will open on November 1st. The Black Friday Week Sale lasted eight days last year, and is thought to begin on November 17th this year. The official sales, as well as the top doorbusters, are thought to happen on November 24th.

If you want priority on deals, it would be beneficial to be an Amazon Prime member and have the Amazon app. Some of the deals will most likely be app only–such as last year, when there were 150 lightning deals that could only be bought through the app. This year you can expect 150-200 exclusive deals. Last year, Amazon Prime members had thirty minute access to deals before any other users. It is most likely to be the same this year.

Like most years, this year Amazon will probably have their TV deals and doorbusters. They usually do not announce the brands of the TVs, but they are typically not a premium brand. Still, they are home to the lowest TV deals around on Black Friday. Video games will also be a big seller this year, as many new systems are on the market. You can expect to see some deals on the Xbox One S, The Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4. Amazon’s own line of products will most likely be heavily discounted as well. You can expect to see doorbusters on their electronics like the Fire Stick, Kindle, and the new Amazon Echo. Laptops and printers are typically heavily discounted each year, so you should expect to see very low prices on each. Last year laptops started at our rating 125 and printers were less than our rating 100. In the event that you are searching for fashion and accessories, discounts will probably range from 50-70% off.

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