A Review of the Best Earbuds in 2019 for Day-to-Day Use – The Bestsellers

the Best Earbuds in 2019 for Day-to-Day Use – The Bestsellers

When listening to music from your phone or mp3 player, earbuds are ideal accessories to have in your collection. Unlike headphones, they are quite small and convenient as they fit perfectly in your ears. On the other hand, earbuds are designed to deliver smooth music without causing disturbance to the nearby people.

Earbuds have evolved and today are furnished with outstanding features to make music even more appealing. Some of these qualities include Bluetooth enhancement, ear hooks, microphone, noise cancellation feature, and volume control. Designed to work with different devices, they come fitted with 3.5mm jack and also some with USB connectivity

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Factors to Look When Buying Earbuds (In-Ear Headphones)

Before paying for an earphone, there are some of the aspects you should consider ensuring you get the right one.

Comfort: Comfort is one of the top most features people should look when making a purchase. With many available earbuds on the market, comfort across the brands s tends to differ significantly. What cause difference in the level of comfort, is the type of materials used in making ear buds. Ideal earbuds should possess a soft tip to reduce fatigue and other discomforts. In addition, the angle of the earphone tip also influences whether it will be comfortable.

Wired vs. Wireless: Traditionally, earphones were only available in a wired version. Even today, the large number of available earbuds still utilizes wired technology. However, with advancement in technology wireless transmission is becoming more popular.

For wired earphones, it becomes ideal to get them as they can be used with a variety of devices. As long as the audio player is equipped with compatible jack output, they can be used regardless the age of the device. Also, they don’t require charging hence will work with the audio player as long it has the power supply. However, wired earphones are restricted to a smaller operational range equivalent to the cord length.

On the other hand, buying wireless earphones means that you must a media player possessing wireless capability. Unlike wire counterparts, connectivity is through Bluetooth. They are ideal since they offer a longer range going up to 40 feet. However, they require constant recharging.

Noise Cancelling and Isolating Ability: Listening to music when there is a lot of noise from the surrounding, media device or earphones themselves can cause undesirable experiences. Noise cancelling is the ability of earphones to eliminate ambient noise electronically delivers a clear sound. On the other hand, noise isolation earphones are designed to fit snugly fit in your ears hence blocking ambient noise. Thereby, when buying, it’s important to look your preferred type of noise elimination method in an earphone set.

In-Line Control and Microphone: With this era of the smartphone, buying earphones should not just be for the sake of listening to music, they should be usable in other multiple works. Thereby look for an earphone which is equipped with an in-built microphone so as to achieve hands free calls.  Additionally, it should have a remote for easy music control and also for receiving/rejecting calls. Read more about headphones here.

Here we sought to present the top 10 best In ear -headphones in 2019 reviews to take your entertainment a notch higher.

10. VAVA Flex Built-in Mic, Hands-free Calling

VAVA Flex Wired Earphones, Built-in Mic, Hands-free Calling

Having high–quality earphones enables you to get unlimited entertainment. Now, for this reason, VAVA has created these flexible earbuds to allow you to get ultimate listening experience. The company is known to produce excellent products, and with these earbuds, quality is a guarantee. Available furnished with a variety of features like inbuilt microphone, hands-free calling, inline volume control among many others, and you are going to fall in love with them. Above all is that they can compact with wide range of devices hence no need to lack them in your collection.

One of the features making these a premium quality is the enhanced EQ base mode. Well, having earbuds which produce sharp sound can damage your eardrums. That is why cheap quality earphones are not suitable when you are listening to music for a long time. But, all isn’t lost, and you can enjoy your entertainment for an extended period without worrying about your hearing ability. These VAVA flex earbuds come with EQ bass mode which allows you to switch between natural and enhanced bass.

Another quality is the 8mm dual drivers. The drivers are tasked with delivering a balanced sound thus ideal for all your entertainment needs. As a result, these earphones are perfect choice when you are traveling, commuting and for daily use without having any sound problem. The balanced sound and enhanced bass leave you thrilled while keeping your ears safe and healthy.

When listening to music from your smartphone, some earphones don’t support phone calls. This can bring inconveniences as you are forced to disconnect the earbuds so as to make or receive a call. However, now you can enjoy music while on the other hand receive phones while earphones are still in your ears. This important since even when you are sleeping or driving, no need to get your smartphone. The earphones are equipped with a microphone along the cable hence offering hands-free operation. Additionally, they are also enhanced with music control for easy adjust volume, pause, and also call/reject buttons.
VAVA Flex Wired Earphones, Built-in Mic, Hands-free Calling

Another quality which comes with these earbuds is overall comfort. Unlike other earphones which come with oversize buds, these are supplied with extra buds. This means that you can fix one which is ideal for your ear size hence preventing your ears from injury or discomforts. They are constructed from aluminum meaning that they are extra lightweight thereby impacting minimal weight to the ears. Moreover, the aluminum body ensures that these have good durability, unlike plastic ones.

Besides durability and comfort, VAVA Flex earphones are stylish bearing a sleek finish. Also, the oxygen free wires are ideal for sound transmission without variations. The wires are coated with thermoplastic material to prevent breaking easily. Cables are long also measuring 3.93 feet hence they will not limit your entertainment.

In conclusion, having these VAVA Flex earphones is a great achievement in boosting your entertainment. They are durable and comfortable bearing in mind they are aluminum constructed. Long cables and sound balancing renders them superior to rivals. Price wise, these are cheap hence providing affordable entertainment.

  • Long cable
  • Balanced high-quality bass
  • Different sized earpieces
  • Manual media controller
  • Compatible with selected devices only

9. AmazonBasics Excellent Sound, Long Cord

AmazonBasics in-Ear Headphones, Excellent Sound, Long Cord

AmazonBasics has been providing a range of high-quality products to customers for quite a while. One of their products this time is these earphones, which are designed to give you full entertainment. Having these will bring comfort and convenience to your entertainment life. An alternative to bulky headphones, the earbuds ate extra lightweights meaning you can put them wherever you are going. Therefore, whether you are in the gym, traveling or just relaxing in your house, they deliver unlimited entertainment.

One feature to celebrate when you get AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones is the lightweight construction. If you possess headphones which are bulky, it’s time to change. Additionally, headphones are large, and a can be inconvenient in when you are working or training. The materials used in the making of these earbuds ensure that no more weight thus delivering soft and soothing to ears. As a result, they can be utilized when you are performing extreme demanding works like running, backyard jobs among others without coming off.

Another feature is the attachment clip. In most times you might find good earbuds which deliver superior performance. When you are wearing such headphones, it becomes hard to perform your duties as cords keep hanging. Now, you have a reason to smile when you get these AmazonBasics. They are ideal to wear under any circumstance when relaxing working or training. This is because; they are equipped with attachment clips on the cords. With this clip, it’s possible to keep earbuds as close as possible to your body by attaching then to shirt or jacket.

The next quality to enjoy  is its outstanding sound quality. Not all earphones and headphones can deliver satisfying sound just by look. Some are awful and produce a bad sound which affects your hearing ability. Now things are different with AmazonBasics headphone as they are made to give you the joy of music. In fact, they give you crystal clear sound free from noise. This is achieved through the 9mm neodymium drivers which a smooth sound free from ambient noises. On the other hand, these earbuds are ergonomically designed to fit in the ear hence allowing audio precision as well excellent fit.
AmazonBasics in-Ear Headphones, Excellent Sound, Long Cord

Now forget about listening to music when you are bending due to restriction caused by short cables. Wearing these headphones relieves you from strains associated with short cord. Therefore it’s possible to relax while your smartphone of mp3 player is on the table, or on pant pocket and still go on with your work. They come enjoying 4 feet cords which are of high-quality. As a result, the cables are hard to break thus giving you a durable usage.

Getting these earbuds in you brings comfort apart from great sounds. They are covered with super soft material which is soft and ideal for your ears. No more discomforts or pain associated with hard and oversized earpieces. They are compatible with mp3, DVD players, iPods, iPad and other audio playing devices. Further, it comes with silver plated 3.5mm jack hence the ability to compact with variety of audio players.

To summarize, these AmazonBasic In Ear Headphones are a perfect choice if you want to enjoy unlimited music and other entertainments. It has an attachment clip, long cord, and s ergonomic design to fit in your ears perfectly. Compared to VAVA it has a longer cord and cheaper.

  • Noise free sound quality
  • Cheaply priced
  • Compatible with many audio players
  • Extra-long cord
  • Allows noise from surrounding

8. UiiSii C200 in ear Sports Headphone, Mic, Rubber Tips

UiiSii C200 in ear Sports Headphone, Mic, Rubber Tips

UiiSii C200 Headphones are produced by Uiisii Electronics Company which traces its foundation in 2019. It is involved in production of wired earphones, mobile phone earphones, and cables for iPhones among other products. The quality of their products is classic and designed to give your life an excellent touch. When looking into this product, you can attest the quality of their products due to the heavy-duty construction, extended cord, and music high-quality music delivery. Above all, the sleek look makes them outstanding when wearing in public places.

One of the qualities which you will enjoy when using these earbuds is the HD microphone. Although many earphones come with microphones which are designated for calls, some are of low quality. As a result, they deliver inferior sound leading to low-quality recording as well as calls. With the UiiSii C200 you are free to make clear recordings and also provide crystal clear calls. The installed inbuilt microphone is HD meaning that all calls are delivered without any sound hitch.

The other feature is the high –quality music delivery due to the superior construction. If you love to listen to cool music without ambient noise, here are the perfect selections which will never let your ears get tired. They are designed to offer Hi-Fi resolution high-quality bass which is ideal for your ears. On the other hand, with a balanced bass, it’s possible to use your earbuds without raising any health concern regarding your ears. In general, UiiSii C200 earbuds are excellent in bringing ultimate music experience.

Now, wearing earphones can create a painful experience due to hard tips. Therefore, you need to select earphones which bring comfort and style. The UiiSii C200 earphones are ideal for everyone even people who fear wearing earbuds due to suffering sores in the ears. These are designed taking care of your welfare by fitting them with rubber silicon ear tips which are gentle and soft. On the other hand, they are lightweight thus won’t impact a heavyweight thereby keeping them coming out especially when you are working.
UiiSii C200 in ear Sports Headphone, Mic, Rubber Tips

As you look for earphones which can deliver high-quality sound, there no doubt when picking UiiSii C200 headphones. They do not endanger your ears from low-quality sounds. To enable this they are constructed featuring 100mm coil, which delivers exceptionally clear sound. Therefore even when you are wearing them for an extended period, no risk of damaging your eardrum due to balanced bass output. In fact, when using these earbuds, they are dedicated to bringing a natural sound.

When buying earphones, it’s important to check if they are compatible with your all your media devices. These are compatible with Android and iPhones smartphones, MP3, MP4 players and other players. They are equipped with 3.5mm jack thus are ideal for use with most media devices. On the other hand, they are sleek, compact and ideal when cycling, running and other sports.

In summary, the UiiSii C200 headphones are excellent for all your entertainment needs. They are lightweight and fitted with soft earbuds tips to deliver soft feeling. Moreover, good sound delivery and extra ear tips bring more convenience in your life. They are ideal when relaxing or working. Price wise, they are relatively cheap.

  • Durable aluminum alloy
  • Hi-fi high bass sound delivery
  • 3 extra earbuds tips
  • Thick and durable cord
  • Unsuitable cord noise

7. MEE Audio RX18 , Enhanced Bass

MEE Audio RX18 Comfort-Fit In-Ear Headphones, Enhanced Bass

MEE Audio is a group of professionals who are dedicated to change your life through music. They are the manufacturer of premium-quality sports, fidelity, wired and wireless headphone since 2005. As a result, products from this company have attracted many customers who have been enjoying their headphones. Now, one of their high selling headphones are these RX18 comfort-fit in-ear headphones. They are highly comfortable, compatible with many devices and enhanced with superior bass.

MEE Audio RX18 headphones are enhanced with many features. One of the features is the maximum comfort when wearing. To increase comfort, the headphones are constructed to be lightweight but durable. They are designed to give you a natural fit hence eliminating any fatigue. This is because the headphones are built to follow your natural ear shape. Regardless the size of your ears as these headphones is ideal for petite ones without coming out frequently. As a result, these headphones are designed to give a perfect fitting hence excellent in delivering outstanding entertainment.

Another quality is excellent design which accompanies these headphones. In the first place, they are ergonomically designed to offer a snug fit thereby eliminating ambient noise. To ensure this, the earphones are backed by extra tips which are soft to give your ears a soothing feeling. Additionally, unlike hard earbuds tips, these maximize sound getting into your ear while minimizing the surrounding noise. In addition, wires have a Y-design in which after splitter are thin ergonomic and sturdy to give maximum durability. To give your ears a nice treat, they are indicated right and left at the bottom.

In addition, MEE Audio RX18 headphones come with gold plated 3.5 mm jack. This makes it sleek and attractive. Besides having sleek design, the jack allows you to listen to music, play games or any other kind of entertainment from computer, smartphones and music players. On the other hand, the cable is ideal for delivering premium-quality sounds while preventing the noise emanating from cords when it tangles. However, wire housing is soft but durable thereby allowing these earphones to be usable on many occasions without breaking.
MEE Audio RX18 Comfort-Fit In-Ear Headphones, Enhanced Bass

The audio is superb, and you are going to love it. They deliver a balanced bass thus enabling you to experience a natural sound. This is possible through the fitted 10mm speakers which produce deep bass that is safe and nice to your ears. Additionally, with ability control bass, it makes sure you enjoy your music to the maximum.

In overall the earbuds are all round and features what every music enthusiast want. Compatibility is high where they are ideal for all devices which come with 3.5 mm jack. Whether listening to music or playing games, these earbuds enable you to experience crystal clear sound. The 42-inch cable allows its usage without having to carry your phone or audio player in your hands.

To conclude, these earphones are cheap and produce premium sound. Therefore, there is no need to spend expensively to get earphones. MEE Audio RX18 headphones are ultimate gadgets for audiophiles. The different ear tips, enhanced bass and high compatibility renders them suitable for everyone.

  • Good quality crystal clear sound
  • 3 different size ear tips
  • Excellent noise blocking
  • Ample cord length
  • Has no active noise cancellation

6. Sony MDRE9LP/BLU , 3.94 Feet Cord

Sony MDRE9LP/BLU Earbud Headphones, 3.94 Feet Cord

Sony, it’s a big name when it comes to consumer electronics. They are involved in production of high-quality products which are loved by many people worldwide. This time round they are presenting these ear buds which are specifically designed for audiophiles. The unique construction design aims to offer sleek look besides the high performance. Moreover, durability  is exceptional due to premium materials used in the construction. They are the ideal earbuds to deliver clear sound as well as compact size to be perfect for a variety of activities.

One feature which a powerful speaker which delivers high-quality music. These are equipped with Neodymium magnets which are known to produce high-quality sound. They further boast 0.53 in driver unit which when they combine with these magnets, the deliver outstanding bass to give you balanced bass. With this kind of sound, it’s possible to listen to your favorite music without experiencing nuisance sharp pitch like with some earphones on the market. In the long run, even after using these for a longer period, they can’t affect your hearing ability like some cheaply manufactured earphones.

Another feature is the long cable measuring 3.94 feet enabling these to be used even when they are in your pockets. Additionally, the cable is ideal as it increases convenience as you just to place your audio player on the table, relax and enjoy music without touching the device. On the other hand, the other hand, the cord is durable due to the clear coating covering wires.

Now, after buying earpods , sometimes it’s hard to get ones which will fit in your ears correctly. To make matter worse, some are only available with a single ear tip. Sony MDRE9LP/BLU are exceptional earphones which are uniquely created to bring difference. They are built to give a snug fitting to your ears while on the other hand ensuring maximum comfort. The buds are made from soft plastic rubber meaning that even if you wear them for a longer period, no chance of feeling fatigue or sores in your ears due to hard and extreme friction.
Sony MDRE9LP/BLU Earbud Headphones, 3.94 Feet Cord

Now, when having Sony MDRE9LP/BLU earphones, you are about to enjoy versatility. Unlike some of the headphones which are designed for specific devices. With these, you can listen to music via your phone, MP3/MP4 players and other home based audio players. Also, they are usable with other music players bearing 3.5 mm jack compatibility. On the other hands, if you want to match your headphones with your media player, it’s easy and possible and easy. These earphones are available in a variety of colors. Therefore, for color matching, it’s possible to match your audio player and headphones without a hassle.

In conclusion, Sony MDRE9LP/BLU earphones are cheap but high-quality headphones worth having. They are extra light and durable hence ideal for use anywhere without causing inconveniences. Although these are great for listening music with a range of devices, they aren’t suitable for using with amplifiers.

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Durable and long cord
  • High-quality bass
  • 2 extra ear buds
  • Not designed for calling

5. Samsung 3.5mm Stereo Headset, Multi-function Control

Samsung 3.5mm Stereo Headset, Multi-function Control

Samsung is one of the largest companies and is known in all corners of the word. Being famous mostly because of their smartphones, they are also involved in production of other electronics. Now, one of their lines of production is earphones, headphones and other audio enhancements. The Samsung 3.5 mm earbuds are one of the enjoyed products from, the company due to the high-quality sound delivery accompanied by sleek construction and durability. Further, with multi-function control and microphone, it allows easy control end when phone isn’t in your hands.

Among many features which accompany these earbuds, one of the multifunctional remote. If you are driving or busy, it comes a time when you need to change the track or receive/reject phone call. With some of the earphones, it needs you first to disconnect thereby causing distractions. On the other hand, when changing a song or pausing you have to do it manually. However, now if you own these Samsung earbuds, with your selected Samsung devices, you can now have a peace of mind. They are enhanced with a multifunctional control to enable hands-free calling and also music control.

Another feature is the sleek design. Besides having superb performance, these earbuds are constructed to bring a stylish and modern look. One way to ensure this; is a lightweight design which allows you to wear it even when you are involved in a variety of activities.as a result, this ensures that these earbuds stick in your ears without falling. In addition, the white color is stylish, appealing and fitting to any environment. Therefore, they are ideal for complementing your smartphone look.

Another feature is that these are made to be compatible with Samsung smartphones specifically Samsung Galaxy Note, S3, 4 and 5. They are equipped with 3.5mm jack and delivers excellent stereo sound thus perfect for people who love music. On the other hand, they are ideal to use when you are driving considering that they are equipped with a microphone which enables call making and answering. Thereby, when you are driving or in involved in other activities, they are the ideal earphones.
Samsung 3.5mm Stereo Headset, Multi-function Control

Now, when it comes to comfort and durability, these earphones are superb. They are designed from light plastic which ensures that they remain lightweight while maintaining strength to provides durability. Cords are insulated with soft plastic material which maintains high flexibility and to keep earbuds without tangling. Additionally, they are available in variety of bud size as well as extra ear tips to ensure they fit perfectly to your ears.

To conclude, we can say these earphones are designed for use with variety of devices with 3.5mm jack apart from Samsung smartphones. The ability to ensure hands-free driving, inline control, and flexible cords keep these performing without disappointments. Samsung 3.5mm stereo headset is incredibly cheap for everyone to afford.

  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Multi-functional remote control
  • Relatively inexpensive than rivals
  • Don’t last like original earbuds

4. Apple MD827LL/A EarPods, Microphone, Remote

Apple MD827LL/A EarPods, Microphone, Remote

Apple is another known and loves company known by customers for its superior products. It’s the manufacturer of iPhone, iPad, iPods and other devices. They have been in business for over 40 years, and their expertise is really amazing. Now, if you want to experience change in your entertainment, they are bringing these Apple MD827LL/A EarPods earphones. They are uniquely crafted with a sleek round shape, perfect in-ear fitting, and integrated microphone to enable hands-free calling. Above all is the gorgeous packaging which renders them ideal for any audio enthusiast.

When you get these earphones, you are going to enjoy a range of outstanding features which are unmatchable by rivals. The first quality is a unique design which is sleek and ergonomic to fit in your ears perfectly. The company has ensured that ensure that all aspects are taken care when molding these earphones. Apple MD827LL/A EarPods features rounded earbuds which are geometrically constructed to make sure that music delivery is superb. This makes these ideal for all people even for those with problem in wearing other types of headphones.

Well, the other feature accompanying Apple MD827LL/A EarPods are the 3.5mm jack. Now, when you have a device from Apple, and you want to listen to music, it’s now possible though these earphone. Regardless of whether you are using iPod, iPad or any other device from Apple these earbuds are compatible.as a result, when you are need of high-quality music they are ready to deliver. Also as you watch movies and games from Apple based device, they allow you to achieve crystal clear sound without noises from the cable or the surrounding.

Apple MD827LL/A EarPods earphones aren’t cheap as other headphones which are crafted to be for listening music only. With these, you are guaranteed of multifunction hence easing your work when you are wearing them. They are equipped with in-built remote which serves many purposes. It has a volume control functionality which is ideal for adjusting the volume of your songs. On the other hand, the control buttons are also usable for receiving and rejecting calls. Apart from the remote, there is also a microphone which is dedicated to allowing you to have hands-free calls.
Apple MD827LL/A EarPods, Microphone, Remote

When you figure out the type of the sound quality delivered by these earphones, there are no doubts that you will love it. The speakers are constructed featuring best material which provides super bass without altering the sound of music. Moreover, the featured engineering ensures that no loss of sound while maximizing sound output. On the other hand, the strength of cord is excellent enabling the use of these earbuds under different condition without breaking. Storing these headphones is easy due to their flexibility nature without cracking.

In conclusion, we can say that these Apple MD827LL/A EarPods are perfect headphones to have. The superior design with rounded ear tips gives a superior fit while ensuring excellent sound delivery. Additionally, the design is ergonomic and won’t cause your ears to fatigue. Regarding price, they are fairly cheap.

  • Modern and sleek design
  • Gorgeous packaging
  • In-built remote and microphone
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cause earwax on ear buds

3. TaoTronics Splashproof, Wireless

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones, Splashproof, Wireless

Having reliable and versatile earphones allows you to have your music everywhere you go. Now, if you are looking such headphones, TaoTrinics is here to fulfill your dreams. It’s a company which produced a variety of products ranging from electronics among others. One of their products which are hot selling on Amazon is this set of wireless headphones. Related content Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers In 2019 Reviews. Besides being wireless, the earphones are enhanced with built-in control, microphone and powerful speakers which ensure you get top quality sound delivery. They are superb earphones to rely on even when you are on engaging tasks.

The first features in these earbuds are the snug fitting. Now, the company has invested a lot of time in designing these headphones. This is to ensure that you get premium quality services which keep you inspired especially if you are a music fanatic. As a result, these are crafted to ensure that they are perfectly crafted to get into your ears well without causing any discomfort. This in long last you can experience maximum comfort while the buds prevent noise from the surrounding thereby preventing disturbances. Whether you are training indoors or outdoors, TaoTronics Bluetooth earbuds are your perfect selection.

Another feature to aspire in these earphones is the ease of usage and storage. If you look at these headphones, they are designed and created featuring great professionalism. The designers knew that people struggles when keeping earphones in place especially when you aren’t using them. Due to this, the earphones are fitted with in-built magnets for easy storage. This ensures that you can wrap earphones around your neck like a necklace. On the other hand, they are enhanced with CVC noise isolation technology which helps to keeps outside noise away for a clear music.

Another excellent quality which will make you love these headphones, even more, is the wireless transmission. TaoTronics are designed featuring Bluetooth 4.1 which means no struggling to connect with audio device; pairing is almost instant. With this feature, it translates to reduced wires for a neat and easy to carry earphones. Additionally, they are equipped with durable rechargeable batteries meaning endless entertainment. The batteries offer 5 hours of continuous music, and when not in, they can last for 175 hours in standby mode. Unlike wired headphones, these are stylish and highly versatile to be used in various places without fear of tangling.
TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones, Splashproof, Wireless

Many headphones available are delicate when it comes to weather conditions specifically precipitation or accidental waters contact. But as far as TaoTronics are concerned. All your worries are now over; they are superiorly made to ensure that they last for a longer period without getting compromised quality wise. The IPX5 splash proof secure fit for sports design is perfect in to make sure that these earphones are water resistant to a certain degree. This renders them a perfect fit for sportsmen.

As we summarize, TaoTronics  are highly recommendable for s people who like top quality sound and stylish look. They are fashionables due to their Bluetooth nature. Additionally, long lasting batteries and splash proof ability, makes them be the top choice. Performance is excellent both sound delivery and durability as well price.

  • Long lasting batteries
  • Powerful Bluetooth 4.1
  • Multiple compatibility
  • Smooth performance
  • Not ideal for a longer range connectivity

2. SENSO, Sweatproof Earbuds, 8 Hour Battery

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Sweatproof Earbuds, 8 Hour Battery

The SENSO Bluetooth headphones are premium accessories which are perfect pick for pole who wants a combination of features. They are exceptional earbuds which are worth adding in your collection of accessories. Just by looking at the features which accompany these earphones, you will bear witness they are excellent and need your purchase. For instance, the earbuds are Bluetooth enabled heatproof, waterproof and enjoy a longer battery life to deliver extended entertainment duration. Thereby, you can confidently get these earphones with assurance of exceptional performance.

The first feature to get in these earbuds is real high definition sound. There are thousands of earphones on the market, which claims to deliver HD sound; but, in real sense, it’s just an advertisement to woo customers. The true HD stereo sound earphones are here, none than SENSO Bluetooth. They are made featuring excellent engineering which ensures that they produced unmatched high definition sound with an enhanced bass and a crisp treble thereby leaving your mind and body thrilled. On the other hand, when listening to music, no more external disturbance as these are enhanced with passive noise cancellation.

The second feature is Bluetooth connectivity replacing the traditional wired design. When you acquire SENSO Bluetooth headphones is that no more hanging wires as you enjoy your entertainment. Through the wireless transmission, it’s possible even to stay connected to your media device at a range of 30 feet. Comparing this with a wired earbuds, it’s more convenient since you can leave your device in the house and yet enjoy undisturbed or low-quality entertainment. Additionally, the Bluetooth version 4.0 is great in terms of connectivity due to its fast tethering ability, and also it involves simple set up steps.  Also, check our top 10 best bluetooth headphones in 2019 here.

Now, the other quality is ability to resist water and sweat damage. Waters is the greatest enemy of electronics; it can render your new device unusable within a second. SENSO know this, and that is why they have created these headphones. These are sweatproof and also waterproof. This is to s mean that when there is an accidental splash or sweating due to training, they won’t affect these earbuds. As a result, they are suitable for variety sporting activities and other tasks which cause a lot of sweating.
SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Sweatproof Earbuds, 8 Hour Battery

Now you might be asking yourself whether these earphones are widely compatible. You don’t have to worry since they allow you to connect with all devices without following complicated steps. Moreover, they can connect to 2 smartphones at once hence leaving you with a choice on which one to use. Another thing with these earphones is that they are fitted with Li-ion battery which is rechargeable. The battery delivers 8 hours of playback, 1-2 hours charging time and 240 hours standby time.

Now, as we conclude, we can firmly recommend these earbuds for everyone who loves full-time entertainment even when you are working. The high connectivity range allows you to use the earphones in your room without need to carry them. Price is moderate and perfectly fits them.

  • Great Bluetooth range
  • Water and sweat proof
  • Long lasting rechargeable batteries
  • Passive noise cancellation ability
  • Bluetooth strength fluctuates

1. Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Headphone, 3.6 Feet Cord

Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Headphone, 3.6 Feet Cord

Panasonic is a multinational company which is involved in a variety of consumer electronics. Apart from the known large electronics like television sets, home theaters, and others, it also produces headphones and other smaller entertainment gadgets. Now, one of the best-selling and famous earphones from this company are these Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK in headphones. On the other hand, the ErgoFit are extremely comfortable hence maximum entertainment. The crystal clear sound due to powerful speakers and durable construction guarantees an extended usage.

Among many qualities which headphones should possess is the ability to deliver a comfortable fitting. With Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK headphones, you can always bet on the comfort they provide. They are designed to provide an ergonomic fit without causing any discomfort in your ears or fatigue. On the other hand, these are created to fit right or left ear featuring an angled design. As a result, these earphones provide a snug fit enhanced with extra soft ear buds. This is ideal when you compare with headphones with hard ear buds which cause discomforts.

Sound quality is the next quality which you will get when you decide to select Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK headphones for your entertainment. To enable them to deliver exceptional sounds, they are constructed featuring large 9mm neodymium driver couples with a wide frequency response. This ensures that when you are listening to music, they deliver high a balanced sound and excellent bass. In addition, the speakers provide natural sound free from ambient noise. As a result, the earphones deliver unmatchable clear sound.

Another feature is a long and durable cable which comes accompanying these earphones. The quality of wires significantly determines the type of sound produced. If you get headphones with low-quality wires chances are that you will end up having inconsistent performance. However, with these headphones, they are created from oxygen free copper wires and insulated with durable plastic rubber. The material is flexible and soft meaning that it won’t tangle up when you are using these accessories. The cord measures 3.6 feet enough to allow use when your phone is in the pocket of on the table as you relax.
Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Headphone, 3.6 Feet Cord

Now, besides performance durability and comfort, elegance is also a quality which attracts many customers. Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK headphones are created to raise your moods by perfect colors which complement your device. They are available in 8 colors. This is amazing as no other headphones you can get with such range hence suitable for supplementing any device you are using for media playing. In addition, when you acquire these earphones, they come with 3 sizes of buds small, medium and large. Thereby, regardless the size of your ears, they are going to fit perfectly.

In summary, Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK headphones are unmatchable in various aspects such as wearing comfort, sound delivery, and elegance. They are ideal headphones for people who love real bass. The cord is long enough to cater for your need, robust and highly flexible to extend its durability. They deliver high-quality sound with less cost.

  • High-quality bass minus ambient noise
  • Flexibles and ample length cable
  • Available in 8 different colors
  • Ergonomic fitting
  • No clip for cord management


Having reliable earbuds brings an excellent feeling and inspirations. Whether you are a great fan of headphones or you are an average user, it’s a fact that they are must have. They are perfect in ensuring s you get your music, play games and accomplish other entertainment activities without causing noise disturbance. Now, buying earbuds is now easy and straightforward with the review guide. With variety of aspects taken care of, no doubt that the selected products are to quality and will deliver as per your expectations. Read about saving your hearing here.


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