A Buyer’s Guide for The Best Wallets for Women in 2019

Wallets for Women

Wallets are no longer a conservative item to carry cash. Especially for women, they are a utilitarian staple that makes a stylish finish to outfits and purses. The best wallets are genuinely designed to stuff many items while remaining light and desirable. They range from upscale, overpriced styles to the conservative makes. Most of the good ones do not carry a hefty price tag, and as such, women prefer them because they can have many of them from different brand names.

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But First, What Goes Into Making a Choice for the Best Wallet for Women?

However, with every fashion store adorning wallets, you may not find the one that catches your attention in a whim. It’s possible even to forego your search or give up altogether. But with this list, now you can walk into a store and ask for a design you actually know because we’ve done the work for you. You can also look into the best wallets for men and get your loved a gift.

Capacity: Wallets have different weight capacity, so it’s best if you know what you’ll be carrying. A bulky wallet is not appealing. This happens when you fit many items that do not belong to that particular wallet. Ensure it can carry your everyday staples and remember to look at the slot arrangement for easy access.

RFID Blocking Technology: If you carry a credit or debit card, most likely it is Radio Frequency (RF) enabled. This should give you, more reason to protect the information stored on those cards away from electronic contact thefts. Wireless identity theft has become a real issue in the digital world; a wallet with the capability to block users of RF scanners will help keep all your personal information intact.

The Closure System: Some wallets carry a snap on and a zipper while others just have a zipper. Either way, look at the security capacity from real item thefts. Consider if it can take stress from a lot of stuffed articles and whether the seams will remain intact.

Construction Material: Will your wallet stand the test of time? If it cannot retain a proper structure for a decent period, it’s of no use to you. No one wants faded and unsightly marks on a wallet. But the good thing is that wallets are made from genuine leather with a small make coming from premium synthetic leather. Remember to examine yours carefully for authenticity.

Style: Will your wallet accommodate daily fashion needs? That is, can it be of use as a clutch and a wallet at the same time? You’ll also want to have the freedom of color to match most of your outfits.

10. SeptCity Women’s Cute Floral Wallet, Soft Leather Gift Clutch, 2071

SeptCity Women’s Cute Floral Wallet, Soft Leather Gift Clutch, 2071

If you are looking for a girly wallet for women, please don’t go past this because it is the most girly wallet you will come across. Most women have several items that helps them feel more feminine and for most people, these items includes a girly wallet. You will love carrying it to various occasions because the design is also great and the colors are very pretty.

However, most people might like an item just because it is girly but hate it the most they realize that it is not durable. I would thus like to assure you that this wallet is very durable thanks to the elite PU leather material used to construct it. Even when used frequently, this wallet still holds together strongly and will help you in organizing your cards and bills for a long time.

Its floral design stands out in a world where almost every wallet is in plain colors. Very few items in floral materials will be unattractive and thus you can agree with me that a floral wallet will win everyday. It is made of a beautiful faux leather floral design for a fun vibrant look. It looks so awesome and the best part is that they are available in various floral colors so you can go ahead and choose the best for your liking.

Also, these floral wallets come in perfect sizes for everyday use. With one of these wallets, you won’t need to purchase any more as they are perfectly sized to fit just any occasion. You can carry it for dinner, when going shopping, to church and any other place you can think of. This is because it perfectly holds all your cards and bills and it’s not heavy thus not tiring. It’s a perfect all-occasions kind of a wallet for women .
SeptCity Women’s Cute Floral Wallet, Soft Leather Gift Clutch, 2071

The floral wallet also features enough card pockets and slots for better organization. It offers plenty of room for your money and change as well. This is the number one reason why it is recommended for all occasions use. As long as you have your wallet with you, you will be sure that you have all your important cards with you and there is no possibility of misplacing them not unless you lose the entire wallet. When it comes to accessing your cards, you will do it with ease as it is roomy enough and no scratches on any of your cards.

And, unlike most wallets that appear to be so good in pictures but totally different on receiving them, these wallets are just as they are on the pictures. The colors and the flowers are as you see them and they do not fade with time. You will love the wallets’ straight, clean and even stitching as this adds to their elegant looks. Everything you store in it stay in place perfectly. Not too tight nor too lose thanks to its perfect size.

  • Very durable thanks to the elite PU leather
  • Beautiful faux leather floral design for a fun vibrant look
  • Perfect size for everyday use
  • Enough card pockets and slots for better organization.
  • Fashionable and functional
  • Available in many pretty floral colors
  • Straight, clean and even stitching
  • The colors are exactly as they are on the picture
  • Has some leather odors at first but fades away quickly once exposed to open air

9. KQueenStar Women Leather Wallet Credit Card Purse Clutch Holder Case

KQueenStar Women Leather Wallet Credit Card Purse Clutch Holder Case

If you are searching for a budget wallet but still prioritizing on quality and durability, this women’s wallet here is what you should purchase. It is unbelievably cheap but still high on quality it is with no doubts very durable. It is any woman’s perfect dream wallet and most people will definitely afford it. It helps you to be more organized at a very small fee and you will love it just as every other customer has.

It is made of high-quality PU leather material thus it feels great in your hands, your cards and bills look more organized and it is super durable. When purchasing any product, the main focus is on its functionality followed by durability and this does not change when we come to women wallets. The main focus here is ensuring that you will be able to use your wallet for as long as you wish and all along the way, it be able to hold your cards, bills and anything else that would fit in it perfectly.

The wallet features a zippered section where you can keep your bills and coins. In short, this wallet is the real definition of great organization. It takes care of all your needs for safe and secure storage of cards and cash as well as easy access when need be. If you are like most people, you must have experienced those moments where you couldn’t get your cards out of the wallet because the slots are too tight or when you couldn’t carry all your money in one place because the wallet could not close.
KQueenStar Women Leather Wallet Credit Card Purse Clutch Holder Case

Again, apart from helping with great organization, it is ideal that your wallet have a great and elegant design that shows the woman in you. Any woman would love their wallet to feature an elegant design and this here is exactly this way. You will feel confident carrying it to various occasions and because it is available in various colors, you can always purchase two or even more to match with your outfits. Alternatively, you can just purchase one in a color that blends in well with various other colors.

The wallet holds more than 13 credit cards thus if you have really many cards, this wallet will give you a perfect way to carrying them and keeping them secure. What’s even better is the fact that as long as you have your wallet with you, you will be unlikely to misplace your cards or miss one when you need the most. It also has a slot for your ID card thus you can always be sure that each time you are grabbing your wallet, you are grabbing all your important documents.

  • Made of high-quality PU leather material.
  • Features a zippered section
  • Elegant design
  • Holds more than 13 cards
  • Has a slot for your ID card
  • Features 2 note compartments that are closed with a metallic snap button
  • Suitable for various occasions
  • No wrist strap

8. Gottowin PU Leather Women Wallet, Card Holder, Zipper Organizer, Clutch Handbag

Gottowin PU Leather Women Wallet, Card Holder, Zipper Organizer, Clutch Handbag

If you are like most people who keep misplacing their credit cards or phones, this wallet here brings you a permanent solution to this. There are times you cannot tell where you placed your phone and if you have a bigger hand bag, or back pack, it will take some “digging” to get it. However, with this wallet, you will be able to store all your cards, money, ID and your phone. You can thus decide to carry your wallet by hand or just keep it in your big bag and retrieve it with ease every time you need your cards or phone.

What everyone likes about this wallet is the color. It is just as it is in the picture and dose not fade with time. The material is also super smooth and feels great in your hands. You can carry it to various occasions as it looks so elegant and stylish. It is also available in various colors so you have a choice to go for the color that will please you the most.

Again, this wallet is durable thanks to the synthetic leather material used in making it. The stitching is also great and you will never complain about your cards tearing the slots as it is also roomy enough for easy storage and access. Its design is just so unique and you will love using it all the time. It is rare to find a perfect wallet but this here is all this. The color is great, the pockets are enough, the material is perfect, the stitching is amazing and most importantly, the functionality is incomparable.
Gottowin PU Leather Women Wallet, Card Holder, Zipper Organizer, Clutch Handbag

The wallet offers the security needed and it’s very fashionable. It features 2 compartments, 1 middle zippered pocket, and 1 surface zippered pocket. This means that you will be able to separate everything you will be storing in it accordingly and be able to carry just as much as you would wish. No one likes to be forced to carry two wallets simply because the one they bought cannot hold all their cards. Again, you don’t want to have to choose which cards to carry and which not to all the time because you may never know when you will need the one you don’t have so badly.

The wallet is also very functional. It allows for easy organization of your items as well as easier access. All this is possible because it is very spacious and you won’t have any struggles with accessing or returning your cards in the wallet. This also adds to its durability as there is no possibility of tearing it up as you try to retrieve the cards. You will love everything about this wallet, from the way it looks to how it stores your cards.

  • Synthetic leather & hardware
  • Very stylish and pretty
  • Available in various colors
  • Very functional
  • Very spacious
  • Available in beautiful colors
  • Not RFID secure

7. Augur Women’s Two Fold Long Zipper Wallet, Multi-card Position Handbag

Augur Women’s Two Fold Long Zipper Wallet, Multi-card Position Handbag

Most people love zippered women wallets while others love the snap closures but almost every woman will go for a combination of snap and zip closure wallets as they offer more safety for your cards and bills. You will have an easy time carrying it around as no matter how you hold it, there is no possibility of the content to come falling down not unless you did not zip or snap after opening it. You can carry it to various occasions as it feels totally secure and you will never lose your cards.

It’s also in a two-fold design meaning you will be able to separate whatever you will be carrying in it accordingly. This brings wallet organization to a higher level as you won’t have to mix all your cards together. Again, the two-fold design gives you great comfort while carrying it and you will find it easy to carry it in your hands even for longer hours. It also makes it look unique as most wallets for women tend to have almost the same design with difference manifesting on colors or prints.

With this wallet, you will be able to hold cards, cash plus other small sized items as it features 11 card slots, 1 zip closure and 5 open pockets. As a matter of fact, you will find that you are able to carry more than you ever thought possible in just one wallet. This means, when going to different occasions, you don’t have to try and figure out which cards you will need most and which to leave behind and you will also not be limited in terms of the amount of cash you can carry in your wallet.
Augur Women’s Two Fold Long Zipper Wallet, Multi-card Position Handbag

Most women who have been using other types of wallet before describe it as being a little bigger than most wallets yet it is still unbelievably affordable. By the wallet being bigger means that do damage can be made on your cards as you will be able to access them easily. Also, the bigger the wallet, the better the grip and this means more comfort. You might actually realize that you will want to take your wallet to all your occasions as it is so convenient. And, you will realize that comfort is not only in a two-fold wallet but also in the most comfortable bras so check them out.

And, apart from being bigger, this wallet comes in great colors and amazing design which makes it very fashionable. The stitching is perfect and the level of precision on every part is just the best. It will actually complement your everyday outfit in a great way and make you look more organized which is how every woman likes to be viewed. It is simply a great purchase for the money.

Again, you would want to keep your wallet clean all the time especially if you plan on using it frequently. Thus, the only way this will be easier for you is if the material is easy to clean and there is no doubt that this material used to make this wallet is the easiest when it comes to cleaning it. It takes just a few minutes and you don’t need any special ingredients to clean it. You can thus have a clean wallet all the time no matter how frequent you use it.

  • Snap and zip closure for safety
  • Two-fold design for comfort
  • Holds cards, cash, other small sized items (11 card slots, 1 zip closure, 5 open pocket)
  • Great colors and amazing design making it very fashionable
  • Bigger and affordable
  • Great quality plus nicely sewn together
  • Easy to clean material
  • Might be a little bigger than some people would prefer.

6. Travelambo Women’s RIFD Blocking Purse Wallet, Faux Credot Card Clutch

Travelambo Women’s RIFD Blocking Purse Wallet, Faux Credot Card Clutch

The essence of a good wallet for women is to fulfill all the perks that come with being a woman. For the Travelambo brand, you’ll not resist its exciting features that fits the contemporary lady with class and who tends to be picky on their fashion items. Travelambo ensures they meet everyday fashion choices by providing a versatile item that most women gravitate towards. If you are a working lady, you’ll find your fit, the same case as a student or a street fashion girl.

First, you’ll be lost for choice when it comes to picking a color. You’ll drown in the many varieties from the hot pink for teens to the young professionals who take style inspiration from the female icons in our society. The red and black carry military grade RFID blocking materials. They offer maximum protection for all your RF chipped cards. It’s with this card that you can watch your stuff less and enjoy life more. No more living in fear of electronic pickpocketing as with such a grade, no information will ever leave your wallet.

Advanced, grained, genuine leather makes the Travelambo wallet. A luxurious faux leather with shiny gold color hardware finish completes the spectacular look. This finish combo gives the wallet a luxurious look, easy to catch anywhere. Did you know that leather looks better with time? When you maintain this wallet, you can be sure to rely on it for many years. It does not show stress when you subject it to many items, and it feels comfortable in your hands.

The capacity for this wallet is one to consider as a buy. It can accommodate over twenty-one cards and has four length compartments that can fit slim note or checkbooks and even your phone. The central compartment is zippered to carry your money safely and coins without giving. Every essential item you usually keep in a purse can find a place in all the slots available on this wallet. The internal Zipper is a metallic make, and together with the button closure, this wallet is completely secure.
Travelambo Women’s RIFD Blocking Purse Wallet, Faux Credot Card Clutch

You’ll love that it maintains a small weight, so it will not be a burden when you are not carrying it in your purse. It can be used as a clutch for easy carriage. Match it up with any fashion statement jewelry especially gold accessories to go with the contrast finish that gives every detail more emphasis. If you have never considered carrying a wallet as a single item, this one will give you a reason to show off. The craftsmanship reveals no popping strings and maintaining it is simple. By keeping it away from oil, moisture, heat and stuff that can prick it, this wallet will become a favorite.

It’s not any other day that you get a wallet that many women love without the typical jealousy of you picked my color. Each wallet you choose remains distinct to you, and as a woman, you’ll not dig deep for this fine wallet. Be sure to indulge in its beauty and make your statement wherever you make a stop adorning this wallet. Choose a gift box and surprise your fashionable friend with this wallet.

  • It can organize many different items independently
  • Carries a heavy-duty zipper
  • Lightweight design
  • Ensures total safety for RFID chipped cards
  • Some users do not like the leather smell

5. GintaXen Ultra Slim RFID Blocking Mini Size Wallet, Card Case, ID Window

GintaXen Ultra Slim RFID Blocking Mini Size Wallet, Card Case, ID Window

For any woman searching for a minimalist styled wallet this here is the most minimalist wallet on the market. It makes your pocket seem as if they are not holding anything and it is perfect for those days that you want to carry very few cards and bills. The wallets are designed for people who dislike giant bulging wallets. It is slim, small, feels great and looks so beautiful. It’s not all the time that you want to walk around with all your cards or too much cash so I would say that every woman should have one of these for such days.

And, most importantly, these super slim wallets will fit perfectly in your big wallets. Thus, when traveling, you can carry both wallets, the slim one in the big one, then use the slim one when you need to move around with just the few really necessary cards. It is small in size, caries just a few cards and some folded bills. You cannot use it if you will need to carry more than three cards because they won’t fit.

This wallet also features a convenient ID window. This is great for people who worry about how to carry their ID’s and especially if you don’t want to take it in and out every time there is a need for you to present it. It also includes three credit card slots thus at least you are sure that you will be able to carry up to three cards and some folded bills.
GintaXen Ultra Slim RFID Blocking Mini Size Wallet, Card Case, ID Window

It is also very durable as it is made of premium synthetic leather. Also, considering that this is not an everyday use wallet, it will serve you for many years. However, you can always have it in your big wallet but either way, it will still remain in a perfect shape for many years. It looks so pretty and there are also some unisex colors so you can get one for your husband or fiancée as well.

Again, this is an RFID blocking wallet. Electronic stealing of personal information is a silent crime that’s affecting a huge percent of the population and you don’t want to be part of it. Most people have lost huge amounts of money this but with this wallet, you will be able to keep your Credit/Bank/passport/ID cards or any other cards with an encoded chip tags that’s storing your personal info electronically from this kind of scanning. You can also get the best handbags for women to put your slim wallet in when need be.

  • RFID blocking wallet
  • Fits perfectly in big wallet. Small in size, caries few cards and some folded bills
  • Convenient ID window
  • Made of premium synthetic leather thus very durable
  • Features three card slots
  • Various great colors to choose
  • Ideal for daily use, light travels, walking around or nearby shopping
  • Not ideal for carrying many cards and bills

4. KALMORE Women’s RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Zipper Card Wallet, Cute Small Purse

KALMORE Women’s RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Zipper Card Wallet, Cute Small Purse

This is the all-around wallet you’ve been looking for. KALMORE brings us the ultimate solution for your daily needs. Whether you are looking the right accessory for your outfit or to keep your cards safe, then KALMORE’s Women’s wallet will fill just that gap. First, it is very compact so don’t worry about how the items you keep in it will influence how it sits in your hands.

The art of being a woman calls for being organized and maintaining grace from all dimensions of your life. This wallet is a true function for simplicity with the way you handle your business and credit cards. Nothing says systematic more than twenty one slots on this wallet. You may have that many cards and not leave even a single one at home. It gets better since it has two ID windows. This makes going into buildings that require flashing out and Identity card feel like a brisk walk.

Chances are that 90% of your cards are radio frequency enabled. You’ll want to invest in this wallet even more because it has a way of safeguarding the personal information stored on those cards. With a tested RFID blocking material assimilated in the design, your electronic cards with a transmission frequency between 10MHz and 3000MHz will remain secure each time you’re on transit.

You’ll love the fine workmanship that goes into creating this wallet. It is handmade with precious, color coated aniline leather. However, the natural look of leather is not lost because of the tanning. As you can see, it retains creases and the turned edges which add to the aesthetic appeal of this wallet. It is made to last with the assurance it will get stronger as it beats the years.
KALMORE Women’s RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Zipper Card Wallet, Cute Small Purse

This is a luxurious wallet so it is a real investment in comfort and convenience. You can store your cash and not feel like someone else may gain physical access to it. This is because it carries a zipper and a button for added security. It gives a sophisticated look to fit application in many settings. The available colors show that you don’t have to confine your style; go all out with it as a basic clutch or just a functional organizer.

KALMORE Women’s wallet is parallel to other brands on the market. The quality is prioritized more than you’ll pay for it. You even have the opportunity to give a perfect surprise as it comes in a fine wrapped box, printed to complement any special occasion. This is what we call a real classic you’ll never leave the house without.

  • RFID blocking
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • Genuine leather makes it
  • There’s variety of colors to choose
  • Handcrafted to give it a unique touch
  • Isolated complaints of initial strong odor which fades with time

3. Women’s RFID Blocking Wallet Premium Synthetic Leather Classic Clutch, Long Wallet, Card Holder for Handbag and Purse

Women’s RFID Blocking Wallet Premium Synthetic Leather Classic Clutch, Long Wallet, Card Holder for Handbag and Purse

The Women’s RFID Blocking wallet represents beauty and elegance for the modern woman. The manufacturer knows the real need to organize your staple items like IDs and credit cards. This is why it stands out as the best choice you can find on the market today. It incorporates specific features meant to help you eliminate carrying a purse everywhere you go.

This is the original RFID blocking wallet. It has been engineered specifically to protect information stored on nearly all your RF-chipped cards usually used in banking, health care systems, and travel passes. If you want peace of mind for the safety of such cards, the inner compartments of this wallet have an RFID scan blocker in metal sheets which interfere with the reception of a scanner’s signal.

The exterior design of this wallet reveals an elegant look, fit for carrying around openly. It has this grainy texture, typical of high-end products. The faux leather that makes it is of premium quality meaning it will last long while resisting wear from stuffing bulky items. To match the tough exterior are the internal slots which are perfectly stitched in a chic style. They give easy access to the items you store in it. This way you’ll feel more organized than when you carry a purse where you throw everything in it. You’ll also reduce chances of misplacing the important articles it holds.

This wallet includes eight card slots meaning it’s possible to carry all your cards in it. You will also like the zippered pocket that’s intended for holding bills and coins safely. Because of the design, you’ll feel it does not become bulky after stuffing up. It even has a section that can fit a smartphone the size of an iPhone except for the iPhone7 which is a bit longer. With all the items you can put in it, this wallet manages to maintain a slim fold. Even better, it comes with a detachable wrist strap to ease with the portability.
Women’s RFID Blocking Wallet Premium Synthetic Leather Classic Clutch, Long Wallet, Card Holder for Handbag and Purse

You may be wondering whether this wallet will keep up with your style choices. Well, the beauty of it comes in five colors. You’ll find that it maintains the consistency of each shade as it resists fading and scratching. If you like your accessories to complement your wallet, there’s a color that fits your exact taste. You’ll never feel out place with this wallet as a clutch since it is trendy and evolves as an everyday fashion must have.

A lot goes into the designing of this wallet. It is the best alternative for a heavy bag when you want to carry fewer items. It offers the highest value for money as it is durable and will remain in unbeatable condition for a long time. If you want a wallet that will continue to be a favorite, then the Women’s RFID Blocking wallet is your best bet.

  • Features unique, RFID blocking material
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Has an eye-catching design
  • Seals completely to keep malicious thieves away
  • The RFID blocking ability does not work for all types of cards

2. Itself Women’s Large Capacity RFID Blocking Clutch, Wallet, Wax Genuine Leather Ladies Purse, Card Holder

Itself Women’s Large Capacity RFID Blocking Clutch, Wallet, Wax Genuine Leather Ladies Purse, Card Holder

Did you know that you get to influence people’s impression of you by the accessories you carry? A wallet is one item that sticks out from your outfit, so you better choose wisely. With the Itself Women’s Large Capacity Genuine Leather Wallet, you’ll not do any convincing about your style choices. It will all be set as a sophisticated woman with genuinely loveable style.

Perhaps the best place to start about this wallet is the available colors. They are not only many but fall in the category of bright acceptable colors with ladies. If your outfits lie on the bright side of summer, there’s a color to suit you. And for you who flourish in tapered suits, an official shade awaits your pick. The finish is always brilliant with original leather markings.

Speaking of the make, it’s good to know 100% genuine leather makes nearly every inch of this wallet. It’s this design that makes the highest attraction for this wallet. Every way you look at it, you’ll see true resilience stretch signs that become distinct as it comes of age to earn the old leather title. It is near impervious to damage and will keep bulky items without stress.

When it comes to protection, no wallet does it like Itself Women. With exclusive blocking material and military grade shielding technology, every RFID chipped card will retain its information in your wallet. Visiting crowded places and new places poses the danger of stolen information. Take this wallet with you and make your trips memorable.
Itself Women’s Large Capacity RFID Blocking Clutch, Wallet, Wax Genuine Leather Ladies Purse, Card Holder

You’ll love the internal design that comes in a multi-storey fold to keep everything accessible in the simplest manner possible. It carries twenty-one card slots, a snap cash pocket, three bill compartments and a zipper case that fits a phone. It makes traveling and having fun more practical since you don’t have to take a handbag with you. It’s even possible to attach a wrist strap to add at the edge for enhanced carriage on the go.

Every woman can identify with the Itself large capacity wallet. It comes as an unparalleled convenience to inspire an organized space while keeping up with changing fashion. This model has the real potential to last a lifetime as it becomes better every day. It makes for a very thoughtful present since it comes in a cute gift box, endowed with a gorgeous necklace. When you want to give a bold statement on who you are; Itself wallet will help drive the message home.

  • It has a construction from genuine leather
  • Has ample space as a multifunctional wallet
  • Practical size that fits into hands]
  • Uses cutting edge technology for RFID cards
  • Some users dislike the pungent smell of new leather

1. Borgasets Women’s RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet, Zipper Purse, Credit Card Holder

Borgasets Women’s RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet, Zipper Purse, Credit Card Holder

Shopping for a wallet is nowhere near the walk in a corner store to pick essential items. Many considerations go into choosing one. If you dislike the hassle of knowing what to look for, then it fits that you considered the tried and tested Borgasets Women’s RFID blocking Wallet. Every inch is calculated to fulfill nearly all requirements, that’s why it is super exciting and not bulky at the same time.

This wallet is an alternative to any flimsy clutch purse you may have around your home. The make is of 100% leather, genuine as it should be and meant to serve the elegant and sophisticated woman. It is resistant to pulling and tugging typical of daily life activities. The beauty of it is that it will acquire the aging markings over time that gives a truly unique item. The odor may come off as strong the first time you buy this item, but as it ages, the smell softens to attain a more favorable scent.

When you think about taking your fashion to another level, you may not think of a wallet. But the Borgasets is a real reason to give you a run for your style. It is handmade in a simple edge and corner design with two adjustable buttons. When you are not carrying a lot of stuff, there’s a fit with the button closer to the edges. This fitting can be adjusted to give closure when you have more items in it.

The capacity for this wallet is another impressive feature. It has eighteen card slots, arranged in a very practical way. It also comes with two zippered pockets to secure a phone and cash. It is a daily staple and seeing it can withstand degradation from the elements, carry it this summer and showcase your newly found must have. To maintain the luster on this wallet, it’s always good to clean it with soft leather cleaner and taking care of stains as soon as they occur. Also, do not expose your wallet to dry heat and remember to store it in a breathable bag.
Borgasets Women’s RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet, Zipper Purse, Credit Card Holder

Perhaps the most important aspect about this wallet is the RFID blocking ability. You may never know when you got scanned, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. With all the critical items you store in a wallet, it’s only right that you protect them to avoid losing information that could cost you thousands of dollars. Borgasets use advanced technology, superior to counteract virtually any electronic scanning attempt on you.

Don’t be left out in the wallet trend craze because it’s not going away anytime soon. Choose from twelve colors and stand out in the crowd with a unique and well-designed item. You don’t have to take the pleasure of owning a luxurious product by yourself. Make it a gift choice for your other friends and make it memorable because it will last a very long time.

  • It has an original craftsmanship application
  • Uses advanced RFID technology
  • Holds many cards without being bulky
  • Very stylish
  • Great colors and design
  • It does not carry a window to input large items like driver’s license

Wrapping Up:

Seeing that a wallet for women is a compact organizer and a fashion accessory, it is only right to give it your all when making a choice. This list will make picking the best option more pleasure. All the pieces here have sound designs to appeal to many personalities. See what some writers have to say about messy wallets. There’s always one for you so remember a wallet is a personalized item, no compromises in the very least should be made. The women wallet journey is long and you can only understand them better if you know the history.



  • Bought one of these for my wife’s birthday. She wanted something compact, yet functional. The reviews were good online, so I figured I had little to lose buying sight-unseen. Boy, was I wrong. She wore the wallet all of 30 days, maybe, and the clasp that is supposed to keep it closed fell apart.

    I contacted Borgasets directly and they “graciously” offered to exchange it PROVIDED I returned the old one to them at my cost (mind you: This is a CHINESE company). The cost to send this 10oz package was almost what I paid for the wallet. I pleaded with the company to provide an RMA and a prepaid shipping label, but they refused.

    So: BUYER BEWARE. This stuff is junk, at least IMO.

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