9 Best Gifts Your Teenage Girl Will Totally Love

9 Best Gifts Your Teenage Girl Will Totally Love

Top 9 Best Gifts for Teenage Girls
Here 9 Cool Gifts Guaranteed to Impress Your Fussy Teenage Girl

Teenagers tend to be hard to please. When it comes to pampering these picky girls with gifts, there are parents who will simply prefer to write a check and forget about it and teenagers love money, make no mistake about that either. However, a few wads of cash are not as exciting as a really cool gift that your teenage girl, who is now growing into more of your housemate than your little girl. And when it comes to gifts for teenagers, there are a gazillion of cool options and ideas to choose from. Some of these are gifts that every teen girl is pining for and which will really impress them and some of these are gifts that they obviously dont want. Bearing both in mind, the following list has been created to help choose the right birthday or Christmas gift for your teenage lady.

Buying Guide for Gifts for Teenage Girls

Every teenage girl is quite unique and the kinds of gifts that you choose for them should be also unique. When buying gifts for teenage girls, it helps to know the trends, what she wants but you also need to think outside the box so that you can get them something that they will truly cherish. When picking gifts for your girl, dont railroad yourself into going for the stereotypes. If you spend a lot of time with your teenage girl, you already know about some of the things that she desires. Go for the kinds of gifts that will empower her and also fulfil her hearts desires. Embrace who she is and dont choose those gifts that you feel the society thinks is acceptable.

The life of a teenage girl can often seem secretive, as she intensifies the breaking away process of individuating from her parents. Fitting in with social groups and being accepted by her peers are likely her primary concern, as well as figuring out romantic attractions to her peers, and dating. Gifts that allow her to explore her identity in creative ways are by far the best choice customizable hair or clothing accessories, a scrap-book journal / diary with writing prompts, or a basic set of makeup (provided she is interested in makeup!) are all fantastic. An instant camera is also a great gift for a teenage girl, as she can create Instagram-inspired images of the special moments in her life, and have fun with her friends at the same time.

Avoid generic, clichd gifts that will send a message that you have assumed what she likes rather take the time to find out her interests, and get something that she will love. If she likes art, look for some art supplies that she may not have tried out yet. If she has a favourite musician or band, consider getting her a poster / album art, or find out if she has their latest music already. Any effort taken to get to know what she likes will be appreciated, so dont be afraid to choose a more personal gift!

Even when buying the usual gifts for your teenage girl such as a backpack or perfumes, for example, you can still do it in a cool manner without killing the surprise element. There are also some kinds of gifts for teenage girls that will make the feel like a strong, independent and powerful woman which is more of what you want her to be.

Know Her Hobbies

Take time to understand your teenage girls hobbies before you decide to buy them a gift. As we have emphasized, treat every teen girl as a very unique personality that you need to understand. Dont fall into the temptation of going for the stereotypes by simply buying something most young girls are into. The gift that you purchase should be well suited for their unique personalities.

Some of the most relevant gifts for teenage girls are those that are well suited for their hobbies. It shows you understand your teenage girl and they will also find it quite helpful and in helping develop them develop their interests. The right kind of gift can transform your teen into a truly incredible individual. Buying clich gifts simply means that you didnt try hard enough! Maybe it was just an afterthought and you simply grabbed what everyone typically buys. When shopping for the best gifts for teenage girls, ask yourself about what they typically do in their free time. What does she do after school and before she sleeps?

If she likes reading, then the best gift for her could be an e-reader. Having an e-reader will make it easier for her to read a lot of books, no matter her reading interests. The high availability and lower costs make it possible.

If she enjoys listening to music then you could buy her a really cool headphone or Bluetooth speaker. If she likes playing music at school then buy her favourite musical instrument. If she enjoys gaming, a generally a boys pastime, then buy her a really powerful laptop or gaming console.

Dont go for clichs

It is hard writing a gift guide for individual teens without going clich and we have tried as much ass possible to offer teenage girl gift suggestions that are not clich. The same should apply when you are shopping for the best gifts for teenage girls. The gifts that you choose for teenage girls should generally reflect their personality and spirit. Learn how to spot those teenage gifts that are overly clich. These generally include the following:-

Beauty and Makeup Gifts: These are some of the most popular gifts for teenage girls and you should keep in mind. However, the overriding consideration should be that person that you are buying the gifts for. What kinds of gifts would be special for them? And for many teenagers, things like makeup are generally very personal choices so unless you understand a teenagers taste and preferences, you should desist from buying them makeup and beauty products.

You will get more success buying teenage girls scents as gifts instead of buying them the makeup and hair products. A lot of teenagers want to experiment with various scents and would really appreciate having these as gifts. Scents are not just limited to perfumes or colognes. You could also consider scented lotions and body spray. Having scents as gifts will also work perfectly if you have an idea on the kind of scents that they prefer.

Some of the really good gift ideas include the gift cards, electronic items, shoes, clothing, scents and some really cool gadgets. Some bad ideas to have for gifts for teenage girls include makeup, hair products and musical instruments.

Consider an Experiential Gift

Gifts dont necessarily have to be material things. You could also make it experiential, something many psychologists say has greater value than material gifts. Since not all teenagers dont consider a gift as something that must come wrapped, you will want to think of the kind of experience your teenager wants to have on their birthday or during Christmas holidays. What would make an unforgettable experience for a teenage girl? Possibly, many things. A lot of these will depend on your budget, time of the year as well as their general interests. Here are some possible experiential gift suggestions:-

Pay for a class in something they like: A lot of teenagers are already knee deep into some of the things that will define their lives and professional career. If you know of a subject or skill that they love, pay for a fun class in that and let them immerse themselves in their interests. It could be academic or hobby related such as learning a new language, horse riding, learning how to skate or dancing classes.

A domestic trip: There are plenty of excellent locations where teens could have a great time. By now, they are probably outgrowing Disneyland so think of some other exciting locations such as islands, weekend retreats or even major landmarks.

An international trip: This is more expensive but can be a great birthday or holiday gift if you have the money to finance it. Send her to some exotic location that she has always dreamed of. It could be Paris or Japan. GAP years can also be great experiential gifts for late teens.

Subscription based gifts

If your teenage girl has a passion about something, then subscription-based gifts could be a great way to nurture that passion. The beauty with this is that it offers great variety as well as forms. Niche subscription magazines for teenagers can be a great gift idea.

A lot of teenagers also enjoy receiving something a little special in their mails on a regular basis so if you can put them up on a really cool subscription, they will definitely love it. Here are some more ideas on subscription based gifts:-

Magazine Subscriptions: There are lots of cool magazines on a lot of things teenagers are passionate about especially those wrapped around their interests be they horse riding, skating or just entertainment. Here, too, avoid the temptation to go too clich. The magazine subscription should suit her hobbies or individual interests.

What gift trends for teen girls should I go with?

While the majority of teenage girls may have, more or less, the same interests, there is a small zone of preferences that still makes every girl different from the other. For example, two teenage girls might be interested in social media, music, and cosmetics, but one is into sports and spends the afternoons doing her favourite sport or at the gym, while the other is into reading and spends her afternoons lying with a book in her hands. Some girls, interested in art, would best be gifted a set of colours, whether water, oil, etc. with canvas. Others are interested in crafts and wouldnt like anything better than a LEGO, a complex puzzle or, better, a model to build.

In other words, taking the time to think what a teenage girl is really interested would hardly allow room for a mistake. For example, one could pay a lot on something that may not be appreciated by the teenage girl, either because it is out of her circle of interest or because she doesnt really need it. Another problem that may occur is the generation gap. What adults used to love when they were teenagers may, or to be honest, most probably would not be of interest to most teenage girls now. This is why asking a girl if she has a wishlist is a good idea which should be considered before taking time in deciding what to get her. If its difficult to directly ask this question, for one way or another, then trying to know her interests proves to be the first successful step to getting her the perfect gift.

Practicality or fun?

Teenage years is not really not the best time to dictate terms or impose your parental authority and sense of morality. They are in a bad mood and could be itching for a fight, too. Just get them what they need as long as it is reasonable, and at this age, it is generally reasonable and wont hurt your pockets much. Your teen could be saving for something special to her and they will generally inform you about this. So instead of letting them save money for months, how about you surprise them with this gift for their birthday or Christmas? However, if she happens to have all she wants at the time of buying the gift, then one can start thinking about the different options for luxuries and here is where you creativity and thoughtfulness will really matter. A smartphone UV sanitizer or a retro cooler that they can add to their rooms for personal use would be really thoughtful. So would be a special perfume or even jewelry and makeup display.

How much should I spend on a teenager’s gift?

A gift doesn’t have to be overly creative for your teen girl to appreciate it but it needs to be thoughtful and practical.Teenage girls have the reputation of being a bit hard to please, but if they get the right gift, they will hardly think about the price. Besides, since they already struggle with wanting so much and not being able to work because of studying, they will appreciate it when they get anything they want that they would not otherwise get on their own. So, it is enough to get them the right thing, no matter how little its price may be.

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