9 Best Gaming Keyboards for PC Gamers in 2019

9 Best Gaming Keyboards for PC Gamers in 2019

Best Gaming Keyboards for PC

If you are a gaming geek, you will be looking for a nice, sleek gaming keyboard that goes with all the other gear you’ve bought. Finding a standard, a cheaper keyboard is really easy, but, when you are into gaming, you need high performance. Your own expertise and efficiency are as good as a surgeon sans tools if you do not have the necessary equipment that aids your performance. Enter, the gaming Keyboard.

Amongst so many options based on design, features, and comfort, which one’s the best and deserves to come home? Unlike other essentials, the right keyboard is the one that feels just right! Since you will actually be using the keyboard at home, you need to be at comfort with it.

Just a few trials can give you a good idea about how much it gets along with your speed and capabilities. Spend wisely, and make an informed decision, as the keyboard will last you several years. Here are the 9 best gaming keyboards that are preferred and shipped to passionate gamers all over the world. Lets have a look.


Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

best overall ratingCorsair STRAFE Mechanical

Our Review

Behold this beauty, the number one, top pick of professional gamers. The Corsair gaming board is not one for the amateurs. This has all the key features a good gaming keyboard must have. The keyboard has a great feel, the keys are anti-skid in nature and also give you a great grip as you deeply engross yourself into the game.

You can set the amazing red backlights to suit your fancy as well. The keyboard is a pure joy with the Cherry MX keys, which take you a notch up above competitors and let you to always stay ahead of all opponents.

The macros and anti-ghosting features can also be used to your advantage during the intense gaming moments. You can adjust and assign various actions to the macros and enhance the performance with ease. And whats more? The keyboard comes with not one but two years warranty, talk about pristine quality!

This keyboard is our top choice due to the high-quality mechanical switches and gold-plated contacts. These make it lasting and safe against rust, corrosion and other undesired factors. The keyboard also has a slot for USB to connect your mouse and other headphones, etc. with ease.

  • Durable.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Original cherry brown keys.
  • USB slot.
A great keyboard, at an affordable cost that enhances the performance greatly. You will absolutely love the way it gives you the thrill while gaming, and get used to it in no time. The original cherry MX keys make it one great investment that will last you a long time.Final Word: This keyboard is strongly recommended for those who need a great one on a budget. It has all the best features combined to take your game to a whole new level.

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By Corsair

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Gaming Keyboard

premium choice ratingRazer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma

Our Review

Here’s the premium choice for all gamers. Known best for its mechanical switch design, the Razer Blackwidow is manufactured for the raw, wild and die-hard gamers. A serious combination of style and features, this one is right on point when it comes to gaming.

The design and interface are just like the normal keyboard and does not take much of the desk space. The RGB backlighting is one of the most noticeable features of this one where you can make use of various colors to customize your keyboard just the way you want.

Users will feel instant advantage over the counterparts with all the unique features it provides. The best part about this one is its responsiveness, which automatically puts you in a better position to claim the winners cup, every time.

Moreover, the two-year warranty it comes with speaks greatly about its durability. The model also has a USB cable with a strap and case, that can be removed and kept safely in the case when not in use. Other highlights of the model include volume controls, anti-ghosting, macros, etc.

  • RGB backlighting.
  • Very durable.
  • Solid-built.
  • Comes with a wrist pad for support.
This keyboard is known for its responsive design and key features that make it a great model for all gamers. It comes with a two-year warranty and is built with the high-quality components, making it lasting and a superb option for enhancing the gaming experience.Final WordAll in all a great keyboard. The best mechanical keyboard manufactured to give the most comfort and efficiency to the gamer. A must have if you have the budget and wish to make use of all the features.

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By Razer

Logitech G610 Orion Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming

great value ratingLogitech G610

Our Review

This one gives you the best value for money. A great option if you do not want to spend too much on the keyboard. The price is not the only attractive factor about this one though, it comes with the cherry MX mechanical switches. These enable you to work in peace, without disturbing others or being bothered by the sounds yourself.

This one also lets you keep custom lighting colors for each individual key! Talk about special effects. Control the volumes, play, pause and mute songs and music, all with this keyboard. The macros further let you program custom actions to the keys for further making the gaming easier for you.

The keys have a matte finished texture, which makes it easier to grip and keeps the grease off. Plus it also has the braided cable and other features that are sure to catch the eye. Built from the latest technology, this best gaming keyboard has all the latest features a gamer could need.

  • Silent keys.
  • Low Priced.
  • Great finish and strongly built.
  • Customizable lighting.
The keyboard comes at a great value for money. It has all the basic features a gamer could need, and the quality is quite commendable. The customizable backlights for all keys are one of the major features that sets it apart.Final WordA great option if you do not want to spend too much on a keyboard. It gives you a nice gaming experience and has all the key features you need to enhance the performance.

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By Logitech

Corsair Gaming K95 Back-Lit Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair Gaming K95

Our Review

Another premium gaming keyboard, this one too has the soft and nice cherry MX switches. The keyboard is highly responsive and comes with the white LED backlighting.

You can tweak the brightness level as per your taste and also set a different tone to any key of your choice to distinguish it from the rest. This one has not just a few, but a total of 18 keys that you can customize and program as you wish. These record the unique combinations and presets that you may utilize at the peak points during the game.

The keyboard is very durable and built from the high-grade pro-level technology which keeps it safe from rust and other anomalies. The anti-ghosting effect is near perfection and the wrist rest makes it easy and comfortable to work for hours.

Although priced at a premium, professionals love it for the special features and the feel you get on it. The keys are designed to aid the games during the active sessions and are also quite noiseless and easy to get on to.

  • High-quality keyboard.
  • Customizable brightness settings for the backlights.
  • 18 programmable keys.
A wonderful option with the basic functions of a great gaming keyboard. This one is very durable and comfortable for the user. Plus the 18 keys for recording the actions and making those easier for access, whenever the need arises make it a great choice.Final WordSo, if you are specifically looking for a keyboard which fulfils all the major requirements of a gamer’s keyboard, you must check it out. Specifically, the 18 G-keys are worth the bargain if you actually need one with such great a memory.

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By Corsair

Razer Ornata Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard

Razer Ornata Chroma

Our Review

Another option by Razer, this one has the unique mecha-membrane keys. These are actually a blend of the mechanical switches and the rubber domes that give the user the ultimate best of both worlds. Amongst other great features, it has the customized keycaps that get the signal across much faster.

The accuracy and timeliness of the actions to register are just remarkable. You can also customize the keyboard entirely via the vibrant colors of the backlighting. You can relax and work for longer hours with ease; the hand rest makes it all the more convenient.

This one too has anti-ghosting features and ultra-responsiveness. You can actually ask it to perform up to 10 tasks at a time! The macros have on the fly recording, to enable you to customize your preferred commands for ease.

With the precision and control, you will be unstoppable at whatever you put your head down to.

  • Hybrid of the mechanical and membrane tech.
  • Has a great feel.
  • Customizable backlighting.
Not only is this one available at an amazing price, but also feature packed with lots of fun colored lights. You can customize it in accordance with your gaming setup and enjoy full-throttle.Final WordA wonderful addition to the gaming world, this one has pleased customers from all around the world. The customizable lights and macros work well to up your game wherever you go.

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By Razer

SteelSeries Apex M500 Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex M500

Our Review

The SteelSeries Apex is true to its name. The Cherry MX switches take your game to a whole new level. This one is available in the mid-ranged price and has the customizable lights. These illuminate the keys (individually) in a brilliant blue hue. The macro keys can easily be programmed for action as desired.

It comes complete with the anti-ghosting feature and is built to last for years. An ultimate performer and even if you are not a professional, it will take you to that level. The anti-ghosting effect is remarkable; no matter how and when you press the keys, the signal is always transmitted in an instant to give you the precise and accurate response on the screen.

The keys too, are made with the high quality to make them durable and comfortable for the user. Since it is designed to enhance the performance, the keys give a great feel and make it easier to act and get the responses as quick as ever.

  • Strong built.
  • Stylish.
  • Includes programmable keys.
  • Blue backlight for the keys.
This keyboard is quite affordable and comes with all the key features that you may need. It is perfect for doing all days work as well as for gaming. The built and quality are just excellent and it is bound to last for years. The style and design are the main reasons for its popularity.Final WordA great choice for the avid gamers, who need design along with performance. This not just goes with your gaming equipment but also makes it all the more attractive.

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By SteelSeries

Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum RGB

Our Review

A high-end option for those who have a budget. This professional keyboard gives you all the convenience and performance enhancing features. The keyboard comes with macros, so you can store all the commands in place and put them into action when the time comes with ease.

The typing speed and precision is simply superb. It also enables you to perform media commands such as volume settings, play/pause and other touch-display actions through it. The main feature of this one is the ultra-responsive interface.

There are sixteen color options for setting individual backlights for the keys. You can hence, customize the keyboard and color code the keys just as you wish. The anti-ghosting function makes the peak gaming points fun and free from all sorts of lag.

This one keeps you ahead of all through the precise and fast action. Plus, it comes with a two-year warranty. So you can relax about its quality and durability.

There are 27 macros that you can customize and use to your advantage.

  • Durable.
  • Comes with a two-year warranty.
  • 16 customizable backlights.
  • Precise and fast.
The professional keyboard is made from the high-quality material to make it all the more durable. The board is highly responsive and also comes with the macros and anti-ghosting features.Final WordDue to all the key features it provides, it is more than loved by the professionals. The macros and anti-ghosting features are simply amazing as well.

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By Logitech

Corsair K95 Platinum Back-Lit Gaming Keyboard

Corsair Gaming K95 RGB

Our Review

A premium quality keyboard, this one comes with a solid, aluminum frame which makes it durable and able to last through the wildest of the gaming sessions. It has various options for setting the backlighting to personalize it completely. You can choose from varying color options, brightness levels and up to 19 zones for adding intense effects.

This mechanical gaming keyboard offers up to 8 MB space for storing your programmed actions via the macros. All these can be set without the need of getting any software installed or having it to run in the background while using the features.

There are in fact 6 G-keys that you can assign multi-key actions or commands, to give you a boost every time you need the same combo during the game. The anti-ghosting features work great too and give you a complete key rollover so that no key and no action is ever missed out at the extreme moments.

There are also multimedia, volume and other controls that you can adjust right in the midst of the game. This one too has the Cherry MX mechanical switches to give you a quiet, sleek and smooth feel and a high performance.

  • Built from the aluminum frame.
  • Up to 8 MB storage for Macros.
  • Cherry MX key switches.
  • Very comfortable feel.
A premium keyboard, designed for professionals as well as beginners. This one is really easy to get started on as the keys offer the most comfort and the options for customization are not limited to a few. You can set dynamic lighting patterns via the backlit keys and have a great time with the responsive interface and anti-ghosting keys.Final WordThis one is just for you if you have the budget and are more into customizing the keyboard. The macros give you sufficient storage space for recording all the basic commands and the backlights are amazing.

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Roccat ISKU FX Multicolor Back-Lit Keyboard for Gamers


Our Review

Available at such an attractive price with all the basic functionalities, you just cannot miss this one! Especially for the beginners and those who do not want to spend too much on the keyboard, this is a great option.

You can make use of 36 macros in this, to save commands and the time spent every time to enter and use them. The keys are placed at just the right distance and positions for ease of access during the game.

The backlights colors can be set from the 16.8 million color options and those too on different brightness levels. Moreover, there are over 25 Hotkeys, to which you can assign various commands. The anti-ghosting effects go a long way and the keyboard comes complete with the key rest for support.

At this price, if you are getting all the action and an edge over the opponents, its a great opportunity you mustnt let go of.

  • Low priced.
  • 16.8 Million color backlit options.
  • 36 macros.
  • Anti-ghosting function.
The first thing you will notice is the price. A gaming keyboard complete with the functions to make life easier for you and available at such a low price, what more could you be looking for? Final WordIf you are looking for quality but at a budget, you must try this one with all the extra keys and functions. A great gaming keyboard giving the user the ultimate comfort and a noise-less game, with access to the required keys at just a fingers distance away.

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Buying Guide – Gaming Keyboards for PC Gamers

If you are an avid gamer, no matter how professional or passionate, your regular gaming equipment may be the reason you are not quite going up in the game. The keyboard for one is the major reason for not letting you perform to your fullest.

While the regular, standard keyboard has everything you may need for your work and gaming, there are certain specialized features it fails to provide. While it may not disrupt the usual work and the game, however, it may not be as helpful as the specialized gaming keyboards.

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So, what exactly do these gaming keyboards have? Lets have a look.

  • Mechanical Switches

This is one of the prime factors that distinguishes the gaming keyboard from the normal one. The mechanical switches give you the instant feedback, which enhances the overall experience of the game.

  • RGB Lighting

If you an enthusiast who wishes to match up the gaming gear with the whole gaming setup, say a gaming keyboard and a mouse, then this is a great feature. Although it adds up the overall cost, but the look and feel it gives to your setup, makes it all worth it.

One of the highlights of these gaming keyboards is the backlight. You can choose from the monochrome, multi RGB spectrum lights right up to no lights. Although the lighting is not too much of a requisite for gaming, it definitely adds to the appeal. If you own a gaming desk and other gear with lights, then this feature will definitely be a great add-on to sync those babies right.

  • Macros

Macros actually are the features for customization. These are programmable buttons that remember a certain action and use the same when required. These help serves as shortcuts’, and are part of the higher end specialized keyboards.

  • LED Display

Many of these keyboards also have LCD displays and also touch functions that make these easier to use and add to the appeal.

  • Extra Keys

The extra keys are there to be customized for action. The keys are best for the games that can be programmed for action once so that the same can be utilized to enhance the users capability.

Do You Really Need a Gaming Keyboard?

The answer to this depends on YOU. Assess your gaming needs. What kind of a player are you? If you only indulge into a gaming session when you get some free-time, which happens a few times a week only, you do not necessarily have to spend time and money on one.

Plus, if you like to play alone, that too is helpful for deciding upon the keyboard. As some of these are available for the single users, while others with multiple action buttons for the multi-users.

Also, the type of game you are hooked on to is important. You have other hardware like the mouse, which allow more features and ease of use. The keyboards are essentially designed for the strategic gaming rounds.

Types of Keyboards

  • Wired Gaming Keyboards

As the name goes, these come with a wire that has to be plugged into the PC for getting it started. Although these are fairly easy to setup, they usually do not even require a software that has to be installed. These are usually preferred by the gamers due to the fast transmission and action.

The wired keyboards just like the wired mouse perform better and transmit the signals faster as compared to the wireless ones.

  • Wireless Gaming Keyboards

These are the recent tech advanced types. Usually connected through the Bluetooth or RF connectivity, these are gaining immense popularity by the day. The signals are transmitted via the radio waves of the Bluetooth.

These are great for getting rid of all the extra wires on the table and give you a great range as well. However, the battery life and at times lag, do not let these be the top choice for the gamers.

The Types of Gaming Keyboards

Since the keyboard for gaming has to be usable for doing other work as well, it leaves little margin for complete personalized features. Here are a few of the general types you will find in the markets:

  • Mechanical Keyboards: These are quite similar to the normal keyboards we have at work. But these may have a few of the features such as the backlights and some spare keys for gaming.
  • Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Keyboards: These are exclusively for the potent gamers. These keyboards have lots of macros which help enhance the gamers experience. However, with all the features and extra keys, these are often much larger than the standard keyboards and of course, higher in costs.
  • Tenkeyless Keyboards: These keyboards are quite compact both in size as well as weight and can be carried around wherever needed. The best part is, you do not have to put in many dollars on these as compared to their counterparts.

The Price

The gaming keyboards have just one downside – these arent cheap. All manufacturers set their own prices depending on the features and the brand names. While the price is dependent on a number of factors such as the costs involved, the retail margin, latest tech features, etc. there are certain boundaries that can help you in making the purchase.

Experts have categorized the keyboards according to various price bands.

  • Under $100:Usually, the older versions and membrane types fall into this category. The manufacturers aren’t renowned nor do they belong to the top tiers.
  • From $100 – $150:In this band, you will find many of the good models. The keyboards that cost around this much are generally feature packed with backlights (usually in a single color) and have many of the extra keys. The other features such as the macros may not be there.
  • Over $150:You can have unlimited options over this price range. The keyboards have all the fun features, such as multi-coloured RGB lights to suit your tastes, macros, style and appeal. So, if you are looking for something to enhance the gaming experience, or a keyboard to go with your gear, these are simply great!

Although the keyboard may cost a lot more – talking hundreds of bucks here – however, it all pays off in the long run. Just like other cheap gear, which costs less, the low-priced versions may sound rather appealing. However, what good is one if it doesn’t even last a few years?

A good gaming keyboard not just makes it all the more comfortable for you, but lasts several years giving you the same level of performance, every time. Want to know more about comfort? Click here to see the top chairs for comfortable gaming.

Are Mechanical Key Switches or Rubber-dome Key Switches Best for Gaming?

Generally, the Mechanical key switches are considered the best and preferred by the gamers. Reason being, these are highly durable, give the satisfying click sound and easy to work with.

When engrossed in a gaming session, it is usual practice for things to get a little wild. You may find yourself hitting the keys like the world knows no end.

The most frustrating thing, at this point, would be if the keyboard fails to get you the action you are looking for. The speed and level of responsiveness are most important here. The easier it gets to hit the keys, the better it is for the gamer. Hence, we vote for the mechanical keyboard as it requires less effort from the user to get the desired response.

Plus, since the music is loud for most gamers, the click sound can easily be ignored.

What Is a Mechanical Keyboard?

The most in thing these days and popular amongst gamers is the mechanical gaming keyboard. Named mechanical’ due to it working, as it has real switches under the keys which enable the signal to move from the pressure laid on the key to the PC.

Theres actually a plastic/rubber switch under each key that acts as a bridge between the user and the computer and transmits the message across as a signal. The pros of this type are that it doesnt make much noise, and you can work silently and in peace without having to frantically press each key to work. It is built to match the highest standards and has spring activated keys. The keyboard comes with a variety of features such as the LED lights and PCB board.

However, the main factor that makes this standout, is the way it feels’. The comfort, ease of use, and the construction, all make it the number one choice of the energetic younger lot today. Plus, the keyboard is spill-resistant and very fast.

What Are the Benefits of Swappable Key Caps?

Although for most of us the thought of swapping the existing keys wouldnt ever cross the mind. However, this feature actually has a number of advantages for the user.

  • Cleaning:When you remove the existing key caps, you will notice a build-up of dust and tiny food particles underneath the keys. It gives you an opportunity to cleanse the area of all such particles which usually remain unseen and unthought-of.
  • Silencing Feature:Many of the newer types help quieten the clicking sound of the keyboard.
  • A New Sense of Touch: The new keys will help give you a new feel of the keyboard. There are also many types which help keep it safe from scratches accumulation of dust and the greasy feel of sweaty hands.

What Are the Advantages of a Gaming Keyboard Over a Standard One?

While you may think a keyboard is just a keyboard, designed to press keys and get the desired action, the recent gaming versions have various advantages.

For instance, the gaming version has certain special keys that you wouldn’t find in the normal, standard keyboard. These are especially for the gamers and help you perform better by utilizing many options/functions which the other keyboards do not support.

Here are a few of the major benefits these keyboards have which makes them stand out from their counterparts:

  • The feel of the keyboard is great! The number one reason gamers prefer this type is because of the way it adds to the comfort level and puts everything in your favor during the game.
  • The keys are also strategically placed to help you in accessing them with ease.
  • Many also have special features such as key backlighting, which makes it easier to use and see in the dark.
  • They have various other features such as wrist rest, anti-ghosting features, LCD displays, etc.


With these gaming keyboards, you have seen how technology has given mankind its best. Why deny the comfort, peace, and relaxation these gaming keyboards offer when you can easily add an improvement to your gaming experience?

A relaxed gamer is always a better performer and a keen learner, if not always the winner. If you are much into gaming and want to see these keyboards in action, heres a great video. Enjoy!

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