5 Best Galaxy Note5 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

As newer phone models are introduced, the accessories to go along with them follow almost immediately. The marketplace has many very nice new products to match the Galaxy Note5 from Samsung, offering excellent quality tempered glass screen protectors. These are manufactured to precise measurements using extremely hard, yet very thin glass. The interesting feature to note is that though these products are so slim that in many cases you cannot tell they are covering the phone, they provide protection from shattering and other kinds of damage. Their purpose is to absorb the energy from various kinds of impacts so that they break first leaving the phone intact.

Customers are generally pleased with their purchases in this regard. What seems to cause the most trouble is the installation process. So, manufacturers have provided plenty of instructions and customer service to help their products reach the customers and function well. When shopping for the right one, each person must consider whether or not they would like complete coverage of the phone surface, or whether they are satisfied with corners that do not round to follow the sleek lines of their phone. Other than that, there is an amazing amount of uniformity among the products offered.

1. Yootech® Galaxy Note 5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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This is a very nice item with rounded edges and strong tempered glass. With a 9 H level of hardness that is almost that of a diamond, it will protect your phone against scratching and dropping. Designed with a water proof anti-shattering coating, this very slim 0.26mm product is easy to install using the instructions given. Once installed properly, there will be no bubbles and the view of your touchscreen will remain extremely clear. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty if there are bubbles that cannot be removed, if the screen doesn’t fit your phone or if it shows wear and tear during the course of normal use.

2. Aerb™ Ballistic Nano Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Screen Protector

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The manufacturer states up front that this tempered screen is not curved on the edges, but will completely cover the flat part of your phone screen. It is designed to shatter before the phone does in the event of damage. It will protect your phone from scratches and can be used inside a case without lifting from the phone surface. There is also a processing feature which prevents oil smudges and fingerprints. You can wash it and use it again, however, the manufacturer also cautions to be careful to not fold this thin layer of glass when installing it, because it can break. Other than that, it is actually harder than knives.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (2022) iloome ScreenMate Premium Screen Protector

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It is said that this item can be considered nearly impossible to harm with scratches due to the extreme 9H hardness level of the tempered glass. It won’t cover the entire touchscreen area because it is designed to lay on the flat surfaces rather than the curved edges of this phone model. But it also has a special coating that resists oily fingerprints and other smudges. The manufacturer promises customer satisfaction, and encourages anyone with a service issue to contact the company so that the problem can be solved.

4. RND Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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This is a very thin, 0.33mm thick protector with a hardness level that is just below that of a diamond. The company has designed it to protect against crushing, scratching and messy fingerprint smudges. The glass is crystal clear so touchscreen viewing and use is not compromised. The company stands by its products and encourages customers to look for the RND branding for complete customer satisfaction and trusted products.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 iVoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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This HD protector is made using tempered Asahi Grade A Japanese glass. It is stronger than steel, so its ability to resist scratching and pitting is superb. Laser cuts make the precision sized glass that fits perfectly over your phone. It is very slim, easy to clean and install. It comes with a lifetime guarantee from iVoler. Customers who own it like the price, the strength, the easy installation and how well it fits inside cases designed for the phone. Apparently, there is a halo that can appear on some protectors but most reviews were extremely positive.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has prompted a quick response from manufacturers capable of creating tempered glass screen protectors designed specifically to fit it. Most use high tech laser cuts and premium hardnesses for their products. Customers are discovering that these seemingly fragile items can be installed easily and do protect against many mishaps. The attractive features also come with a fairly inexpensive price tag. It seems that these items are made so well that the common problems have to do with installation failures. Customers learn that these strong items cannot be bent or folded, or they are ruined. The strongest of these remains liable to this one design problem.

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