40+ Tech Bloggers Reveal The 3 Best iPhone Accessories

There are hundreds of best iPhone Accessories out there, and as a consumer, you probably feel overwhelmed with that much options available in the market.

That is why we reached out to 40 Tech Experts and Bloggers and asked a simple question:

“If you could buy only 3 iPhone Accessories, which three would you go for?”

I wanted to know the best iPhone accessories which I must have and ignore the rest what I can live without.

As an average person or consumer, I’ve been overwhelmed by all top 10, 20 or even 100 lists of Best iPhone Accessories… All I wanted to know the simple and plain gadgets which I must have. That’s why we decided to reach out to other bloggers seeking their best advice. At the end of the day, here are the results:

7 Best iPhone Accessories (as voted by 40 bloggers!)

#1 Powerbank & Protective Case tied with 16 votes

#2 Bluetooth Headphone – 10 votes

#3 Charging Cable – 9 votes

#4 Flash Drive & Battery Case tied with 8 votes

#5 Camera Lens – 6 votes

Continue reading if you want to discover the favorite accessories of each tech expert. Well, if you are short on time, you can skip to your favorite blogger too using the link below.

Gazmir CaniGazmir Cani – CydiaPosts

Protective Case – The first accessory I always buy when I upgrade my iPhone is a new protective case. I think protective cases are the best iPhone accessories because they save you hundreds of dollars almost every time you drop your device.

I always choose a slim fit case. It’s very cheap, looks good on the iPhone design and most importantly protect your device from drops.

Bluetooth Headphones – The second accessory you should have with your iPhone is a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

If you are a tech geek, then you should know that Bluetooth headphones are the future. Wired headphones are quickly going out of the market, especially with the Apple’s new iPhone 7 device.

I use Wireless Beats by Dre headphones, and I love them. They sound good, are very stylish and quick to setup.

Portable Charger – I use my iPhone a lot, and by a lot, I mean about 6 hours screen time. With such heavy usage, the battery runs out very quickly. That’s why I always hold a portable battery charger on my backpack. It is a must-have accessory, and they are very cheap.

You don’t have to go for a 10,000 mAh external battery, but a 3,000 mAh capacity external charger can charge your iPhone battery twice so that It would be enough for an average user.

Josiah NelsonJosiah Nelson – Primevox

First I would say it’s going to depend on what you use your phone for most. However, 3 of the best general accessories I can think of that would apply to most people are a tempered glass screen protector, an external flash drive with lightning and a battery pack.

Tempered glass screen protector – It is probably my favorite thing ever. It’s like a bulletproof vest for your screen. I can’t say how many times those have saved hundreds in repairs and there’s virtually no downside. I now put a tempered glass screen protector on every repair I do, and people love them.

Flash Drive – It may not fit everybody’s needs, but if you got the 16GB phone (which winds up being more like 11GB), or use a lot of storage, it’s a must. I use mine daily to be able to keep files off my phone, and it makes transferring data that much easier as I don’t need to have a lightning cable to move data at work.

Battery Pack – These things have saved my ass more than a few times. I have a 24000MAh battery pack, and it will charge my phone dead to full about six times. These are especially necessary if you’re one of the unlucky 6S owners whose phone dies at 35% after the 10.1 update. Regardless, though, I never leave home without mine.

James GoodnowJames Goodnow – LamberGoodNow

A case – Protect your phone. iPhones are at least $500, so spend $10 and get a good case.

Apple AirPods – Truly wireless earbuds. No wires and excellent battery life. The future is wireless, so embrace it now.

A car charger – Keep a good one handy in your car to get a little extra juice on the ride in or home from work.

Nothing is more frustrating than needing to charge your phone and having to wait until you get home. It could also be a safety concern if something happened.

George Smith

George Smith – DuoCall.co.uk

As iPhones have evolved so have their accessories; but unlike the smartphone behemoth, accessory manufacturers don’t have as much dominance in the market.

This is because it’s so competitive and diluted with similar gadgets and gizmos that do the same thing. So to help you decide which accessories are worth purchasing and which are worth avoiding, here are my top 3 favorite iPhone accessories on the market today.

Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar – If you’ve got an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you’ll understand the hardship of not having a headphone jack anymore. This simple but crucial adapter enables the latest iPhone users to charge their device while listening to headphones without having to purchase Apple’s wireless AirPods.

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector – People hate using screen protectors because they make their smartphone’s display feel cheap and ugly. That being said, I’ve been using this particular tempered glass screen protector on my iPhone 6 Plus since buying the phone in 2014, and it’s as good as new.

Because of the glass texture and clarity of the screen protector, I forget I’m even using this accessory! If you want your device to look good and avoid scratches, this product is a must.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones – If you have an iPhone 7, you’re going to want a pair of decent wireless headphones, right? These are quite simply the pinnacle of noise canceling headphones.

Their sleek design, luxury comfort ear cups, long battery life and outstanding sound quality all join to create a near perfect accessory. They come at a price, but doesn’t everything that’s best in class?

Cassidy WilliamsCassidy Williams – Cassidoo.co

My OtterBox case is my #1 go-to for cases. It can take a beating and protects my phone from everyday wear and tear.

I’m also a big fan of Incipio’s charging cables. They have 2-meter-long ones that are perfect for when you need to be a little mobile while still charging.

That being said, I also love Eton’s Boost Turbine Charger. Not only can you plug your phone into this and charge it, but it has a crank that lets you manually charge up your charger when it runs low.

Ajay PandeyAjay Pandey – LetzReviewz

If we consider the current scenario, then I must say Smartphones are becoming a necessity of human similar to Food or Home. In the Past 3 Years, Mobile Market is experiencing a huge a change towards the technology and Pricing.

For tech bloggers, the world is mainly divided into two parts one is Android ones, and others are iOS Folks. Here we are discussing the Second Category Yeah the Rich people or Apple Lovers; iPhone is the most buzzed device of Apple, so we are focusing on that Particular Gadget on this Article

Usually, Apple Peoples are happy with iPhone experience, but few Problems are common if you are an iPhone User, So if You lie on that criteria, then this article is only for you. But as Nature suggests us if there is a problem then it has a solution also.

Not exaggerating the introduction part, let’s discuss the main idea of problems you gonna face and how you can overcome it using some cool iPhone accessories.

What are the Problems?
What are the solutions?

Ritesh AgrawalRitesh Agrawal – DigitalHubCity

iPad earphones – I am amazed by the sound quality. These earphones are my best partner when I want to cut off from the world and sail in the sea of sound. The complexity cancels the external noise which helps me listen to every beat of the songs.

iPhone leather case – although there are many designs available, I prefer the traditional black leather case which makes my phone look sleek and stylish.

iPhone screen protector – when it comes to durability and longevity of screen guard I trust only iPhone flagship products. My phone had been manhandled and has been dropped many times but thanks to the iPhone screen protector my screen is safe and crystal clear

Cielo de la PazCielo de la Paz – TheStoryoGraphist

My top 3 recommended iPhone accessories are:

Olloclip Active Lens Set – By far this is the best attachment lens right now providing both wide and 2x telephoto. The lens set greatly extends the reach of your iPhone lens, especially if you have the dual lens of the 7 plus.

Apple Watch 2 – The iPhone and the Apple Watch 2 are like peanut butter and jelly, apple and pie, zig to the zag! 🙂 They work together absolutely seamlessly.

Mophie external battery charger – There is nothing worse than a dead iPhone. I’ve not only revived my own iPhone but my friends’ phones.

Soumyakanti RaySoumyakanti Ray – Rayarena

iPhone is undoubtedly an excellent device, but it has some restrictions on use. This is why, most people don’t mind preferring a low-end Android phone, for the convenience it offers. One of the biggest problems that iPhone users go through is the low storage issue.

Until you have the 128GB variant, you will require a big chunk storage to keep your data that include songs, videos, and photos. However, at such circumstances, one simple, small and portable Flash Drive can be your best recourse.

If you are in need of Flash Drive, we would greatly recommend the Sandisk SanDisk USB 3.0 Flash Drive without thinking twice. This flash drive takes care of all your videos and photos, and you can use it – anytime, anywhere.

Music is a dope for some, and the ultimate savior for some. Almost everyone has a strong feeling for good music and loves to listen to wonderful melodies. However, most of the times, he/she feels that the conventional long wires for music are way too messy.

Therefore, wireless music is the best way to enjoy music hassle-free. Trust Jaybird X2 headphones for an incredible wireless experience.

The charging cable, with most of the Apple devices, is a sore aspect. Most of the times, they get easily damaged and aren’t long enough to reach your bed. Here are some cables made by the Native Union, which are highly durable and long enough to stay in reach.

Ashish PatelAshish Patel – AndroidJungles

There are seemingly endless choices for iPhone accessories out there, and I’ve got to tell you, I go through iPhone accessories like candy. One day I like something I’m using, and another day I find it to be a nuisance, and I end up leaving it at home and buying something completely different to suit my needs.

Regardless, there are still some accessories that I still use on a day-to-day basis, and in this piece, I’ll show you my top 5 favorite iPhone accessories that I use on a daily basis and why.

Before getting started, one thing I’d like to note before I start is that these are my five favorite iPhone accessories that I use on a daily basis. I’m not trying to push them on anyone because I know everyone’s opinion is going to vary and not everyone is going to agree with my choices.

On the other hand, I do hope that in posting this it’ll help some people with accessory discovery. My daily driver is an iPhone 6 Plus, which is the previous-generation 5.5-inch iPhone.

Some of these accessories are also compatible with other iPhones out of the box, but some of them are available in different versions that are made specifically for all the different shapes and sizes of iPhones on the market today.

Having said that, let’s get into it, shall we?

Otterbox Alpha Glass PrivacySpeck Candyshell GripPlantronics M70 Bluetooth Headset

Probably one of my favorite and most-used accessories is the Alpha Glass Privacy screen protector from OtterBox.

It’s a tempered glass screen protector, which means it looks and feels like the factory glass screen on the iPhone. It doesn’t reduce the screen’s sensitivity capacities and also comes with the added benefit of blocking out the display at stark viewing angles. This way peering eyes around you can’t see what you’re doing on your iPhone – only you can.

The screen protector is also still a fully-functional, multi-layer screen protector that helps in keeping your main glass display from scratching and shattering.

It hugs the Home button and front-facing camera/speaker/sensors very well without being too tight and just feels like an overall good and natural fit.

One of the things I like about it is that it seems to work with almost every case I’ve ever tried with my iPhone, apart from the ones that come with built-in screen protectors.

This gives you the flexibility of changing cases every so often, and still keeping the benefits of the privacy glass whenever you want to.

A word of warning – although OtterBox doesn’t list this screen protector as compatible with the iPhone 6s Plus, I want to confirm with everyone, just as I have with OtterBox, that it will work just fine with the iPhone 6s Plus.

The reason it’s not listed as compatible is that it may interfere with the front-facing flash Apple coded into iOS 9, but 3D Touch and everything else works as expected.

I’ve tried a lot of cases for my iPhone – believe me – and one of the best I’ve found so far in terms of not only protection but also how the case feels in my hand and how responsive the buttons are is the Speck Candyshell Grip.

I work on cars a lot, and this means getting dirty and using my iPhone’s rear-facing LED flash a lot to see things in dark places. I’ve tried lots of protective cases, and this one is just right regarding protection and size.

It’s not too thick, but it has a strong protective feel to it. I’ve dropped my iPhone in my engine compartment plenty of times, and you’d never know because the case has kept my iPhone protected each and every time.

The volume and power buttons have a very crisp ‘click’ through the protective rubber button boots on the sides of the case, which I can’t say for all cases that I’ve tried.

The responsiveness of the buttons feels almost like there’s no case on my iPhone at all, and the click you feel is still very much audible through the case.

One of the useful features of this case is the rubber grips that go all across the back of the case.

When you’re using your iPhone one-handed and always feel like you’re going to drop it while texting someone, especially the case with today’s larger iPhones, those grips help you keep the iPhone in your hand without worrying about having butter fingers.

The cut-outs for the ports are also big enough to fit all my third-party headphones, speakers, Lightning connectors, and other goodies, so I have no complaints in that department either. Engineering did a great job making this case and I’d recommend it to (almost) anyone.

I do so much driving that it’s just not physically possible for me to constantly hold my iPhone up to my ear all day long. The Plantronics M70 Bluetooth headset has been my daily answer to that problem and it is a wonderful and affordable Bluetooth headset that works great with the iPhone.

The Plantronics M70 Bluetooth headset has been my daily solution to that problem, and it is a fantastic and affordable Bluetooth headset that works great with the iPhone.

Once being paired with the iPhone, the device’s battery level shows in the iPhone’s Status Bar, as well as in Notification Center under the Battery widget. The headset also supports invoking Siri by holding down on the button on the side for a couple of seconds, which I find super helpful throughout the day considering my iPhone’s internal microphones are dead because of water damage.

The headset also supports invoking Siri by holding down on the button on the side for a couple of seconds, which I find super helpful throughout the day considering my iPhone’s internal microphones are dead because of water damage.

This headset is easy to hear even in noisy environments, and the easy volume adjustments mean you can adjust for both noisy and quiet environments with ease. It also works great for listening to music; it’s not just for answering calls. If I feel like jamming to some music while I drive, or while I walk, it’s an excellent tool to have

If I feel like jamming to some music while I drive, or while I walk, it’s a nice tool to have in that respect as well.

Regarding battery life, I can get an easy 11 hours of usage out of this headset before it has to be charged again, and it takes under 2 hours to fully charge it, which to me is like no time at all. It’s charged with a Micro-USB type of cable that plugs into a USB port on your computer or an AC adapter for your outlet in your wall.

In terms of comfort, I think this is one of the more comfortable options out there, but just like anything else you wear on your ears, you may want to take it off after a while. Nonetheless, it’s so lightweight you sometimes forget it’s even there.

Rahul VithalaRahul Vithala – TheTechHacker

When it comes to iPhone accessories, I always recommend these three products which I am personally using myself.

Jorno Ultra-Thin Folding Mobile Keyboard – It is a lightweight keyboard specially designed for the iPhones which could also be used for the laptops and other devices. For just a few bucks, this handy, compact, good looking keyboard is an excellent choice.

HooToo Flash Drive – Most of the iPhone users run out of storage. This device which comes with a Lightning connector at one end and USB 3.0 on the other is something more than just a storage device. It can simultaneously connect to iPhone and your laptop making it possible to manage your files better. I am personally using it, and yes, it is good.

Aukey 20,000 mAh Portable Charger – Only few power banks come with the Lightning connector, and this is one of them. This extremely powerful battery pack can surely recharge your iPhone several times. The charging time is also way better than other devices we tested. It is also coming with Two full USB ports which allow charging extra devices if necessary.

So, these are our top 3 picks as the best iPhone accessories you should give a try.

Daven LuDaven Lu – AudioDevotion

Audio Technica DSR7BT – A wireless Bluetooth headphone with a new technology known as the Pure Digital Drive system. Typically, headphones can only receive an analog signal to be outputted through the headphone drivers. What makes the DSR7BT different is that it is entirely digital.

With the Audio-Technica Pure Digital Drive system, audio can be played through the headphones without ever needing to be put into analog signals before output. In short, this means there is zero signal loss, and thus zero musical quality loss between your mp3 player and the headphones.

Znaps Magnetic Lightning Cable – This lightning cable is completely waterproof and turns your iPhone lightning port into a MagSafe one typically used in MacBooks. This means that your phone won’t be yanked into the ground if you accidentally step on a cable or bump into someone while holding your phone wrong.

Moshi iVisor Screen Protector – This is different from most screen protectors it’s an entire solid screen protector instead of just a film. The company guarantees that it will be bubble free. It can resist everything from hammers to knives.

Steve AllenSteve Allen – TechVetted

Here are my top iPhone accessories:

1. Moment Wide Lens.

These lenses take superb pictures and are perfect for landscape shots. The build quality is by far the best I’ve seen, they look great and is the only lens I’m happy to use when I don’t have my DSLR on me. I also love the way it mounts onto the iPhone, by attaching the mounting plate and then rotating the lens on feels so much more like a DSLR than any other clip-on lens.

2. TuneBand Sports Armband.

Perfect when I’m running or during a gym session. They’re comfortable. There’s no moving or flapping about; the iPhone just stays there. I know I can focus on my workout without having to worry about my iPhone bothering me or falling off.

3. The Anker Ultra Slim extended battery case.

If I’m traveling lightly, I don’t want extra bulk charging packs and cables, so the Anker battery case is ideal. It’s also great when my battery is running low, and I’m on the move, I just grab the case and now my iPhone will last another two days.

Hemant MendirattaHemant Mendiratta – TechUntold

Anker Battery Case – My favorite iPhone accessories are the ones that are seamless. Accessories where I have to carry a separate gadget become a hassle. The Anker Battery Case is a phone case that doubles as a charger. It protects your phone while adding that extra battery life you need.

A dead battery situation almost takes you 200 years back because we do everything on our phones, including that important Uber ride at 1 AM in the morning and communicating through Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to your friends.

The Anker Case packs a 2850 mAh battery that they promise gives you an extra 60 hours of Audio, 13 hours of Video and 12 Hours of Browsing. You also get an audio jack extender with this case.

It’s a must have for people who are worried about losing battery at any point in time.

Top Case for the iPhone – One of the situations that I fear is when I have to work when I’m traveling. I can check emails and look at updates, but my actual work involves writing content and replying to emails I don’t want to carry an iPad and for me, the best situation is getting a case like the TOP case, which has a QWERTY keyboard that comes part of the case. I can use With this case you can work continuously for 30 hours. If you are on holiday and exploring and don’t want to carry an iPad or a laptop with you, carry the TOP case.

Mountie – It is an excellent gadget that lets you hook your iPhone to your laptop with a simple gadget. You can use the Mountie to keep your iPhone right next to the monitor.

This is useful for checking notifications on your phone and copying some important information. Developers can also use it as a multi-screen by having a laptop and a tablet right next to each other. The only downside to Mountie is that it does not work with desktops!

Rebecca DayRebecca Day – Urgent.ly

Protecting Case – My number 1 iPhone accessory will always be a good case. I’m currently using a LifeProof on my 6S. A few things I love about it:

  • The way it keeps the iPhone from getting scratched and cracked.
  • Part of this is in the presence of casing itself.
  • LifeProof changes the weight and feel of the phone in a way that is somehow, magically, able to decrease the likelihood that I drop it.

Waterproofing – I’ll admit I’ve never tried submersion but I love that I can use my phone in the shower for listening to music, texting, and checking my email. I also appreciate that it’s protected when I drop it in puddles… I will say, though, that the LifeProof is far from my perfect case. The screen over the camera decreases the photo quality such that I may as well be using my first flip phone. It also makes it very difficult for people to hear me on phone calls, and vice versa.

This alone pretty much negates about half the usefulness of the case, as I’m constantly peeling it off to either take a photo or make a call. (Maybe someone else will recommend a better case for your article!)

Regardless, with how expensive iPhones are, my top pick for an accessory is something to protect my investment.


Soham BankerSoham Banker – AppsPrison.com

Wireless Charger Kit – This is a very portable accessory which I use in my day to day life. It charges really quick and saves my time really well in urgency. Plus it is really safe and durable to use as well as there is no fear of overcharging or phone sliding.

iPhone Lens – Being a travel maniac, I love to have an iPhone lens kit with me wherever I go as it turns my phone into a DSLR camera. The lens can easily attach to my iPhone as the clasp opens around 120”. Plus it comes with a case for safety purposes.

iPhone Flash Drive – I use a USB flash drive for fast storage or file transfer which provides speed up to 26MB/s reading speed, 10MB/s writing speed. Be it photos or videos, the flash drive makes it super easy for me to transfer them all from my iPhone. The portability and performance are superb.

For me, my favorite would be the iPhone Lens as it is much more than an accessory, it gives me the freedom to explore the world with just my phone in the best way possible.

Nishanth NishuNishanth Nishu – DafuqTech.com

The great variety of the iPhone accessories on the market is just impressive. You can just explore your Apple smartphone with all sort of high-quality functioning with the best iPhone accessories. If you have an iPhone you may really find that you will want to buy some more additional accessories to get the most out of your new iPhone.

iPhone accessories have taken a close look at the “waterproof” “wireless charging” “battery cases” if you really want an iPhone dock we can provide you with the best as there is no shortage of the great portable battery charges. As you all know recently we have dealt you with the best “iPhone 7 cases” and the best “iPhone 7 plus cases” which is just incredible.

So I am here to suggest some of the best accessories to you and let you know why I have recommended you with these accessories for you iPhone:

SoundPeats Bluetooth Earbuds – In recent times Apple has bought with the new headphone jack especially in its iphone7 and even the Plus models finding really good. It gives you the affordable Bluetooth headphones which can be your priority. And the best thing at it is it has the Soundpeats Bluetooth Earbuds.

These earbuds work like it can be linked to two devices at the same time simultaneously and it does work great with the most smartphones including the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus. These earbuds let you enjoy up to 6 hours of music on just one charge.

Anker Astro E1 5200 MAH – A portable charger is an essential part of the accessories of iPhone. A portable charger is the main priority when in times when you travel for long and even in many other criteria’s. This Anker Astro E1 offers you with the best balance of power, price and the size. This 5200mah packs your iPhone fully charged. This could be the best and the useful accessory for your iPhone.

PerfectDay foldable Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick – This is one of the top selling selfie stick. It has a built-in Bluetooth remote control, but there is no necessity to connect to use this device. And the cool thing is there is no battery and don’t have to worry about charging the device as it is just a stick. This selfie stick is well designed. These selfie sticks are mostly pretty simple devices but featured really cool. In recent times the craze of the selfie is just on top and this Perfect day foldable extendable Bluetooth selfie stick can increase your craze much more and delivers you with the easy and best featured.

Adam RogersAdam Rogers – AdamRogersUK.com

Bose SoundSport In-Ear Earphones – These headphones are essential to my day. From listening to music at my desk to after work runs. If you’re in need of earphones that actually sit in your ear while you run. I can’t recommend these enough for quality and comfort.

EasyAcc 2nd Gen 15000mAh Power Bank – I’m a frequent traveler and there’s nothing worse than losing access to your maps app if you’re in a foreign place. I always get caught short on battery power at the worst moments. It sounds petty, but this added an unnecessary amount of stress to my day. Once I got this portable charger my life changed. If you’re on the move a lot this is a must-have.

Mpow Running Sports Sweatproof Armband – I remember the days of having to find a way to tuck my iPhone into a crevice on the gym apparatus or leave my iPhone at home while running! Music and podcasts are essential to keep me engaged while exercising, but I can only do that by having somewhere to store my iPhone.

Luong NguyenLuong Nguyen – iPhonebyte.com

HooToo iPhone Lightning Flash Drive USB 3.0 Adapter – I have tried several types of flash drives for my iOS devices and eventually, I think this one is the best. The transfer speed is amazing as it’s faster than all my previous drives.

It can read up to 80 MB/s and write up to 40MB/s. The size and weight are perfectly portable so I can easily carry it with me whether I’m working or traveling.

Apple Smart Battery Case – This case is more expensive than competing models but I think it’s totally worth it. Unlike most other iPhone battery cases, it is built much tougher, not easy to be broken and works with Lightning cables.

The one-piece design feels really comfortable and is sleek. With the case fully charged and my iPhone inside, I’m still at 100% by late afternoon. By 11 p.m, the case’s battery was expanded but the iPhone still have about 65% percent charge left.

Kenu Stance Tripod – This tripod is one of my favorite gadgets. It is specifically designed for the iPhone as it mounts directly into the Lightning port. The reason I love this tripod is that it is tiny, light and secure for taking anywhere. It’s a great accessory to have around for watching videos, making video calls or positioning the device’s camera to shoot amazing photos.

Happy RajHappy Raj – BloomTimes

The best accessories iPhone can support are falsely assumed to be expensive. The truth is that the best accessories rarely require you to whip out more than $50.

The first accessory I recommend is Belkin Lightning Audio and Charger RockStar. I haven’t understood why they did away with the audio jack on the iPhone 7. It’s only a matter of time before we misplace our wireless headphones, so the cable is really an investment; because it lets you charge your phone as well as listen to music at the same time through the same port. It costs a mere 40 bucks too!

Then, there’s the iHome Mini Speaker Cube which comes for all of 17 dollars and still delivers quite a performance. In fact, it can be used for any device with a 3.5mm jack, and also supports FM Radio

But the biggest issue with phones today is that we can’t get enough of them. So a longer cord is pretty essential as well. I find EnacFire Lighting cable pack of 3 ft, six ft and ten ft especially useful. It’s great because you can choose to keep a special cord for your desk in the office and save the longer one for the bedroom to snuggle and binge watch movies on a Sunday.

Shashank AgrawalShashank Agrawal – AppsJail

I’ve been a proud iPhone user for more than a year now. During the little experience that I have had while using iPhone, there were quite a few accessories that made my life easier.

I would like to place the iPhone charging dock station first on the list. I love the sight of my iPhone standing straight while getting charged, without hanging on to any wires. It complements my room as well.

Next up, is the iPhone car holder. It’s a tad bit difficult task to pick up a call, play music or even access the iPhone while driving unless you have a flexible iPhone car holder.

Along with it, Siri helps a lot to take things hands-free and make the driving hassle free.

The last one is a sleek and simple iPhone case. I get paranoid if I find a visible dirt on my iPhone. Now, I stay miles away from all the graphical iPhone cases.

I prefer a soft, durable and transparent iPhone case. It holds the slim look of my iPhone and provides the required protection at the same time.

My personal favorite among them is the iPhone car holder. I really enjoy my time in the car and it’s all because of the convenience being provided by the iPhone car holder.

Chris SchneiderChris Schneider – Awesome-Drones.com

iPhone’s are extremely popular these days, despite the stiff competition from other phone manufacturers apple is still going strong and alone in 2019 they sold 1 billion units, yeah I know that’s crazy.

Even after Steve Job’s passing people camp 24 hours outside apple stores whenever there is a new iPhone launch just so they can get their hands on the latest models proves just how devoted this fan base really is.

With the growing popularity of these phones, it’s no wonder that many the accessories market has exploded with an endless choice, from cases of any color of the rainbow, to selfie sticks, Case wallets and you name it.

I know it can be confusing to decide what accessories you really need for your iPhone, so it compiled a mini list of the top 3 accessories I think to cover a whole range of activities, so without further hesitation let’s jump straight to them.

Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i Mobile Gamepad – This little gadget turns your iPhone into a portable gaming console, think Nintendo DS but way more fun and useful. It connects seamlessly with your phone via Bluetooth and has an adjustable clip, so your iPhone can fit snug into it. It comes with an official apple certification, which means you will have no problems make good use of it. With the AAA batteries you can expect around 35 40 hours game time from the controller alone, this is good for people that tend to travel or commute a lot the ideal scenario would be on the bus, train or plane.

XENVO Premium Camera Lens Kit – Smartphone photography, who doesn’t do it, these days you don’t need an expensive and heavy DSLR camera to take great pictures, you just need a relatively new smartphone and perhaps if you want to turn things up a notch you can even use the Xenvo lens kit on your iPhone for better results.

Basically it’s a mini wide angle that attaches to your iPhone’s front or back facing camera and it gives you 45% more picture without losing out on any quality, also if you like to take close of pictures of food or flowers then you can do that too with the Macro lens feature, so now you can start shooting fancy pictures for you Instagram account.

Multifunctional iPhone Case – Or like how I like to call this case (Party Survival Case) this protective housing for your iPhone has definitely covered you at any party you go, let’s agree that smartphones have already a ton of functionality as is, like planners, music players, communication, games and so on, with this case it adds a layer of physical capabilities like beer opener, cigarette lighter and you can also attach it on your bicycle’s steering handles, so you would agree if I say that Chuck Norris would be proud of this case.

Joe ColeJoe Cole – Coupongoo.com

Apple is a universal brand and people love it. You can make your Apple iPhone even more interesting if you use different accessories, because a mobile is not everything in itself, for instance, you need a cable or charger to charge the mobile. In a similar manner, there are other accessories of Apple which you will find much more interesting and here are three that I think are the best

Travel USB Cables: ordinary iPhone cables work perfectly well, but when it comes to the matter of traveling, space matters and for this reason, you must switch to shorter and highly-reliable travel cables that you can easily put in your pocket.

External Battery: the first thing that many people consider when buying any mobile is the battery timing. Apple users always find it exhausting and frustrating to charge their mobile again and again. It is really a trouble when you are traveling and your mobile battery is dead. You can buy an external battery that will charge the mobile: it’s a great accessory.

Laptop Backpack: If you have a Mac or an iPad then you certainly need a proper backpack to carry the Mac, iPad and their accessories. It is really difficult to carry these things without a proper bag, therefore you should buy one.

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Kenu Stance Tripod – According to me, it is one of the best accessories for iPhone, Kenu Stance Tripod, especially available for iPhone, it will be best for those who wanna be some out of their device, and want to watch videos, without holding their iPhone in their hands.

TuneBand Sports Armband – TuneBand Sports Armband, is a perfect case for those who are addicted to sports activities and own an iPhone, if you are a sportsman, and running is in your daily schedule, then it is best for you, it is perfect case and cover for your iPhone, with this you have no need to hold your device, it will tie your iPhone to your arm tightly and, your device will be safer staying with you.

Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar – If you have an iPhone 7, and missing 3.5 mm jack, then this is the simple Lightning port splitter, that can turn your single port into two, it means with this you can listen to music with ear plugs and charge your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus at the same time.

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The first thing came to my mind is the Apple’s Lightning dock, it makes those 3.5 MM jack headphones useful again. Since there are people out there (including me) who wants to use their favorite wired headphones and charge the phone, both at the same time.

Sounds pretty ointment to me and not costs that much. And I’m really not obsessed with the AirPods. Wait, should I be?

Gekkopod is so cool as it’s a five-legged animal, oh, It looks like it but it’s a mobile tripod. Using its arms that just needs to wrap around a solid object makes it possible to mount an iPhone anywhere. You can also tilt the phone 360 degrees using its Ballhead accessory.

I’m a blogger and I spent more than 12 hours staring the computer screen, but things could slightly change with the Stand-alone keyboard, it makes typing a detailed email more accurate than typing on the touch glass.

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Tile – If you’re someone who frequently misplaces your keys, wallet or other belongings, then Tile is a must for you. Tile is a Bluetooth tracker and iPhone application that helps you retrieve lost items.

This handy gadget can also help you locate your phone, all you have to do is press the Tile button and wait for your mobile to start ringing. As long as you’re in range, you never need to worry about losing your smartphone again!

Portable Charger – A study that we did at finder.com.au last year found that Aussies will go to the most desperate measures to charge their phone (see full analysis here). These ranged from using a power point in an office building they had no business visiting to even hanging in a public toilet. A portable charger is one of the most valuable iPhone accessories you can invest in Cygnett and Plox have some pretty good ones at affordable prices.

Speakers – Wireless speakers have blown up in popularity over the last few years. They are the quickest and easiest way to listen to your music wherever you go. Their portability means they’re great for parties or barbecues at the local park.

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The first on my list is Ztylus Revolver and Z-prime. They are a kind external lens for your iPhone 6s and 6s plus. The revolver has 4 lens attachments(fish-eye, wide angle, macro and a CPL filter) inside it and is very easy to use.

The Z-prime is also a great product. It can give very high quality super wide-angle with the 2x telephoto with very little distortion.

The second on my list is the ThinCharge battery case for iPhone. This is the thinnest battery case yet and you won’t have to wait every day to get your phone charged. Just charge the case overnight and it can easily get through a day!

The third one on my list is ASAP connect for iPhones and Android smartphones too! You must have heard about MagSafe connectors for MacBook, right? This is very similar to that. It is kind of magnetic connector which also works as a reversible cable. It’s very helpful in a time of hurry and there is no chance of getting the tip damaged.

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Apple Watch. Apple Watch no doubt is one of the best extension to any iPhone. Get all the notifications, to-do tasks right on your wrist. If you can afford Apple Watch, then it is a must have iPhone accessory. It will help you sort your tasks efficiently. Apple is planning to drop prices of Apple watch in upcoming releases, so do check out it.

Merge VR Headset. Want to experience VR world through your iPhone then Merge VR Headset is a must for you. This headset is compatible with most of the iOS devices and lets you explore the VR world to the max. Easy to wear, soft on ears, shock absorbers are few add-ons here.

Moonlite – Bedtime Story Projector. A high-end solution for all traditional bedtime storytelling. With Moonlight bedtime story projector, you can take the storytelling experience to a whole new level. It brings the magic of full HD story images coupled with in-app sound effects. It is affordable and is very easy to use.

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Being an avid iPhone guy for years now, I have come to realize you don’t need a lot of accessories to make the most out of your iPhone. In fact, the more accessories you have the less productive the phone becomes. I look for accessories that highlight the phone and not take away from it.

A dash holder. I like sleek phones so cases bother me. So a simple magnet on the back does the trick.

Wireless headphones with a good mic. I do business often on the road. Quality headphones play a large role in that.

AppleTV is more than an accessory but it’s a perfect tool to take your iPhone to the next level. We utilize it for company meetings and more.
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1. Heavy Case. Silk’s Base Grip is the best all-around iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus case for most people. We know from years of feedback from readers, staff, and even family and friends that most people want a case that’s slim, plainly designed, reliably protective, and inexpensive. That’s exactly what you get with the Base Grip.

2. Tagrus Cable. It has one of the finest material, it works as good as the original. Technically, it gives 2A output as this much required which is quite efficient for your iPhone.

3. Powerbank Mi 20000mAh. It has the fast charging 2A support with 1.5A support. If you want a good power bank then this is the best choice for your iPhone.

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I’m more interested in the accessories which are of great use in day-to-day usage:

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 64 GB Pen Drive – If you are someone who travels a lot and likes to watch movies or videos on your iPhone then this one is must for you. This wireless Stick doesn’t cost that much and allows you to access data on your iPhone or even on your Android on-the-air anywhere without even requiring an Internet connection.

Bluetooth Speaker – For a music lover surviving without Headphones or a Bluetooth speaker is difficult. If you are not willing to spend much on Bluetooth Speakers then you can go with budget oriented Bluetooth Speakers like JBL Flip 3, JBL Charge 2(Recommended), Sony XRS XB3 which costs less than $150. I’ve been using JBL Charge 2 for 5 months and it’s definitely worth the price.

Power Bank – It’s always good to have some power backup in case your iPhone’s battery runs out. Invest in power banks which are easily available and not very expensive.

Personally, I would recommend Xiaomi Mi 20000 mAh Power Bank. For iPhone 7 users, make sure you have a good quality USB Type-C cable for your power bank.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal Case – You may ask what is special in this case which makes it different from the rest? Well this case, first of all, looks pretty elegant thanks to the clear design. Apart from this, the case feels premium and robust in hands.

There will be times when the iPhone will slip from your hands, and this protective case will save you from burning a big hole in your pocket. So if you are buying iPhone then definitely make sure to buy this along else you may regret your decision later.

Apple Smart Battery Case – Let get this straight. Apple has to improve the iPhone’s Battery life because iPhones are inferior in battery backup and it will be very hard to get to the end of the day with just one charge.

So if you are the one who doesn’t like to sit near the power outlet and use your iPhone while it’s connected to the charger, then this is for you.

It surely is priced a bit on higher side, but that’s what makes Apple different from rest of the mobile phone manufacturers.

Desk Charger and Sync Dock Stand – This Desk Charger is also a good choice to buy as if you are working in a corporate it will save you from the hectic of connecting your iPhone again and again to your desk computer. It is directly attached to the computer via USB port, and you can just connect your iPhone to the dock stand. Apart from all this it also charges your smartphone side by side.

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Car Mounts – Smart and safe driving is important for all cell phone users. There are several great mounts on the market that easily clips onto the air conditioning vents of the car and enable a smooth and quick connection process. These mounts also limit texting and driving because it is more difficult to send off that “quick” text when the phone is mounted to your dashboard.

Wallet Cases – We love a good wallet case. There are several cheap protective cases that have spaces for credit cards and a few dollars in cash. These cases not only free up space in a purse or bag, they also help keep everything in one place to reduce the risk of losing money or credit cards. We have found that most iPhone users look after the phone with much more diligence than their wallet and if both are in the same place, it is more difficult to lose them!

Portable Chargers – Especially for business owners and people on the go for most of the day, having a portable charger is a must-have accessory. For many people, their phones are the key source of their business and a period of no battery could result in the loss of income. There are several small portable chargers out there that are easy to store and do not take up too much space.

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In my opinion, the top three basic iPhone accessories that every power user should have are the headphones, as they sit comfortably in my ears. I use them on a daily basis, whether I go to the gym or simply sit at my desk. From a technical viewpoint, their quality is one of the best on the market.

Another accessory is the lightning charging cable. It has a slick and simple design, yet their use ubiquitous.

And last, but not least, in our modern society, you cannot go without a powerful external battery. I strongly consider that this accessory requires no explanation what so ever for the people that are connected day in and day out.

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Here are my 3 recommended accessories for your iPhone.

HooToo Flash Drive – For extra storage space & USB. It’s an MFi-certified small flash drive with storage space up to 64 GB with a connector at one end & USB 3.0 at other. Which can be used as a storage device and also for transfer.

Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i Mobile Gamepad – GamePad for Gamers

This is a gamepad for the hardcore gamer who loves joystick style of playing. It works with IOS 7 & above and works with Bluetooth connection. It comes with AAA batteries and has 40 hours of gameplay.

A selfie stick is a must have accessory for selfie lovers. When it comes to camera nothing can beat iPhone. Adding a Bluetooth selfie stick which can extend to 31 inches with 270-degree rotation will be an enhancement to it.

The selfie stick can be replaced by a JBL Bluetooth speaker or a Beat’s on the ear headset, but again it depends on individual passion on it.

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Lifeproof Cases – These cases are great and very very popular amongst our users, simply for the fact that they are waterproofing the phone, and also impact resistant to prevent accidental drops.

Mophie Juice Packs – With longer consumption of the iPhone, there’s never enough power for it to last throughout an entire day. The Mophie cases are perfect companion cases for power users.

Story Leather Holsters – This is a shameless plug of my company’s own product. This is more than a product, as it’s a custom made to order service that custom tailors a case to fit the iPhone.

Nowadays, everyone put their iPhones in a case, but all cases come in different sizes (or shapes), and as cases get bigger, they become hard to slide into a pocket.

This is where our leather holsters come into place, we custom tailor a case to fit regardless of how big/small your phone is, and best of all, you can get to choose from over 100 different genuine leather colors/textures, and create that one of a kind luxury piece to house your iPhone.

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Belkin Phone Wallet – This is a great combination high-quality case with room for cards and cash together with your phone and gives excellent protection. My iPhone has survived more than one fall inside this case, the last time face down from 3 feet onto a stone floor. My iPhone escaped unscathed without a scratch. I’ve used my case daily for over a year and it still looks like new.

Syncwire Charging Cable – The one advantage that this cable has over the regular plastic charging cables is that it’s made from braided nylon so it won’t fray.

Anker PowerCore+ mini charger Amazon
Anker PowerCore 5000 Amazon

If you travel frequently you’ll know that there are times when your iPhone runs low on power and there isn’t a convenient charging point available. Or perhaps you need to charge both your iPhone and your laptop at the same time and you only have one power adaptor for the country that you’re in.

This small, lightweight charging unit will charge your phone quickly and you can use it to fully charge your iPhone twice or even three times before you need to recharge the battery itself.

Mine lives in my laptop bag and is always there as power “insurance” if my iPhone runs low. Being portable I can just keep the phone attached to the charger in my bag or jacket pocket if I need to charge whilst I’m on the move.

I don’t use mine often but it’s great knowing that I have it if I need it. On my last long haul flight to Australia, I used it to charge my iPhone on the plane as I was charging my laptop from the USB connection at my seat.

I’ve personally used the PowerCore+ mini with my iPhone 6 Plus for over a year now. I think that the PowerCore 5000 would probably be a better choice for iPhone 6S and 7.

If you travel regularly invest in a separate charger, cable and a power adaptor for multiple countries for your iPhone and then leave them in your regular travel bag. The cost is pretty minimal, you’ll never need to worry about forgetting to pack chargers, cables or adapters again and you know that you’ll always have power whenever and wherever you need it.

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iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case – I know iPhone receive its own Smart Battery Case but we can’t say it’s enough. Whenever I go out I often need to ask for a charger. It’s a common issue for many people. The solution of this problem is The Smart Battery Case. It helps because it increases phone’s battery by 26 hours of talk time or you can use 22 hours internet or it can play videos for 24 hours.

iPhone SUPCASE Armband – Whenever I go for a run I always carry my phone with me but it’s very difficult to carry the phone in hand all the way. In this case, I use SUPCASE Armband. It is very comfortable and keeps the iPhone secure too. It also allows you to access the home button and it is adjustable and breathable armband. It is very easy to insert and remove the iPhone from this armband.

Jorno Ultra-Thin Folding Mobile Keyboard – This thing really worked great for me and the design of this keyword is very attractive. The best part of this KB is you just have to sync it once with your phone and then you just have to unfold the keyboard and start typing. The key size is only 9% smaller than standard size, so it gives the feel of standard size keyboard.

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Card Case – This is necessary and important because it’s easy to drop your phone and scratch it. But more importantly is that the case stores a few credit cards. This makes it easier to pay when eating out or grabbing a cup of coffee without having to pull out your wallet. The best part is that these cases are very slim and the designs are minimal and don’t add a lot of bulk to your phone.

Headphones – Every person has a headphone preference, but these are better than the earbuds because they block out the noise and the sound quality is better. The best part is that headphones have become a fashion accessory and there’s no need to put them in your bag, wearing them or just having it wrapped around you has become widely popular.

Camera lens attachment – The cameras on the phone are great. However, there are times a camera lens attachment comes in handy for different angles and views that the camera itself doesn’t capture. The best part is that these lenses are small and minimalist and stick on securely.

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Belkin Car Mount – Gone are the days of standalone GPS systems. Every iPhone owner now days uses their phone to navigate while driving. So make life easy with a brilliant iPhone Car Mount that can fit any size iPhone.

JBL Charge 3 Speaker – The sound from your iPhone is okay, but not great. One of the best accessories you can get is a quality but affordable Bluetooth speaker. The JBL Charge 3, in particular, has great sound, with reasonable volume and comes waterproof. I have one, trust me they are awesome.

Belkin Audio + Charge Rockstar – Some people were happy with the removal of the iPhone 3.5mm jack. However, for those who are not and have spent $300 of their beats by Dre the Belkin Audio Adapter is what you need.

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HooToo Flash Drive:
It is really common that people don’t go for high storage capacity when buying iPhone as Apple do charges for their storage space. If you are one of those who have purchased iPhone with 16GB memory space then you are well aware that it is not sufficient for you. HooToo Flash Drive is a flash drive with 3.0 port with 64gb storage. It`s is very handy.

Anker A7908 Bluetooth Speaker:
We al love the sound which is not just audible or loud but also known as quality sound. When it comes boosting the sound I recommend Anker A7908 Bluetooth speaker. It is a 2-inch speaker which is very handy with 20 hours playback capacity.

Monoprice Battery Backup:
Battery drain is the big issue in all smartphones including iPhone also. It is always advisable to carry an extra battery or a power backup for your smartphone. I recommend using Monoprice battery backup. It is a 2600mAH with LED light. It also shows that how much battery left in power backup.

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Apple Air pods:
With the introduction of Apple iPhone 7, the company made a huge change in its most successful product by removing the audio jack from the phone. This came to people as a big surprise and they were wondering how this phone is going to sell if it is unable to connect with an earphone. Actually, the company was thinking a step ahead of everyone and then they introduced the world to Apple Air pods. Apple Air pods are total wireless earphones for your Apple iPhone 7. This is an accessory that looks crazy but when it comes to functionality it works really fine. It has a great sound, it connects to your phone easily and most importantly you won’t have to deal with your old strangled earphones anymore.

Apple iPhone 7 smart battery case:
Apple iPhone 7 smart battery case is an excellent accessory for your iPhone and it is best for those who are tired of charging their Apple iPhones again and again. This accessory looks like a cover case, a backpack for your iPhone which carries an extra battery. It might not be the best looking iPhone accessory but it is certainly the most useful one. With iPhone 7 smart battery case you will not have to worry anymore about your phone dying in the middle of the day. Using the smart battery case actually, makes your phone last a whole working day as it gives you an almost extra battery. So if you are thinking about buying accessories for your iPhone make this one your priority.

iPhone lighting dock:
iPhone lighting dock is one the most useful and stylish accessory for your Apple iPhone. The iPhone lightning dock is a stand for your iPhone on which you can charge your phone easily by just placing the phone on the stand and the best part is you do not have to deal with cable anymore because of this device blessings. The iPhone lightening dock does not just allow you to charge your phone on stand comfortably but it also has an audio jack, which helps you to listen to your music while charging your phone. With such facility, iPhone lighting dock is certainly among the best iPhone accessories and you should also get one as soon as possible.

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My favorite iPhone accessories are:

1. Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar

I recommend this to iPhone users because you can use your device for charging and can listen to music at the same time. Simply, it’s a lightning port splitter.

2. HooToo Flash Drive

Storage for 16GB or 32GB variants is a big issue. This handy, compact flash drive can potentially help out. It has a Lightning connector at one end and a USB 3.0 port at the other. In the middle, there’s 64GB of storage for you to fill with photos, movies, or other files. It’s easy to slip into a pocket or bag, it transfers files quickly via a handy app, and it offers an alternative backup method that doesn’t require a cable. It is also MFi-certified.

3. Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

It’s not easy to use your phone in winters, you can’t use your device with gloves but they allow you to touch your phone with warm gloves. For colder climes, we recommend the double-layered gloves, available in three sizes with a magnetic clasp for a snug fit. They’re really comfortable, warm, and stylish at the same time. Mujjo does also offer basic varieties for a bit less, or you can splash out on a leather pair.

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iPhone is the crown of Apple and without any doubt, it is leading the smartphone industry as a king. Apple packs iPhones with so many unique features that many businesses and consumers consider it as their first priority. The camera, the design, the superior smartphone experience and many other things are the key features of iPhone. But still, there’s room for enhancement and there are plenty of accessories available in the market that give a great deal of functionality. So that’s basically what I am going to discuss now. We do make selfies, we have charging problems, sometimes we really need protection and the list goes on. So based on my experience, I will be giving review how some decent accessories boost up my user experience with iPhone.

Mpow Selfie Stick:

Who doesn’t take selfies nowadays? And a selfie with iPhone is yet another unmatchable refreshing experience. My choice for selfies is Mpow’s selfie stick and there are basically two convincing reasons. First one is its grip on the phone. Thanks to its U shape design, it covers little space but along with that, it tightly grips the phone with aid of its protective silicon material. Secondly, the handle is designed to give perfect holding feeling so it doesn’t fall from your hand. I have tried other ones too but handles aren’t that much good in other cases.

Anker Powercore+ mini:

iPhone charging capacity is one of the things you won’t be loving. Even the latest iteration, iPhone 7 has the battery of 1960 mAh. That is one of the most frustrating things and it often interrupts the ongoing work. However, power banks are the solid solution to this problem. A good number of power banks are available in the market but I prefer Anker Powercore+ mine and that’s only for one reason. No, not because of its capacity. The best thing is the size. This cute little thing is just as the size of a lipstick. And guess what, it has the ability to charge your iPhone 1.5 times. I know that’s not very much but not everyone moves with a wallet size power bank for daily routine.Lifeproof Waterproof Case:

Lifeproof Waterproof Case:

Well, we know iPhones are quite expensive as compared to other smartphones in the market. But with the great product comes great responsibility. And that’s basically its protection. Without a case, iPhone is exposed to scratches, unexpected downfall and other calamities such as water and fire. Lifeproof thereby tackles this problem with their amazing casing which is both water proof and fire proof. Best thing is that it is available in different designs and color combinations. The material of case doesn’t harm the iPhone body and thus an excellent solution to wear and scratches.
So these are my 3 best and my favorite accessories that every iPhone owner must have. For more, my iPhone is incomplete and unsafe without them.

So, that was ALL!

HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to this roundup! Please share if you think it was useful!

Make sure you follow me on Twitter for more exciting interviews like this one 🙂 and just to recap, here are the results again:

Best iPhone Accessories (as voted by 40 bloggers!)

#1 Powerbank & Protective Case tied with 16 votes

#2 Bluetooth Headphone – 10 votes

#3 Charging Cable – 9 votes

#4 Flash Drive & Battery Case tied with 8 votes

#5 Camera Lens – 6 votes

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