2019’s Top 10 Best GoPro Accessory Kits

Having the best GoPro camera is the first step to filming excellent videos and taking beautiful pictures. However, beyond that, one needs other accessories that facilitate diversified photography and filming. If you wish to record exclusive videos and take unique pictures even in dangerous areas, you will need to accompany your GoPro camera with all the required accessories. It’s for this reason that manufacturers continue to develop accessory kits for GoPro. Accessory kits for GoPro feature various tools that will play a significant role in taking your filming and photography to the top heights. Different models of accessory kits for GoPro contain a varying number and quality of accessories.

With the many brands of these accessory kits flooding the market, making the right selection is quite hectic and at times impossible. Fortunately, we are here to your rescue. In this post, we bring you the fruits of our research on these products. We present you with the top ten best accessory kits for GoPro in 2019 reviews.

Read on to find out which brand has the accessories that you need in your moment capturing operations.

10. DeKaSi 55-In-1 Sports Accessory Kit for GoPro

DeKaSi 55-In-1

This product by the DeKaSi Company ranks among the best seller products on the market so far. The quality of the included accessories as well as its protective ability contributes to its popularity among filming and photography professionals. The entire carrying case is shockproof to ensure that all the featured accessories are safe from damage at all times. Among the included tools is a high-grade chest strap mount which fits comfortably on all heads and is compatible with all GoPro cameras thanks to its fully-variable design. It also features a WIFI Velcro belt and a wrist strap that’s long enough to fit perfectly on your wrist or ski coats, arm, bike handle, or steering wheel. Its total number of accessories is 55, and all are compatible with GoPro Hero 4, 3, 2, 1 and 3+ as well as other action cameras.

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9. CCbetter 50-in-1 Accessories Kit for Gopro


The CCbetter 50-in-1 accessory kit for GoPro is just another high-quality product that features among the best in 2019.  It features 50 accessories that are compatible with GoPro Hero 1/3/2/4/3+, SJCAMs, and Xiaomi Yi cameras. The accessories come packed in a stylish and durable kit bag which lets you ferry the tools to your preferred location with ease. The foam fitted inside the carrying case ensures that the camera and all the accessories are safe from damage as it absorbs any occurring shock. Again, all the accessories are covered by a one-year warranty. Among the included accessories is a screw, floating handle grip, 360-degree rotate clip, handheld monopod, octopus tripod, wrist strap, head strap mount and a helmet mount to mention but a few.

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8. BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Accessories Kit for GoPro


Whenever exemplary performance and extreme filming comes calling, you can always rely on this GoPro accessory kit that will never disappoint you. The Baxia technology company has done all that’s in their power to bring you this reliable accessory kit that features 38 sturdy accessories. All the featured components are compatible with GoPro Hero 4, 2, 1, 3, and 3+ action cameras. Each of the components has gone under a series of testing and improvement to emerge finally as a smooth tool ideal for even the heavy-duty operations. Among the included accessories are head and chest strap mounts, adjustable handle monopod, floating handle grip and 360-degree rotary clip mount and wrist strap mount to mention but a few. The quality of the included accessories is unquestionable while the excellent after-sale services offered by the manufacturers promote their popularity.

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7. Pro Action Accessories Kit for Hero 4-3-2-1

Pro Action

Begin your journey to high levels in filming with assistance from this accessory kit. It will work with any of the GoPro Hero 1,2,3, or 4.  You will become a pro in footage collection with the continuous use of the included 31 accessories in this kit. Among the prominent tools in this kit is a memory card, harnesses, mounts, hooks and tripods all fitted in a reliable carrying case. All the accessories are constructed from high-quality materials, a guarantee of long term quality services. The manufacturer provides a one-year limited warranty on all the included tools to allow you purchase and utilize this kit and its constituents with confidence.

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6. Neewer 50-In-1 Sport Accessory Kit for GoPro

Neewer 50-In-1

Neewer is the company behind the making of this excellent accessory kit for GoPro. It functions with all the GoPro Hero camera models including 1/2/3/4/3+, as well as SJ4000/5000/6000, and Xiaomi Yi cameras. All the included accessories are made from high-grade EVA, a material which makes them durable and ideal for heavy-duty utilization. The foam cutouts inside the carrying case allow for a perfect fit of GoPro accessories and cameras. The lightweight nature of the carrying kit facilitates easy maneuverability. Among the included tools is a 360-degree wrist strap, suction cup, strap, floating handle grip, chest and head strap mounts, wrench, mini tripod and a tripod mount adapter, to mention but a few. You will be sure to take excellent and rare footage with the use of this accessory kit.

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5. Gogolook Action Camera Accessory Bundle for GoPro


If you wish to own an accessory kit for GoPro that will provide utmost reliability and extreme functionality, then you could consider this model by the re-known Gogolook Company. It’s ideal for use with most GoPro camera sizes including Hero 3/2/1, SJ4000, SJ6000, SJ5000, as well other action cameras like Xiaomi Yi, Dazzne, Eken, Amkov, GitUp, to mention but a few. Each of the included accessories is expertly designed and developed by a team of professionals to emerge finally as a high-quality and exclusive tool. Among the featured accessories in this kit is a selfie stick monopod, bicycle camera clip, variable phone clip, bike handle, wrist mount with screws, plastic wrench, nylon hand belt, flannel bags, vented helmet strap, chest band, to mention but a few. The total number of accessories in this kit is 49.  The carrying case is of the highest quality and features a compact design that allows it to fit in storage or travel bag.

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4. Erligpowht Accessories Bundle Kit

Erligpowht Accessories

Reliability and convenience are the main services provided by this accessory kit. All the included accessories are compatible with GoPro Hero 3/1/2/4/3+, as well as the sj4000 and sj5000 action cameras. The carrying case is large enough to help you maintain all your GoPro accessories together while you travel or when out of use. The Erligpowht Company brings you 27 high-quality accessories all in one kit. Among the included elements is chest and helmet strap mounts, storage pouch, J-hook mount, cleaning cloth, flat surface mount, variable three-way pivot arm, floating handle grip and a tripod mount to mention but a few. Their customer support during and after the purchase, is also excellent.

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3. 50-In-1 Accessories Kit for GoPro

50-In-1 Accessories

With this accessory kit for GoPro by the Soft Digits Company, you can be sure to take excellent footage even at dangerous and challenging points without neglecting your safety. It brings you 50 accessories all in one carrying case. The carrying case is large enough, shockproof, and waterproof for optimum convenience. It keeps all your tools safe and together for easy accessibility. Among the included accessories is a 360-degree wrist strap, floating handle, anti-fog inserts (12 pieces), and much more, added with the aim of easing and satisfying your footage desires in the easiest and safest way. This accessory kit for GoPro brings you accessories that are compatible with GoPro Hero 4/2/1/3 as well as the SJCAMs; SJ400, SJ6000, SJ5000, SJ7000 and Xiaomi Yi.

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2. LifeLimit Accessories Starter Kit for Gopro

LifeLimit Accessories

Is your filming and photography limited by lack of the necessary accessories? Then, begin to smile as this affordable accessory kit for GoPro is here to get things running in the right direction for you. With just less than 25$ you will have access to 23 high-quality tools to boost your productivity. The accessories are compatible with GoPro hero (3/HD/2/HERO+ as well as all the LCD back silver action cameras that are WIFI enabled. The included accessories include a suction cup, octopus tripod, a variable handheld monopod pole, chest harness, head strap harness, long thumbscrew and a large size pouch to mention but a few. Every piece comes fully covered by a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. The compact design of the carrying case allows for carrying via a travel bag.

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1. Zookki Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro

Zookki Camera

Many GoPro lovers fall for this essential accessory kit. It function with the major GoPro camera models including GoPro Hero 4/3/3+/1/2, SJ4000, SJ6000, SJ5000 cameras. This accessory kit brings you 18 high-quality, durable accessories that include head and chest strap mounts, suction cup, variable hand monopod, wrist strap, floating hand grip, two tripod mount adapter, four screw bolts, two adapters, two j-Hook buckles, and two quick release buckles, all by the Zookki manufacturer. A Zookki flannel bag is added as a gift to any buyer. The manufacturer also provides a 30-day money back guarantee plus a 60-day limited warranty on all the accessories.

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Buying a high-quality accessory kit will be a major step in your quest to improve your filming and photography using a GoPro camera. Always be careful to ensure that your choice suits your GoPro camera model. The top ten best accessory kits for GoPro in 2019 have all the tools you need to get the job done and to see yourself improving. Go for a high-quality product that will serve you in the best way.

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