11 Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2020

11 Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2020

Best Gaming Mouse Mat - Razer Goliathus Control Gravity

We live in a technologically advanced world, where everything is available at a click of the mouse button. The new end gaming area is one of the best results of this advancement. While many factors affect the quality of your gaming experience, the most crucial is the quality of the mouse. The same goes for the quality of the mouse pads youre using. For the best gaming experience, you need to use the best mouse pad.

Mouse pads not only improve the durability of the mouse, but also improve the sensor feedback which in turn increases accuracy an important factor when it comes to gaming experience. The better the quality of the product,the smoother the controllerglides. Also, the fine balance between the speed and control that theyoffer goes a long way in enhancing the in-game accuracy and overall gaming experience. Weve reviewed some of the best mouse pads for you and made your job a lot easier.


Razer Goliathus Precision Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

best overall ratingBest Gaming Mouse Mat - Razer Goliathus Control Gravity

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Seeking a cool mouse pad that would enhance your gaming experience? The Razer Goliathus Control Edition gaming mouse pad is one of its kinds. It possesses heavily textured weave feature which further enhances the users experience as it induces precise and effective mouse control. This good mouse pad comes with the pixel-precise targeting and tracking technology which adds to the experience. And adding to its prominence, this professional top gaming mouse pad comes with anti-fraying stitched frames supported by anti-slip rubber base features making this mouse mat really gamer-friendly and adding to the efficient gaming experience of its user as the weave makes it very comfortable for the user even for long and constant hours of use.

The material of this best gaming pad is such that would suit mice of all kinds of sensitivities and sensors as it is optimised for all the possible types of settings. Also, its light weight makes the product easily portable.

This mousepad comes in various styles with different looks. These styles in which this product is offered are Control-Fissure, Control-Gravity, Speed-Cosmic, Speed-Terra and Standard. Furthermore, the mousepad amazon product comes in several sizes and it is totally up to the gamer to decide which one he/she should go for. The sizes that are offered in this product are from small, medium, large, X-Large to Extended.

  • Multiple styles offered, so you can go for a style that matches your gaming setup
  • Multiple sizes on offer
  • Suitable for all types of mouse sensitivities and sensors
Overall, this is the ultimate product for any gamer and will sure-shot enhance your gaming experience with its superb features. All the more, the looks and designs that it has to offer will further satisfy your yearning for a perfect and stylish awesome mouse pads.

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By Razer

Glorious Wide Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

premium choice ratingGlorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat / Pad - XXL Large, Wide Long Mousepad

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The Glorious Wide Extended Gaming Mouse pad is a large and sleek gaming mouse pad that can support a full-size keyboard and also the gaming mouse, as opposed to the traditional mouse pads. It has a smooth, and sturdy cloth surface which is pivotal for a smooth and accurate gaming experience and for maintaining the speed while gaming, editing or even browsing. This mouse pad is ideal for those who have a huge screen or multi-monitor setups. Its underside thickness provides heavy grip which helps protects the desk surface from scratches/damage.

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This mouse padhas a non-slip rubber base that prevents the pad from moving from any quick movements.It has a large surface area for movement, so you don’t have to worry about running off the edge. It provides cushioning to your wrists so your hands can rest on it comfortably. It is ideal for playing FPS games like CS and TF2. It also has stitched edges that prevent peeling, fraying or ripping off the edges increasing its lifespan and the aesthetics of the mouse. You can do a 360-degree turn without lifting up the mouse, which is really cool. It is also easier to clean using a simple cleaner or even in the machine if stained with grease or hard stains.

  • Smooth cloth surface which facilitates accurate movement for speed and control
  • It is machine washable & waterproof making it durable
  • Its non-slip rubber base prevents moving of the pad; hence mouse movements become more responsive
If youre looking for a mouse that offers a fine balanced between speed and control, this is the pad you should go for. Plus, its waterproof!

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By Glorious PC Gaming Race

Razer Firefly Chroma Gamers Mouse Pad

great value ratingRazer Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

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The newly introduced Razer Firefly Hard Gaming mouse mat is the latest hit in the top mouse pads list. This creative little mousepad comes with a light-it-up feature which gives an exquisite look to this amazing product, making it one of the trendiest mouse mats as of now. You can easily change the vibe of your gaming room now, merely by changing the colour scheme of the cool mouse pad.

If you wish to satisfy your desire of owning a trendy as well as fully featured gaming mousepad then this is the thing for you. This stylish mouse pad provides its users to choose from 16.8 million colour managing options via the Razers Synapse software, you can always change the colour and look of this flashy best gaming mouse pad in just a click. This cool mouse pad comes in both styles viz. hard and cloth and then the user can decide as per his/her own requirement which one will meet their needs. This awesome mouse pad comes with a very sleek look as it is ultra thin and does not give the awkward feeling of having put something beneath your mouse. The Inter-Device Colour synchronisation technology permits the users to attach keyboard and mouse to the awesome mouse pad and then share the colour scheme with the keyboard and mouse by lighting them too. Also, this user-friendly mousepad comes along with Razer synapse enabled.

It does not just look that make this best Razer mouse pad one the best gaming pads, but also the features that it offers along. This masterpiece comes with a surface that is micro-textured which helps in boosting the control and speed game-play. The universality of this cool mouse pad by providing an optimization of all sensitivity settings and sensors makes it an indisputable hit product. The non-slippery rubber base gives a very handy and comfy touch to this work of genius mousepad.

  • Optimized for all sensitivity settings and sensors
  • 16.8 million customizable colours to choose from
  • Inter-Device Colour synchronisation
Picking between beauty and brain need no longer confuse you since this mouse pad comes with both fashionable looks as well as mind boggling features that will take your gameplay experience to next level.

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By Razer

Dechanic XXL Gaming Mouse Pad

Dechanic XXL Heavy(6mm) SPEED Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

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Dechanic XXL Gaming Mouse Pad is one of the best gaming mouse pads available. It weighs 2.1 pounds and is available in six different colors. It comes handy as it works with both optical and laser mouse. As it is made of high-quality cloth and its base is made of rubber it ensures smooth usage. Also, it is thick which helps to smoothen the uneven surfaces. The mouse pads base is anti-slip and thus it wont slip during intensive gaming sessions or work. It is weaved in a manner which ensures that its surface is seamless and thus it provides a very comfortable experience.

It’s XXL size ensures that both laptop and a mouse can be placed on it and it is comfortable and luxurious to use due to its ultra 6 mm thickness. It spares the users from fatigue during long gaming sessions and works. The manufacturing of this awesome mouse pad is such that easily tracks all types of senses (low, high, laser, optical, etc) of gaming mouse sensors and provides ultimate control. It has nice edge sticking and thus not only makes the edges look good but also ensures that they are very smooth. The surfaces of these gaming mouse pads are so built that it provides amazing speed whether it is during gaming sessions or for office and work use. It is best suited for those gamers who require hitting their targets faster and efficiently. As it comes with one year warranty and also has reasonable price it is highly cost effective and is a must buy.

  • High quality material enhances the aesthetics
  • Nice edge stitching which ensures thread are not unraveled and thus has a long life
If you dont have any issues cleaning the mouse pad, this Dechanic XXL Gaming Mouse Pad can be one of the best additions to your gaming setup.

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SteelSeries QcK Cool Mouse Pad

SteelSeries QcK Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad - Black

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It is a large size gaming mouse pad of high quality. It weighs fair decently and the item is decently sized for a gaming mouse pad. It is available in black color and it is specifically designed so as to have a non-slip rubber base which wont let the pad slide irrespective of the surface on which this mouse pad is placed on. It is definitely one of the most amazing mouse pads available not only for gamers but also for the people who have to work for long hours on their computers.

It is different from other mouse pads of the same brand as it is not only comfortable and smooth to use like others but is also is heavy and thick. This quality further makes it use easy and gives it a good height of around 6mm. it is a great mouse pad given with the affordable prices and is a must have for FPS games, photoshopping and everything else.

It also provides a fluid movement of the mouse and it is a good option for those who do not want a table size, mat like a mouse pad. It is also perfectly suitable for LAN events due to its thickness. Its thickness also ensures that the usage is smooth and users do not face problems of using uneven surfaces. It is a good choice for those who have a large desk. Made with high-quality material and having a frictionless surface it is a good choice for all PC gamers.

  • Large surface area and great grip to avoid flopping
  • Easy to clean
  • Flat and smooth which ensures that mouse slides along comfortably
If youre looking for a large mouse pad that rests your arm as well, this is the product you can go for.

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By SteelSeries

Roccat Alumic Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Pad

ROCCAT ALUMIC Double-Sided Gaming Mousepad, Black

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Available with two different surfaces, the ROCCAT Alumic is the most versatile gaming mouse pad in the market. Its dual structure ensures that this amazing mouse pad meets the need of both high sense games and low sense games. The control side of the mouse pad has a huge colorful logo and the speed side had a less dominant logo and it looks more stylish than the former. It is stable and durable. Being an extra large mouse pad it is ensured that there is ultimate mouse control for the gamers and users. Speaking for the comfort o the users it has a gel filled rest for their wrist which provides maximum support. It is an amazing deal for gamers as it provides absolutely no resistance when making precise aims.

The control on both sides of the mouse pads is above average and also mouse glides well. Tracking on both sides of the mouse pad is accurate and smooth and the speed is even smoother. It is well developed and has a sturdy construction. It is durable as its layers are perfectly bonded together and thus is long lasting. Its size is adequate for most of the gamers and thus has become a popular choice among them. Though it is made of the aluminum core there are no condensations issues even in very cold climate and thus could be used easily. It is 3mm thick which is adequate for most gamers. Although the rubber stands is a problem as it feels as if you are digging your wrist into them if you go near the edges, it is a smart deal though at little higher prices but is stylish and well built.

  • Dual sides which make it perfect choice for versatile use
  • Stylish in looks, enhances the aesthetics of your gaming setup
If you use a laser mouse and price is not an issue for you, you can go for this awesome gaming mouse pad which not only looks good, but offers a great performance as well.

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SteelSeries Professional Gaming MousePad

SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming MousePad - Black

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Steel Series Professional area weighs around 9 ounces and is available in black color. This amazing mouse pad of steel series is made of hard plastic and is specifically manufactured for professional gamers. It imparts everything required which includes consistency, precision, stability and accuracy. It enhances the tracking abilities of mouse due to reflecting microscopic points which are present in a number of tens of thousands on its surface due to which gamers can perform precise mouse operations. The mouse pad is slightly larger than a standard notebook and thus come very handy for a wide range of motion.

Its thickness is appropriate and thus is easy for wrist movement and comfort. It has a rubber back which keeps the pad in place which makes it grip well and maintain stability. Its surface allows smooth and quick gliding and thus it is a must have for professional players. It imparts good control on movements and precision. Its hard surface is simply wonderful for a laser device. It is also going to save your time of cleaning as it is easier to clean and also doesnt attract much dirt or dust. It has good engineering as layers are well bonded and do not peel out anytime sooner which makes it long lasting and thus ensure value for money. It is durable, comfortable and simply the best for RTS/FPS gameplay.

  • Complete package of precision, stability, and accuracy
  • Appropriate thickness and dimensions for best results
  • Cost effective
If youve always wanted a perfect balance between control, speed and accuracy, this product is meant for you. Plus, its affordable too!

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By SteelSeries

Corsair Gaming MM200 XL GamerPad

Corsair Gaming MM200 XL GamerPad

Our Review


Corsair mat for miceis one of the top products on our review list,ideal for PClovers. It is 450 mm wide and 375 mm long a perfect size for an area for mice. It is suited best for environments which have high resolution monitors applications that require a plethora of DPI mouse settings. It comes with optimized sensors which make it a preferred choice for hardcore gamers and even office workers. It is also convenient and versatile and allows high precision movement. For a gamer speed matters, and this matgives you quick results.

You can bank on its stability and security as well as play games and run applications that need complicated DPI mouse movements. We know how serious you are when you’re playing and you cant afford to have your mouse surface removed in the midst of a FIFA GAME so this product comes with a low slip base that provides cushion. It does not have a harsh chemical smell as it is made up of natural rubber. All you need while you are busy battling is confidence and consistency. So this awesome Corsair XL matcomes with a cloth surface that allows you to execute fast swipes and pull off high-precision shots with ease. We understand how important it is to not be distracted or disturbed by the unwanted movement. So they have designed one that stands ground while you are in middle of a plasma war or even jumping off of buildings. Enjoy fast swipes with this product.

  • Stable and secure
  • Perfect for fast action gameplay
  • High precision movement allows in-game accuracy
If you are looking to buy a product that gives you lightning fast results and high precision movement, this is your best choice.

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By Corsair

Zowie Gear Competitive Mousepad

BenQ ZOWIE PTF-X Competitive

Our Review


This is one of the most reasonably priced accessories available in the market ideal for hardcore and serious players. This TFX combines comfort, flexibility, performance and durability for extended periods of time. It has an entirely soft and flat rubber base that accentuates comfort, strength, and stability. He soft rubber base ensures that you dont have to move when you dont want to. While you are busy doing what you love the most. It is a cloth accessory which allows increased durability for longer periods of time and minimum friction.

It does better than plastic mouse pads any day. This is a quality accessory which comes with embroidered edges and has an attractive and slick look. It gives you a high-quality feel that reflects its ulterior quality. It does not exfoliate o face wear and tear after heavy usage. It is one of the most preferred because it is not over priced and its comfortable to use. Besides, it is fast and gives you all the speed you need while you are engaged in intense warfare. If you are a true gamer you need a modern onethat allows you to track and optimize services and make high-speed hand swipe movements.

The rigidity and flatness of the this productallow more precision and efficiency to your controller. The wide surface gives you enough hand room for your movements. Achieve higher point of precision with this efficient mat.

  • Comfortable and ergonomic design which gives your player setup a stylish makeover
  • Excellent performance sensor
  • Great polling rate for better in-game accuracy
If you are looking for a durable and stable item that offers high in-game accuracy, then this Zowie Gear Competitive is your best choice.

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By BenQ

Corsair Gaming MM200 Cloth

Corsair Gaming MM200 Cloth Area

Our Review


The cloth material of this combines quality and comfort is most preferred by hardcore gamers. This Corsairallows its users superior control and lightning fast results. It comes with a textile weave surface that allows precise targeting and minimum friction tracking. It gives accurate and precise results and is one of the best budget modern areas. When you are in the midst of doing what you love the most. You do not want your areato be slippery and even move an inch. It is optimized for a laser and optical mice.

It is the ultimate gaming partner one can ever wish for. Point and shoot your enemies with zero hindrance let your mouse glide and feel what it means to have the ultimate gaming experience. The last thing a playerwould want is the low performance of his one. Corsair seeks to outdo itself so that when it comes to playingit would be a one-stop show. Playersfrom all around the world have shown their preference for Corsair, especially for the MM200.

It allows you high DPI gaming functions. It comes in 4 variable sizes so you can choose the right size to fit your needs. It delivers excellent tracking and is optimized for giving sensors. It allows consistency, confidence, flexibility and stability for extended periods of time. It is quite annoying when while you moving your controllerthe areamoves along with it, well you have nothing to fear, due to its zero slip guarantee established because of an anti-skid rubber base that is bound to stay fixed at where it is. To top all of its amazing features this Corsair is also extremely reasonably priced.

  • Excellent glide characteristics which enhance the gaming experience
  • Carefully screened surface material for better results
  • Non-slip base
If you’re looking for a durable and reasonably priced modern mouse pad that allows fast glides and precise movements, this should be your first preference.

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Roccat Hiro 3D Supremacy Gamers Mat

Roccat Hiro 3D Supremacy Gamers Mat

Our Review


While youre gaming, speed is vital and disturbance is death. Imagine if youre in the middle of a battle and your mouse doesnt cooperate because the clothis slippery. That can be the greatest disaster you face. Get a modern onelike Roccat Hiro and complete your perfect PC game setup. It is one of the best budget mouse pads that reflect the ulterior quality and definitive precision movements.

This provides you a supreme acceleration and a battling base for you to rage all your battles. It comes with a vulcanized silicone service with a complex 3D system that offers total speed and controlling power. It has smooth surfaces and rounded ones which help you ultra-smooth gliding. This offers you the edge most modern onesfail to do. There is a power bonded construction between both upper and lower surfaces. This itemdefines durability, flexibility, and convenience for extended periods of playing.

No matter how aggressive your battles get, move all that you want and dont move unless you want to. It has exclusive build innovations like smooth and rounded edges ideal for hardcore gamers. The mouse gliding is smooth and effortless on this one. This is a top-notch productthat provides maximum comfort even during long sessions of gaming. There is also a built-in shock absorbing guild that allows maximum comfort. Besides, it has a non-slip rubber base that eases the entire run. Its solid weight adds to its strength and stability in all.

  • Solid and stable performance for a great gaming experience
  • Smooth and easy surface for accurate movement
  • Rounded edges for durability
If you want a durable, flexible and stable mouse pad that has a shock absorbing build and rounded edges for extended periods of usage, this is the best gaming mousepad you can go for.

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How does the surface of the Mouse Pad affect playing style?

For any gamer, the prime focus would be on the quality of gaming experience that he/she experiences first hand. This gaming experience is majorly affected by a mouse pad being there to support the Gaming mouse. A mouse pad will undoubtedly fill one playingexperience with sheer stability, precision, and clarity when it comes to the first-hand experience. Finding this ultimately ever-supporting clothis a difficult task but not an impossible one. This article has further simplified your doubts and has dealt with almost all the questions on the minds of people who are looking forward to possess a product like these.

There are special features to like the surface of the product, type of cloth, material of the product and wrist supporting features. Also, the sensor feature of the mouse will affect what type of surfacewill suit it the best.


The material of the gaming mouse plays the most important role in deciding the type of experience that a particular model of the mouse can deliver to its users. The material used for making thesecan range from being a plastic to aluminum and to being a cloth. The mouse is made of the technology of laser sensor mice, which will be the prime decision-maker when it comes to deciding what should be the material. For mice withlaser sensor technology, hard surfaces do a better job.


The surfaces of them also differ on the basis of the texture that they provide. The textures offered in a matcan be smooth surfaces or surfaces having textures. Where a smooth surface provides one to make faster movements and be able to act quickly, the textured surfaced pads, on the other hand, will allow one to have a better and more precise movement that are in control.

Whats the difference between a regular matand a gaming mouse pad?

A mouse might work on many different kinds of surfaces for example on your pillow or on the glass surface, but this does not mean that it is meant to be used there. The base on which one uses the mouse will decide the overall experience derived from that mouse. No matter however costly mouse one uses, the mouse matwill be the sole authority in deciding the experience one derives out of it.

When it comes down to players, it is not simply about using the mouse but it is about using the mouse so optimally and wisely that it enhances their experience of gaming mice. This is the reason why gamers will always focus more on the quality of the product that he or she is currently using. Ultimately, it is the optimised surface of these clothsthat will let the gamer have a full-fledged experience of the high-speed hand movements.

It is not just the surface texture or product material that will decide the efficient working of a gaming mouse, but also the rigidity as well as flatness of the playing area(as compared to the normal products) which will affect the efficiency of the gaming mouse or tracking precision of the mouse.

But one of the major problems with people shifting to these productsfrom normal cloth matis their reluctance to upgrade it because the current ones serve the purpose averagely. Nobody gives much into taking pains for such up-gradation, except for the high-end users of these products. Majorly, it is the serious and passionate gamers who get attracted to such experience-enhancing products in the world of gaming. The modern area simply enhances the precision and smooth experience of an individual using the modern-day specially designed gaming mice.

In addition to all this, a these specific productsis always better than a normal one because they are more durable. They are built keeping in mind the constant abuse by the user, hence much heed is paid to their durability. Also, special focus is paid to making a mouse areathat does not allow the controllerto wear and tear due to constant use is kept in mind while making these products.

What are the benefits of a larger Gaming Mouse Pad?

Of all the good and wise reasons for choosing a gaming mouse pad over a normal one, the most important one is the size of the area where the controller can move. It is generally seen that normal mousepads are smaller in size as compared to the itemsof the modern times. This is another place where the normal mouse pads are lagging behind when it comes to an efficient gaming experience to gamers.

The large size of the matis one of the first perks that it possesses. Since these productsare wider and larger in size, therefore, one will not have to pick up the mouse again and again and settle it for continuous use in any game that seeks haste and precise movements. This will simplify the process of gaming as well as give a better first-hand experience to its players.

In addition to this, the large sizes are more of an ergonomic feature of the modern day mat. It not just satisfies the demand of the gamers but it is also very helpful to people who use the mouse too frequently in a day, for example in all the office work related to computers or laptops. The larger the area, the easier will it be for a person to have an efficient experience as this will save their time on picking up the mouse again and again and placing it as per the size of the item. This somewhat limits the efficiency of the user of a mouse and the modern day productsresolve this issue too.

Reviews to suit you

Best Value for Money

11 Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2020A mouse mat goes a long way in enhancing the gaming experience if youre true gaming lover. And Razer Goliathus Control Gravity – Precision Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat is one such mat which offers just that. Calibrated for all sensitivity settings and sensors, this gaming mouse mat offers the right friction to enhance your in-game accuracy. Having an anti-slip rubber base along with an anti-fraying stitched frame, this gaming mouse pad offers a great experience. The weave is heavily textured which allows for better mouse control and also gives a comfortable feel on your hand, making it one of the mats for gamers. The soft texture of the cloth ensures that your hands do not feel tired even after long hours of gaming sessions.

The Razer Goliathus Control Gravity – Precision Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat is not just about offering the perfect gaming experience, but lots more. It comes in four different sizes and two different designs, giving you plenty of choice in terms of styling options. You can go for the best design and size that matches your gaming setup to perfection. So, whether youre playing in a corner of a tiny room or have a large office table with things all over the computer desk, this mouse pad can be truly a fine addition, and it is definitely offers the best value for your money!

Great All-rounder

11 Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2020Your arms can begin to hurt when you work on your computer for long hours at a stretch because the desk or chair you are gaming on which youre resting your arms is solid – a hard surface. Same is the case when youre playing your favorite game. This can be avoided if you go for a large mouse pad such as Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat / Pad. Having an anti-fraying design with stitched edges, this matnot only enhances the aesthetics of the pad but also increases its durability, making it a fine choice when it comes to large mouse pads.

The matalso features a non-slip rubber base so that the itemstays in place while youre using the computer, which comes in real handy while youre playing a game that requires a lot of accuracy. Further, the cloth surface is extremely smooth, allowing easy movement of the mouse along with speed and control all the factors that really enhance your in-game accuracy a lot. Overall, a large size mouse pad with great design and smooth surface, this gaming mouse pad can be a great all-rounder your gaming setup needs!

Top Quality

11 Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2020Your in-game accuracy depends a lot on the kind of mouse pad youre using. A mouse needs to find that perfect balance between offering speed and ensuring the right amount of friction for best controls. The Razer Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting Hard Gaming Mouse Pad offers both. The Razer Firefly Chroma Custom has a hard, micro-textured finish that balances the speed and control to perfection, offering the best in-game accuracy one can ever look for.

The surface of this gaming mouse pad is also quite amazing, which ensures that you get a fine precision while playing your favorite action game on the computer. The Razer Firefly Chroma Custom is not just about performance but also about aesthetics. With a myriad of lights and other customizable effects, you can have a great time enjoying your gaming session with these colorful effects. The Razer Firefly Chroma, with its top quality features such as this, is a truly top quality gaming mouse pad that you can go for!

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