10 Best Vertical Mice

Unlike in the last century during the evolution days, we currently need computers in most offices for work to go on. A computer is an electrical device that stores information for future or current use. Technology has continued to develop from day to day as initially we only had desktops. In the current generation, we have laptops too. Being portable machines, laptops can be carried from one workstation to the other quickly. Sometimes we need to bring work home to beat set deadlines. So when we think of a laptop or a desktop, we must immediately think of a mouse. A mouse is a pointing computer device that controls movement and navigates the cursor to the screen to different items on your computer. Computer mouses may be tortoise shaped, circular or vertically shaped. In this review, we have highlighted the top 10 best vertical mouses in the following order.

10. ANEWKODI 2.4Ghz Vertical Mouse (Wireless & Optical)

ANEWKODI 2.4Ghz Vertical Mouse (Wireless & Optical)

Taking the tenth position is ANEWKODI 2.4Ghz vertical mouse that offers the users a perfect combination of responsiveness, accuracy and ease of use. It is made with a high-resolution sensor, which allows you to adjust its sensitivity, to manage the accuracy and responsiveness of the mouse. It is usable across windows, and Mac OS operating systems, including on a tablet or iPad.

9. SHARKK Vertical Optical Mouse

SHARKK Vertical Optical Mouse

Designed in a sleek polished way, this mouse is portable and easy to swap across your working surface. Don’t we all desire just to work through our assignment so fast? The scientific Ergonomic design offers healthy neutral forearms position providing your hands and arms with comfort as you navigate through your files on the computer. This vertical mouse is equipped with some of the recently developed modern features like adjustable DPI settings to enable you to adjust the speed of the pointer from slow to fast depending on what you prefer.

8. J-Tech Vertical USB Mouse (Wireless)

J-Tech Vertical USB Mouse (Wireless)

J-Tech vertical mouse is designed to ease your work and give your arm a comfy feel. The unique vertical mouse is made of removable palm rest to curb wrist and hand pain as you work. The two thumb buttons embedded in it are to assist you with the front and back navigation through on your laptop or desktop. Coupled with a high-resolution optical sensor, it is possible for you to control the speed of your cursor as you run through your files at work or at school.The weight of this mouse is relatively light and portable hence easy to use.

7. Digital Point 6D 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Digital Point 6D 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

The convenience this vertical mouse offers to the hand is impressive. With its ergonomic shape, the mouse provides you with a natural placement of your hand as you swerve it across your working surface. This adds to your safety and health as well. The DPI of 800 to 1600 allows you to adjust its speed and sensitivity to your preferred level. It hence goes that you’ll be in total control of your input and output for the day, without straining. This mouse helps in reducing forearm twisting hence no pain and wrist stress. This vertical mouse is compatible with multiple devices like the Windows 10, so you can use across a wide range of devices. It is made with a sleek smooth stylish finishing, which gives it an impressive design.

6. LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Optical Mice

LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Optical Mice

LuguLake Vertical mouse is designed to reduce forearm twisting which causes pain and stress to your wrist. With the easy to use buttons it comes with, you can only enjoy the tasks you have to attend to on your computer. As a customer, you want to invest in a mouse that is easy to operate. The precise shape of LuguLake Vertical mouse is ergonomic meaning it’s healthy oriented to provide comfort to your hand as you work. The 1000 DPI resolution makes it possible for you to adjust the speed of the pointer to what you can work with. Increases sensitivity too.

5. SHARKK Wireless Vertical Mouse (5 Button)


This unique mouse has an ergonomic design that reduces arm pain associated with its navigation. Your wrist will find its natural position on this mouse as it is intended to fit your hand. The auto-sleep feature automatically sends your mouse into sleep mode if left idle for say eight seconds. This saves battery life and power hence no need to recharge your device regularly. Its extended compatibility allows you to use your mouse on a range of the operating system for example; Linux and all versions of Windows.

4. Anker Vertical USB Mouse (Wired)

Anker Vertical USB Mouse (Wired)

Comfortable and classy, this mouse is ergonomically designed to suit your hand as you peruse through your files on your computer. The sleek and sassy design it passes increases comfort and functionality combining a handshake grip with buttons that are easy to run and operate. The mouse apparently makes your wrist acquire natural balance and position as you navigate. Compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/ XP/2000 Linux, the mouse is said to have extended compatibility.

3. Evoluent Vertical/Mouse Vertical Mouse

Evoluent VerticalMouse Vertical Mouse

To avoid arm-twisting, this mouse comes in a patented shape that anchors your hand in an upright position. Most computer users who have this mouse have so far liked how it provides comfort to the arm curbing wrist pain. With a shipping weight of 6.4 ounces, the lightweight mouse is portable and easy to operate on your computer. With the incredible customer reviews from doctors and physical therapists, Evoluent offers you one of the best vertical mouses for your efficient use.

2. Evoluent Vertical Mouse (Small)

Evoluent Vertical Mouse (Small)

Described as a small vertical mouse, this item is lightweight and portable for your ease of use. You will therefore not have problems with navigating your way through your laptop. The high-quality mouse has a shape that takes the nature of your arm allowing it to rest comfortably as you work. No arm-twisting will be experienced. With a vertical neutral position, your hand is guaranteed flexibility for fast performance and safety for healthy wrists.

1. Anker Vertical Mouse- (2.4G, Wireless & 5 Button Mouse)

Anker Vertical Mouse- (2.4G, Wireless & 5 Button Mouse)

Ergonomically designed to take a natural, healthy handshake. This means that as you operate your mouse, your hand will rest on it comfortably. For people who use computers for long like gamers or internet geeks and surfers, the added next and previous buttons makes it easy and convenient for them. Comfortable and classy with a futuristic design, this vertical mouse tops our list. It is compatible with a different operating system for example Windows 10/ 8 / 7 or Mac OS X.

With the constant growth and development in the technology world, we use computers most of the time to store information for either immediate or future use. It is essential to understand the nature of your job and the hours you spend on computers for you to be able to select a machine that will serve you comfortably. Since a mouse is the backbone of the computer, you cannot operate one without it. We have come up with a collection of the best top 10 vertical mice for you to purchase. Hopefully, you will find one that pleases you.

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