10 Best Stabilizers for GoPro

The GoPro is a popular line of digital cameras, sought-after for the quality videos and pictures that individuals receive. Unfortunately, as most digital cameras, shaking and control is a major challenge, particularly when shooting in outdoor or unstable environments. If you have a similar challenge and want a viable solution, a stabilizer might be the best product to use. Even though simple, most models are durable, have well-balanced systems that ease control of cameras, and have easy to use designs that not only snug GoPro cameras well, but also aid users to capture stunning pictures and videos with minimal effort. If you have saved and few dollars and want the best of the best product in this category, here are our picks of the top 10 best for 2019:

10. IMORDEN Carbon S-40c

IMORDEN Carbon S-40c Handheld Camera Stabilizer for Gopro, Canon, Sony, Panasonic Dslr Camera(0.5~3lbs) with 50mm-Quick Release

Designed to secure up to three pound cameras, IMORDEN Carbon S-40c is a stable handheld cameras stabilizer that works well with several digital camera brands including Canon, Panasonic, Sony, and most importantly, the GoPro. It is super-stable, manufactured using heavy-duty carbon, and has a stable 50mm quick release system that eases setup and removal of cameras. The padded handle offered keeps users as comfortable as possible when shooting. Its height adjustable design allows you to shoot from different angles, while its lightweight design (1.03 kilograms) not only boosts its portability, but also its maneuverability in challenging environments. You get a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for IMORDEN Carbon S-40c stabilizer.

9. Polaroid Handheld 3-Axis

Polaroid Handheld 3-Axis Electronic Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro Hero 3 3+ 4 Action Cameras

As its name suggests, this GoPro stabilizer by Polaroid is a light handheld accessory with a stable three axis design that eliminates shakes and a plethora of other flaws when shooting photographs or videos. It is electronically powered, has a universal gimbal that works well with all GoPro digital cameras, and has an electrical system that generates super-smooth tilting and panning motions without vibrating cameras. Setup and usage is a breeze. Its lightweight construction (11.43 ounces) is perfect for everyday usage, while the full stabilization offered guarantees value of a budget.

8. Polaroid Power Handgrip / Stabilizer

Polaroid Power Handgrip Stabilizer For GoPro Cameras , Smartphones & Digital Cameras - Supplies Charge to Device & Stabilizes Video Capture

Designed for use with all models of GoPros, several other digital cameras, and even smartphones, Power Handgrip by Polaroid is a versatile stabilizer with an innovative battery-powered design (rechargeable 6000 mAh) that keep digital cameras charged as you go about your daily activities. It is affordable, improves both video and photo capture, and has a padded handle with a non-slip grip that boosts stability. Its sturdy and ergonomic design is easy to control, while its adjustable (1.4-20-inches) tripod mount is durable and has threads for easier mounting of cameras and smartphones. Buyers also get an adjustable wrist strap for easier carrying, mini and micro USB cables for connecting devices, and a protective case for safe storage and or transport.

7. StayblCam Video Stabilizer

StayblCam Smartphone Video Stabilizer - Compatible with all iPhones, Android phones, GoPro, and other compact action cameras

Even though designed for use with smartphone, StayblCam is versatile and therefore, a recommended video stabilizer for use with GoPros and many other compact action digital cameras. The lightweight aluminum frame that buyers get is not only stylish, but also easier to grip and control that some comparable models. Its well-balanced body helps videographers to create stunning works independent of skill level, while its stretched out design is comfortable and offers better coverage (up to three feet above the head) than most comparable models. StayblCam Video Stabilizer is rust resistant. The friction-resistant resin used to manufacture its textured rips grip well in the hands, while its quickly collapsing design is relatively easy to store/ transport.

6. Feiyu G3 Ultra 3-Axis

Feiyu G3 Ultra 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for GoPro HERO 3 3+ and 4 (Black)

Sought-after by professional and recreational photographers and videographers alike, the G3 Ultra by Feiyu is a reputable handheld gimbal for the GoPro line of digital cameras with a stable three-axis design that boosts quality. It is black-themed, has a powered 3-axis gimbal that supports 90 degree roll and 360-degree pan/ tilt, and has an adjustable camera holder that eliminates the hassle of setting and removing GoPro cameras. You also get fixed axes that eliminate vibrations and other flaws, a wireless Feiyu G4-QD feature that eliminates wire clutter, and an advanced battery-powered stabilizer with a powerful remote control that eases setup and usage.

5. CamKix Premium 3-in-1 Tripod Base and Hand Stabilizer

CamKix Premium 3in1 Tripod Base and Hand Stabilizer Grip for All GoPro Hero 4, Session, Black, Silver, Hero+ LCD, 3+, 3, 2, 1 , Camera and Smartphone

Recommended for use with GoPro digital cameras (Hero 4, Hero+, and Hero 3+, 3, 2, and 1, for instance), CamKix Premium is an innovative hand stabilizer and tripod base with a secure locking system that protects cameras without lowering aesthetics and or compromising their performance in any way. The strong ball and socket used guarantees a stable and productive videography and photography experience. The stable, padded, and anti-slip handle offered guarantees comfort and added safety, while its three in one design is multi-functional and perfect for everyday usage. Other desirable attributes that have earned it a spot in top 10 best stabilizers for GoPro in 2019 its non-skid feet and compatibility with extension poles and other accessories.

4. Opteka X-GRIP


The X-GRIP by Opteka is a professional-quality action stabilizer handle with a durable and super comfortable design, specially-built for use with all GoPro cameras. It is affordable; has a removable accessory shoe for installing video light, flash, and microphones; and has a well-cushioned NBR-padded handle that keeps the hand as comfortable as possible when shooting for long. With an original Opteka X-GRIP You get an impact absorbent ABS plastic body that does not break over time, non-slip rubber rails, and one-year Opteka warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.


The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer for GoPro, Smartphone, Canon, Nikon or any camera up to 2.1 lbs.

Light, durable, and with a professional-grade design that works with several smart accessories (GoPro, Nikon, and Canon digital cameras and smartphones) weighing up to 2.1 pounds, The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO is a novel accessory that delivers memorable results over the years. Its compact design is perfect for shooting videos and photographs in tight spaces. Its solid design guarantees a shake-free shooting experience, while its superior counterweight-balanced allows for precise adjustments and therefore, better quality. The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO is affordable, has a well-padded handle for comfort, and works well when skating, running, and walking.

2. Smatree SmaPole F1
Smatree SmaPole F1 Floating Hand Grip Carbon Fiber Integrated Tripod Mount and Nut with Plastic Thumbscrew for GoPro Hero, Hero 4 Session, Hero 4, 3+, 3, 2, 1 HD Camera (Blue)

Featuring a light and comfortable floating design that most photographers like, the F1 SmaPole by Smatree is an impressive carbon fiber accessory with a universal tripod mount that boosts its functionality further. It is affordable, compatible with all GoPro digital cameras, and has a waterproof build perfect for exploring under water. It also as an adjustable strap for stability and a 1/4-inch threaded hole that eases installation on several types of tripod. You will appreciate its functionality and value.

1. Opteka X-GRIP Professional

Opteka X-GRIP Professional Camera Camcorder Action Stabilizing Handle- Black

This professional edition of the sought-after Opteka X-GRIP line of stabilizers is a dependable black-themed model that works perfect with both GoPro digital cameras and camcorders. It is compact, fits most standard 1/4-20 thread tripods, and has an impact-absorbent ABS plastic body and a NBR padded handle that orients the hand well for optimal comfort. It also has a removable shoe mount for mounting flashes, lights, and microphones and comes backed by a one-year Opteka limited warranty.

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