10 Best Pearl Necklace for 2019

10 Best Pearl Necklace for 2019

Best Pearl Necklace Review

Just like diamonds, the pearls are a womans best friend too. No woman can ever have enough of these glistening, lustrous, beautiful pearls.

The formation of a single pearl takes years! Thanks to modern technology, many of these are now being manufactured by a slight intervention, in order to increase the production of these dazzling beauties.

The most preferred item of jewelry made from these pearls are the pearl necklaces. Lets’ have a look at our top 10 beautiful pearl necklaces.


White Freshwater Round Cultured Pearl Necklace – AAA Quality

best overall rating10-11mm White Freshwater Round Cultured

Our Review


The white freshwater cultured round pearl necklace makes it to our number 1 recommendation. The pearls are imported from China and are high grade in quality. The color, shine, reflection, and neatness are simply superb. These also include the manufacturer’s pearl warranty and are backed by a 60-day return policy.

Each of the pearl necklaces has a sterling strap on the back that is sturdy and looks classy. The AAA category, high luster, and even sized pearls can be a great gift for any occasion and look ever elegant when worn.

Each pearl is 7-8 mm in size and packed beautifully to be presented as a special gift. The manufacturer, The Pearl Source has been selling the finest grade pearls and jewelry for over a decade. It is one of the Top holiday sellers at amazon.com based on its customer reviews and satisfaction.

Each of the single pearl necklaces is 36 inches in length and strung with even shaped, round pearls. The necklaces also come with a cultured pearl certificate with the complete details about the pearls and their source.

  • AAA Quality.
  • Clean, abrasion-free surface.
  • Warranty and 60-day return policy.
  • Comes in a nice gift box.
A high-grade necklace, with quality, clarity, and size is just perfect to be worn to all formal as well as the not-so-formal occasions. The manufacturer has been selling pearls for over 10 years and is one of the top sellers on Amazon. The enclosed certificate also cites the source and all details about the pearls.

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By The Pearl Source

14K Gold 13-15mm South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace – AAAA Quality

premium choice rating14K Gold 13-15mm White South Sea Cultured

Our Review


Another superb pearl necklace by the Pearl Source. The pearls of this one come all the way from Australia. The pearls are hand-picked and ranked AAAA for their fine quality. This one is our premium product, high in terms of quality and price, but very long lasting and can be gifted to your loved ones on occasions such as weddings, engagements, the birth of a child, etc.

The color, shape, and cleanliness are top grade. Even the clasp is made from 14K gold. It also includes the 60-day money back guarantee as well as the genuinely cultured pearl guarantee. Each pearl is 13mm in size, except for the central one that is 15mm.

The white South Sea pearls are round, similar to each other and very shiny and lustrous. The necklace is delivered in a nice gift box, and no matter where you go it adds elegance to your attire.

You will love the way the pearls are strung, the similarity between all pearls, the clear reflective surface, and high-grade quality make it a premium choice of gift for your loved ones.

  • High quality.
  • Imported from Australia.
  • Very reflective.
  • Comes with the pearl certificate.
This white pearl necklace is the finest in quality and looks very classy with all kinds of casual, formal and semi-formal wear. This makes a great gift for giving to the lovely ladies, and with all the pearls so uniformly arranged, theres not an ounce of doubt, it will definitely put a smile on your partners face.

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By The Pearl Source

14K Gold Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace

great value rating14K Gold 9-11mm Tahitian South Sea Cultured

Our Review


This Tahitian necklace is a sheer beauty! The black south sea cultured pearls are fine in quality and you will guess the quality just by looking at the reflection you get. Each pearl has a super smooth surface and no aberrations. Each cultured pearl necklace is carefully packed in a classy box that makes it a wonderful gift for giving to your loved ones.

This small pearl necklace has a 14K gold clasp at the back, you can choose from the yellow gold and white gold options, as you desire. Manufactured by the Pearl Source, it is backed by the same guarantee and comes with the cultured pearl certificate.

Each pearl is 9-11mm in size and all of them are uniformly strung together. The center most pearl is just a bit larger than the rest. It is an AAA quality necklace and the pearls are beautiful and lustrous.

These black pearls are handpicked and imported from the farms directly, with no other vendors or sellers involved. This is done to ensure that only the best reaches the customers.

The necklace gives the most value for money, such high-quality pearls, are quite hard to find at such a low price.

  • Great price.
  • Beautiful.
  • High-grade quality.
  • Comes with a guarantee and certificate.
Beautiful black pearl necklace, this one offers the most value for money. A quality product, available at a very good price. The necklace is sophisticated yet dramatic at the same time. It deserves to be added to your collectibles, go ahead and buy one today!

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By The Pearl Source

14K Gold GLA CERTIFIED Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace – AAAA Quality, 18″ Length

Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace - AAAA Quality, 18" Length

Our Review


These Tahitian pearls, imported from Tahiti are high quality and finest when it comes to durability. Each pearl is consistent and rounded evenly to make it a great choice for adding to your jewelry or giving it as a gift to your loved ones.

The smooth, scratch less, reflective exterior speaks about the superior quality each pearl is made from and carefully selected with. To fasten the necklace, there’s a gold clasp on the back side, made out of 14K gold. You can also choose either the yellow or white gold color as per your preference.

Then all of these pearl necklaces are enclosed in a nice, presentable jewelry box, which makes it the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend. The necklace is pure and genuine, and the included certificate vouches for the quality and worth of the item.

Still, if somehow the product doesn’t satisfy you, you can always return it and get your money back within the first 60 days of receipt. There are 41 pearls strung in the necklace, all of which identical in size, color, and shape, except for the center one that is slightly larger than others to give it the look of perfection.


  • AAAA quality.
  • Clean and lustrous surface.
  • Imported directly from Tahiti.
  • Hand knotted pearls.
A lovely, classic and elegant piece of jewelry, this one can be worn at the most formal occasions. Despite being simple, the color and allure are bound to make you stand out as graceful and elegant. The pearls are the finest in quality and imported from Tahiti.

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By The Pearl Source

14k Gold Handpicked AAA Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace

14K White Gold White Japanese Cultured Akoya

Our Review


These shiny Akoya pearls, strung into an 18-inch long necklace are a must have. These have a thicker nacre than most, just like all other Akoya pearls. The necklace has all similar sized and colored pearls, symmetrically aligned to make it look like a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

If your skin is irritated by lead or nickel, then this one is just right, as it has a clasp made of gold and no other metals used in its making. The pearls of Akoya are bought from the pearl farms directly and then brought to the USA for making these part of the jewelry.

It is ideal for giving as a gift for special occasions and also looks beautiful when worn at formal functions. The strand of the necklace is strong and keeps the pearls together for a long time.

Bring home this timeless piece of art, and see the way it lights you up, no matter where you are heading out to.

  • Gold clasp.
  • Strong string.
  • Amazing color and shine.
Each pearl is light, shiny and lustrous. If you are a fan of the Akoya, then you mustnt miss this one. Look wise and price wise this necklace is simply great. Add it to your pearl collection, you will love it.

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By La Regis Jewelry

Freshwater Round Cultured Pearl Necklace – AAA Quality

10-11mm White Freshwater Round Cultured

Our Review


This is a freshwater pearl necklace. Made from the round pearls, double knotted for extra support, these are strung on silk, so the chances of it breaking are minimal. These are AAA rated and hence, the quality, durability, and sharpness are never a compromise with these.

The clasp is made from silver and the item is shipped in a simple yet elegant box, so you may send it as a gift to your mother or wife or girlfriend, whoever you wish to please. The quality and source of the pearls are cited on the included certificate and these are also backed by guarantee in case anything goes wrong.

All pearls are 10-11mm in size and imported from the pearl farms. The necklace with pearls is 36 inches in length and looks amazing, like a timeless piece wherever worn. A must buy, for giving it to your wife/mother/daughter or loved one on their birthday, wedding, engagements or other special moments.

  • The pearls are identical in sizes and shape.
  • Lustrous.
  • Beautiful pearl white color.
  • AAA quality.
This long pearl necklace is neatly strung with identical pearls all through its 36 inches length. The pearls are smooth, identical and round with the beautiful shine, making these a favorite amongst the young and old. The pearls are AAA rated and superior in quality.

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By The Pearl Source

14K Gold 8.0-8.5mm Japanese Akoya Saltwater Cultured Pearl Necklace – AAA Quality

14K Gold 8.0-8.5mm Japanese Akoya Saltwater White Cultured

Our Review


Behold the Akoyas imported from Japan! These pearls are hand-picked, tough and high quality. The pearls necklace is available at a fairly low price as compared to the higher end necklaces.

It includes a 14K gold clasp and is packed and delivered in a jewelry box. It is also assembled and sold by the Pearl Source, so there’s absolutely no question about the warranty and durability. This one too includes the certificate for quality that is the key determinant for its source and worth.

The pearls of this Akoya measure about 8-8.5 mm and are AAA rated. The shine, reflection, and smoothness are simply outstanding. You may select the length of the necklace as per your requirement while making the purchase.

There are 30 pearls beaded into a necklace, that are all identical and abrasion free. A must have if you are looking for beautiful white pearls, to wear at any formal or semi-formal occasion.

  • Great price.
  • AAA quality.
  • More reflective than the freshwater pearls.
These Japanese Akoyas are brilliant and rather dazzling. The quality, making and look are simply amazing and these make it a beautiful gift for presenting to your loved ones. Each pearl is hand selected so that only the best get to you.

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14K Gold 9-11mm Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace – AAA Quality

14K Gold 9-11mm Tahitian South Sea Multicolor Cultured

Our Review


The Tahitian pearls are bought from Australia, Tahiti, and the Philippines only. These are lustrous and rank high in terms of clarity and cleanliness. The Clasp too is made from the high-quality 14K gold. Each necklace comes with the standard guarantee and certificate.

You can also return the item if it doesnt satisfy you within 60 days of purchase and obtain a full refund.

This unique necklace has pearls in different colors, with the darker hue. These are actually the Tahitian colors that depict the South Sea and its scenic beauty. Each pearl is 9-11 mm in size, making it quite a noticeable jewelry item.

You can select from the yellow gold or white gold colored clasp. The different lengths available for the chain make it further easier for the user to select the one they are most comfortable with.

  • Quality product.
  • Warranty and money return policy for 60 days.
  • Handpicked.
  • Double knotted on silk.
The unique color of this one makes it very appealing. The price is slightly higher than the others weve seen, however, the unique colored beads make it a great choice for all women. You can also match and wear it in the evenings with you evening gowns and dresses for a wedding/engagement.

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By The Pearl Source

14K Gold 8-10mm Japanese Akoya Saltwater Cultured Pearl Necklace – AAA Quality

14K Gold 8-10mm Japanese Akoya Saltwater White Cultured

Our Review


Another beautiful white pearl necklace made from pearls directly bought from Japan. These are fine and clean, identical pearls, carefully selected to give you the best jewelry item to wear.

Theres a 14K gold clasp at the back for fastening the necklace securely. The necklace is shipped in the strong and beautiful looking jewelry box so that it looks elegance and neat when delivered as a present as well.

You also get a 60-Day return policy and certificate for the source and quality of the pearls. The pearls are all sized between 8-10mm and are very shiny. The silk thread double knotted offers the most support and is quite resistant to breakage even in the hot summers, unlike the other materials.

The length of the necklace is 24 inches, which makes it not too short and neither too long to look archaic. These shiny, glowing pearls are love, at first sight.

  • Very reflective.
  • AAA Quality.
  • 60 day returns accepted.
  • Ideal length of the chain.
This is a pure white necklace made from the Japanese Akoya pearls. Each pearl is AAA in quality and round, and identical to all others in the category. The length of the whole necklace with the pearls is 24 inches. This makes it one ideal size for all.

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By The Pearl Source

14K Gold 10-12mm South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace – AAA Quality

14K Gold 10-12mm Golden South Sea Cultured

Our Review


Found in the Philippines, these pearls are superb quality south sea cultured types. These are carefully hand selected and woven as a string to make these lasting and ideal for wearing on a daily basis.

The metal clasp is neat and made from 14k gold.You may choose the white gold or yellow gold colors as per the preference. As per the standard, it includes the certificate for quality and the 60-day money back guarantee.

Gold pearls are extremely rare to find. These look very beautiful and are usually found only with the elites. Usually, these pearls are only found in Philippines, Australia, and Indonesia. This pearl necklace has identical gold pearls in the size of 10-12mm, carefully matched to perfection.

The pearls used are of the AAA quality and very reflective and smooth. The necklace is delivered in a jewelry box, you can give as a gift for any celebratory occasion.

  • Golden colored.
  • AAA Quality.
  • Beautiful luster.
  • 60-day Money-back guarantee.
The color, quality, size and type of pearls, all make it one great item. The color especially makes it stand out from the rest and the wearer to look as graceful and lovely as can be.

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By The Pearl Source

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Pearl Necklace Buying Guide

Pearls and pearl jewelry have always been the favorites of the ladies for thousands of years. These are natural gems, produced by nature and have been a really popular form of jewelry.

Lets have a look at the different kinds of pearls available to choose from today.

Types of Pearls

Finding a pearl necklace may not be as easy as it seems. You will be amazed at the unique colors and shapes you will find these pearls in.

Some of the most renowned pearls are the Cortez, Mabe, Tahitian, Akoya, and South Sea. These pearly whites are available in a whole spectrum of beautiful colors too. Read on, to know more.

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Types of Necklaces

There are various types of necklaces too made to suit the likes of women all over the world. The most popular of the lot are:

  • The Bib Necklace: This one has three or more strands of pearls in different lengths.
  • The Collar Type: Like the one above, this too has many strands and is closer to the collar bone.
  • The Choker: This is worn slightly lower on the neck.
  • Princess: This one is about 19 inches in length and hangs slightly below the neck.
  • Matinee: Longer than all the above categories it can be worn on all formal occasions.
  • Opera: For all formal parties, balls, and events, this is a 30-36 inch necklace.
  • Rope: This is the longest type; over 36 inches in length.

Where do pearls come from and what variety do you get?

Pearls are formed by a complex natural process. If a natural irritant or sand particles gets inside the oyster, it stimulates the nacre production inside the shell. Over the years the layers and layers of nacre deposit on the tiny particle and result in the formation of a beautiful pearl.

The cultured pearl is a fairly easier way for the formation of the pearls, where the irritant is deliberately deposited inside the mollusk.

There are nine common types of pearls that are usually used for making necklaces, bracelets, rings and other forms of jewelry.

  • Natural Pearls: These are naturally formed without any intervention and hence are extremely rare and sold at old auction houses only.
  • Synthetic Pearls: These are low in quality. They can be used to make the cheaper pearl jewelry.
  • The Chinese Akoya: Usually round shaped, these do not have lustrous reflections.
  • The Japanese Akoya: These are available in the sizes 1mm to 10mm. Are naturally occurring in the salt waters and used in the expensive jewelry by the top-notch jewelry stores.
  • Golden South Sea: Also found in the Australian and Indonesian waters, these give crisp reflections and are available in the sizes of 7mm to 20mm. Also expensive and used for the elegant jewelry making.
  • Black South Sea: Another high-grade pearl. These have a very nice luster and are available in the size of 7mm to 20mm.
  • White South Sea: Found in Australia and Indonesia, these are round shaped and are also available in the larger sizes.
  • Freshwater cultured pearls: These are usually available in China and are not very high in quality. The shapes are not roundish, however, these are available in large sizes.
  • High-grade freshwater pearls: Round in shape this category has a nice shine and luster. It measures about 8mm and is available in the lower cost.

For details, check out the pearl variants chart here.

How do you care for pearl necklaces?

Well-kept pearls often last a lifetime and are passed on from generation to generation often as a hereditary gift.

Funny as it may sound, but the best way to keep them shining and looking evergreen is by wearing them often. The natural oils released from the body keep the pearls ever lustrous. Moreover, just like the other types of jewelry items, it is advised to keep the pearls safe from perfumes, hairsprays, and makeup.

Moreover, keep it away from other items. Any rubbing or touching with other sharp items may cause aberrations or tiny scratches.

What are cultured pearls?

The cultured pearls are the most popular and very durable and highest in quality. The culture process involves the plantation of a nucleus into the mollusk and with the naturally produced nacre, a beautiful pearl is produced.

It takes years for a single pearl to be formed and all these are not necessarily similar or even beautiful.

The natural pearls are so rare and require expert divers to dig out a handful of those only. So, a majority of the pearls we find in the markets, are the cultured ones.

Do pearls come in different sizes and colors?

The pearls are available in a number of sizes. The price range as well goes up as the size increases. The longer the pearl gets to stay inside the shell, the more of the nacre gets deposited and the larger the size becomes.

Generally, the freshwater pearls are available in the size of 3-7 millimeters. The Akoya pearls are between 6-8.5 mm and the larger ones, typically the Tahitian and South Sea pearls are 13 mm in size.

There are various color options too for these pearls. Starting from the pure white, also known as the classic pearl, there are beautiful shades of gray (also termed as the black pearl). There are rarer types in the green and blue colors as well.

Other popular colors are the peach, cream, yellow, pink, lavender, gold, and silver. You can choose from a variety of shades, and find one that matches your attire and look you want to achieve.

How do you choose the best pearl necklace?

Now when you are looking for a pearl necklace, for yourself or some friends or family, you need to be well prepared. Here are some important pointers:

  • The Reflection

The reflection you get from the Pearl, says a lot about its quality. The clearer and sharper the reflection you see, the more the luster. And so, the quality of the pearl is high.

  • Size

The Pearl size is very important, especially for a necklace. The pearls are available in a number of sizes. Generally, most people prefer these pearls in the larger size for the necklaces. However, you can also find some medium sized pearls for the necklace, if you need a budget friendly type of necklace.

  • Matching of the Pearls

The necklaces are made from strands of hundreds of these pearls. If even a single pearl does not match the others, it could mar the whole look of the necklace.

  • Shapes

The pearls are available in a number of shapes. They can be completely round, off-round, in the shape of a teardrop, ovals or even symmetrical or asymmetrical in nature. Check out some other beautiful shapes here.

  • Budget

The pearls depending on the variety, quality, and type are available in the price range of $35 up to $35,000! So, do your homework and stick to your budget to find a quality necklace.

Which One to Go for?

Top Pick

The freshwater round cultured pearl necklace is a quality, elegant and beautiful necklace. It is our top pick of the lot, based on its durability, price, quality and beauty. It is not just a lovely piece of jewelry you’d simply add to your collection, but even when worn without any other jewelry items, it looks complete.

Moreover, the quality is great. It will last, unlike many others that just break off or worse, chip off. The pearls are shiny, very reflective and smooth. You will not see any aberrations on them. The top pick for your lady!

Premium Choice

This AAAA quality 14K Gold 13-15mm South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace is our premium choice. It is the most superior in quality, manufacturing, and durability. The color, reflectivity and also the gold clasp at the back are number 1 in terms of quality.

Moreover, the pearls are extremely identical. You will not find any hidden scratches or marks on the pearls. It is also backed by a 60-day return guarantee and comes with the certificate of quality and authenticity of the pearls. So, if you have the budget and are looking for a very durable, beautiful and high-grade necklace, you mustn’t let this one go.

Great Value

Although most of the pearls are very expensive, there are quite a few that give you the most value for money. One great item we have included in our list is the 14K Gold Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace.

This one is available at a great price and superb quality. The pearls are smooth, without aberrations and identical. It also includes a beautiful case and the gold clasp for fastening it. All pearls are AAA quality and hand picked for checking the similarity before stringing them to form this gorgeous necklace.

Highly recommended for offering the most value!


A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.

Coco Chanel

Make the right choice and make the most auspicious occasions ever special with pearls. Read more about the considerations to make when looking for a pearl necklace, here.

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