10 Best Outdoor Extension Cords in 2021

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Outdoor extension cords are perfect for supplying power to different areas of the lawn to support various activities. If you are setting up Christmas lights on a fountain on your lawn, for instance, a new one will serve you well. You can also use one to set up outdoor lighting or to power tools on the outdoor workstation on your patio. Unlike standard cords that are sensitive to water, their waterproofed designs are safe to use outdoors. Extension cords also come in different lengths and gauges that satisfy the needs of most people.

List of the Best Outdoor Extension Cords in 2021

10. UltraPro GE Extension Cord Review (Also Recommended for : Best Extension Cord for Contractors)

UltraPro GE Extension Cord

Whether you choose the one or three-outlet version of the UltraPro GE extension cord, you get value for your money. Its UL-certified design has a thick, waterproof sheath that works well indoors and outdoors. It does not leak over time. You can also wrap it around sharp corners and or use it over rocks or twigs without it breaking over time. This double insulated cord also has a molded plug that is equally efficient and durable.

Apart from this 15-foot version, UltraPro GE comes in 50 foot and 100-foot versions that satisfy the needs of most people. You can use them to set up outdoor lighting. You can also use them to power outdoor tools with a maximum output of 1625 watts. Parts are UL-certified, which makes UltraPro 100% safe.

What We Like
  • Come in many sizes
  • UL-certified design
  • Double insulated cord
  • Supports 1625 watts
  • Waterproof plastic sheath
Our Verdict

UltraPro GE is one of the best for powering outdoors tools and or setting up outdoor lighting. Its double-insulated power cord is 100% waterproof. It comes in many sizes, each with a convenient plug-and-use design. You will enjoy using one at home.

9. Coleman Cable 02356-05 Vinyl Landscape Extension Cord

(Also Recommended for : Best Extension Cord for Home)

Coleman Cable 02356-05 Vinyl Landscape Extension Cord

The best camping screen houses or inflatable hot tubs from Coleman are durable and multi-functional. If you are shopping for an outdoor extension cord, its dependability, and the quality of its components also make it a suitable choice. The 02356-05 cable, for instance, is a recommended light-duty model for landscaping. Its vinyl jacket is not only durable, but also resistant to dirt, dust, and water. Its flexibility eases set up around corners, while its green theme blends well with lawns.

The versatility of the Coleman Cable 02356-05 extension cord makes it perfect for commercial and personal use. During the festive season, for instance, you can use it to set up lighting on your lawn or fountain. It also perfect for lighting up patios, electric lawnmowers, and small outdoor appliances such as electric grills. Coleman Cable 02356-05 comes in many sizes (20, 40, and 80 feet) and comes ready-to-use off the shelf.

What We Like
  • Many sizes (20/40/80 feet)
  • Long-lasting vinyl sheath
  • Resists water, dust, and dirt
  • Recommended for lighting
Our Verdict

Are you setting up outdoor lighting on your lawn? Do you have a small electric grill on your lawn that needs power? Coleman Cable 02356-05 is an excellent remedy. Twenty, 40, and 80-foot version are available online, each with a thick vinyl sheath. It withstands water and dust and is thus a suitable outdoor cord.

8. Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension Cord

(Also Recommended for : Best Cold Weather Extension cord)

Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension Cord

Iron Forge is a sixteen/three, 10-foot extension cord that as well comes in fifteen, twenty, and fifty-foot versions. Really useful for out of doors use, the cable has numerous novel attributes. Its rugged sheath, for example, is flame and water-resistant. Set up outdoors, the occasion it quick-circuiting or compromising the security of the room is low. Furthermore, you should anticipate time spent sensible service caused from cable, in contrast to comparable low-grade ones.

Iron Forge has many functions outdoors. If you’re setting up new lights that want a strategy to obtain energy, this is an appropriate remedy. It may possibly power decorations and / or maybe Christmas lights. When you have an outside grill (electric) for hosting a barbecue, you will benefit from the cable as well. Its UL-listed design helps up to 1625 watts and has a substitution warranty.

What We have a tendency to Like
Replacement warranty
fifteen/twenty/50-foot variations
UL-listed extension cord
Water and mud-resistant

Our Verdict

Iron Forge is acceptable for lighting and powering out of doors home equipment corresponding to grills. It is available in 15/twenty/fifty foot variations, each with a versatile vinyl sheath that is proof against water.

7. GoGreen Power GG-13725 – 16/3 25 SJTW Extension Cord

(Also Recommended for : Best Extension Cord with usb)

GoGreen Power GG-13725

With the majority of manufacturers of extension cords, it is hard to tell now that the cords are stay or not. In the GoGreen Energy GG-13725, however, this is never an issue. Its plug excellent lightened end, which tells whether you’ve gotten energy or not. Thus, instead of gambling with electricity, you’ll be safe in the knowledge when it is able to use thereby prepare it up safely. The twine matches most traditional power shops and is available in twenty five/50/one hundred foot sizes.

Really helpful for outdoor use, you will recieve a long-lasting extension cord that may help you thoroughly long. Its vinyl sheath is immune to moisture. Therefore, they to haul it indoors every time it’s raining to look after it from damage. It is usually proof against UV and abrasion from rocks or you might want to twigs.

What We tend to Like
Lighted ends
Moisture resistant
twenty five/50/one hundred foot sizes
Versatile style

Our Verdict

GoGreen Power GG-13725 is a flexible extension cord give thought to moisture-resistant design. It may face up to abrasion and UV publicity savagely without cracking or breaking. Counting on your decor, you will get twenty five/fifty/one hundred foot variations online.

6. Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension Cord (100 feet)

(Also Recommended for : Best Outdoor Extension Cord for Christmas Lights)


Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension Cord (100 feet)

The one hundred-foot Iron Forge Cable makes lighting outside areas a breeze. Should you prepare dinner open air or suffer an outdoor workshop in your home, you may benefit from one as well. Even though this lengthy-vary mannequin is the most typical, 75 foot, fifty foot, 25-foot, and fifteen-foot models are attainable online. Its three-prong plug excellent ground for security, whereas its rugged sixteen/3 design is persistent for long. Breakages and cracks are scanty when bent. Moreover, the sheath root causes leak-proof seal that forestalls short-circuiting.

The green theme of Iron Forge Cable blends seamlessly with lawns. You’ll be able to lay it across the areas around your home or maybe you are driveway with out it compromising the outlook patients outdoors. Finally, the wire transmits as much as 1250 watts as well as have a different option warranty (restricted) that covers all parts (wire, plug, and sheath).

What We tend to Like
Limited replacement warranty
Powers most applications
UL-licensed 1250W style
Come in multiple sizes

Our Verdict

Iron Forge Cable that is a UL-listed extension cord for lighting the outside and powering gadgets akin to pumps. It is durable, water-resistant, and comes in many sizes for various uses.

5. Woods 984413 25-Foot Extension Cord

Woods 984413 25-Foot Extension Cord

Woods 984413 that can be a 25-foot, 1625-watt (13 amperes) extension cord for powering outside lighting to obtain landscaping applications. Its three-outlet block suits most through energy retailers that some have at home. It is durable and also, mainly because of the versatile vinyl used help make its jacket. The material adds to the longevity from this twine with out compromising its flexibility. It is usually waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and doesn t degrade when absorbed in UV rays.

Woods 984413 comes in 8-foot and 25-foot versions. Each is thick (sixteen-gauge) as well as a grounded outlet that is protected such as customers and equipment. So, it can be used to energy your decorations worry-free. On top of beneficial for charging electrical lawnmowers, firing up electric grills, or powering safety lights.

What We have a tendency to Like
Multiple purposes
Eight and 25-foot variations
Grounded energy outlets
Heavy-duty (16 gauge)
Flexible green jacket

Our Verdict

Woods 984413 is a versatile extension cord (outside) that supports multiple applications. It is ideal for lighting. The eight and twenty five-foot fashions may be produced for powering outdoor gadgets or channelling energy to installations equivalent to patios.

4. Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Extension Cord

Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Extension Cord

Southwire 2588SW0002 turn out to be the all-objective extension cord for gardening, landscaping, powering appliances. It is long (up to a hundred toes) and also have a visual yellow jacket made of heavy-duty vinyl. The material is versatile, which lets people to adopt extension cord round corners. Its non-marking and visual style improves safety. While landscaping, for example, the opportunity running over one and cutting/damaging it is relatively low.

The bolstered blades of Southwire 2588SW0002 last long. They don’t bend nor break simply whereas in use. Also they are efficient and formulated to match most standard electrical outlets, as well as wall plugs everyone has started to at home. Southwire 2588SW0002 that serious-responsibility 12-gauge wire that handles as much as 1875 watts. It carries a lighted finish that tells when its plug has power.

What We tend to Like
Durable vinyl jacket
Lighted electric plug
Handles up to 1875W
Heavy-duty wire (twelve gauge)

Our Verdict

The a hundred or 50o foot type of this UL listed extension cable will help you to well. Its yellow vinyl jacket is seen and durable. It also administers a thick energy cable (12 inches) and UL-listed connectors yield lighted finish that tell when it possesses power.

3. Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension Cord – 12/3 SJTW

Iron Forge Cable

Iron Forge Cable turn out to be the all-purpose extension cord for powering appliances or gardening. It is usually an acceptable mannequin for landscaping or powering Christmas gentle outdoors. What determines this cord special? The abrasion-resistant vinyl used generate its sheath, as an example, stands apart in many ways. It’s less susceptible to cracking or ripping when immersed in UV or dragged on rough surfaces such as gravel. The sheath is waterproof, whereas its twelve-gauge UL-listed cable handles up to 1875 watts.

The feminine end notwithstanding Iron Forge Cable of this reclaimed lumber lighted socket (LED) that tells when it has been power. Whereas establishing an out of doors system, you’ll gamble with energy and compromise safety. Once cables listed, this model comes able to use. There are plenty of box, you can plug it in a power outlet and use it on organic vegetable garden, backyard, or patio situation-free. Order yours today.

What We tend to Like
Lighted (LED) socket
Durable twelve-gauge cable
UL-listed (1875 watts)
Waterproof vinyl sheath

Our Verdict

With Iron Forge Cable, expect a waterproof extension cable that’s effective effectively on lawns and garden. Its lighted plug is convenient. It is also durable and supports as much as 1975W systems.

2. AmazonBasics 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord


AmazonBasics has developed a bunch of the current extension cord. It is available in many sizes, for example, for industrial and private use. Its all copper wire core (sixteen gauge) is efficient, because of the thick vinyl sheath on provide performs many essential roles. 1st, by creating a waterproof seal around the wire, it prevents it brief-circuiting when rained on. The material additionally resistant UV/dust and flexes round corners with out breaking.

AmazonBasics has a visible orange theme that is beneficial outdoors. While walking outdoors at the hours of darkness, the potential risk of tripping since the wire is slim. Its visibility also makes garden-maintenance safer, particularly if using lawnmowers.

What We Like
Comes in many sizes
Rated 1625 watts (13 amps)
Abrasion and moisture-proof
sixteen-gauge copper core

Our Verdict

AmazonBasics makes outdoor lighting a breeze. What’s more adept for powering gadgets with a power rating of up to 1625 watts would a water-proof vinyl sheath. It does not quick-circuit quickly.

1. Woods 02309 16/3 Vinyl Jacket Extension Cord

Woods 02309

Woods 02309 tops our listing possibly the best extension cords of 2021. If you are shopping for one on your Weed Wacker, store vac, or leaf blower, it is a suitable choice. Its size is amazing (up to a hundred toes). Power output is perfect (1250 watts), while its serious-duty vinyl jacket works seamlessly outdoors. Understand that rip nor punctures easily. It also features a waterproof construction, which lowers the potential risk of its wire short-circuiting.

The 16-gauge wire of Woods 02309 withstands day-to-day abuse well. You possibly can bend and flex it on many events, for example, without breaking. It’s also environment friendly (copper) and most definitely has a visual style (orange) that stops tripping in the dark. Lastly, fitted in a water-resistant plug (molded) are three reinforced blades that don’t bend and break easily.

What We tend to Like
Bend proof blades (reinforced)
Waterproof plug and cable
Extremely seen style (orange)
Good power output (1250W)
Heavy-duty vinyl jacket

Our Verdict

Woods 02309 16/three is waterproof, sturdy, and attainable in 50/one hundred-foot lengths. It carries a extremely seen vinyl sheath (orange) that forestalls tripping in the dark. Buy yours today.