10 Best Orthopedic Seat Cushions

Do you have a chronic back of spinal problem that requires special care to prevent flare-ups? Do you have a hectic day job and want to lower the risk of back and spinal problems over the years? Instead of wasting money on the over-rated ergonomic chairs that never deliver on their promises, one of the 10 orthopedic seat cushions reviewed on this list will serve you better. They are comfortable, made of a comfortable memory foam that orients the body naturally, and have stable and well-made designs that fit and work well on all chairs.

10. CareU Coccyx

CareU Coccyx

Designed to support the coccyx and lower back to lower the risk of back and spinal irritation when seated for long, CareU Coccyx is a portable orthopedic seat cushion made of durable memory foam. Unlike ergonomic chairs that cost users a fortune, this accessory is affordable, offers users (both men and women) memorable result, and has a durable and non-slip cover that improves its functionality. Measuring approximately 17.7-inches by 15-inches, this seat is not only large but also distributes pressure evenly to eliminate sciatica pain. It also has a hollow center that minimizes pressure on the lower back and a unique hip cradle that promotes natural spinal alignment. Apart from seats, you can also use this cushion in your vehicle, on an airplane, in the stadium, and all flat surfaces.

9. Desk Jockey Donut

Desk Jockey Donut

With this donut-shaped seat cushion, working for hours behind a desk is no longer as frustrating as it was in the past. Made of a therapeutic grade memory foam, it is comfortable, comforts to the orientation of the body for optimal support, and thus, guarantees a pain-free working and or lounging experience in homes and offices. The material is also durable, lacks the plastic and uncharacteristic chemical smell found in poorly built mattresses, and comes with a removable and washable cover with a non-slip surface that lowers the risk of injuries. Its bottom is also non-slip while the gorgeous travel bag that it comes with eases storage/ transportation.

8. MaxCushion


Recommended for use in homes, offices, trucks, and even cars, MaxCushion is a versatile orthopedic seat cushion that orients the body well to offer all day back, coccyx, and sciatica relief. It has a striking black theme. Its non-slip bottom grips chairs and seats well for added comfort while its new orthopedic design has multiple relief and balance points that improve its functionality. You also get a premium memory foam that does not crumble nor lose its shape over time, a removable and washable non-slip fabric cover, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee from its manufacturer.

7. Kenley Silicone Gel

Kenley Silicone Gel

Perfect for office workers, drivers, and individuals with medical conditions such as sciatica and coccyx sacrum pain, this orthopedic cushion by Kenley is a premium accessory made of high-quality silicone gel. Unlike standard foam that crumbles and or loses its shape after weeks of abuse, this material lasts long. It is also comfortable, conforms to the orientation of the body for optimal stability, and has a lightweight and compact design that you can carry along to the stadium, to your office, and or an airplane. Other features that have earned it a spot in top 10 best orthopedic seat cushions in 2019 reviews are its cooling effect and its breathable and washable cover.

6. Pijio Coccyx

Pijio Coccyx

Designed with the user’s optimal stability and comfort in mind, Pijio Coccyx is a valuable seat cushion with a comfortable and orthopedic design that supports the back, spine, and tailbone and relieves associated with medical conditions such as sciatica nerve damage. It is affordable, has a striking navy blue theme, and has a wide and comfortable design that transforms hard office chairs, wheelchairs, and scooter seats into comfortable and well supportive ones. It is also portable, treats piriformis, fibromyalgia, and degenerative disk diseases such as spinal stenosis, and has a stable and non-slip bottom that boosts its value further. Pijio has a 100% money back guarantee.

5. Seat Solution

Seat Solution

Featuring a wedge-shaped body that tilts and orients the body to assume the proper S shape, Seat Solution is a durable orthopedic cushion with a classic U-shaped cutaway that relieves pressure from the tailbone to lower the risk of back pain. The 100% polyurethane foam use to manufacture it is skin-safe, while its faux leather and micro-suede cover is durable, removable, and has an aesthetic and non-slip surface that you will enjoy using indoors and outdoors. You also get a built-in handle for easy transportation, a light two-pound design that will never weigh you down in transit, and a wide 12-inch by 10-inch by 4-inch (W x D X H) that works well on various seats.

4. KALL Care


Purchase this seat cushion by KALL Care to get a durable accessory with a comfortable and patented orthopedic design that works well in many types of seats and chairs. The memory foam used to make it is durable. Its cover is breathable, removable, and washable while its ability to sooth numbness and back pain and distributes weight evenly to improve posture has earned it global acclaim by individuals and health experts alike. For those with serious medical conditions, KALL Care is doctor approved, has a light and easy-to-transport design, and comes backed by a limited 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

3. EverRelief Super Comfy

EverRelief Super Comfy

As its name suggests, Super Comfy by EverRelief is a comfortable orthopedic seat cushion with a soft and non-slip design that benefits office workers and individuals with back and coccyx problems. The non-flattening high-density memory foam used to make it lasts long. It also absorbs and distributes pressure well to minimize nerve and ligament damage and orients the body naturally for optimal support and productivity in office environments. Order a new one to get a cheap and ready to use seat cushion with a 100% money back guarantee.

2. Brimma Coccyx

Brimma Coccyx

Brimma Coccyx is a wheelchair, stadium, office chair, and airplane-safe memory foam cushion with a light and comfortable design that supports the tailbone and coccyx well. It is durable, has a comfortable U-shaped design that supports the hip bones and back well, and has an ergonomic design that lowers sciatic nerve damage and manages chronic conditions such as prostatitis, herniated disk, and piriformis syndrome. As most high-end models, you also get a removable and machine-washable cover and a lifetime guarantee.

1. Sunrise Pro

Sunrise Pro

Topping our list, Sunrise Pro is a premium pressure relieving seat cushion made of high-density memory foam. It alleviates back pain well. It also supports and soothes the coccyx tailbone to lower the risk of back and spinal injuries, and has a posture-improving design that comes backed by a 100% unconditional warranty. Buy an original one to get a free machine washable seat cover and a carrying bag.

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