10 Best Gaming Chairs For PC & Console Gamers of 2019

10 Best Gaming Chairs For PC & Console Gamers of 2019

Best Gaming Chair for Racing and PC Gamers

Take your game to the next level with one of our top picks for the best gaming chairs in 2019. These models are the most comfortable and versatile gaming chairs you will come across all year.

You can counteract the fatigue you feel during those long gaming sessions, get even better results in every race and finally beat that top score on your favourite arcade game. The following review includes seats and chairs from the best companies like the popular DXRacer, GT Omega, Merax, X-Rocker and Mophorn. Depending on your preference, you will find the perfect seat for gaming, right here at Top9Rated.


Formula Series Racer Gaming Chair by DXRacer

best overall ratingBest Gaming Chair for Racing and PC Gamers

Our Review

If you want to be able to race in style, you will be very excited to read about our experience with the top of the line Formula Series Gaming Chair by DXRacer. This comfy seat is designed with gaming ergonomics in mind, featuring special back, arm and wrist padding, perfect for those long drives. The material of the seat is a patented race car mesh, a highly breathable material that will keep out any bad odours.

You can adjust the backrest to a suitable positioning for your height and table set up, and the size of the back rest itself has got some extra height on it to provide that much needed lumbar and spinal support. Even with your back firmly against this chair it still feels really comfortable, because the cushioning is firm enough to give you support but not too firm that it might start to dig into your back.

This product is great for another reason too it comes with two free pillows that you can place behind your back or behind your head to make the experience even softer and comfier. Each of the five legs on the base of the chair has a footrest that feature the latest nylon construction from DXRacer, and because nylon is so tough you can be sure that the foot rests wont be wearing out any time soon no matter how much you race! This product can only be ordered in black, or red and black, so the flashier gamers might find this chair a little bit plain.

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Adjustable backrest
This chair has an immediate appeal to it, because it really does look the part of a professional racing seat. The design as well as the materials used are top quality, and this leads us to believe that it truly is the best gaming chair out there.

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By DX Racer

GT Omega Pro Racing Gaming Chair

premium choice ratingGT Omega Pro Gaming Chair

Our Review

Another top quality racing gaming chair is the Pro Gaming Chair by GT Omega, made from black aluminium and covered in two-tone synthetic leather. This model has a great 85 160 degree of angle adjustment for you to find the sweet spot youre looking for, and it is a tilt-locking mechanism so you will feel it click firmly into place when you reach the next setting. You can also adjust the height of the armrests as well as rotate their angles to get the best forearm support too.

The Pro Gaming Chair by GT Omega is designed orthopedically and ergonomically, for example the deep sided back that essentially widens the comfort and efficiency of the chair each time you sit down. The overall height adjustment mechanism for the chair is powered by a gas spring cylinder that is easy to operate; it only takes a couple of seconds to flip down the lever and get to the right height.

In terms of comfort GT Omega provide you with good shoulder padding as well as specific lumbar support around the spinal region, but they also throw in two extra cushions as well. You can position these around your neck and lower back for extra padding. This unit can handle up to 120 kilograms of weight at a time, and it weighs a hefty 22kg in total.

  • Great orthopaedic
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extra pillows
GT Omegas Pro Gaming Chair has great support for lower back and shoulders, which are very common places of stress for gamers. The adjustment mechanisms are nice and firm, so they do feel secure when you get them into place and clamp them down.

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By GT Omega Racing

AK-5015 Gaming Chair from Akracing

great value ratingAkracing AK-5015 Nitro Ergonomic Series Racing Gaming Chair

Our Review

You want to be able to lay back at some point and relax a little after a few games, and the AK-5015 Gaming Chair allows you to do just that with a 180 degree tilting back rest. The strong metal frame of this rig can handle a huge 180 kilograms of weight (396 pounds), so wed recommend this as a top pick for the tough guys and girls who need a little extra support. You can use this for a power nap or even just to get comfy while you watch your favourite series this chair is not only for intensive gaming, its also adjustable for the lazy days.

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The armrests can be adjusted for optimal height and angle to counteract one of the most common mistakes for gamers overextending the arms! You wont need to overextend your arms when sitting in an AK-5015 Gaming Chair because you can set it all up before hand, or even adjust it on the fly between games. In terms of style this chair is really great because it will fit with just about any dcor depending on which colour you take. It can be ordered in a large range of colour combinations, including: black and blue, black and green, black and red, black and white, white and blue, as well as white and red.

  • Highly adjustable
  • Lots of colours to choose from
  • Large weight capacity
This is a safe and sturdy-made chair that will feel solid underneath you. You wont have that sinking feeling you get from the old foam couch, and your posture will never be better. We think that this model makes a great addition to any games room or living room.

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By 4GamerGear

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal Wireless Gaming Seat

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Wireless Gaming Seat

Our Review

Next up we have a very interesting Pro Gaming Chair by Ace Bayou that has features which would rival the Starship Enterprise. Lets get the standard features out of the way it has comfortable PU leather upholstery, an adjustable padded seat back, and gun stock style armrests that look and feel pretty solid even when they are adjusted for tilt or height. The special features on this model are far more interesting, however, because it has wireless interfaces, RCA audio inputs, a 2.1 surround sound system that utilises the new Audio Force Modulation Technology by Ace Bayou.

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This means that you can link up your PC to your chair and quite literally have your mind blown by stereo and bass coming right from the backrest itself. You could link up your audio to wireless headphones too if you needed to, or receive audio from another wireless device that is transmitting within range. This gives you the option to experience gaming like never before, and it will really draw you in to the game world youre playing in. RCA cables are included with your purchase in case you do not have any lying around. This awesome chair comes in two colours black, or black with platinum accents!


  • Compatibility with wireless devices
  • Built-in 2.1 surround sound
The 51396 X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair by Ace Bayou has absolutely great integration of modern technology and sound system capabilities. This will be a chair that gives you so much more than a soft place to sit it will transform your gaming experience into a truly engaging one.

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By X Rocker

Belleze Racing Style Gamer Recliner Chair

Merax High-back Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

Our Review

Yet another Racing Style chair hits our list, this time from Belleze. Our first impression of this gaming chair was that it is quite good looking, and ticks most of the boxes for what makes an ergonomic gaming chair. The five castor wheel design provides good stability for this unit while youre sitting on it, and the 360-degree swivel allows you to glide across the floor with ease. This is one of the best gaming chairs and is covered in a tightly meshed PU leather, covering plump and comfortable padding that makes you feel like youre sitting on a cloud. The arms, seat and backrest are all padded for when you lean back and kick off your shoes for some games, and trust us when we say you wont want to get out of it anytime soon.

The Belleze High Back Chair is also a great option for all ages and heights, because it can be adjusted with the pneumatic seat height adjustment. The size of the seat itself is 20 inches by 20 inches (50cm x 50 cm), and the back measures 28 inches (70 cm), with a height adjustment of between 18 and 21 inches (45 53 cm). This gaming chair would be perfect for a solo play unit in your bedroom, or something for the games room that will add a little comfort to the entertainment. Bear in mind that this chair can take a maximum of 300 pounds of weight (136 kg), so be sure to allow only one person at a time no sitting on laps with this one, regrettably!

  • Nicely padded
  • High quality PU leather
This model can be ordered in a total of four colours which all have a base of black, including full black, blue accented, red accented, and yellow accented. An excellent choice for anyone looking for the perfect stool

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By Merax

Merax Fantasy Pink Racing Gaming Chair for Girls

Merax Fantasy Series Racing Style Girls Pink Leather Gaming Chair

Our Review

We move along to the Merax Fantasy Series high back racing gaming chair, which has a classic race car design with all the bells and whistles weve come to love about gaming chairs. The frame is made from a strong aluminium core and the upper is covered in PU leather for a professional finish. Along the back of the chair you will find a rectangular pillow that you can slide up and down to use as a bit of lumbar support or a neck pillow. If you get tired after a few rounds of intense Xbox gaming, all you have to do is flip the reclining switch and get up to 180 degrees of movement.

This angle is perfectly flat, so you really could lie back and have a quick snooze on your very much comfortable office chair! The reclining mechanism locks in place when youve found your preferred angle, which is great to keep the chair from clicking in to another angle by mistake.

The armrests are designed for a bit of customization too, as you have the freedom to change their height and tilt whenever you like. In terms of looks the Merax Fantasy Series is right up on the top of the ranks, it really does appeal to the eye and we can imagine it in just about any games room, study or bedroom setting. This model is currently available in lots of colours including blue, black, green, orange, pink, red, silver, and white.

  • Ticks all the boxes for comfort
  • Good range of colours
This is a well-designed model that has a clean finish and classic look. We love the fact that it can recline to a flat 180-degrees for taking a nap or reading, and being able to order this product in eight dynamic colours is just another great plus.

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By Merax

BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

Our Review

This laid back chair is great for those chilled guys nights when youre playing the latest FIFA release. The BirdRock gaming chair is a floor chair that allows you the simplicity of sitting on the floor, but provides you with great cushioning and back support to make it a comfortable experience. The inner of this chair is made from memory foam, so you know it will keep its shape even after hours of use. This chair is covered in a soft plush fabric to give it a beautiful and luxuries feel.

Your BedRock gaming chair gives you the ability to find the perfect sitting position, as the chair has 14 different adjustable positions. You will feel relaxed while you are playing your favourite game, or practicing for the next games night. This chair only weights 10,5 pounds and has the dimensions of 41.25 inches by 21.25 inches by 6 inches, so it will be able to fit in any lounge without needing to rearrange all the furniture. When you are not playing on the console or not needing the chair, it can easily be stored out of the way because it folds up.

Your family will be happy to let you bring this chair into the living room because you can pick one of 8 colours that will best suit the colour scheme of the room. You can choose from blue, brown, eggplant, grey, lime, orange, pink or even purple.

  • Allows you to lie down
  • Comfortable back and neck rest
  • Made from memory foam
This simple but effective design takes on the beanbag design of sitting closer to the ground and adds some much needed support into the mix. This chair allows you to relax by lying on the floor, but at the same time keep your spine and neck from taking too much strain. Consider buying a couple of these for your games room, because all the guys are going to want to join you.

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By BirdRock Home

N Seat Pro 300 Racer Style Black PC Gaming Chair

N Seat Pro 300 Series NS-PRO300 Office Gaming Ergonomic Seat

Our Review

The N Seat Pro 300 Gaming chair will get your heart racing and make you feel as if you are part of your game. The designers of this chair has taken so much time and effort in making sure every detail is right. This chair has clean and seductive lines that will make you look and feel like you are sitting on a race car chair. The chair has an ergonomic design, and is light weight but made with maximum stability. You will get great comfort out of this chair thanks to its adjustable height gas hydraulic unit.

This unit can support up to 120Kg or 270 pounds. It wont matter how tall you are or how height your desk is; this chair will be able to meet your needs. You will be amazed with the comfort you get out of this chairs armrests that are made from a thick padded synthetic and a high quality PU leather. The N seat pro is also equipped with a 360-degree rotation.

Being made from synthetic PU and PVC leather you will find it easy to clean after you have forgotten that your cup of tea is next to you, and you just had to race around a sharp bend. The N Seat Pro 300 has 5 nylon twin wheels that have all been coated in order to protect your floor from scratches. To top it off each wheel comes with their very own rims, to help set the best atmosphere before you start your race. When you order this chair make sure to pick the best colour for you: black, blue, green, red or white.

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Nylon coated wheels
  • Thick PU leather upholstery
We chose the N Seat Pro 300 Gaming Chair because it has expert mechanical construction, including hydraulic gas lifting to change the height.

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By N Seat

X Rocker 0717901 Triple Ottoman Sound Chair with Arms

X Rocker 0717901 Triple Flip 2.1 Storage Ottoman Sound Chair with Arms

Our Review

The X Rocker is a must have for any home. This chair is not only perfect for playing your favourite game but will also add that extra something special to a movie night. It has two built in bluetooth speakers and a subwoofer in order to provide you with a 2.1 sound immersion experience. This will make you feel like you are part of the action, whether you are streaming series or watching your favourite movie. You will also be able to play music from any source and hear it in the comfort of your gaming chair.

The X Rocker comes with a handy under-seat storage, so you will be able to quickly and easily pack away your controllers after a long night of gaming. It also has a fold down seat back for a footrest, so you can recline comfortably while you are playing a more laid back game, an essential to any gamers den! On the side of the chair you will find a sleek side panel that controls the power, volume and your input/output jacks. No need for messy cables around the chair, it is all there waiting for you in the side panel. When you buy the X Rocker you will be provided with cables that will allow you to connect to other gaming chairs. Your multi-player experience will be taken to a whole new level.

Why we liked it: being one of only two sound-capable chairs on our list it is an obvious benefit that the X Rocker has some rare capabilities that other gaming chairs just simply wont give you. There is also under-seat storage which other models could only dream of providing, and this even gives the X Rocker some extra stability.


  • Great sound system built in
  • Storage compartment under seat
  • Solid construction
If you have the perfect place to put a gaming chair that you never want to get rid of, do yourself a favour and buy the X Rocker right now! Itll become a great asset to your household.

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By X Rocker

Mophorn Reclining Racing Gaming Chair With Footrest

Mophorn High Back Reclining Chair

Our Review

This racing recliner gaming chair by Mophorn gives a whole new face to the standard five-wheel desk chair. When you buy this gaming chair you get a piece of furniture that not only fits nicely into your home office but can still meet all of your gaming needs.

This gaming chair is designed to look like a genuine race car seat and will help you feel like you are sitting in your very own race car. It comes with a very unique feature that none of the other five-wheeled chairs do – an adjustable leg support. You can pull this leg rest out to help relax your legs in-between races, or folded away so that you can work, study or finish off that last game.

The castors on the wheels are very well designed too, and they allow for a full 360 degrees of movement. Time disappears fast when you are gaming, and this chair by Mophorn makes sure that your spine and neck are well supported. Its high backrest is designed to ensure proper alignment of the spine at all times, which leaves you at less risk of discomfort or injury. You can adjust the height of the chair with the 100mm gas lift, just make sure that you lift your weight off the chair before making an adjustment for more height. You can only order this chair in black and red, but thats a minor con to this otherwise awesome product.

  • Well-priced
  • Great item for gamers on a budget
This is a great budget option for the average gamer that needs a little upgrade to their gaming rig. While it doesnt have built in audio it does give you everything youll need to be happy and comfortable for hours on end while you game, watch movies or simply surf the web.

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Guide to Buying the Best Gaming Chair

If you still cant decide which gaming chair is best for you, there are some important questions that you might want to consider. Some things you might be wondering at this stage are why does a stainless steel chair cost more than an aluminium frame one?, do I really need a sound system in my chair? and will my performance in game get any better?. Below weve covered some of the most frequently asked questions about the best gaming chairs, just for your convenience.

What benefits do gaming chairs have over other chairs?

You might be wondering what the point of buying a gaming chair is. Why bother spending all that money if a regular chair could do just the same thing? Well, honestly, the two are worlds apart in every way that counts. Your average dining chair doesnt have built in surround sound and 14 angles of adjustment for your back, and these are only some of the finer points that make gaming chairs far more suitable for this purpose.

Support where it matters most designing a chair that gives you a good support for your back is standard, but what about other areas that experience fatigue from long periods of use? The wrists, feet and shoulders all take more strain for gamers because their bodies are active and reactive to the game theyre involved in. If youre playing the bestfirst-person shooter (FPS) you will need more wrist support because your hands are doing most of the work. If you like to race cars you might want foot pedals or at least leg rests that will give you some more support when youre driving. Gaming chairs provide this support and allow you to focus your attention on the task at hand.

Built-in gadgets audio compatibility is a feature that well be discussing a lot, because it is an innovation that gaming chairs have capitalised on for a long time. Along with this you will find chairs that can connect to wireless devices to receive or send audio signals, like wireless headphones or a cell phone playing music. Nothing is nicer than being able to sit down and watch a film, and have the audio crisp and clear right at your ears.

Adjustable for different angles the best chairs will not only provide support to you where they think you need it; they will also allow you to change the angle of the back rest to give you the perfect posture at all times. One of our items, the Birdrock Gaming Chair, has up to 14 different positions that you can adjust while on the floor!

What types of gaming chairs are there?

Weve found that there are generally four types of gaming chair that are on the market today. While some chairs will have different features from others, they can essentially be summed up into these groups:

The generic office style chair: we have chosen not to include any plain office style comfort chairs in our list mainly because they arent that exciting, but there are many gaming chairs that follow the classic office chair style. These chairs will have good back support, static arm rests and rolling castors that you can spin around on. In general, these office-style chairs would work well for basic or cheap alternatives to a real gaming chair.

The professional racer: a lot of the items on our list are racer style chairs, styled after real professional racing equipment. Racer style gaming chairs have flanges that stick out near the shoulders, wider and deeper lumbar regions for comfortable fit, and they are commonly found in solid colours or two tone colour schemes.

The relaxing recliner: these models dont just have a reclining option; they have footrests or leg rests that expand from the bottom of the chair too. These chairs are great for watching movies, taking a rest, or doing some casual gaming from time to time. These units are usually not on wheels, and feature a single solid base. The one benefit of not being on wheels is that youre not at all likely to fall over if you lean too far in one direction, but it does mean that youre going to have to find a semi-permanent home for your chair too. If space is an option, a recliner might not be the best choice for you.

The home theatre system: we call the 2.1 speaker system chairs the home theatre system models because they are absolutely second to none in overall entertainment. They are usually a little pricier because of the extra tech they have thrown in, including wireless or infrared compatibility with headsets, cell phones and laptops. In fact, the two audio-enabled items on our list also happen to be recliners too, so you can be sure that they deliver a good solid experience from top to bottom.

If you need any more convincing on why you should upgrade from that dull lawn chair, take a look at PC Gamer’s guide to gaming chairs:

Whichever gaming chair you choose you can be sure that it will be a worthy upgrade from using an old desk chair, or dinner chair, that leave your rear end hurting only an hour or so into your gaming session. We guarantee that you will never look back once you sit down and experience a game from the comfort of a proper gaming chair.

Can gaming chairs improve your gameplay?

You can probably remember a time right now when your back ached and your rear end started to fall asleep, but you just kept playing through the pain because the game was just too good to leave it be, no matter how bad you proceeded to play. Gameplay is not always about the game mechanics or how well the developers have arranged the hit-boxes for first person shooters were looking at you, Call of Duty it can often come down to your immediate environment. Your interaction with the T.V. screen or PC monitor can be put off by the smallest annoyances, and a huge part of that is just not having the correct seat in the first place. You shouldnt have to worry about that anymore. Here are a couple of ways that the right gaming chair can improve your gameplay:

Comfort being at ease when you play a game will definitely improve how well you play. Having a tense body or a really uncomfortable chair will make you fuss with changing your position far too often, and distract you from what really matters winning your match. Most chairs will specifically target areas of the body where gamers experience the most fatigue, such as the back, neck, forearms and wrists. You can also find deals that will include extra pillows for the neck and lower back, and this will give you even more comfort. Just remember that you will still have to get up to go to the bathroom, no matter how comfy you feel in that seat.

Immersion there is nothing worse than getting in to an intense battle or exploring new worlds, only to have to pause and figure out whats digging into your back from the couch. Especially when it comes to racing games (as many of our top picks are racing related), feeling like youre really in the seat of a Lamborghini will give you that extra boost of confidence that you need to cross the finish line first. Eliminating the possibility of being taken out of the game world will keep you immersed for longer, making your gaming sessions the best they have ever been.

Feedback particularly audio-based feedback, as two of the chairs on our list have 2.1 stereo sound systems built in to their back rests. The feedback that a bit of bass and treble travelling through your chair can cause is actually quite noticeable, not to mention helpful. Situational awareness can increase your performance at the best of times by a large margin if the sound is coming from your immediate environment rather than right inside your ears as it does with headphones. Being able to tell if an enemy is sneaking up on you from the right or left side is a distinction you dont want to miss, and the side speakers on a gaming chair will make sure you dont miss a trick. If you want to really dive into your game head first, this would be the way to do it.

If you think that these arent the reasons you arent getting any better at your game, there are several other things you can do. A rather obvious option is to have a look at YouTube and try to find a game strategy guide that might help you to complete the task youre having trouble with. Forums and blogs also cover a wide range of gameplay for story driven games, so there is some value in taking a look at popular gaming wikis or game bloggers. If youre trying to get better at a game like FIFA or DotA 2 however, practice will always mean the most for your performance. There is no substitute for learning the game mechanics and getting better at using them by doing the hard work. Roll up those sleeves and get back to practicing your micros.


What features should I look for in a Gaming Chair?

One of the biggest questions is what makes one gaming chair any better than another, and this can come down to a number of factors. The big one, in our opinion, is the quality of the materials used to make the chair in the first place. Quality materials are always a salient point in buying a pricy piece of furniture, and gaming chairs are no different. Here are three basic areas that each of them will have:


The frame:

  • Aluminium this metal is light, strong, and it is slightly cheaper than steel. This will be the industry standard for gaming chair frames, because it is cost effective and works just as well as steel for medium loads.
  • Stainless Steel steel is much heavier and stronger, although slightly more expensive than aluminium. This material can support much more weight, being a great option for adults and larger individuals.


The padding:

  • Classic Foam acceptable for most uses, can be comfortable when layered properly. this is standard issue with all chairs unless stated otherwise, and usually performs its function without too much of a problem.
  • Memory Foam this is a great material to look out for, because it has a more balanced firmness and it also moulds to your body. This means that youre getting exactly the type of support you need, in the shape of your body!


The upholstery:

  • Nylon mesh this is a very tough plastic composite that is usually used on the footrests of gaming chairs. It is lightweight and doesnt fray easily, and so it makes for a very useful material.
  • PU leather this is synthetic leather, so it isnt the real deal, but the benefits of PU leather are obvious. It is cheaper to maintain and produce, and it is also a more environmentally friendly product.
  • Breathable material the chances are that youll be spending a lot of time in one of these chairs, and you will want the seats to be made of a material that will wipe down easily and not take on too many other smells. Over time other fabrics will absorb smells such as smoke or foul odours and youll have to end up sending them in for a proper expensive cleaning.

Further than the materials, gaming chairs will give you an advantage over straight backed chairs because they do not force your back out of place or cause you any excess strain. The next two major points to consider are the mechanics or design of the chair itself, and a special audio feature that might just take the cake as the coolest feature of them all.

Ergonomic Design the design of the chair is the primary concern, especially when it will be used every day. Look for products which specifically use the word ergonomic, because this means the chair is made for comfort and efficiency. The designers will go out of their way to add padding in places that experience constant movement or leaning, and this will go a long way to reducing the amount of discomfort you feel after a while of sitting down. Ergonomics can also be affected by the materials, for example a heavy 20+ kilogram frame might help to reduce unwanted movement if the chair is on wheels, but it would also be a little unwieldy to move around. Find a chair that suits your ergonomic needs and you cant go wrong.

High back as an extension to ergonomics, we need to talk about posture and back support. Posture is a very important part of healthy gaming, and one that we seem to get wrong a lot of the time. Instead of sitting on your couch and having to lean forward to find that sweet spot between relaxing and concentration, purchase a high-back chair which will give you both. You will be supporting your lower back, or lumbar region as it is known, and also your neck. This can keep you playing for longer, and save your body from unnecessary stress.

Speakers this plays in to the feedback and immersion that we mentioned earlier. It is great to have speakers that give you crystal clear sound, so that you will hear when the crowd cheers behind you as you score that winning goal, or shift over to block an upcoming rival racer when you hear them pulling up to you on your right hand side. These chairs will require power, so they do end up taking an extra plug as well as floor space for the required cords, but this is a small price to pay for the benefits you get out of the deal.

Wheels you should consider if you want the chair to be able to move around the room, or just remain stationary. Most wheeled chairs have a five-point castor system, which is the standard office style arrangement. These chairs will move over smooth surfaces with ease, but they are as prone to falling over as any chair on wheels. If you want a safer alternative you can buy a recliner chair that rests directly on the floor, leaving no chance for you to fall over or slip on a banana peel.

Above all, you should be looking for a gaming chair that feels great for you, and you might want to try a few out before making a solid choice about which model suits you the best. You are sure to find something that suits you, and unlocks your potential to be the gamer you were born to be. If you liked this article why not check out our other gaming product reviews, give it a like, and share it with someone special?

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