Top Best POV Action Helmet Cameras in 2017 for Beginners and Professionals

If you want to record any of your favorite outdoor activities, you can buy the best POV helmet camera nowadays. This camera can be used to support any of your favorite activities, such as biking, cycling, skateboarding, and any of your daily sports or exercises. Before you decide to buy the best camera for yourself, you can look at these top 10 best POV action helmet cameras in 2017 reviews. Many people write good reviews about any of these popular POV cameras. These cameras can bring some useful advantages for all customers.

10. Coleman Conquest2 Helmet Camera

This camera allows you to create recorded video easily. There are some useful features that you can enjoy from this device. This camera has 145 degree ultra wide angle lens, so you can feel comfortable with the image quality from this device. It is able to help you record 1080p full HD video quality. This feature is recommended for all people who want to record their daily activities. It also has built-in Wi-Fi technology, so you can share or upload your video to your computer or social media accounts easily.

9. Flylinktech SO60 HD Sport Camera

This is another recommended sport camera that you can use everyday. This camera has large LCD screen that is bigger than 1.5 inches camera. When you use this sport camera, you are able to use its full HD camera that comes with 12 MP resolution. As the result, you are able to get fantastic image quality from this POV camera. You should be able to use this camera for any of your favorite sport activities, such as skydiving, climbing, running, and any other sport activities. This camera is made from water resistant materials that are durable for a long time.

8. AEE Technology S70 S70AEE

Are you on the market for a premium POV action helmet that you can use to record your triumphs when exploring the outdoors? To get the best in this niche, AEE Technology S70 S70AEE is a valuable 10x digital camera with a durable, waterproof and dustproof body, an aesthetic black theme, and a large 2-inch LCD screen for customizing its functionality and reviewing videos before sharing. Offering up to eight unique HD recording options, that versatility of this digital camera is like no other.

The high-resolution (16MP) photos that it captures are professional-grade while its super slow motion recording features (120 frames per second (fps) at 720p) is impressive, particularly to those that want to introduce an artistic touch to their videos. This camera is affordable and has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter for synchronizing data with smartphones or backing data to the cloud.

7. Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200VR

Offering the value that most surfers, hiker, and outdoor enthusiasts in general crave, Sony HDR-AS200VR is a professional-grade action camera with a waterproof and shockproof construction that lasts long. It is affordable, shoots stunning videos and photographs, and has a powerful suction cup mount that secures it snug to several types of helmets for a hands-free photography and videography experience.

It has a powerful built-in Wi-Fi adapter for synchronizing data, a large 64GB memory card that offers sufficient storage space for videos and photos, and a powerful optical zoom lens that captures clear panoramic shots in all environments. In addition to this shock and dustproof camera, you also get two form-fitting helmets, a remote control, a high capacity battery pack, and a comfortable sling backpack for storage and transportation of all offers accessories.

6. Kodak PixPro SP1

Recommended for hobbyists and professionals, Kodak PixPro SP1 is an ultra-versatile video action camera and camcorder combo with a rugged body that resists scratches and bumps. Perfect for covering water sports, it is also water-resistant and has a powerful optical zoom lens that works well in all environments (both low and high light). The 32GB storage space offered is impressive for its price.

The powerful suction cup that it comes with eases installation on several types of helmets, while the rechargeable battery pack that it comes with keeps it well powered for long, for an enjoyable experience. Pricing is decent. The carrying case that it comes with has a plush and well-padded interior that prevents damage while the plethora of third party accessories that it comes with (adjustable tripod, wrist mount, and sports pack, for instance) boost its versatility.

5. Anart SPC-01-M Waterproof Helmet Camera

This is another high quality camera that you can buy from the market .This camera can deliver up to 12 MP image quality. This technology is very useful to ensure the overall quality of this helmet camera. It can be a perfect camera for any outdoor sports and many other exercises. This device also comes with complete accessories and also mounting tools, so you can install this helmet camera on top of your helmet easily. All accessories are protected by shockproof case that can help you maintain the quality of your items.

4. GeekPro Sports Camera Bundle

There are some good accessories that are included in this bundle. The main camera that is offered by this bundle has about perfect full HD image quality. Its 12 megapixel resolution can improve the overall quality of this reliable camera. It has 140 inches wide angle fisheye lens, in order to deliver high quality and also clear images. It is able to shoot up to 1080p video resolution. This camera is very well-known for its lightweight design. Therefore, you don’t need to feel tired when you wear this POV camera everyday.

3. Midland XTC260VP3 High Definition Wearable Action Camera

There are some good features that you can find from this action camera. This camera has high resolution that can reach up to 1280 x 720. This resolution is very useful to ensure the overall image and video quality from this device. It has simple one switch operation button. Therefore, you should be able to start getting all benefits from this POV camera now. This device only weighs for less than 3 ounces. It means that you can install this camera on top of your helmet easily. There are 2 mounts that are available in this device.

2. Jakks Pacific Action Shot POV Camera

You will be impressed with the quality of this POV camera. When you buy this bundle, you are going to get several useful accessories, including HD video camera, case, memory card, mounting tools, and any other accessories. This camera is able to deliver up to 1280 x 720p resolution. It means that you can deliver crisp and clear video look, so you can record your favorite activities easily. This device also comes with waterproof case, in order to protect the overall quality of this camera.

1. Stealth 2 Sports POV Camera


There are some good features that you should enjoy from this POV camera. This camera has full HD 1080p resolution, so you can feel comfortable with the recording feature from this device. This POV camera has 137 degrees lens that can provide accurate result for all customers. Its battery is able to last for up to 3 hours without having any problems. Therefore, you should be able to wear this POV camera at anytime you want now. This device is protected by its 12 months warranty.


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