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Top 5 Electric Nail Drill in 2017 Reviews

Electric nail drill have become very common nowadays. People use them to file their nails accurately without damaging them. They are basically electric nail filers that are used for filing, cleaning, shortening, buffing and back-filling nails. They will save you a considerable amount of time as opposed to using hand filing. You will also get better results when using the electric nail drill. With so many varieties to choose from in the market, it can be a difficult task to choose the right nail drills for your needs. Here are top 5 electric nail drill in 2017 reviews to make your search easier.

1. Vogue Professional My Manicurist Electric Nail Drill Kit

This is a powerful and lightweight electric nail drill that is perfect for home use, beauty student and beauty salon. It has exclusive features that make it outstanding as compared to other nail drills that are available in the market. It is manufactured by a reputable and well established company, so you can expect the best results when using it. It comes with a 12 months warranty.

2. Ben-air Professional Finger Toe Nail Care Electric Nail Drill

Not only is this powerful electric nail drill ideal for home use, but it can also be used in a professional environment. It features 6 different chrome plated attachments that are designed to be used for nail care. You can easily adjust the speed of this machine depending on how you want to use it. If you are a beginner, you will not have any trouble using it because it comes with full instructions in English.

3. AGPtek Green Electric Manicure Pedicure Machine

This electric nail drill is designed for carving, engraving, grinding, routing, sharpening, polishing, sanding and more. It works as expected and will give you value for your money. It features a great size and is very easy to manage. It is double insulated to make it more durable. It is suitable for both professional and home use.

4. Lady Icon 20,000 RPM Electric Drill Nail Set Kit

If you are looking for an electric nail drill that provides maximum strength and speed, you need to buy this Lady Icon 20,000 RPM. It features a lightweight handle that eliminates stress on the forearm or wrist when you are using it. It operates quietly and smoothly without any vibrations. Another notable feature that it comes with is the easy-to-use dialing speed control.

5. SainStyle DR-288 Electric Nail Drill

This is what you need to buy if you are looking for the best electric nail drill to use in beauty salons, spas or for personal use at home. It is equipped with an On/Off switch foot that is very easy to operate. It is very light to allow for comfortable grip as well as ease of use. It will get the job done with very little or no effort. It is also very affordable compared to other nail drills in its class.

If you are just starting to use nail drills, you will never go wrong with the above-mentioned electric nail drills. They will give you good practice for pedicures and cleaning of nail surface. They are powerful machines that work at very high speeds, so they will get the work done in a very short duration.

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