Top 5 Best Safety Razor Blades in 2017 Reviews

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Top 5 Best Safety Razor Blades in 2017 Reviews

Maybe you just want to buy a safety razor simply because you heard it said that it deliver a close shave. If you were still in doubts, then it is true. A good quality safety razor blade is the best stuff you can use instead of subjecting your face to miseries and painful cuts. A safety razor blade is the best way you can eliminate skin irritation commonly experienced by people with sensitive skins. Moreover, using a safety razor to shave takes the least time possible than using a straight razor. Another advantage with a safety razor is that it is the cheapest way to shave in the long term. Safety razors come with smooth handles that make shaving both enjoyable and interesting. Now you know the healthy benefits of using a safety razor. Below are the top 5 best safety razor blades you can find on the market.

1. Persona Double Edged Best Safety Razor Blades

What’s unique about this razor is that it works pretty well even more than most of the expensive blades you can get on the market. It feels great and provides a fantastic shave every time you use. It is also durable, sharp and provides consistent results. It is recommended by most renowned barbers around the world. It works pretty well for all skin types and does not leave any bumps whatsoever. It could be one of your favorite shaving razors.

2. Astra Platinum Double Edged Best Safety Razor Blades

Each of the 5 individual blades in this razor comes when wrapped in wax paper. If you want a smooth baby face, then this is the right razor for you. You can comfortably use this razor for a wet shave. Of all the blades you can find on the market, this razor remains great. Get a clean shave with this brand. It comes with superior quality.

3. Feather 10 Razor Blades New Hi-Stainless Steel Double Edge

This is an outstanding quality razor that remains sharp even after multiple shaves. It is smooth and comfortable to use. If you have tried a variety of blades on the market, you will know that this is the sharpest razor on the market. It can last for very long and can withstand all kinds of impact. No bumps or irritations after using this razor. It is the best quality razor designed for you. Your face just gets used to it after using it for a while. So never hesitate to throw your bucks on this piece.

4. Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor

This is coated with platinum and is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is among the leading sharp brands on the market. It will reward you with a close shave every time you use in shaving. It is a universally accepted brand that can last for very long. It provides the best quality shave you have never had in life. Though it is a little bit higher, it is worthy of the performance it provides.

5. Merkur-Razor Double Edge Safety Razor

This closes our list of top 5 best safety razors. It is one versatile blade that fits all double edged razors. It is designed to high quality. It is manufactured in Germany and last years. It comes in a package of 10 blades per pack. It is just great for its. As long as it is still on your bathroom shelf, it retains its sharpness. It glides smoothly and will leave your face free from all razor burns and irritation.

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