Top 5 Best Air Conditioner Brands In 2019 Reviews

We all like the change of climate from one to another, but when it is something that we cannot control, then we are at a higher risk of enjoying maximum discomfort. I had a friend of mine who was experiencing the inevitable hot temperatures scenarios in his apartment. One day I found her undressed up because wearing clothes would increase the chances of temperatures rising.

It was a funny scenario, and when I asked her what measures he had taken, I got a funny answer- to open up the windows so that air would exchange with the outside one and get the room. That was good thinking for her, but I challenged with the same answer that she gave. What if the outside air was hotter than the air in her room? That was when she realized that she needed something that will work out better than what she was thinking. That is when I introduced her to the following items, and she bought one. Her room now is the best to stay.

#1. Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Remote Control

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This is a machine that has been constructed with 10,000 BTUs power and fitted with three fans that you can use for your cooling and can cool up to 450 square feet in just a short time. That is an indication that heat now is going to be something of the past when you have installed this product in your home. The item disperses air all four directions so that no place will be left untouched with cool air. Go ahead and control the temperature of your room at the pace that you think is most suitable for you. it has been designed with an auto-restart function, and this is the best because when power has run out unexpectedly, the machine will restart itself up and go back to the initial settings that you had given it earlier.

#2. Whynter Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

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It is an item that has been designed with three operational modes, and that is an air conditioner, a fan and a dehumidifier. It has also been fitted with a digital readout that will work out in 24 hours with its programmable timer. The best component is that it has a remote control that will assist you out control it from a distance when you want to change the air humidity and temperature in the room. It also comes with a product manual that you will use to set it up, and when you get stuck, you can always call us for more guidelines and directions. It has a maximum power consumption that is also energy efficient for your bill payments.

#3. Frigidaire Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

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The advantage of this product is that it is 3” in depth and 1” in its width than what you will be given by most items out there in the market. It does not extend out of the window so much. This means that it will maintain the shape of your house without distorting it, and that means that you don’t need an exterior support to take care of the machine. It also has a large remote that will enable you have a temperature reading with a remote sensing capacity. The best part is that it comes with a five-year warranty with all the replacements taken care of if anything goes wrong. It consumes less power (590W) when we compare it with the rest in the market.

#4. Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner

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This is an item that has been developed with the latest technology. It has a digital LED that has been installed with precise touch buttons that will work out well to give you commanding respect when you are using them. That is not enough because it also comes along with a remote control that has the best sensibility. You can toggle around within its three three speeds with an automatic timer that works around the clock. It works out with a powerful airflow and a quiet operation. In fact, many human beings will not notice its presence in the room. Buy it and it will come with everything that you need for its installation.

#5. SPT Window Air Conditioner

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Some of the product assume the necessity of having the energy star on them. The star means that the product that you are going to purchase is the best when it comes to power consumption. So, your bills are not going to be a problem anymore because it is efficient to handle and take care of your energy worries. Now, this is how this product has been designed. It has an automatic thermostat that works by using its senses well. When it senses that the air in your room is a bit hot, its starts off the machine to cool it down and vice versa. But this all needs you to program it up.

Breezing your room with the best air that is cool is also something that you need if you have to stay comfortable in your room. Sometimes the temperatures that will cruise to your room at summer times will make you have a miserable stay in your room because of the high temperatures that will go up to uncomfortable 90-degrees plus. All the machines that we have brought you above are the best because they will ensure that your room is one of the coolest places that you will miss having or staying at all times.

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