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There are optional benefits to purchasing a decanter set. Let’s start by laying the foundation of what a decanter set actually does. Two things: it separates the sediment from wine and allows the wine to breathe. This is done so that the aromas expand, ensuring an authentic and well groomed drink. What does this have to do with Whiskey? While it true that whiskey must breathe a little in your glass, the whiskey decanter set is mostly popular for its looks alone.

That is totally fine. For those who like to display mini bars, it may be a viable option to invest in a beautiful whiskey decanter. Investing in a decanter set is in the best interest of those who would like to eliminate the unnecessary advertisement of all the commercial labels that accompany bottles. This polished look is especially appropriate for special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries and other special moments.

When selecting the best Whiskey Decanter Set, there are three crucial elements to keep in mind. First, one must ensure that the set features a tight seal so that air doesn’t enter or escape the container. This should not be any different than what the bottle itself provides. As it is, a bit of aeration is circulated when the liquid is transferred, take caution and pour gently. This next piece of advice seems like a no brainer, but if the plan is to pour the entire bottle into the decanter, make sure the right size is chosen to accommodate just that. Lastly and importantly, the decanter must be made up of lead free crystal. Over time the lead can reach dangerous levels. Most modern decanters are manufactured lead free, but when it comes to your health, it never hurts to be sure.

Here are 15 products that our team has reviewed from least to best seller:

15. Fitz and Floyd Daphne 5 Piece Decanter Set, Gold

The Fitz and Floyd decanter set, is made of glass and features a gold accent beehive pattern cupping each glass and decanter. The golden tinted round set is topped with a smooth round stopper. The decanter has a capacity of 77.7 ounces and each glass hold up to 10 ounces.


  • This decanter is a great item to reference and a great place to build an understanding of the realm of the decanter world.


  • The delicate material is made to hand wash only, which means the high heat from the dishwasher may damage the decanter and its glasses. Perhaps a soak and rinse to preserve the material and avoid chips, cracks and shatters.

14. Personalized 5 pc Custom Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

From, My Personal Memories, this set is catered to serve more of the whiskey lover, groomsman, best man or any guy who would like to add a little style to their drink. The 23oz set features free engraving at no extra charge to you and 4 accommodating rocks glasses.


  • The personalization touch is often sought in gift giving.


  • Put in “Things You Don’t Buy for Yourself” category. Plus, the product is very niche. The scenario of, girl seeking perfect gift for guy, is the only one left to the imagination.

13. Godinger Silver Art Dublin Collection Crystal Whiskey Bourbon Bar Set

The crystal decanter, from Godinger Silver Art, features a complex cut design and is a more popular style and sought after gift item. The sturdy; masculine; sharp-edged decanter, comes with six double old fashioned glasses, 12 whiskey rocks and 1 silver tray.


  • Considering the accessories that accompany the decanter, this makes a great gift set.


  • It is simply worth noting what the products crystal is comprised of, which is crafted from fine granite, sparkling crystal and non-tarnish silver plated materials

12. OPUL 10-Piece Whiskey Decanter Set

This decanter by OPUL design features a classical tone to withstand the age of time. The sets 33.75 oz decanter and six whiskey glasses are made of pure crystal, chilling tray; tongs, and six whiskey stones of premium grade 304 stainless steel


  • OPUL, is a reputable institute and adheres to the standards of quality decanters. It advertises a lead-free product, pure crystal and an air-tight seal.


  • An item for the aficionado. Although an exquisite piece, it still may seem a bit juvenile to purchase your product, utensils, and accessories in a bundle.

11. Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter Set

This artisan craft, by Royal Decanter, separates itself with its hand-blown and etched glass globe and internal ship. The Wooden stand is also hand crafted, which features a mahogany-like finish.


  • The products claims to preserve freshness with its fitted glass stopper and Royal Decanter offers a 1 year warranty, which is always a benefit to buying such a fragile piece.


  • Unless you are really into sailing, travel and contemporary art, this decanter does not seem to be a whiskey seal breaker, but more of a decorative piece and a really great gift from one collector to another.

10. GODINGER 5 Piece Whiskey Set

Godinger, introduces a decanter made of fine glass material. The set is smooth, sleek and elegant with a round stopper. In addition, the flat and round decanter can features five, six or eight piece set.


  • Always important to advertise as a lead-free product, which Godinger decanter does.


  • The product is vague in its description. A little more detail on the product would be nice, such as the decanters capacity or whether it features an air tight seal or anything unique about the product.

9. Klikel 8-piece Ingrid Whiskey Drinkware Barware Drink Set

This type of decanter style, by Klikel, garners more view and reviews than any other decanter. The intricate cut design is often viewed more prominently in whiskey decanter sets. It features six double old fashioned glasses and features a silver plated tray.


  • The set is eloquent and, regarding appearance alone, no one would ever think less of it.


  • Its it recommended that the items are hand washed. Often times, this means the material that comprises the glassware may not be as substantial as we like glassware to be.

8. Personalized 5 pc Whiskey Decanter Set

From, My Personal Memories, this institute feature is niched down to selling personalized decanters. Standing at 10.75” tall and 5.5” wide, the product hold 23.75 oz of whiskey. Further, the seller enables you to decide on a name and an initial to personally brand this sleek and smooth decanter. It’s an excellent choice during the gift giving season.


  • It is worth at times to cut the middle man. The product is sold and shipped by vendor.


  • More information on the products material and seal stopper would produce better results.

7. Iceberg Whiskey Decanter and Whiskey Glasses Set


The Ashcroft Fine Glassware collection offers heavy to hold whiskey glasses so as to develop a sensation of worth and value. The astounding European design features a touch of history and elegance. The packaging alone makes it appealing for gift giving.


  • Designed in Poland, you are sure to receive a unique piece. The quality of the piece advertises as a machine-crafted set, and made from high clarity diamond glass.


  • The time is heavily discounted. Suppose finding a reason as to why can clear up some speculations.

6. Selecta 7 Piece Whiskey Set

By Bormioli Rocca, this decanter would suit any mini bar well. The star-shattered design and Italian-made piece, creates an infinity sparkle; and its mirror tray gives it a tough of elegance. The set features a square decanter with five accommodating double old fashioned glasses.


  • It is deemed dishwasher safe, which means the material is robustly crafted.


  • More details and specificity on the product would benefit consumers on helping them understand the quality they would be receiving.

5. Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Double Old Fashioned Decanter Set

Ravenscroft Crystal, is a top of the line vender. Its mouth blown, handmade, crystal decanter is made in Europe and is the perfect bar essential. The smooth sleek style allows it to blend perfectly well with just about any house decor. It may serve as a compromise between two different styles. What’s more, the product has been featured in In Style Magazine.


  • Ravenscroft Crystal advertises its product is made of lead free crystal.


  • This product suits those individuals who have the luxury of deciding on how they prefer to take their whiskey.

4. Bormioli Rocco Dedalo 7-Piece Whiskey Decanter Set

Bormioli Rocca, intorduces a more chic design to a whiskey decanter set. This feminine decanter features a distinctive cutting inspired by cracked ice. It is customizable to accommodate a 7 or 8-piece set. It makes for the perfect gift to dress up your bar.


  • The product gives a softer touch to such a masculine product. Further, the decanter is advertised as dishwasher safe, which is always an ideal option.


  • The decanter is made of glass, but that’s all it discloses. Is it lead-free? Does it contain an air tight seal? What is the decanter capacity? All very important concerns and a crucial criteria to follow, especially when purchasing online.

3. Circleware Italian Made Excalibur 5pc Whiskey Decanter Set

Excalibur, designs and creates the elegant, Italian made, 35 oz Decanter set. Its four double old fashioned glasses have a capacity of 10.5 oz. In addition, the 5 piece Beekman Place design whiskey set features retail packaging.


  • The product has garnered great reviews.


  • Vague description of the product. You’ll have to depend on reviews to ensure the quality of the product.

2. James Scott 5 PC crystal Bar Set

This beautiful piece, by James Scott, is a triangular decanter with 4 double old fashioned glasses and brings a touch of Irish luck to your bar. The deep decorative etchings features a non-stop glint and sparkle.


  • Truly a unique spin on a decanter. From its Irish background to its century old crafting techniques perfected by Bohemian artisans.


  • If at all possible, avoiding lead should take priority when choosing a decanter. The product discloses that each 8 oz glass contains 24% lead. It is true, that temerity use should not cause harm. The harm comes when the whisky sits there for long periods of time, allowing lead to seep through and destroy the whiskey’s integrity.

1. Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7-Piece Whiskey Gift Set

A set by Bormioli Rocco, this decanter is the epitome of class and style. The modern starburst pattern gives it a twist to the classic design. Crafted in Parma, Italy, the set features 6 nine and a half rocks glasses and a 33.75 oz decanter.


  • Such an eloquent and well crafted piece. It is worth noting the product is both dishwasher and microwaved approved.


  • There are no specifics to the characteristic that make of the carefully crafted piece. Any reputable decanter should definitely disclose the material that make it up and advertise the quality that is receive with purchase.

Each decanter ushers in its unique character and charm. It is a luxury to have such a personal belonging and much reserve is taken to owning such a prize possession. Above the look and glamour of the product, the glassware remains a critical focal point. Aim towards, air-tight seals; decanter capacity and lead free crystal. The options are vast, remembering these guidelines when investing in a whiskey decanter set will make the experience of shopping one much more sounding.

As all of these products can be found on Amazon, when shopping Amazon, look for 100 percent guarantees; gift wrap options, ratings/reviews, free shipping and/or next day delivery. Amazon offers a variety of options and services that are beneficial to those that seek to benefit.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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