Top 10 Best Resistance Bands In 2017 Reviews

If you need to keep fit, improve or maintain your body shape, improve your physical therapy or get better at yoga among others, then you might just get a resistance band and make it happen. They are little “gyms” that come in to spice up your workouts or exercises as you work towards achieving your goals. With these bands, you can exercise from your house, on your bed or couch, mostly for those recovering from medication or injuries, carry them to the gym or any other places that you are going. Other simple and inexpensive ways of keeping fit is by getting the best exercise bikes or getting exercise balls.

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Key Features To Focus On When Purchasing a Resistance Band

Ease of Use: First, if the bands come with a guide on how to use them, they become so easy to use so always look for this when placing your order.

The Levels of Resistance: Everyone needs a different level of resistance depending on the level of exercise they are in based on the intensity of their exercises. You should, therefore, be keen to select the bands with the right level of resistance for you.

Price: You don’t have to use so much money just to get a resistance band because there are very many affordable options on the market so do your research thoroughly.

Comfort When Using Them: First, avoid bands that have any sort of smells, mostly if they take forever to fade away. Second, the band should be strong enough not to snap as you use them and lastly, the grip should just feel right.

Durability: Just like it is with other products, your resistance bands should be strong enough to serve you for a long time.

If all you need is a light tension workout, then go ahead and grab one or several Super Exercise Band, Resistance Bands. The bands are ideal for beginners and physical therapy. If you are just starting the workout journey, you will find any of the bands helpful in whatever type of workout you decide to try. On the other hand, if you have had any types of injuries and you are in the recovering process a resistant band like this comes in handy. This is because your legs, knees or back are not ready for certain levels of movements but with a resistant band, you can easily regulate yourself to make sure that you don’t end up more hurt.

With these bands, you will experience increased flexibility and strength. So, if you are starting to workout because you are not as flexible as you would want to be, this is the right product for you. Again, for people who are recovering from surgeries or injuries, the light, medium and heavy tension options found in these bands will play a great role in helping you achieve the level of strength you want.

The bands are 7 feet long and 6 inches wide. This ensures that you use them just as you wish. They offer enough room for maximum stretch on your side so you can try as many exercise styles as you wish. The 6 inches of wideness ensures that you can do your stretches among other exercises without the fear of your bands snapping in the process. You can get the shape you want, flexibility and strength with ease and without having to spend a fortune.

When using these bands, you will notice that tension varies in any one of them. Depending on the level of workout you are in, you will require different levels of tension thus you should be careful when ordering. You will find clear guidance on how to go about the selection, and you can also order two or three if you require different levels of tension. It is common especially in the beginning of your exercise to require low levels of tension, but this increases as you advance in your workouts.

For more tension, you can just fold two or three bands together. This is a common secret among people who have been using these bands for some time now. Ideally, the sale involves a single band but, if you plan to take your workout to the next level, the best option is to purchase several at a go instead of ordering one more each time you need more tension. With several, you can just fold them together for more tension instead of having to purchase one more with more tension.

For a better and secure grip, you can wrap the bands around your hands. This enables you to have the best time working out even from the comfort of your bed or coach if you are not in a position to stand up especially for those recovering from injuries or surgeries. You can also tie a knot (s) for a loop band. And, most importantly, these resistance bands are powder free, latex free, scent free and non-sticky surface. You will have no problems using it even if you are allergic.


  • Might get a little slippery if you sweat a lot

The Starwood Sports Exercise Set of 4 Resistance Loop Bands are suitable for everyone, so it does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro in the workout journey, you can just go ahead and purchase them. Also, they are ideal for men and women alike so if you plan on getting a set for you and your loved one, you don’t have to take forever on the internet trying to get the perfect set for each of you. Just order two pairs of these, and you will both love them.

Each of the resistance bands offers a different resistance level. Therefore, you can always use one with the right amount of resistance to your kind of exercise. Everyone have different reasons as to why they are exercising, and each has different goals and target of what they want to achieve at the end of it all. Thus, the different resistance levels work for different people helping them achieve different results as they desire. You can work your muscles as you wish, progressively and safely with these bands.

These resistance bands are very versatile. You can use them to exercise different parts of your body and still get the best results. They can be used for shoulders, arms, legs, ankles, back, or hips. This way, you are sure that your whole body will be in good shape and you might not need anything more to exercise. You can use them for P90x, CrossFit, Insanity, Pilates, Yoga, and Beach Body. They are ideal for increasing mobility and strength so if this is what you are looking for; you got a great deal here.

Also, apart from these resistance bands being best for use at the gym for exercise workouts, they are also great when it comes to physical therapy. If you are recovering from surgery, injury, among others, you can count on them to help you get back to your old self as soon as possible. They are the best in muscle strengthening and stabilizing. They offer great assistance when it comes to injury rehabilitation. Whatever reason you are buying them for, you will love the help they offer because they are built to help you all the way.

These resistance bands are feature a premium quality. They are built to last for as long as possible despite the number of times you use them for exercise per day. They measure 12” long and 2” wide thus very durable. They offer enough stretch for various types and levels of workouts thanks to the 12” length, but the bands themselves are stretch resistant. They also do not snap and are sweat resistant as they are made from eco-friendly and natural latex material.

You can use them anywhere as it is very easy to take them with you to whatever destination. They help you to workout and keep fit even when you have no access to gyms or are away from home. They all fit very easily into the classic bag provided. You can always take some minutes and use your bands to exercise even when out traveling and lastly, they are very affordable and effective. You will never have a reason not to workout again.

Everything considered these are great exercise or resistance bands. They are ideal for both genders and can be used to exercise different parts of the body as mentioned above and help you in carrying out various types and levels of workout. Each offers a different level of resistance hence ideal for both pros and beginners. They also come with a carry bag enabling you to take them with you to various destinations and a handy exercise guide helping you to get started with ease.


  • Might find stuck bird feathers on your package as the bands are made from farm raised birds

First, this is a single band sale. The picture shows them in a set, but the price is for a single band so be careful when ordering. They are six resistance bands each with a different level of tension or resistance level. This thus makes them ideal for use by different people who are in different levels of workouts as if it is common knowledge that each workout level will require different resistance level. Thus, you can get the different bands as they will be very helpful as you advance in your workout levels instead of having to order one with more resistance each time you hit a new workout level.

Pull-up and tension guide helping you select the best band for your application. You can never risk ordering the wrong resistance band as this might lead to more disappointments along the way even after waiting for days for your order to reach you. The manufacturers have thus provided a pull-up and tension guide to help you select the right band for your type and level of workouts. Some people are just beginners thus might not need too much tension while others are advanced thus might do more vigorous exercises, therefore, the need for a resistance band with great tension.

Also, you should be mindful of your bodyweight when selecting a resistance band. Your body weight might determine the durability of your resistance band and also, determine how safe one is for you. Also, another thing to put in mind when selecting one is the number of the total unassisted repetitions one can complete currently. This determines the level of workout you are in, and it also determines the level of tension you need in your resistance bands to help you move forward.

With these pull-up bands, you can easily and safely secure them under your knee or feet to get different levels of assistance. With them, you will be able to do and achieve so much within no time. They are built to make the workout journey easier and enjoyable. They do not roll up your body or “cut” into your flesh as you exercise thanks to the material used and the design. For those who sweat a lot, you will be happy to know that these are sweat resistant thus you will have no issues with them getting too slippery as you exercise.

You will be able to perform different workouts using your choice of resistance bands. You can do pull-ups, muscle-ups, and dips comfortably. They help you get better at whatever level you are in and take you to the next level before you know it. Your package comes with free resistance band starter and pull-up e-Guide for each band purchase. You will thus have an easy time learning how to use them and the various workout routines you can try with them.

The Serious Steel Fitness Resistance and Stretch Pull-Up Band, Powerlifting Bands, Included Band Starter e-Guide, Single Band, 41-inch is a great workout product to add to your workout basket. Every band is built to last and help you perform various workout routines with ease. Each offers the different level of tension thus ideal for different users in different workout levels. Getting the right band for your needs is stress-free thanks to the provided selection info by the manufacturers. You will not be disappointed.

If you do not have enough time for fitness, the Physix Gear Sport Set of 4 Resistance Loop Bands, Fitness Exercise Bands for Physical Therapy and Workout is all you need to get fat and amazing results with very little space required. These bands are simple but very effective, just like you would want them. They are all you need to turn your everyday 15 minutes into healthy body toning results. They are designed for anyone in dare need of quick results when it comes to fitness.

The resistance loop bands are made of the new eco-friendly and durable TPR Latex. You can use them for as long as you want throughout the day and every day and still be able to use them for a very long time while they are still in a perfect shape. Just like when shopping for any other product, you should be careful to only buy durable resistance bands and these here are the best. They will help you achieve the results you want without any disappointments.

The bands are super compact, thanks to the material used for construction, and are super lightweight thus fitting well on your arms, knees, thighs, and ankles to deliver your desired results. Each of these bands is designed to have different resistance level, thus ideal for different workout levels. If you are at the beginner level, you will find some of the bands more helpful in terms of the perfect resistance than others and as you advance in your workout levels, so will the amount of resistance you need. The set includes aerobic mini ankle bands that are designed for advanced or beginner users.

With these bands, your workouts will never be boring again. The bands are perfectly designed to help you turn boring exercises to exciting. You can easily spice up the routine with these high-quality loop bands. The design is super durable for all the fitness levels thus allowing low or high-velocity workouts. You will rip all the benefits of lifting and flex thus getting the kind of fitness or strength you want. If you like to go hard, these bands are perfect for you and for those who like taking it easy, you too will love these band.

For those who are looking for a great addition to powerlifting, mobility, physical therapy and home gym, these band will be of great help. They make comfortable and perfect elastic stretch bands for your legs, shoulders, hips, glutes and arms thus enhancing all aspects of your health. They are also designed for both women and men, so it becomes pretty easy when purchasing. They are easily described as a gym-in-the-pocket because they are so portable and can be used from just anywhere.

They came with a very nice mini travel bag that fit easily in most purses, pocket or gym bag. They are super durable thanks to the tear fatigue and tough wear resistant rubber material. They save you from the frequent purchase of resistant bands. With them, you will enhance your home gym fitness, rehab, and your workout speed, increase your wellness and get better at toning workouts. They are ideal for both advanced and beginner users. You are given a free video and eBook workouts for an easy and smooth start.


  • No weight resistance info

If you are looking for affordable resistance loop bands, Phantom Fit set of 4 is the way to go. They are a perfect fit for those who want to workout from home thus avoiding gym charges and still get the best results. Thus, if you are not ready for gym memberships, you can just get these bands and spice up your workouts for great results. On the other hand, if you need to get more from your gym sessions, you can add these bands to you gym gears, plus the best wrist wraps and they won’t disappoint.

They are super easy to use and also very safe. They have varying resistance i.e. Light-X-Heavy thus you can be sure to get the best results. Also, the varying resistance feature in each band makes them perfect for use by different people who are at different levels of working out in terms of intensity. They can be used by beginners perfectly and are also ideal for pros. You will find just what you are looking for in each of the bands thus enabling you to reach your target within no time.

You can work out your shoulders, arms, back, legs, and butt (all at once). The bands give you the right level of resistance to help you build enough strength in all these areas. They are designed to make your workout fun, interesting and fruitful. You will enjoy using them even if you are a beginner as they will take you through to the highest level of workout.

Ideal for Crossfit exercises, physical therapy (helps in strengthening torn ligaments and muscles) and yoga. Anyone can benefit from them as long as they are used as recommended. For those who like Crossfit exercises, these resistance bands come in handy in making these exercises bear the expected fruits. They are also highly recommended for physical therapy as they help you to strengthen any of your torn ligament plus muscles. You will get back in shape within no time.

You can use single or multiple bands for ideal resistance (you get over 15 different single and band combinations). This is because different people need different levels of resistance and what you find perfect level for you might be too much or too little for others. The need to have different levels of resistance is the reason people complain that the bands they purchased do not offer the resistance they wished for. Thus, this option to combine single or multiple bands could save you a great deal instead of ordering another set.

Made of very durable latex that is snap resistant so you can use them as you wish without the fear of it snapping and hurting you. The latex is also very durable thus you are not buying it to use for some few months then go back to order a different set. They are also ideal for squats, side-to-side exercises, lunges, stretching, biceps and triceps exercises and this makes them a better choice. They come with free phantom fit carrying case and free downloadable workout music.


  • Might get slippery

For those looking for a way to make their exercises and workouts more interesting, Limm Set of 5 Exercise Resistance Loop Bands, 12-inch Workout Bands would be a great place to start. With these resistance bands, you will be able to do and achieve more within a very short time. They are also a source of motivation when it comes to working out because when you think you are tired or bored of one style of workout, they enable you to move to another that’s more interesting, and the cycle continues.

The bands are ideal for stretching, Home Fitness, Physical Therapy among others. Some people find stretches more effective, and this is where these bands come in to help. If you have no time for the gym or are not ready for the expensive gym memberships, you can just rely on these bands to rip just as much as you would have in the gym. For home fitness, you will be able to achieve the fitness within a short time because you will get the right amount of resistance from these bands.

Also, the bands come with a handy carry bag and instructional booklet. You don’t have to struggle with finding the best ways to use them thanks to the instructional booklet. You will also discover new ways to exercise or workout for better results. When you have to carry them with you to wherever you are going, you will find it easy as they come with a handy carry bag that you can keep in your purse or gym bag and pocket. This way, you will never miss a moment to workout, and you can do it even when away from home or gym.

Different strength for each strap to help you to gradually increase the intensity of your exercise or workout. The difference in strength for each of the bands make them ideal for beginners and pros. When starting your workouts, you won’t need too much strength on the bands as the intensity of your workouts will still be low. However, as you advance, you will find that your intensity is increasing thus a need for stronger resistance bands.

Helps you improve the muscle tone in your arms, legs, buttocks and back thus avoiding expensive gym memberships. You can just exercise any part of your body using these bands and expect perfect results. some people especially those recovering from injuries or surgeries can find them to be very helpful as they enable you exercise your legs, arms and shoulders including other parts of your body even from the comfort of your bed and coach. With them, you will have no reason not to exercise.

12-inch long straps to help you stretch as far as you want thus great for Physical Therapy, Pilates, Crossfit, and Yoga. They are also very flexible loops and super lightweight, super compact (enabling you to take them even when on the go in a briefcase or purse in the included carry bag) and durable enough to take you through your workout journey with ease. You will be able to get the body shape you want or just keep your legs, back, arms, shoulders, and buttocks in good shape or as flexible as possible without having to pay for personal trainers or gyms. You can also learn how to eat right to ensure that your results are consistent.


  • If you do not use them as instructed, they might roll up your body

First things first, this is a single band sale so be careful when making your order. The bands are available in a set of 5 from which you choose the one that suits you best. If you are a beginner, you might want to take more time so that you be sure that you are making the right order in terms of resistance offered otherwise you can just pass on to those sold as a set because here you are sure to find one that’s best for beginners’ workouts.

These resistance bands are available in 5 different resistance levels. So, depending on the amount of resistance you need for your level of intensity while exercising or working out, you will find the best. Because these bands are not sold as a set, you better take some time and ask all the questions regarding the amount of weight they can comfortably support without interfering with their durability, their level of resistance and whose they are ideal for. Go ahead and contact the manufacturers if need be just to make sure that you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

A guide to help you get the right band for your needs in terms of resistance has been provided to make the selection process easy. There is a clear guidance for each band in terms of the range of weight they can support comfortably. Their length is also clearly indicated so you can be sure whether they are ideal for the type of workouts you will be subjecting them to. The level of resistance is also indicated thus you will find it easy to select and order. The bands are best for stretches, jumping, and many other types of exercise that vary based on the level resistance of the individual band.

However, to be on the safe side or to get more from your bands, you can just buy more than one band then combine them for more efficient training. Some people want more everyday and to make sure that you get exactly this, these bands are all you need. You can combine three of them; one of the thicker bands, one of the thinner ones and one with both bands. This way you can be able to do sets that require thicker bands and add the thinner one for more reps. You can switch from one to another as your strength increases gradually.

These bands by WODFitters are ideal for beginners and pros looking to regain and enhance their strength. They will help you improve and get better at your chin up and pull ups training. The level of strength in each ensures that you get the most from every workout. You will be able to take your exercising to the next level before you know it. They make every minute spent working out worthwhile and interesting.

What’s more, you are getting 60 days to try the band you tried out and if it does not meet your needs as you expected you could return it for an exchange or refund. All the information you need to make a decision on which band to purchase is available, and it is clearly written. You are also free to reach the company before making a purchase so that they help you will any questions you have. What makes them even better is the option to combine three bands to get more out of them. Anyone who is into working out would appreciate this option especially if you want to increase the intensity of your workouts from time to time.


  • No carry bag

These resistance loop bands are ideal for fitness, strengthening and shaping your body so if this is what you are looking for you will love them. Some people just need to spice up their workout routines while others are looking for the most effective way to gain most from their workouts and either way, these bands come in handy. They are built to last so you can rely on them to give you quality services for a very long time.

The bands are also perfect for everyday workout at home, on your trip, gym & fitness. Because of their nature, you can take them with you to wherever you are going even on long trips and still get the most out of them. If you like to workout from home, these bands got you covered, and for those who like to travel, you will never go without your favorite exercises with these bands.

Designed for super explosive endurance strength training, you can be sure that your bands will come out strong even after you subject them to all your intensive exercises. People who are at the advanced levels of workouts find them very helpful as one can always try out various workouts without the fear of their bands snapping in the process. They are also ideal for newbies who plan on staying at this journey till they reach the highest level of intensity in their exercises.

The bands are made of heavy and reliable latex. They are thus very durable and can be used for exercise in various environments, home, gym, and while travelling, and still retain their durability. They can also be used for various types of exercises thus helping you utilize them as much as you want for a very long time. What’s more, these bands have no irritating rubber smell. They are thus ideal for use immediately after receiving them, and they are also perfect for use by allergic people. They are laboratory tested so you can be sure that they will do you no harm as you use them.

Great physical therapy resistance band for rehabilitation after treatments and injuries. Your doctor might have suggested that you try to remain active even if you can’t really leave your bed you might be wondering how to go about it because let’s face it, staying inactive on your bed will only lead to you taking longer to get better. However, you should worry less now because, with these bands, you will be able to exercise even from your bed.

Comes in five (5) different colors and resistance levels thus enabling you to meet your workout needs perfectly. The resistance levels have been printed on the front of each one of them for easy recognition. Thus you will have an easy time deciding if the bands can meet your needs. They are also ideal for Women, men, and children so you can get a set for each or just share one set if you leave together. The length is 10” & Width is 2” thus easy to grip and not roll up your body as is common with most resistance bands on the market. You will also be getting a free 63 pages eBook with different workout routines.


  • No enough variety of lengths as some people would want

With these bands, you can be sure to get fit, get that body you want so bad, and also, for those looking for an easy and effective way to exercise and keep fit after medication or injuries, these bands too are the ideal deal. Each of the bands is made to last so you can be sure that you are placing your money on a product that will help you exercise properly for a long time.

Made of 100 percent natural latex-free of non-natural TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) thus giving you the best services without causing any form of irritation. As with every other product, the material used for construction is very important and so is the material used in constructing these resistance bands. The material determines how far you can go with it before you replace it. It also determines the types of tests you can put it on during your exercises.

Come in 5 varying resistance levels thus perfect for all people in all levels of workout. Some people need less resistance mostly beginners as they are not yet strong enough to go to exercises that require high resistance levels. On the other hand, people who have advanced in their workout routines will require high levels of resistance thus they will do better with the bands that offer high resistance levels. @p This feature makes the bands ideal for use by different people who are at different levels of exercise in terms of intensity.

Carry bag included thus you can take your bands with you wherever you are going. In short, with these bands, you will never go without workouts. Some people feel so bad when a day passes without working out, but with these bands, you have no reason not to. The included carry bag makes it easy to take them with you as you can easily stick them in your travel bag, pocket or gym bag. For people who often travel, you will find these bands to be very convenient as they add no significant weight to your luggage and you don’t need a lot of space to carry them.

Multiple uses. Apart from sports and fitness, these bands are widely used for physical therapy/rehab bands. They are great when it comes to exercising your leg, back, knee injuries, shoulders, buttocks among other body parts. You can exercise even as you rest on your bed or coach if you are not yet strong enough to stand or do those workouts that require you to be on your feet.

The resistance bands are also perfect for use by most women during and after pregnancy. You don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t feel like it. You can just do home fitness using these bands, and the results will be just as good. The quality is superb so they can take you throughout your pregnancy journey and still be useful after you deliver. The fact that they have different resistance levels make them even better because you might need different resistance as you go on with your motherhood journey. They are also backed up by a lifetime guarantee, so you are sure about their quality.


  • Some people find them smaller than they would want but they still get the job done

If you are targeting to exercise your biceps, triceps, upper/lower back, chest or legs these resistance bands by Black Mountain will help a great deal. With these bands, you will greatly improve your health plus overall wellness. And, you don’t even need to visit the gym if it’s not your thing. You can do all you want and achieve all you ever wanted from your home. The bands are built to enable you to spice up your exercise routine in every way possible.

Just as any other Black Mountain Products, these resistance bands are built to last longer. They are manufactured using high-quality natural rubber and synthetic to give you a long time of quality usage. No matter how many times or hours you use your bands in a day, you will notice the consistency in resistance as this is what everyone who uses resistance bands hopes for as they make a purchase. With consistency in resistance, you will be able to get the most out of your workout all the time.

The design of these resistance bands is unique and adds to their durability. It also makes them very versatile and ideal for many users. There is so much that you can do with these bands and still get the results you want. They also encourage you to be creative and come up with your own exercise styles if ever you feel like your routine is getting boring.

With the metal clipping system for attachment to ankle straps or soft-grip handles, you will be amazed by how much you can do with these bands. You can just attach them wherever you deem right then go ahead and do all the exercise you want to do. They feel different and perform differently thus you can be sure to achieve as much as you want within the shortest time possible as long as you give it your all.

The exercise chart guides you through your exercises. You can be able to jump from one exercise to another without wasting time and also be consistent with your exercises. The door anchor and the ankle strap adds to the many ways that you can use your bands. You will be able to use even a small room in your house to do all the exercises you want without having to step in a gym.

With the carry bag, you can carry your bands to any place and be able to use them when you need to. In short, you will be carrying a full gym in your tiny carry bag. Also, storing it away is super easy and does not take up much space. So, having a small apartment should not be a reason not to exercise. With these bands, all you need is a small free space, and you will be good to go. The life warranty is proof enough that you are getting a quality product.


  • If you exceed the recommended weight limit, they might snap


There is no reason not to get the body shape you want or the kind of flexibility you desire. With the above resistance bands, you can achieve just anything through various exercises or workouts. With the bands, don’t have to pay any gym memberships nor miss on workouts because they are very portable so you can carry them with you to wherever you are going. If you follow the above list, you will be able to make the right selection and get the most out of them and you can track your progress using the best activity trackers. If you need more information about resistance bands you can have a look at questions and answers regarding the same. Good luck!

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