Top 10 Best Motion Sensor Bathroom Faucet in 2017 Reviews

Faucets have evolved significantly over the years to become one of the most important aspects of a fully functional bathroom. In fact, a good faucet, will not only improve the functionality of your bathroom but also its overall aesthetic appeal as well. Some of the high-end manufacturers today have done well to include innovative features such as motion sensor functionality for added user benefits. By installing the best motion sensor bathroom faucets, you can easily achieve high value and fully functional bathroom for your needs. Some of them top faucets that we came across during the research process include:

10. Sloan EAF-100-P-ISM CP Bathroom Faucet

Improve the functionality of your bathroom by installing the Sloan EAF-100 Faucet that comprises a sensor activated electronic hand for hot or cold water operation benefits. Besides that, it also comes with a chrome plated die-cast metal automatic faucet design to ensure optimal durability. The electronic hand washing faucet operates through the use of a dual infrared sensor and microprocessor. This helps ensure superior water delivery each time. It also has a modular design that incorporates all of the operating components of a good faucet including the sensor.

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9. Dyconn Faucet Health Sensor Faucet with hot & Cold adjustment lever

The Dyconn Faucet Health Sensor comes with a solid brass construction and convenient motion sensor operation for the best results. Besides that, it also has a drip free ceramic cartridge for smooth and long lasting operation benefits. The inclusion of the one hole sink configuration makes it the perfect for delivering reliable water results. This unique faucet sensor also comprises of a special hot, and cold water adjust lever that makes it convenient for temperature customization.

8. Sloan Valve EAF-275-ISM Optima Solis Solar Powered Faucet Sensor

Make the most of your water delivery needs by investing in a high-performance unit such as the Sloan Valve EAF-275 Powered Faucet. It comes with the latest advancements in solar technology and electronics for water savings. This sensor also works with ambient light like a solar powered calculator for added convenience. It also comprises of an integrated power plant storage cell, which works well to transform light from any source into meaningful electrical energy.

7. Dyconn Faucet LAWA Sensor Faucet adjust lever

The Dyconn Faucet comes with a solid brass construction that makes it both durable and appealing for your bathroom. The inclusion of the convenient motion sensor operation makes it perfect for various water applications. It also has a drip free ceramic cartridge that allows for smooth and long lasting operation. This bathroom faucet also has a hot and cold water adjust lever for added customization benefits.

6. Symmons S-6080 Sensor Activated Lavatory Faucet

Take your overall bathroom performance levels to the next level by including the Symmons S-6080 Faucet. It Is battery powered, and it also has sensor activated lavatory with PSD for convenience. With an exceptional gallon per minute level that averages at 1.5gpm, this low profile faucet is the perfect addition to your bathroom. Symmons manufacturers have also done well to ensure that it’s as durable as it is fully stylish.

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5. KOHLER K-13468-VS Geometric Single-Hole Touch Bathroom Sink Faucet

Equip your bathroom with a high performance faucet such as the Kohler K-13468 Bathroom sink faucet. It comes with adaptive infrared technology that provides ease of functionality and customization. Besides that, this faucet also provides water saving benefits, and it comes with a special insight AC touch design for optimal user flexibility. The inclusion of the temperature control handle option makes it more convenient than the conventional motion sensor faucets.

4. Sloan SF-2200 Sensor Activated Gooseneck Hand Washing Faucet

You have not experienced the best of home technology if you have not used a unique faucet such as the Sloan SF-2200. It comes with a unique adjustable infrared sensor range that makes it perfect for various bathroom applications. Sloan manufacturers have also done well to ensure that it has a splash proof circuit control module that makes it perfect for years of reliable performance. The durable components design also makes it ideal for years of reliable performance.

3. KOHLER K-13474-CP Gooseneck Touchless Ac-Powered Deck-Mount Faucet

Kohler manufactures keep on impression and have done it yet again with the release of the KOHLER K-13474-CP Gooseneck motion sensor faucet. It comes with a special insight adaptive infrared technology that makes it convenient for water delivery. More so, this faucet also has a waterproof shroud that protects electronic components from any damage. The unique water saving design guarantees 0.5 gpm of water. Best of all, the AC touchless faucet provides various power options for convenient installation.

2. Fyeer Automatic Sensor Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet

Make the most of your home by having a fully functional bathroom that comprises of components such as the Fyeer Sink Faucet. It provides simple and convenient operation, with an automatic sensor touch free design for added benefits. The high quality and durable design comprises of special nickel brush finished material for long lasting performance and reliability. It also has water and energy saving design, for years of reliable water supply benefits.

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1. iTouchless EZ Faucet PRO Automatic Touch-Free Faucet

Install the iTouchless EZ faucet and realize improved kitchen functionality benefits. This faucet s simple to install and its unique design makes it perfect for your bathroom decore. It is also durable enough against the effects of detergent, and with an automatic feature for added convenience, The compact design leaves a small footprint in your kitchen and the it’s also well insulated to ensure optimal safety and functionality. With the durable plastic and stainless steel components, this faucet does well to ensure years of guaranteed faucet performance.


Finally, choosing a faucet with high-end design features provides various benefits for your property. These include a fully functional bathroom, an enhanced aesthetic appeal and even improved market value for your property. This is why we recommended that you start with these best motion sensor bathroom faucet, as the ideal solutions for your needs.

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