Top 10 Best Men’s Wallets In 2017 Reviews

Every man needs a wallet. However, the first step is understanding your needs. For instance, why do you need this wallet? If you have to keep your cards safe then how many are they? What size are they? What are you protecting them from? From here, then look at the available options in the market. The problem is that most people don’t know what they want and they only realize later that whatever they bought is not what they needed.

Some people don’t take the time to search and compare the available options in the market. It’s so common nowadays to find the exactly same product that’s being sold at a certain price in one store going for double the price in another store. The difference here comes because every store owner has his/her target market and they are sure that either way, they will make sales. So, it’s up to the buyers to find the prices that best suits their pockets without compromising on the quality of the products.

What Factors Should You Give More Consideration Before Buying a Wallet?

RFID Blocking

Have you heard about electronic pickpocketing? Or maybe you have been a victim? If you have a credit card or debit card, I would advise you to inspect it carefully to see if it has a “WiFi Signal Icon”. If it does, then know that you might be at risk of the electronic pickpocketing. The best way of preventing it is getting a RFID blocking credit card wallet. With such a wallet, you will walk around every corner of different towns without any fear of receiving a notification that “you” have used your card to pay for this or that.


Have you ever experienced the agony of misplacing your identification card when you need the most? Well, if not never wish for it. It gets even worse if you are about to travel or go in those highly protected buildings where showing an ID is not negotiable. That’s when you remember all those times you wanted to buy a wallet and didn’t.

Ease of Organizing Your Credit Cards and Bills

A wallet also adds to the overall look of a man. You don’t have to go through all the pockets of your jacket to the trousers in search of a business card or money. By just taking out the wallet and picking out the card or the note of money shows how organised you are.

Storage Capacity

You should only buy a wallet that accommodates all your cards and bills with ease. Otherwise, you might have to carry more than one wallet in your pockets.

Durability/Used Material

What’s more is how long you can use your wallet. By just owning a high-quality wallet like the leather ones and other high quality makes, you can use it for many years without a need to replace it. However, you have to be careful with how you insert your cards in the provided slots.


And, have I mentioned that getting a good wallet does not mean breaking a bank? Most people have the illusion that for you to get the best product, you must dig deeper in your pockets. Well, if you are smart enough, you don’t have to.

The list bellow represents the 10 best wallets for men as reviewed in 2017. Go ahead and read and I am sure by the time you are reading the last one you will have picked the best for you.

10. RFID Blocking Premium Lambskin Leather Bilfold Hipster Credit Card Wallet

This is a Euro-style Hipster Wallet designed to block the RFDI thus preventing electronic pickpocketing. From the above introduction, we have explained how this pickpocketing happens and even mentioned ways to prevent it or how to go about it if it happens. This Premium lambskin leather credit card wallet by Marshal represents the most effective way of avoiding all the worries of this nightmare ever happening.

To begin with, it is premium lambskin leather made meaning that it will serve you for a very long time because this is a very high-quality material. It is important that you only purchase high-quality products because you might be forced to go back shopping sooner that it could have been necessary if you took your time to get the best.

When it comes to the features, this wallet has more than 11 credit card slots, so you have an opportunity to keep as many as possible safe and also in good condition. We all know how quickly credit cards and other cards can get damaged if they are not stored properly. Apart from storing your credit cards, you also have a window to store your ID. You will therefore not have to remove it if all you need is to show it and this too helps keep it in good condition.

The wallet also features 2 bill compartments meaning that you won’t have to stick them in your pockets. This makes it easier for you even when you are paying for your purchases as you know exactly where your money is. You will also get an extra zippered bill compartment helping you zip away the money that you will not be using.

Can you see how this wallet makes it easy for you to organise everything? If you are travelling, you won’t have to mix all your money, and we all know how dangerous this is as you might end up spending more than you should have. It’s a great wallet with a great material and features to meet all your needs effectively.


  • It is a RFID blocking credit cards and ID card wallet
  • It features more than 11 credit card slots
  • Has 1 ID window
  • Features 2 bill compartments and an extra zippered bill compartment
  • It is made of premium lambskin leather material making it super soft to the touch
  • It is very affordable


  • It cannot carry a passport, but this is because it is designed for credit cards and ID cards.

9. Flowfold Front Pocket Minimalist Slim Card Holder Wallet

This wallet here is the ultimate solution for all your cards storage needs. First, you do not need anything that will make you feel like you have just added baggage to your already worrying list. Second, you need a wallet with a capacity to hold all your cards and not just to hold but holding them safely. Flowfold made all this possible by creating a card holder wallet that meets your every need. To begin with, this wallet is super slim. In fact, you can safely describe it as a card-slim wallet. The idea is to hold all your cards without making you feel like it is occupying more space than necessary.

It measures a mere 2.76 inches wide and 0.12 inches high. This gives it an ideal size to hold all your cards and fit it whatever pocket you choose to carry it in without creating annoying bulgyness. When it comes to the weight, the manufacturers say that it is so light that it floats. It is super lightweight meaning that you won’t feel like you are carrying a stone in your pockets as is common with most wallets making your jacket of shirt pockets seem to be pulled on one side.

However, being this lightweight does not mean that the quality is poor. If you are familiar with many materials, you already know that there are so many high-quality materials that are so lightweight you can doubt their durability. This wallet’s material is stronger than steel. It is made of carbon fibre and repurposed racing sails. Once you get yourself one, you will use it for a very long time keeping your cards safe and prolonging their good appearance.

And, the best part is that this wallet holds up to eleven (11) credit cards meaning that you will have a chance to keep all your cards safe. It also features a cash compartment so if all you need with you are your cards and money then you will carry just one wallet. This makes even travelling easy for you as everyone likes to travel light, leaving all the unnecessary luggage behind.

Also, this wallet is made in the USA so you can be sure that there is no compromise on quality. It is also handmade and is designed by surfers on the coast of Maine so if you are in handmade stuff, grab one of these because you will love it. It is built to last as every part of it is made of high-quality materials and the stitching is made to perfection.


  • Super thin credit card wallet
  • Very lightweight
  • It is stronger than steel. Made of high-quality carbon fibre
  • Holds a max of 11 credit card slots
  • Features a cash compartment
  • Made in the US
  • Measures 2.76” x 0.12.”
  • It is handmade, designed by surfers on the coast of Mane


  • Does not have an ID window

8. FlyHawk Top Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallets

By far, the FlyHawk Top Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallets for Men is the best wallet on the market. First, it is available in various “manly” colours, so you have an option to choose the one that suits you best or better, buy two in different colours. About the quality of the material used, you can never have doubts about its durability because it is made from the genuine Italian cowhide leather. This leather is so soft to the touch and strong enough to serve you for as long as you wish. If you have been looking for a gift for a friend or spouse, then this leather wallet is a good deal as it comes with a gift packaging and it’s also very presentable making it a perfect gift for a loved one.

It’s a USA design and features strong stitching that’s handmade by some of the best professional artisans. Stitching matters most on how well any wallet will serve you, and the manufacturers of this wallet knew this very well, and so they invested more in making sure that the stitching is perfect.

This wallet also blocks RFID, and this is has been tested and approved through several tests by independent lab tests. The wallets have passed the 13.56 MHZ Frequency tests thus if your cards are within this range then this is the wallet for you. They are designed to make sure that wherever you go, you will never fall victim to the ever roaming electronic pickpockets. With this wallet, all your credit cards, driver license, debit cards and ID cards, hotel room cards and access cards will be safe in your pockets of the bag. This wallet enhances your personal security, and it also offers premium functionality.

It is Mini, meaning you will hardly feel it thus it makes a perfect front-pocket wallet useful for carrying some money, cards, and ID. It measures 4×3.54×0.39 inches which is an ideal size for any convenient wallet. It features a double bill compartment, so you have enough space for your bill instead of carrying two wallets or resorting to carrying some money in other pockets. It also has 5 credit card slots for all your cards and 1 leather-framed ID-window so you can keep your ID safely together with your credit cards.


  • Made of Genuine Italian Cowhide Leather for total durability
  • Features tough stitching, handmade by the best professional artisans
  • It blocks RFID thus enhancing your personal security
  • It’s super slim to fit even the slimmest pockets and also it’s perfect for a front pocket wallet
  • It measures 4×3.54×0.39 inches
  • It features a double bill compartment
  • Has 5 credit card slots
  • Features a one leather-framed ID window


  • It does not have a magnet

7. Flowfold Slim Front Pocket Vanguard Bifold Wallet

The Flowfold Slim Front Pocket Vanguard Bifold Wallet is the ideal wallet for every man. It measures 0.12 inches by 2.76 inches which is a perfect size for a wallet. The manufacturers of this wallet knew exactly what every man might need from a wallet, and they designed it exactly that way. It incorporates all the necessary features thus making it the best there is in the market. It is especially perfect for the front pocket as its design is slim making it feel comfortable even in the front pocket.

The wallet is super thin and very light making it even more portable. When it comes to the quality of its material, this wallet stands out has had the best and high-quality material that makes it stronger than steel. It can withstand years and years of use because it is made of carbon fibre and repurposed racing sails. This gives many years of durability thus enabling you to keep your credit cards safe. You will love how it feels in your hands and also in your pocket because unlike the bulky wallets, this one here is super light and makes you even forget that you are carrying a wallet.

Maybe you are wondering just how many credit cards this wallet can carry. Well, it features 11 credit card slots meaning that you can carry all your cards in one wallet and because of its design, you won’t feel like they are too much. This is so helpful because you can always access whichever card as quickly as you need and you won’t ever risk misplacing any. You will also be able to carry your cash in this wallet, so it’s safe to say that it caters to your every need especially when travelling.

The wallet is made in the USA, and this says a lot about its quality and durability. You can be sure that once you purchase one of it you will go a long way before you think of purchasing another one. The wallet is also handmade so you can be sure that stitching will be perfect and every corner will up even after years of use. Generally, this wallet is built to last. Every piece of it is super strong and represents the best wallet for men on the market.


  • It is super thin and super light making it ideal for front pocket
  • It is very strong thus guaranteeing durability
  • It can hold a max of 11 credit cards and has a cash compartment
  • It is made in the USA
  • It is handmade thus super stitching


  • Does not have an ID window

6. Dash Co. Slim Travel Wallet RFID Blocking

This is the most presentable wallet that any man can ever own. It is well designed and made from high-quality materials. It has a super smooth feel, and you will love how it feels in your hands or pockets. It is designed to ensure that you have the easiest time carrying it in your pocket and to eliminate all the unnecessary weight. It is super light and makes you feel totally comfortable carrying it even in your shirt pockets.

Most people prefer sticking their wallets somewhere inside their bags because it feels like too much work carrying them in a pocket, but thanks to this wallet’s design, you will comfortably carry it even for long hours without it feeling like a bother. It actually weighs less than an ounce meaning even after adding the weight of whatever cards and cash you carry in it; it will still feel so comfortable.

This wallet also features a durable RFID construction meaning that you will have your credit cards protected from electronic pickpockets for a very long time. This is very important, especially because so many people are taking advantage of the technological development to advance their stealing skills.

It features a premium thin Saffiano leather canvas that’s tested and proven to block 13.56 MHz Frequency. This tells you that all your credit cards, driver license, debit cards and ID cards will be totally safe. This is good news for every credit card user as there is a constant fear of one falling victim to the notorious electronic pickpockets.

In addition, this wallet helps you in organizing whatever you will be carrying be it credit cards or cash. It features enough slots for the cards and three compartment system to keep every card and money neat. This is important for everyone who values great organisation. It is good to know where you can get a certain card or money exactly when you need them. Anyone who has ever misplaced an important credit card knows how important it is to own a great wallet.


  • Super slim and minimal men wallet
  • It is super lightweight (weighs less than one ounce)
  • It is super durable as it is made from high-quality leather material
  • It blocks RFID thus keeping all your credit cards totally safe
  • It offers a great organisation as it features 3 compartment system where you can keep your cars or cash safe
  • Ideal for front pocket access thus saving you time


  • Its RFID construction only blocks up to 13.56 MHz Frequency

5. RFIDWallet Minimalist Slim Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallet, Men’s Card Holder

The RFIDWallet Minimalist Slim Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallet, Men’s Card Holder gives you the highest safety and privacy for all your cards and money. It features a unique and high-quality proprietary blocking material thus keeping you safe from identification thieves. It protects your personal information as it features an inside RFID blocking material.

This means that all your ID badges, hotel room cards and access cards whose signal does not exceed 13.56MHZ will be totally safe. This is especially important if you will be moving around to different hotels or buildings as you never know where these thieves will be. And, knowing that all your important cards are protected brings with it an incomparable peace of mind enabling you to move around with no fear.

This wallet also features a slim design making it easy to carry even in your front pockets while also making it fit perfectly to prevent it from falling off or presenting an opportunity for thieves to grab it. This makes it ideal especially for those travelling to risky places as it will also not bulge out letting everyone know that you are carrying something in your pocket.

It features four (4) credit card slots meaning that you have enough room for all your cards and they will all be protected from electronic pickpockets. This is great news because some wallets only have the RFID blocking material in few slots which leaves some of your credit cards unprotected beating the logic behind creating or purchasing such a wallet.


  • Offers total safety and privacy. It features RFID blocking material thus keeping the identification thieves away
  • It features a slim design. Thus you can carry it either in your front pocket or back pockets comfortably
  • Features four credit card slots, one currency/receipts compartment and one id card/driving license card slot
  • It is made of premium leather material for durability
  • It measures 4.5×3.3×0.12 inches thus an ideal size for a men’s wallet
  • It is lightweight and portable thus convenient to carry in any pocket or purse


  • Does not have a zip but its design keeps everything safe thus no need for a zip.

4. Vaultskin Chelsea RFID Blocking Slim Card Holder Sleeve Wallet

You will totally love this wallet by Vaultskin. It is the perfect wallet for any man, from the way it looks to how it feels in your hands and pocket. It is totally refined and stylish. You will receive uncountable compliments everytime you take it out of your pockets. It adds to your overall look and brings out some level of classiness while showing a sense of organisation. The wallet is designed in Britain thus combines elegance, convenience and comfort making you enjoy every moment with it.

It is a Chelsea minimalist front-pocket style wallet made of the most luxurious top grain and genuine Italian leather. This means that you will be getting the most durable wallet that’s super presentable and even speaks volumes on your behalf. The wallet is super soft but very strong thus giving a very sophisticated look and feel. If you have a loved one and you are still deciding what gift to get them for their next birthday or whatever occasion, please get them this wallet. They will love you forever!

Besides, this wallet features the RFID blocking material thus preventing electronic pickpocketing. So, in short, you will be getting an all-encompassing wallet at a very affordable price. All your credit cards go to the inner pocket where they are fully protected from electronic pickpockets and damage. As long as your cards are under 13.56 MHz RFID/NFC standard, you will have nothing to worry about. This is very important as everyone wants to know that their identification is safe because it is so frustrating to wake up to the sad news that your bank account has been swept clean by unknown persons.

This wallet is also so functional. It is super slim thus totally comfortable even when carried in either the front or the back pocket. It does not bulge out even when fully packed with cards and money because its design accommodates all these comfortably. You will actually love how it feels in your pocket. It just slides in and remains in place even when you are on your day activities.

It features three main pockets that hold up to ten (10) credit cards. This means that you have a chance to keep all your cards in one wallet and all of them will be well protected. Basically, this wallet’s slim design makes it ideal for carrying any business cards, driver’s license, credit & debit cards and much more. It’s a great way to be more organised while at the same time, keeping your identification safe.

Even more, this wallet features a smart strap. With this strap, you will be in a position to quickly access any of your cards, and it automatically retracts into its position when you release it.


  • Features a refined and stylish design from Britain that speaks elegance, convenient and comfort
  • Made of high-quality, luxurious top grain and genuine Italian leather material for utmost softness and durability
  • It blocks RFID this preventing electronic pickpocketing (up to 13.56 MHz RFID/NFC standard)
  • It is functional as it features enough pockets to hold up to ten (10) cards
  • It is super slim thus convenient for carrying in both front and back pockets
  • It features a smart strap that allows to quickly and safely access any of your cards
  • Has a perfect size for a wallet, 4 1/8”x 2 6/8”


  • It can’t hold too much money

3. Aonal Excellent Travel Bifold Men Leather Wallet, RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector

To begin with, the Aonal Excellent Travel Bifold Men Leather Wallet, RFID Blocking Credit card protector is available in various colours, so you have a choice to pick one in your favorite colour or better still, pick two in different colours. The wallet features a unique and high-quality military grade blocking/shielding technology plus proprietary blocking material. It is, therefore, the best wallet you will ever get to protect your RFID debit cards, credit cards, and ID cards from any electronic pickpocketing.

There are so many wallets on the market, all labelled as RFID blocking, but very few of them will provide utmost protection mostly because some manufacturers will always go for the poor and cheaper shielding materials. However, for this wallet, quality has been prioritised, and there is no compromise when it comes to customers’ satisfaction. In fact, everyone who has used it will not go purchasing any other brand because this quality is incomparable.

The wallet also features a classic bifold design because the manufacturers understand the need to combine a classy look with effective functionality. The design is just clean, simple and represents the traditional bifold design but it comes with a great improvement on materials used and the overall feel and looks. There are many wallets that come in a bifold design but only a few features unique and high-quality and durable materials. Most are just a recycle of what is already in the market with slight modifications.

This wallet includes 6 card slots, a 1 bill pocket that has full-size bill section enabling you to carry your bill safely and an ID window. The wallet measures 4 1/3×3 1/2x ½ Inches giving it an ideal size for ease of portability. It is also super lightweight (4.8 ounces) which adds to its portability. It feels so comfortable sitting in your pocket, whether the front or back. You can, therefore, carry it comfortably as you go about doing your daily business and it won’t feel like a bother at all.

This wallet is made for men thus it is designed to last for many years. It is super compact and does not fray or weaken. It is super slim that fits nicely in any pocket thus no back strain. It is also designed to give you an easy time accessing your cards or bill. This is important, especially when in a hurry and need to pay for something or return the cards in the wallet as you might end up ripping the slots if the wallet features a poor design, material or stitching. It is also a perfect gift for a loved one. It has that classy look and feels so strong. They will love it.


  • Features very high-quality leather material and a unique military-grade shielding technology
  • It blocks RFID thus keeping you safe from electronic pickpocketing
  • It measures 4 1/3×3 1/2c ½ inches
  • It is super lightweight (4.8 ounces) for ease of portability
  • Features a classic bifold design
  • It is super compact and does not fray or weaken even after years of usage
  • It features a slim profile thus easily fits in your pockets


  • The dollar slot is open, so it might not be ideal for carrying coins

2. Motion Trend Leather Wallet, RFID Blocking, Men’s

Motion Trend has once again created a great designed wallet for men featuring every little design that brings an improvement on how a wallet should feel. This wallet here blocks RFID meaning that your cards will be perfectly protected. It measures 4.6×3.7 inches which is an ideal size to fit in your pockets comfortably and fit your cards and bills without hassle. The wallet is made from a high-quality leather material, so you get to use it for so many years without it getting weak or fraying.

Everyone wants to be sure that they won’t get disappointed by a product that they spent too much time researching, ordering and waiting for it to be shipped to their destination and Motion Trend understand this fully thus offers you a product that will last. The wallet is available in different colours, so if you prefer one colour over the other, you have a chance to pass it and pick your favorite. The wallet also makes a very good gift for a friend or loved one.

It also has 1 receipts/currency pockets thus you will be able to carry your money and receipts in your wallet, together with your credit cards, safely and avoid losing or misplacing any. For those who have washed important receipts or some money in their pockets will appreciate a wallet that features enough room for both because it can be a real hassle trying to get a replacement for the already damaged receipts. The wallet also features 1 driving license/ID card slot enabling you to keep both safely and in a good condition.

With its slim profile, this wallet will easily slip in & out of any purse, and it is not bulky at all. You will have enough room for your ID cards, credit cards, driving license, tickets, coins, tickets, and coins. When it comes to the materials used, it is made of premium leather thus it is durable and will withstand many years of use.


  • Features a great design making ideal for all men
  • It carries many credit cards and bills
  • Best for blocking RFID
  • It is made of durable leather materials
  • Comes in different colours for easy selection
  • It is super slim and lightweight for portability


  • The ID window is not removable

1. Distil Union Men’s Wallet, Wally Bifold, Slim Genuine Leather Material with Money Clip

This men’s wallet by the Distil Union represents what every man should own. It is the improved version of the previous Wally wallet, and it looks and feels much better now. It features patent-pending FlexLock pockets which are way better than the usual wallet pockets thus helping you keep and protect your credit cards and ensuring that your identification is totally safe.

For those who have gone through the struggle of trying to locate or replace lost credit cards will appreciate having a great wallet as you will know where to get your cards any time you need them. This wallet also features a slim billfold construction combined with Wally Pull-Tab enabling you to access your cards with ease. This also helps in keeping your cards in a good state while at the same time, increasing the durability of your wallet as there is no strain in getting the cards in or removing them.

The wallet also features an adjustable money clip to eliminate excess and unnecessary material that creates bulkiness in your wallet making it less comfortable to carry around. This way, you can carry the wallet in any pocket, front or back, and still experience utmost comfort no matter the kind of tasks you will be on. The wallet itself is so light yet very strong that it feels comfortable in whatever way you choose to carry it. Even after loading it with your cards and dollars, you will still find it super light even when in your front pocket.

What’s more, this wallet is Fully NFC compatible. This means that you will be getting the most out of keyless entry and tap-to-pay cards as you won’t have to remove them from the wallet. This is good news especially when you are in a hurry because you will avoid the hassle of getting the cards out then returning it which might feel like forever when in some situations.

This wallet is also built to last. It features the premium full-grain leather, and it’s then skillfully crafted to form hand rolled edges thus withstanding many years of brutal use. As long as you get the original wallet, there are cheap imitators; you will enjoy using it for many years.


  • Features a slim billfold construction enabling you to carry enough money with ease
  • Features the Wally Pull-Tab plus adjustable money clip to eliminate excess and unnecessary materials that create bulkiness in your wallet
  • The leather material used is super slim thus making it ideal for carrying in either the front or back pocket
  • It is fully NFC compatible
  • Features high-quality premium full-grain leather and it is skillfully and carefully crafted with hand-rolled edges.


  • Does not have RFID shielding layer but you can purchase some separate RFID sleeves, which are very cheap by the way, then use with Wally


Travel safe, travel light, grab one of the best wallets for men and walk around the world freely. The thought of electronic pickpocketing is super scary, and no one wants to fall a victim. But, good news is that there are so many affordable wallets designed to block RFID. The list above represents the 10 best as reviewed in 2017 just read through and get one that suits your needs. Don’t go for bulky wallets; they are tiring. And you also don’t need a RFID blocking wallet if your cards do not have a “WiFi Signal Icon” as you are not at the risk of electronic pickpocketing.

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