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Hair crimpers are something very familiar among our ladies who love to have their hair done. Wanting to be called beautiful or pretty, women try to do everything such as coloring their nails and their hair, making up their face, changing their hair from straight to lovely curly. To fulfill those ladies, beauty professors have discovered and invented many various tools and products just like hair crimper.

Below is the reviewing list of best ten hair crimpers in 2017.

10. Hiliss Hair Weaver Crimping Iron Mini Travel Tools – Black

Starting from the 10th best hair crimper, Hiliss Hair Weaver Crimping can transfer your straight hair into the new form of zigzag texture. After having your hair done with Hiliss, you will be very satisfied with how you look. Moreover, you will be so comfortable using this hair crimper since it is easy to handle with Ergonomic Design; therefore, you can hold it freely and have your hair done. It is also highly recommended for people who often travels because it is made into the mini size and compatible to 110V-220V.

Special features:

  • Zigzag texture style
  • Best for traveler – mini size and easy-to-handle Ergonomic Design
  • Power compatible 110V – 220V


  • Needed much times for making complex hair style

9. Bed Head Little Tease Crimper, 1 Inch

Experienced fabulous hairstyles with Bed Head, the 9th best hair crimper. 1 inches crimping plates of Bed Head works incredibly to give you a fantastic hair style. This hair crimper is embedded with tourmaline or ceramic technology to keep your hair healthy while crimping. Moreover, to save your time and power, the hair crimper heat up quickly in 30 seconds. The company has also made the product best by free of hair tangled.

Special features:

  • Incredible 1 inches crimping plates
  • Embed with tourmaline/ceramic technology
  • Quick heat up in 30 second
  • Tangle free swivel cord


  • Not the best choice for traveler
  • Electricity consuming

8. Bed Head Bh307cn1 Totally Bent Chrome Crimper, 2-Inch

Let Bed Head Bh307 helps to bring out your pure beauty with piece texture and outrageous volume hair style. The 2 inches crimped plate is a locking chrome plate which supports direct heat for any style quickly. To make the user feel convenient, the company includes variable heat setting in the products to let user adjusts the heat as what they want.

Special features:

  • Provides piece texture and outrageous volume
  • Chrome plates offer direct heat for faster styles
  • Plate locking switch
  • Adjustable heat setting


7. Bed Head BH309 Groupie 1″ Mini Travel Crimper

Another product of Bed Head is an expert mini travel hair crimper. Traveler’s time runs very fast, so Bed Head BH309 is the best choice for time-saving as it quicks heat up, yet high heat and constant heat. Its 1 inches ceramic crimping plate amazingly allows you to have your hair done in many styles. The size is small enough to fit into the suitcase without required much space.

Special features:

  • Time-saving by quick heat up
  • High heat and constant heat
  • Suitable size to fit into suitcase


  • Use much electricity
  • Cannot adjust heat

6. hiLISS Creative Volume Hair Crimper Mini Travel Hair Weaver Crimping Styling Iron with Adjustable Heat Setting (White)

Our 6th best hair crimper is preferred by the traveler as the professional mini travel hair crimper. This creative hair crimper has an excellent ability to add texture at the roots to boost volume with slim ceramic crimping plates. hiLISS let you experience the relaxed styling with comfortable non-slip grip for safety and 360o swivel cord for minimal tangles.

Special features:

  • Adding texture at the roots to boost volume
  • Small enough to fit into the suitcase and space saving
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Comfortable styling


  • Required long time for heating up

5. EWIN(R) 1PCS Crimper Crimping Wave Waver Hair Ion Real Hair Curling Curler

Brand new hair crimping, EWIN, has become more and more popular among top hair crimper. This cool look hair crimper contains Korean Tourmaline ceramic plates which allow you to make various fantastic hair styles. It also has a great function to maintain the temperature in order to ensure not to damage your hair. Moreover, dual voltage is made in this hair crimper that suitable for both 110V and 220V.

Special features:

  • Maintain temperature not to damage hair
  • Dual voltage 110V and 220V
  • Making various fantastic hair styles


  • Needs longer time to heat up
  • Not recommended for traveler

4. Infiniti Pro by Conair 1″ Tourmaline Ceramic Crimper

Let’s take a look at Infiniti Pro, the 4th best hair crimper of our list. Infiniti Pro smartly works in 3 steps to adds lift and volume to your roots. In each step, it allows you to a satisfied hairstyle without harming your hair. Moreover, this hair crimper performs greatly with a powerful heater for faster curling time.

Special features:

  • Making various great hairstyle
  • Powerful heater for faster curling


  • Not suitable for traveler
  • Take longer time to heat up

3. Hot Tools 1″ Micro Crimper Gold Iron

Hot Tools is well known as a high-quality hair crimp that can provide lovely textured crimps. The unique ability of Hot Tools is the fast heat-up plates that help create not only textured crimps but also light. Moreover, you can adjust the temperature to the maximum of 430oF that makes this hair crimper a professional swivel cord.

Special features:

  • Fast heat-up plates that help create light and textured crimps
  • Adjustable temperature


  • Consume much electricity
  • Not the best choice for traveler

2. JEEGOL Ceramic Titanium Night Crimper Iron, Full Size

With Nano titanium plate, JEEGOL can heat up to 450oF that can create constant heat to penetrate the hair follicles quickly. Moreover, its great heat can also retain moisture for soft and luxurious styles. There are sensors for monitoring temperature and restoring heat to bring you the perfect hairstyle.

Special features:

  • 2.5-meter swivel cord
  • Heat up to 450oF with Nano Titanium plate


  • Require high electricity voltage
  • Not easy to carry around in your suitcase

1. JINDIN Triple Barrel Hair Curler Ceramic Crimper Iron Curling Wand Wave Curl Tongs Hairstyling Tools


Here is the 1st best hair crimper of 2017, JINDIN. With 3 barrels curling iron, JINDIN has an admirable ability to heat up quickly to offer different and unique hair style. Moreover, it is very easy and safe to use since the temperature is changeable according to your need. This tourmaline ceramic curling wand can help create softer and shinier waves without frizz.

Special features:

  • 3 barrels curling iron allows creating unique hairstyle
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Adjustable temperature


  • Consuming much electricity

Finally, our reviewing of 10 best hair crimpers of 2017 has come to an end. After finishing reviewing, we hopefully able to give you some ideas, tips, and also products to help you choosing one good hair crimper for yourself.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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