Top 10 Best Golf Carts In 2019

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Are you a beginner or an avid golfer? Do you travel with a heavy package of golf clubs and accessories and have a challenge dragging them round your course when playing with friends or colleagues or professionally?

To get a lasting solution for the problem, one of the best accessories that can help is a quality golf cart.

Most models are light, specially designed to fit many types of golf bags and have smooth rolling wheels that eliminate the stress off hauling heavy bags.

They are also sturdy, work well on both smooth and rugged terrain, and have ergonomic and foldable designs that ease transportation and or storage when not in use.

If you have saved a few dollars to spend on new golfing accessory and purchasing a golf cart ranks high on your list of wants, the 10 models reviewed on this list are currently the best in the market.

They are durable and have function systems that benefit men and women.

10. Intech LiteRider Cart

Intech LiteRider Cart

Top 10 Best Golf Carts In 2019 1

Featuring a durable steel frame and smooth-rolling 10-inch wheels, Intech LiteRider Cart is a professional-grade golfing accessory, optimized for heavy lifting.

The steel used to manufacture it, for instance, is durable, specially designed to fit and support heavy golfing bags, and has reinforced seams and a well-finished exterior that resists rust and corrosion over the years.

When playing outdoors, therefore, you no longer have to worry about your frame rusting or losing its functional or aesthetic appeal when exposed to environmental elements such as rain and UV.

Its large wheels on the other hand ride well on all terrain, while its ergonomic handle boosts comfort when in use. Fully assembled, Intech LiteRider Cart weighs 6.9-pounds. It is foldable, affordable, and does not require skill to control.

9. Intech Tri Trac

Intech Tri Trac

Top 10 Best Golf Carts In 2019 1

As its name suggests, Intech Tri Trac is a well-designed pull golf cart with a stable three-wheeled design that benefits both beginners and professionals.

It is affordable, has a heavy-duty steel frame that fits all types of golfing bags of various sizes, and has a novel two-step folding design that eases storage when not in use and transportation when commuting to a golf course.

This is unlike the expensive electrical models that also require skill to drive and a lot of storage space.

With an original model, therefore, you will no longer have to lag around a heavy gold bag when playing for fun or professionally.

The nylon bag that it comes with has snap-lock buckles and a water-resistant body perfect for storing personals. The one-year warranty offered, on the other hand, is hassle-free and reflects its value.

8. Intech Junior

Intech Junior

Top 10 Best Golf Carts In 2019 1

Designed for junior players, Intech Junior Golf Cart is a high-performance golfing accessory with a plethora of novel features that rank it among the best of the best in 2019.

Its steel, for instance, is lightweight, rust and corrosion resistant, and has well-finished joints and seams that support colossal weight without buckling or breaking.

The detachable water bottle that is comes with is large and food-grade, while the large and smooth rolling wheels that it comes with minimize friction and thus the stress of pulling golfing bags on all terrain.

Instead of worrying about transporting your clubs and other accessories, you can easily concentrate on your game with an original Intech Junior Golf Cart at hand.

Intech Junior measures 8.2 x 8.5 x 26.8 inches (H x W x L) and comes backed by a one year limited warranty

7. Orlimar EZ Roll EZR

Orlimar EZ Roll EZR

Top 10 Best Golf Carts In 2019 1

The EZ Roll EZR by Orlimar is a well-designed pull golf cart with a light and easy to use aluminum frame, a one-step quick fold design that eases transportation and storage, and a sturdy low-profile design that rarely tips nor strains users in both flat and hilly terrain.

It is durable, has large (10-inch) and stable wheels with sealed ball bearings that minimize friction, and has a built-in and easy to deploy hand brake that prevents it from rolling out of control downhill.

If you have a tight budget, this pull cart is affordable. The anti-slide tires that it comes with grip all terrain well, while its padded handle is not only stable, but also adjusts for optimal comfort.

With an original Orlimar EZ Roll EZR from a reputable store, you also get a watertight scoreboard compartment, a storage bin with magnetic closure system for personals, storing, and an umbrella attachment feature that connects and work with most types.

6. Orlimar Ez Roll 12.0

Orlimar Ez Roll 12.0

Top 10 Best Golf Carts In 2019 1

A popular pushcart among both professionals and beginners, Orlimar Ez Roll 12.0 is a light and portable golf cart with a striking silver finish that also protects it from rust and corrosion.

It is cheap, has a stable central chassis that supports heavy bags, and has a padded and ergonomic handle that adjusts for convenient pushing.

The large wheels that it comes with are durable, easy to install, and have rubberized tires that grip both smooth and rugged surfaces well of various elevations.

For those that travel often, this one of a kind golf pull cart folds flat for easier transportation and or storage.

The deluxe scorecard holder that it comes with is water-resistant, while its integrated ball holder and easy-to-use three-wheel design boost its suitability.

5. Jef World of Golf

Jef World of Golf

Top 10 Best Golf Carts In 2019 1

Recommended in top 10 best golf carts in 2019, Jef World of Golf is a deluxe pull cart for golf lovers made of high-grade steel.

Its frame is light, durable, and designed to fit various golf bag types and sized without weighing down users outdoors.

If you enjoy playing golf on a regular basis, therefore, and are tired of carrying heavy bags or spending a lot of money on an assistant, this one of a kind accessory can help.

Even though cheaper than some standard models, the quality components it comes with boost its performance and therefore performance of its users significantly.

Its wide and smooth-rolling wheels, for instance, grip all types of surfaces to ease mobility on the golf course.

Its foldable frame on the other hand saves space during transportation and or storage, while its contoured bottom and adjustable bag strap accommodate larger bags that most professional golfers use

4. CaddyTek Version 3

CaddyTek Version 3

Top 10 Best Golf Carts In 2019 1

This third version of the liked CaddyTek line of golf pull carts is an advanced model, built for optimal stability.

It has an easy to use one-click setup and folding system that saves users valuable time when preparing for a golfing trip.

The steel frame that it comes with weighs less than 17 pounds, has well-welded joints and seams that boost its stability, and has an innovative four-wheeled design that not only supports colossal weight, but also eases maneuvering on both flat and rugged terrain.

This is impressive, considering its ease of assembly and the paltry amount that people pay for an original.

Other features that have earned it a spot in top 10 best golf carts in 2019 reviews are its easy to use one-click system, patented foot brake, patented cooler basket, and built in storage rack and umbrella holder.

3. Stowamatic Lite Trac

Stowamatic Lite Trac

Top 10 Best Golf Carts In 2019 1

Manufactured using a lightweight yet durable aluminum, Stowamatic Lite Trac is an easy to maneuver golf pull cart with a padded grab handle that works well for individuals of all cadres.

It is affordable, has a built in pencil and scoreboard holder, and has a stable and universal design that fits and secures several types of golf bags in all environment.

Whether you have a small beginner bag or the larger and bulky models preferred by professionals, this innovative accessory never disappoints.

Its wheels are large, low-maintenance, and have smooth rolling systems that boost their functionality significantly.

Its space saving folding design comes in handy during storage and or transit, while the full 12-month warranty offered reflects its quality.

2. CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe

Top 10 Best Golf Carts In 2019 1

If you are shopping for a new golf cart for everyday use, and choose SuperLite by CaddyTek, you get deluxe black-themed accessory with a light (12.2 pounds) design perfect for everyday travel.

It is durable, has a patented push-to-brake and push-to-releases foot brake that prevent from rolling out of control in steep surfaces, a built in front-wheel alignment mechanism that eases control and therefore usage further.

You also get a stable three-wheel design that rolls smoothly on all terrain, a stable steel frame with a light and universal design that secures various types of golf bags, and a plethora of handy accessories including a food-grade beverage holder, a mesh net for storing personals, and a universal umbrella holder that fits most brands.

1. CaddyTek EZ-Fold

CaddyTek EZ-Fold

Top 10 Best Golf Carts In 2019 1

Top on our list, CaddyTek EZ-Fold is a professional-grade three-wheel push golf cart with an aesthetic red theme that most users like.

It is durable, has a patented one-click fold technology that eases storage and transport, and has a compact (13.2 x 12.4 x 32.8-inch) (W x L x H) and super-light (18.5 pounds) aluminum frame that does not weigh. This, however, does not mean that you sacrifice lifting power.

Its universal design accommodates various brands of golf bag and has a stable and well-finished system that supports colossal weight on all terrain.

Its patented foot brake boosts safety. Its ergonomic handle eases usage, while the patented cooler basket and maintenance free EVA wheels boost its functionality significantly.

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