Top 10 Best Game Cameras in 2017

When it comes to game cameras, we all want one that will give us that perfect image and high-quality videos. Game cameras should be able to take good shots in just seconds. This will helps in capturing all the moment and action in the field. We will give you the top ten best game cameras in 2017 that should be top of your list when you go shopping.

10. ZenNutt Trail Camera HD 8MP 720P Game Cameras

This camera comes with a second trigger speed of 0.8-1.2. The rate will guarantee you that you will not miss any action. It also gives you very high-quality images since it can support eight megapixel and 720 HD video with quality sound. The images are bright even at night making it ideal for use even when it is dark. Setting this camera for use is very easy since there is no complicated process involved.

09. Stealth Cam P18 7 Megapixel Compact Scouting Camera

It has a capacity to take images with 7 megapixel thus giving quality images. It comes with batteries and can be used even on the field due to its camouflaging characteristic. You can use it to capture wildlife activities at a range of 50-foot. It has an energy efficient design and a burst rapid-fire mode. Setting this camera can be done in just minutes since it is very simple.

08. TEC.BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera

It has a very high resolution of up to 12mp. And 1920*1080p HD videos. The night vision range is long with ability to capture images and videos at 75 feet distance. You can use it to survey cold-blooded animals since it reduces that inadvertent shoot caused by leaves and grass. It comes with an SD card for storage. The camera is waterproof making it perfect for use when it is raining or dusty. It will give you a whole new experience in surveillance of wildlife.

07. FULLLIGHT TECH 1080P 12MP Game & Trail Camera

It comes with built in 42pcs of infrared led to guarantee the user, unmatched quality in photos and videos at night. The built-in mic helps in capturing sound precisely and perfectly. It can be easily hidden in the field. It offers five kinds of capture mode which include photo, video, photo plus video, timer and time lapse. It is safe to use for the outdoor due to its waterproof nature making it perfect for use when it is raining or when there is snow.

06. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12MP Trail Camera

It offers 3, 8 and 12 MP resolution for images and 720p for video. It has a trigger speed of 0.3 and 80 ft infrared flash range. Its design is unique as compared to other game cameras. This camera has a day and night auto sensor, SD card slot, adjustable PIR, and programmable trigger interval. It will guarantee you an enjoyable time while you are shooting. The night vision of this camera is just perfect. The 8 AA batteries come separately.

05. Wildgame Innovations Terra 5 Game Camera

This camera comes with high intensity 21 pieces LED infrared flash. It also has a one-second trigger speed and the ability to capture 5 megapixel still images. It is smaller in size compared to game cameras that are huge. This makes portability very easy. The infrared flash range is up to 50ft. This camera is perfect to use when you are in mineral sites and even in monitoring scrapes.

04. Browning Strike Force Game Camera

This comes with 8GB SD card that helps in storing the images and videos. It also has browning AA batteries that contribute to powering the camera. The design of this camera makes it able to take pictures and videos in a very discreet manner. This will help you capture those special moments in the wild. It comes with Zero blur technology. It can be used for outdoor since it is very reliable.

03. Crenova Game and Trail Hunting Camera

Crenova game camera comes with a 16GB SD card that helps to store that captured images and videos. It has a powerful 5 megapixel CMOS sensor that can support 12-megapixel resolution comfortably. It gives that users very perfect and brilliant-colored images that are of very high quality. Setting up this camera is easy. It comes with built in 42pcs LED night vision lights that can cover up to 20 meters away.

02. Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera

This camera has a resolution of 12 MP and videos of 480px.The flash technology used covers a long range infrared of 850nm. The videos and photos are just awesome and give the user a taste of quality. You can be able to choose your image mode from the multiple image modes that come with this camera. It used 8AA batteries that are durable and can support the camera to take up to 16000 images.

01. ZenNutt Trail Camera HD 8MP 720P Game Cameras

If you want a camera that is reliable to help you in getting the best images and videos in the game ZenNutt Trail camera will not disappoint you. It comes highly recommended by it users and has been therefore rated as number one. The quality of the images and videos is unmatchable. You no longer have to put up with game cameras that do not give you what you want.

Getting that perfect image when it comes to wildlife requires you have the right tools and a game camera is one of them. Some of these cameras are very expensive, but they will ensure that they offer the best service. Their concentration on quality, precision, and details cannot be compared to the conventional cameras in the market.

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