Top 10 Best Bicycle Saddlebags in 2019 Reviews

Cycling with phones, keys, and other small personal is a challenging affair. The risk of loss, for instance, is high. Carrying a phone in your hand as your ride is also a safety hazard that unfortunately, most individuals flaunt. You do not have to make the same mistake. To ride comfortably, while storing your personals well at the same time, consider purchasing one of our recommended saddlebags. Their spacious padded designs are perfect for securing personals such as phones and keys. They are also affordable, easy to install, and designed to work on most types of bikes.

10. Louis Garneau Little LG

A popular cycling bag among professionals, Louis Garneau Little LG is now available on Amazon. Affordable and recommended for individuals of all cadres it is a perfect storage solution for phones and small bicycle tools such as wrenches. With one, for instance, you get a durable saddle bag made of waterproof nylon. Its sealed zippers are also water repellent, while its reflective accents improve the visibility of riders in low light. Apart from securing your personals well, this one of a kind bag will improve your safety, if installed correctly. Simply attach it to the post of your bicycle using the sturdy rail Velcro closure that it comes with.

9. Evecase Bike Saddle Bag

Do not let the rain and other environmental elements to damage your documents and or phone when cycling outdoors. To secure them well without adding unnecessary weight to your bicycle, this saddlebag from Evecase is among the best to use. Designed to strap under seat posts, its portability is desirable. Styling (black theme) is also impeccable, while its spacious main compartment fits multiple accessories, including keys and phones. You also get zippered front pockets for storing IDs and cash and a streamlined waterproof design that does not destabilize bicycles.

8. BOGZON Waterproof Seat Pack

Recommended for use on mountain bikes, BOGZON is a must-have seat pack with a durable and waterproof design. It is lightweight. Its handler and seat post mounting design is versatile, while its rubberized body has bone supports that improve its stability. Even when empty, this bag does not collapse and or lose its shape, as traditional fabric ones often do. Finally, you get a wide zippered opening that eases loading and unloading and a light clip that improves the visibility of cyclists.

7. BV Bicycle Clip-On Bag

Featuring an expandable mesh body with two side pockets for categorizing functional, this clip-on BV bicycle bag never disappoints. Whether you have a bulky accessory such as a tablet or a small one such as a set of keys, expect the best experience. The buckle (quick-release) mounts that it uses, for instance, are durable and secure it well on seat posts of most bicycles. The nylon used to make it is durable and waterproof. Its streamlined body, on the other hand, suits the needs of most riders. Unlike traditional carry bags that impair the aerodynamics of bicycles, you will cycle normally with this one of kind bag.

6. AmazonBasics Strap-On Bag

With this strap on bag from AmazonBasics, you get a wedge-shaped bicycle accessory with a spacious zippered main compartment. Perfect for outdoor use, its water-resist designs protects personals from the elements well. Set up and removal are easy (on seat posts and seats), while the reflective strip on its outer edge improves the visibility of cyclists outdoors. If you have a third party tail light that you are planning to use, this bag has a built-in loop that secures such as accessories well. For those with a tight budget, this strap-on bag is affordable. It is also easy to clean using soap, water, and a soft-bristled brush.

5. Lezyne Micro Caddy

Numerous cheaply made saddlebag are prone to vibrating, which often damaged delicate electronics such as phones. If you have has a similar experience and looking to upgrade your current saddlebag, Lezyne Micro Caddy is ideal. Even though small, it has a durable vibration-absorbing design that secures personals well. Even though simple, the neoprene saddle attachment it uses is also sturdy and very secure. Fully loaded, forget about this bag sliding out of place and compromising the value of your items. Lezyne Micro Caddy is affordable and works well on most bikes.

4. Leisure Realm Stylish

Featuring a visible orange theme, Leisure Realm is also stylish and one of the most dependable saddle bags to date. Perfect for use on road bikes, mountain bikes, and cruiser, its versatility is one of its key strengths. Storage capacity is impressive, while its convenient snap-on design does not require a lot of effort to setup. Simply snap it into place to get a functional storage bag in seconds. Designed to maximize the protection of small essentials, both its body and zippers are durable and water resistant.

3. Roswheel Outdoor Cycling Bag

Forget about the irritant backpack that you carry along during your cycling trips. With this outdoor bicycle saddlebag from Roswheel, you get a spacious streamlined storage bag that mounts conveniently under seats. Its blue and black themed is eye-catching, while its spacious internal pockets accommodate a myriad of accessories. A perfect gear-toting solution for individuals and professionals alike, Roswheel has a proprietary mounting system with a convenient quick-release technology. You do not need a tool and or special skills to install and remove it.

2. BV Bicycle Y-Series

This y-Series saddlebag from BV Bicycles is a well-made strap on accessory with a spacious wedge-shaped design. Attainable in multiple sizes, you can easily find one that satisfies your needs. Its access is wide and zippered, while the taillight hanger and reflective trim (Scotchlite it comes with) improve personal safety. BV Bicycle Y-Series is cost-effective and has a limited product warranty that you can claim in under three years.

1. BV Bicycle Strap-On

Recommended for use on under both seats and saddles, this versatile BV Bicycle saddlebag tops our list. Fitted with a sturdy strap on, its installation is a breeze. Sizing is perfect for storing both tools and personals, while its reflective Scotchlite trims and built-in taillight hanger improve the safety of users. As most BV Bicycle products, this bag has a spacious expandable design that comes in handy outdoors. It is also water-resistant and has sturdy and well-reinforced seams that do not rip under pressure.

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