Top 10 Best Beach Tents in 2017

Beach tent protect you from being exposed to the sun so that you can have a good time at the beach. When getting one consider the UV protection that it gives so that you can protect your skin from getting damaged. The capacity of people that you want the tent to accommodate is also a feature you should look out for. The number of sand pockets that it has so that you can lower the hem and have a stable tent. With the numerous designs and brands that are in the market, this article comes in handy to provide you with the features that you can consider when getting one.

10. iCorer EasyUp

Made with lightweight polyester so that it can give you heat insulation, shade, and reflection of light with the silver coating that is around full coverage. You can sit on camping chairs inside it and can accommodate 2-3 adults. You set it up easily using the three pole pin and a ring frame system that has shock-corded fiberglass poles. Enjoy a whole day at the beach being protected from harmful sun rays.

09. Picnic at Ascot Family Size

Be protected from both suns with the UV 50+ protection and wind using this tent that has been made with 190T polyester. It requires no assembling. It comes with fiberglass frame that has been sewn in. Be stable while in it with the four sand pockets that it has. It has three large mesh windows that will give you cross ventilation. Have a good time with your family at the beach using it.

08. Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent

Be safe from UV rays with the UV 50+ protection that this tent has. It is made with nylon and is very durable. It has a fiberglass frame that is lightweight. The floor is waterproof PE making it ideal to be used in a broad range of outdoor activities. You will take a short time setting it up and also fold it during storage with the instant push up design that it has. Have a worry-free summer enjoying at the beach.

07. PortableFun Pop Up UV Beach Tent

This beach tent requires no assembling as it pop ups once opened. It has a special silver coated fabric to keep you safe from harmful UV rays. Easy ventilation with the double type B that it has. Teo inbuilt sand pockets to help keep it stable and four fixed bands to protect you from strong winds. It can be used in a brand range of events to give you protection.

06. iCorer Automatic Pop Up Instant

You can now have a good time during outdoor activities with a beach tent to protect you from harmful UV rays. There will be no assembling with this model as it instantly pops up after you have removed it from the bag that it comes with. You will enjoy the double type B dense interwoven mesh that makes it last longer. It also lets you have ventilation.

05. Thermalab Anti-UV Beach Tent

Have fun with your children in this tent that has a capacity to accommodate one adult and two children. You will also be able to protect your little ones from the harmful UV rays so that they can enjoy the beach. It is both waterproof and windproof. It comes with four pockets that you put sand in and pegs so that your tent can’t fly away.

04. G4Free Outdoor Automatic Pop-up Instant

Summer will be fun with this beach tent that gives you instant pop up so that you have an easy time setting it up. You will also be able to have protection from the sun so that your skin is not damaged silver coated fabric. Four fixed bands and two inbuilt pockets will enable the tent to withstand strong winds. It has ventilation with the interwoven mesh that it has.

03. Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

With the capacity of 3-4 people that this tent gives you is amazing so that you can now have friends. Deluxe XL version makes this model durable and lightweight. It gives UPF 50+ protection so that you can protect your skin from being damaged. The windows are large so that you can have ventilation. The polyester in it is breathable and waterproof.

02. Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

This beach tent has two sand pockets and stakes so that you can be protected against the wind. The silver coated fabric is reliable and has UPF 50+ feature that will keep you protected from harmful UV rays. It has an interwoven mesh for ventilation. It is compact, and there is no assembling with it. You will also be able to easily set it up and fold it after you are done with your activities.

01. Arcshell Premium Extra Large Beach Tent

This tent will be reliable for your outdoor activities as it has been made with 190T polyester that is breathable and the floor is 210D oxford that is waterproof. You will be protected with the UV 50+ feature of its materials so that you can have a good time. For protection from strong wind use the four stakes that it comes with.

Beach tent will let you enjoy your outdoor activities with your friends and family. You should get the right size to accommodate the number of people that you want. Having sand pockets helps you keep your beach tent stable, so the more the pockets, the more stable your tent will be.

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