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When you are revamping your commercial or home gym and you need a suitable best adjustable bench to performing bench presses, Pilates, or other strength-training exercises on, you should consider a model that has a high weight capacity to withstand high weight without breaking or buckling; comfortable to lower the risk of exercise-associated injuries; and adjustable for accommodating a variety of exercises, and allowing for easy storage. The following top 10 Best Adjustable Benches in 2017 have met the criteria to beat many others in quality. Read on to discover them.

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Designed to help one perform military presses, leg lifts, and chest presses, this is a well constructed adjustable bed that is perfect for home and commercial use. Its tube main frame is strong (made from heavy-duty steel) to support even colossal weights. The padded bench provides comfort, inclines perfectly onto a well-padded backrest, and is easily adjustable into a perfect incline to allow you perform a wide range of training workouts safely. It also features non-pinching grips, locking safety hooks, and excellent dual-action leg trainers.

10. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench


Marcy SB670 is a durable and compact high-performance adjustable utility bench perfect for working the chest, shoulders, abdominal muscles, and the back. It is made of heavy duty stainless steel, and adapts very well to fit squat racks and half cages, made from tog grade high-density foam, and features an appropriately padded 6 position flat back pad which inclines/declines seamlessly. Its parts are durable well built, and it is shipped covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

9. CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench

With an over-sized steel frame that is tubular, padded bench press ideal for cushioning, and an excellent foldable design allowing easier storage and portability, the York Barbell is a top quality adjustable bench for fitness that is made for sterling heavy duty training. It is affordable and space efficient, and it works in both declined and flat orientations. Weighing 31 pounds, it features well-designed handles and rollers for convenient storage and portability and comes with a built-in rack which houses 3 pairs of York Fit-bells whenever in use. It serves you with many fitness benefits.

8. Marcy SB670 Adjustable Utility Bench

7. York Barbell Adjustable Fitness Bench

This is a great commercial rated fitness bench that is sold completely assembled, ready to use. It is durable, space efficient, and has an innovative 7-posstion adjustment system for accommodating a range of workout motions. You may lay flat on it to perform heavy bench presses, or make inclines perform Pilate, or set up a convenient backrest for extra support. Its heavy duty 2 by 3-inch tubing makes it a high-weight capacity. It has a foldable design and feature wheel for easy storage and transportation. It is covered by an in-home limited warranty, giving the confidence of quality.

6. Body Solid GFID-225 Adjustable Weight Bench

5. XMark XM 4416 Adjustable Decline Ab Bench

This adjustable bench is ergonomically designed and has 12-height adjustment positions. It is made of 14-gauge, powder coated steel to ensure durability and scratch resistance. It has built in support mounts for easy mounting or dismounting, and a cushioned 2.5-inch bench featuring a tear-proof Duraguard vinyl covering for comfort and allowing excellence in heavy weight lifting. This bench can support up to 400 pounds, and features 4 well-contoured roller pads for good support, comfortable leg rollers for great back support, as well as a sturdy easy on-and-off support handle.

4. Body-Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline Folding Bench

3. Universal 5-Position Weight Bench-Best Adjustable Benches

This is a seven-position—decline, incline, near vertical, and flat— multi-bench perfect for doing dumbbell plus other strength exercises—crunches, chest presses, shoulder presses, etc. it easily folds to allow for ease of storage, and features a sturdy and high weight steel frame which is rust and corrosion resistance. It has a durable bottom wheel that makes it easy to set it up and transport. All of its components are superbly designed and strong, ensuring no funny noises or creaking when being used.

2. CAP Barbell Flat/Decline /Incline Bench

If you need a great and premium grade bench for the home gym, one ideal for challenging your core/upper body when working out, this 5-position weight bench might be your excellent option. It is easily adjustable, features a special and firm contoured design, and has stabilizer levelers for preventing it from slipping or tipping on any kind of floor. It has a 250 pounds user weight capacity, and 430 pounds lift capacity.

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