The Best Speed Skates in 2017

There is a wide range of classy speed skates in the market today, but only a few will guarantee you top- notch services. Speed skates will make it easier for you to move from one point to another, without getting exhausted. Each and every speed skates vary depending on the material used, types of wheels, level of comfortability and sizes. This, therefore, implies that, for you to get a high quality speed skate, you need to consider various factors like durability and cost among others.

The top 10 best speed skates in 2017 reviews have got different ratings based on the taste and preference of the customers. To ensure that you get highly rated and reliable speed skates, in 2017, we have selected the best 10 products. This will make it easy to make an informed decision on the type of speed skate to buy. Below are the top 10 best speed skates in 2017 reviews.

10. Chicago Girl’s Adjustable Quad Skate

This is the perfect boot for girls looking forward to commence skating or advance their skating experience. It comes in various appealing colors like purple/silver, giving you the chance to select what matches your taste. It has an adjustable micro-ratchet buckles. This is to ensure a secure and precise closure.

It has oversized composition wheels as well as semi-precision bearings to ensure smooth rolling for great comfort and stability. Through four full sizes that are adjustable, it gives your young child the chance to grow their skating experience as they develop. It is made from a vinyl material that is durable, yet soft. This makes it easy and simple to clean. For a reliable and safe stopping, the speed skate comes with a built-in toe stop. It also comes with a 30-day warranty.

9. Chicago Women’s Rink Skate

This is another top- rated speed skate for women that offers excellent skating services. They are white in color to make them appealing to the eye just like women prefer hence, it can be a perfect gift for her. It has high top rink pattern that makes it offer great support, ergonomic and perfect for skating on any surface. To ensure comfort, the boots have got semi-precision bearings as well as urethane made wheels that are very durable. For a secure fit and support they have speed hooks and eyelets lace closure.

This also ensures stability and, therefore, allow you to move the speed of your choice. These are some of the features that greatly contributes to its unique nature, comfort and stability. The speed skate is designed in a classic manner that makes it attractive making women love it even more. It protects the entire foot while skating ensuring you of safety. The price of this speed skate is pocket friendly in spite of its uniqueness and outstanding nature. This makes it accessible to skaters. They have a 30-day warranty.

8. Roller Derby Men’s Viper M4 Speed Quad Skate

In case you are looking for perfect speed skates that will guarantee you comfort and stability. Then, this is the ultimate speed skate. It is designed in the best way and with high quality material to ensure that you get the value of your money. For the closure system, they have an easy lace and padded collar with Velcro power straps that you can easily do and undo. These are some of its high quality features that guarantees quality comfort and stability to the user.

The speed skate are available in black color and have been highly rated by the customers who already purchased them. This is what gives you the ultimate comfort and long term service. They also feature ABEC 5 bearings for stability. The wheels measure about 58mm wide and have a speed formula. They are made from urethane to ensure long term service.

7. Roller Derby Men’s Sting 5500 Quad Roller Skate

These are some of the best speed skates that will offer you ultimate services ranging from stability, fitness, comfort and performance. They are made to ensure that you enjoy skating as part of your workout. They are rated as the best fitness speed skates since they employ the High performance light micro technology.

This will, therefore, guarantee great fitness. The speed skate also has got a high quality foam memory that fits and wicks your feet for a great comfort lining. Their frame is made from high quality Aluminum for a longer service. To ensure high level of stability, they feature a flexible toe-stop of about 5/8-inches. The speed skate also has a bearing of ABEC-7 RACE that ensures top-notch performance.

6. Roller Derby Women’s Viper Quad Skate

This is one of the bestsellers speed skates in 2017 that has attracted attention from more various places around the globe. The speed skate have been liked because of its unique nature and high quality features. It is man-made with classic boots that are wide enough to ensure great comfortability. Being women’s speed skate, this quad skate has got attractive color on the wheels and on the upper parts.

They ensure easy control and stability since they have an ABEC5 bearings. This makes it easier for you to move at any speed without losing control. The wide boots measure about 58mm and are made from Urethane. They are best known for the speed formula. Besides this, the boots have got a Deluxe Speed Profile that is meant to ensure great support whenever you skate. The other features are white laces and padded collar with Velcro power.

5. Pacer GTX-500 Roller Skates with Pink Laces

This is an elegant and comfortable speed skate, that is meant to serve you for a lifetime. It has strong and wide wheels that are able to move on different surfaces without any difficulties. This means that, they can move at different speeds. The wheels measure about 63mm by 35 mm. It also has durable plates that are made from high quality Polymer. The plates also feature fixed toe stops that enable you to stop without losing control.

They also ensure stability and easy body control irrespective of the speed you are moving in. They have comfortable boots that have got a lot of paddings for a number of hours at the link. The skates are recommended for beginners and even experts. This is because they have a steady frame on their over-sized wheels, to ensure the best performance and appearance. The only disadvantage about this speed skates is that, they only come in men’s sizes.

4. Riedell Skates Dart Roller Skate

This is a high quality speed skate that is man- made. It is made from durable material to ensure long term service. It is very secure since it has reliable Midi Gripper toe stops. This will ensure that, you easily come to a stop in case of any emergency. It also has an ABEC 5 bearings, that ensures easy movement in the direction of your choice. These sophisticated speed skates are also made from PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate that ensures that they offer you nothing but the best.

These are, therefore, some of the perfect speed skates that you will love. They also have a dart that measures about 62 mm and has a matching hub. Despite their high quality nature, the skates are relatively cheap and affordable. Both the upper and the lining are man-made hence, quality and reliable.

3. Chicago Bullet Speed Skate

This is one of the best speed skates that will offer you a reliable and convenient services. It is very comfortable and durable since its made from high quality materials. It also has strong wheels that will offer you both stability and control. The speed skates have a 62 mm wide wheels made from urethane. This implies that, they are able to move on any surface and guarantees you of a lifetime service. The wheels also have a fixed axle and precision bearing, that aids in ensuring control and stability.

They are made from durable vinyl and this makes them suitable for social skating, all round link and racing. Besides these, they also feature front-toe brakes. These are meant to ensure a reliable stopping at any moment. For the closure system, they have an easy lace that you can easily do and undo. These speed skates are available in black color and have been highly rated by the customers who already purchased them. For every purchase, you are guaranteed a 30- day warranty.

2. Roller Derby Sparkle Girl’s Lighted Wheel Roller Skate

This is another classic Roller Derby speed skate that is made-made and recommended for both beginners and experts. The speed skate has a deluxe sport profile model that comes with Velcro and a lace closure design. This is meant to fasten your feet in order to ensure that you get 100% support and stability while skating. The speed skate also features the torsion beam chassis as well as urethane made wheels that are 54 mm wide.

This is another feature that ensures maximum control and stability. This means that the speed skate has regular inside wheels and four outside lighted wheels. These are also meant to ensure more stability and safety while skating. Besides these, it also features an excellerator of 608Z bearings. Despite its high quality features it is relatively cheap and affordable as it pocket-friendly. Just by its look, anyone can tell that it is appealing to the eye, making it the ultimate choice for both beginners and pros women skaters.

1. Roller Derby Roller Star Girl’s Quad Skate

This is a high quality speed skate that is recommended for the girls. The boot is very comfortable and freestyle. This makes your feet fit in the boot, giving you a better stability. This will enable you to move at the highest speed without losing control. Its heel has got a reinforced support to make women feel comfortable as well as having an inner padded lining. This inner lining hinders the movement inside the boot, making your feet feel engaged and tight the boot. This is something that enhances a skating safety and comfort.

The speed skate like many others, has got a lace closure. This will properly tighten your feet and prohibit unnecessary feet movement, and therefore, giving you the best skating experience ever. The speed skate also features torsion beam chassis and 54mm wheels made from urethane. The wideness of these wheels enhances stability and control to the user. This makes it suitable for beginners as it is a four-wheel speed skate. It also has an excellerator 608ZB bearings.

These are the top 10 best speed skates in 2017 reviews that we have collected based on customer reviews and bestsellers. They are durable and high quality speed skates that will offer you a lifetime and top-notch services. There are some specifically designed for women, others are for men and others are unisex. The speed skates also suit both beginners and expert skaters. Due to their unique nature, they are suitable for different types of skating like, social skating, racing and all- round. Get any of these smart speed skates for affordable prices.



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