The Best Popcorn Machines of 2018 Reviews

If you have your individual household theatre then you are a person of the lucky couple who have it. It can be fairly expensive but if you can locate excellent specials and you have the appropriate location at household, you can have a household theatre that you can established up devoid of as well considerably income. Just visualize – when you have your individual household theatre, you can check out the demonstrates that you want by yourself or with your household customers and friends.

A lot of motion picture lovers will not be ready to check out flicks and demonstrates if they do not have popcorn. You can constantly cook popcorn with the use of your microwave or even through your normal pan but the popcorn will sense additional genuine if you would have the appropriate popcorn device. There was a time when you can only acquire popcorn from the motion picture theaters but now, you can acquire your incredibly individual popcorn device at household.

Get note that not all popcorn makers are designed the same. There are some that have all of the attributes you might need to have at household. Some go overboard with the attributes and they are normally expensive for the reason that of all the additional added attributes that you do not need to have.

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What to Contemplate When Obtaining Popcorn Devices

You now know the popcorn machines can all be distinct from just about every other and these are the items that you need to have to contemplate:

  • Sizing – You need to have to know the proper sizing of the popcorn device that you are going to acquire. The sizing will establish just how considerably popcorn the device will be ready to cook. If you approach on just making use of it for the household, you do not need to have a massive-sized popcorn. A compact a person will be adequate. If you have adequate room at household though, then by all suggests pick out a even larger popcorn device.
  • Rate – You need to have to locate a popcorn device that fits your spending plan. Popcorn machines appear in a extensive wide variety of prices. It will be up to you to pick out the a person that ideal fits you.
  • Kind – There are two types of popcorn machines readily available. The 1st form is the countertop popcorn device that you would put on your countertop. The second form is the stand-by yourself popcorn device. This can be positioned in the corner of your household theatre. Your preference will count on what you feel will function ideal for your wants.
  • Electrical power Use – You do not want to have a popcorn device that will make your electric invoice run so higher that you would only want to use it rarely. Test the electric power use 1st and make a conclusion centered on the aspects you will locate.
  • More Attributes – There are constantly items that will make the popcorn device additional distinctive than the other folks that you will locate. For case in point, a person popcorn device might quit popping the second that all of the kernels are cooked. Get a look at the popcorn machine’s distinctive attributes just before generating the appropriate preference.

Now that you have an thought about what to look for when seeking at popcorn machines, you have to know the ideal goods to contemplate.

Terrific Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Major Antique Model Popcorn Popper Machine

Are you hunting for a popcorn device that will control to stand out no issue in which you put it? You do not have to look any further more for the reason that this might be the a person that you are hunting for. This device is of commercial good quality which suggests that you will be receiving a person of the ideal. It will be a awesome addition to your household theatre for confident.


  • Stainless-Steel Food Zones – You can assume that it will be identical to the classic and antique popcorn machines of prolonged just before. It is awesome to look at and it is definitely astounding.
  • three-Placement Manage Swap – This is distinct from the regular two-situation handle swap. This will be straightforward to maneuver.
  • Designed – in Warmer Gentle – No need to have to acquire a independent hotter light-weight to assure that your popcorn will keep refreshing for a prolonged time.

What We Appreciated

  • It looks incredibly awesome specifically when established up at your household theatre.
  • Designed with large glass doorways.
  • Uncomplicated to assemble.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The pan is a bit compact.
  • Some have claimed that the stainless metal might get started rusting right after some time.

Popcorn Maker Machine by Paramount

There is nothing at all like a motion picture-theatre form device positioned close to your household theatre to make you and your guests enthusiastic about the motion picture that you are preparing to check out. This arrives with some further attributes as well that will make it your beloved amid all the other popcorn machines you can verify out.


  • Multi-colour LED illumination with Remote Manage – The truth that you can handle it with a remote handle helps make it a person of the ideal choices readily available.
  • Twin Glass Doorways – This device that is produced out of all-glass is awesome to look at and is resilient adequate for your distinct wants.
  • Four Manage Switches – This will make the popcorn device operation even additional handy than at any time.

What We Appreciated

  • All of the areas are individually wrapped and are incredibly considerably safe.
  • Uncomplicated to set together.
  • Popcorn good quality is excellent.

What We Didn’t Like

  • You need to have tools to assemble the device.
  • Rust will get started to take place right after some time.

Terrific Northern Popcorn in Crimson Tabletop Retro Model Compact with Detachable Tray

There are so several popcorn machines that you will locate appropriate now and it can be hard to pick out just a person but if you are hunting for a moveable popcorn device, this might be a person of the ideal that you will locate. This will have the capacity to maintain the popcorn warm and refreshing for a prolonged interval of time.


  • Convenient Pull-Out Popcorn Tray – Why do you have to risk burning yourself just to get the popcorn when the standard popcorn tray can make it straightforward for you to eliminate the popcorn effortlessly?
  • Warming Gentle – If you are not able to eliminate the popcorn immediately, no need to have to stress for the reason that the warming light-weight will maintain your popcorn refreshing and warm right up until you are ready to eliminate it.
  • one gallon of Popcorn per Batch – This will be adequate for your basic popcorn wants.

What We Appreciated

  • The scent of the popcorn is exquisite and is identical to the kinds you will get from the motion picture theatre.
  • Uncomplicated clean up.
  • Uncomplicated to assemble.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Tiny and might not cook adequate popcorn for huge groups.
  • The door is not as sturdy as the rest of the device.

Elite Deluxe EPM-250 Maxi-Matic Typical Tabletop Kettle Popcorn Popper Machine

There is just a little something about this popcorn maker that will make you want to acquire it immediately for the reason that of the way that it looks. You can cook a gallon of popcorn each and every time you use it. This is now adequate to feed your household customers and friends.


  • Warming Gentle – This will maintain the popcorn refreshing and warm if you do not get all of the popped kernels out just still.
  • Designed- in Stirring Method – You do not have to do considerably to get your flavoring into the popcorn.
  • Serving Tray – This will capture all of the freshly popped popcorn.

What We Appreciated

  • This looks excellent.
  • This does not acquire up a lot of room.
  • Uncomplicated to clean.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some are not amazed with its good quality.
  • Taste is not the same with popcorn in cinemas.

West Bend 82505 Stir Insane Popcorn Popper


The research for the popcorn device that can conveniently cook your popcorn for you might have ended the second that you see this popcorn device. It has a developed-in butter properly that will allow for your popcorn to be evenly coated with astounding flavors.


  • Warmth – Resistant Foundation – No need to have to stress about the base heating up any time you use it as it will maintain the warmth absent and defend your countertops.
  • Non-Adhere Coating – Cleaning this device will be a breeze for the reason that of its non-adhere coating.
  • Warmth-Resistant Handles – Cooking popcorn is no enjoyment if you are going to get burned in the procedure. The warmth-resistant handles will assist stop that from happening.

What We Appreciated

  • Device can warmth up promptly and can cook popcorn immediately.
  • Uncomplicated to change more than after popping is completed.
  • This does not go away as well several unpopped kernels.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some can’t cook popcorn effectively with it.
  • Some are unimpressed with the good quality of this popcorn maker.

The Authentic Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper

What is your main requirement when hunting for a popcorn maker? For some persons, it is room. If you stay in a compact house or room and you just need to have to have popcorn each and every time, this is the ideal for you to have. Its convenient storage helps make it the fantastic preference for your popping wants.


  • Uncomplicated Seize Handles – You can effortlessly eliminate this from your microwave devoid of burning yourself.
  • Collapsible Style and design – Just collapse the popcorn maker right after you have cleaned it up for straightforward storage.
  • Dishwasher Safe and sound – Thoroughly clean up can unquestionably be a breeze with the use of this microwave popcorn popper.

What We Appreciated

  • Nominal unpopped kernels.
  • No need to have to set oil to pop it.
  • Pops in less than four minutes.

What We Didn’t Like

  • This is not for you if you are hunting for a popcorn maker that looks astounding.
  • You need to have to include flavoring on your individual.

Cuisinart CPM-100W EasyPop Sizzling Air Popcorn Maker

Do you want to know how you can pop healthier popcorn? This popcorn maker will allow for this to happen for the reason that it can pop popcorn devoid of the need to have for any oil. Only warm air is necessary for it. You can cook about ten cups of popcorn in a person popping session. It will be adequate for a compact sum of guests.


  • Detachable Multi-Purpose Cup – This allows you to measure the popcorn you are going to put in the device just before you get started popping them.
  • On and Off Button – This is straightforward to handle as you can get started and quit popping your popcorn any time you please.
  • Oil-less Popping – Who suggests you need to have to have oil in buy to get started popping popcorn? This device proves that you really don’t.

What We Appreciated

  • This is sturdy.
  • Healthier selection when compared to popcorn machines that involve oil to pop.
  • It is straightforward to measure the popcorn that will be employed.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some say that it did not final a 12 months for them.
  • Will come with a incredibly shorter wire.

Final Verdict

It is evident that there are so several popcorn machines readily available. It can be bewildering to pick out just a person but the a variety of variations will make it less difficult for you to make a preference. Would you want to have a popcorn device that is convenient to use? Would you like a person that will stand-out when you put it in a room? It will nonetheless count on your total preference and wants. What issues is that there are so several to pick out from.

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