The Best Photography Lighting Sets in 2017 – Improving the Quality of Photos

Photography is a lucrative business that cuts across various industries. In the fashion industry, for instance, the demand for quality photographs is at an all-time high. In blogs and social sites, people rely on photos to please their visitors. No matter the industry that you are a part of, make sure that the photographs that you use are of the best quality. You can do so in two steps. First, make sure that you have the best digital camera. Several DSLR and point to shoot brands are readily available in stores. Choose the best. You also need the best photography lighting set. Even though cheap, they improve the quality of photographs significantly.

What are the benefits of using photography lighting sets whilst shooting professional photographs? Most digital cameras have flashes that improve exposure. Even though effective over short distances, most are ineffective indoors. This is where photography lighting kits come in. Because they increase exposure well, you will shoot clear and feature-rich images in all environments. They also eliminate shadows and a plethora of other issues that often lower the value of photographs. Take care, though. Always buy the best. Low-quality photography kits often have the converse effect.

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What to Look for in a Photography Lighting Kit

Do you have a professional photography studio with many clients? Are you planning to improve the quality of your photos using one of the best photography lighting kits in the market? Look out for these attributes the next time you are shopping:

Components: Photography light kits come as sets of components that you can use to improve the quality of your photographs. They type of equipment that you get determines the types of jobs that you can do at your studio. Even though different brands offer different products, your kit of choice should have a sturdy light stand and neutral backdrop. You do not want your lights falling down as you tend to a client. Quality light bulbs and a gaffers tape are other essential accessories that your lighting kit of choice should contain.

Lighting: One of the major reasons why people buy photography lighting kits is to improve lighting. The set of lights that you get, thus, should be top notch. You will come across three broad types the next time you are out shopping.

Hot lights are high-temperature accessories that require 500-800 watts of power to work. Even though power-thirsty, the continuous lighting that they deliver is good for photographing small objects. They are also good for shooting videos that require a constant light source. However, because of their hotness, they are unsuitable for photographing people. The halogen lamps that they use also have a slight orange hue that distorts pictures.

Cool photography lights, on the other hand, produce light in the normal or natural spectrum. They are also cooler, and thus, suitable for photographing humans and animals. Unfortunately, these lights work best with low speed (shutter) cameras. They also require a significantly higher ISO setting to produce acceptable shots in various environments.

Flashes are by far the commonest and most used light sources in commercial studios. They are easier to use than both cool and hot lights. They are also affordable and work well with most types of digital cameras. Even though they are not as powerful and other types of light, they produce clear and natural-looking photographs both indoors and outdoors.

Durability: The materials used to manufacture photography light sets differ from one brand to another. Before you buy one, thus, make sure that you are getting a durable product that will serve you well for long. Its stand, for instance, should be sturdy and as durable as possible. The material used to manufacture its backdrop, on the other hand, should be fade proof. The best photography sets do not come cheap. Spending money on a cheap low-grade model every month will frustrate you in the end.

Price: When shopping for the best POV Helmet Action cameras, most people go for the most expensive brands. When shopping for the best photography light sets, do not make this mistake. Always buy a product that you can afford. For instance, an expensive kit that requires a lot of maintenance to work well will frustrate you in the long term.

10. Neewer 600W 5500K Photo Studio Day Continuous Lighting Kit

Do you shoot portraits, products, and or videos in your photography studio on a day-to-day basis? Are you tired of the dull lighting in your studio that lowers the quality of your shots? Using a photography light set will improve the quality of your production significantly. A valuable model such as will serve you better. Perfect for professional use, you get an affordable kit with quality components. The silver and black-themed umbrellas that you get, for instance, are tall and durable. They also have well-finished designs with reflective surfaces that work well. The umbrellas also maximize the spread of light to improve exposure. This improves the quality of the photographs and or videos that you shoot further.

Like the best umbrellas that you get, the quality of the light stand of this kit is impressive. Measuring 210cm tall, for instance, you get a versatile accessory that supports most photography jobs. Whenever you are shooting the photos or a video of a product, you can adjust it to various heights to maximize coverage. Constructed using an aluminum alloy, its durability is impressive. It does not bend easily. Corrosion and rust are non-issues. Finally, the three leg stages and slip locks that it has secure your lighting equipment well whenever you are using this stand.

To use one of the powerful halogen bulbs that photography light kits use, you need a quality and matching holder. Neewer 600W 5500K has a suitable one. It connects conveniently to the light holder that you get. You do not have to struggle with it to work, as some often require. The impact plastic and aluminum used to manufacture it are durable. This is ideal, considering the amount of heat that the incandescent and halogen bulbs that people use generate. Finally, this holder has an efficient design with a dedicated ON and OFF switch for easier operation.

Do you enjoy photography as a hobby or a profession? Are you looking to upgrade your lighting system on a budget? Even though overhead lamps work well, a powerful photography light kit such as Neewer 600W 5500K will serve you well. It is an affordable accessory. For just a few dollars, you get quality components that will improve how you work indoors. It is also easy to use and comes with free carrying cases for the bulb, umbrellas, and light stands that you get. This prevents damage. You can also travel with it effortlessly to and from your work site(S).

  • Durable aluminum alloy stand
  • Set of two black and white umbrellas
  • Universal light holder (plastic/aluminum)
  • Easy to use on and off switch
  • Perfect or portrait and product photography
  • Cost-effective lighting kit
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Durable carrying cases for components
  • Lacks a backdrop
  • Somewhat dim lights

9. Julius Studio JSAG195 Photo Studio Kit

In most commercial settings, photography lighting kits are vital accessories that improve the quality of photographs. In their haste, however, people buy low-quality products that damage their works instead. Do not make the same decision. Affordable yet top-notch kits such as Julius Studio JSAG195 are readily available in stores such as Amazon. With one, you get a top-rated product that has attracted praise from both professional photographers and individuals. It is durable, for instance. It also works well in most environments and has quality components that improve how people work on a day-to-day basis.

In most photography studios, backdrops are vital accessories. They are perfect for shooting portraits. They also provide a neutral backdrop for products that people market from time to time. With an original Julius Studio JSAG195 kit, you get a quality photography backdrop that you will enjoy using every day. Fitted with a support stand, it has a steady and standalone design that works well in most environments. It is also tall (10 feet) and has premium support bars (including a crossbar) that hold it straight whilst in use. This eliminates creases that often lower the quality of photographs. Finally, this height adjustable backdrop (3.5-8.5 feet) comes with three muslin screens (black, green, and white). All are durable. They are also stain-resistant and do not glare whilst in use.

Julius Studio JSAG195 Photo Studio Kit has a quality light stands that most users like. Featuring a solid four-stage design, its assembly is straightforward. You do not have to struggle with complicated parts to have a functional stand in your photography studio. The stand is also sturdy. The three leg stages that it has not only support it weight well but also that of light bulb holders and light bulbs too. Finally, because it has an adjustable height (53-86.5-inches), you can customize its performance on demand to meet your needs. This is unlike the solid and non-versatile models that people have in their studios.

To shoot clear and natural looking photographs, you must illuminate your targets well to expose their features. Even though the flashes of most digital cameras work well, the white umbrella reflector that you get works better. It has a spacious 33-inch design that covers a vast area whilst in use. It also has a highly reflective interior that diffuses light well from both Strobe, Flash, and Hot (continuous) lights. In synergy with the Softbox Reflector and efficient light holder that you get free, you will shoot clear natural color photos and videos on demand.

When shooting photos or videos, the quality of the bulbs that you use matters. Julius Studio acknowledges this fact. To help you get the best experience, it offers for full spectrum (digital) photo light bulbs with each kit that you buy. This saves you money. You also get energy saving (45-watt) bulbs (spiral) with a color temperature of around 6500K. Do not hesitate to buy this product. It also comes with a heavy-duty carrying bag for safe storage and or transportation.

  • Power saving 6500K light bulbs
  • Heavy-duty (plastic) bulb holder
  • Highly reflective umbrellas (33-inches)
  • Heavy-duty carrying bag
  • Supports Strobe, Flash, and Hot (continuous) lights
  • Height adjustable (53-86.5-inches) stand
  • Tall (10 feet) and sturdy photography backdrop
  • Amazing screens (white, black, and green)
  • No instructions (assembly and use)

8. StudioFX H9004SB2 Continuous Photo Lighting Kits

When marketing products such as the best hidden cameras, companies look for HD-quality photos and videos for their campaigns. You cannot achieve this with most standard point-to-shoot cameras that people have at home. However, with the help of a premium photo light kit such as StudioFX H9004SB2, expect good results. Recommended for continuous lighting, it is a durable accessory. It can withstand the heat and abuse that people subject such products without crumbling over time. The three-piece lighting system that you get is also one of the best. It is power efficient. It also illuminates products well to delivers quality and natural-looking photographs for personal or professional use.

Even though cheap, the quality of the products that you get in this kit is impressive. For just a few dollars, for instance, you get a durable three-stage light stand that measures 7-feet tall. Whether you are photographing a small or large product, thus, you can customize its performance easily to deliver the best experience. It even has a sand bag for stability and a one boom arm that secures its bulb holder well. The two softboxes that you get are also one of a kind. They are also durable and work well with provided 5500K fluorescent bulbs (four) to improve quality further.

For years, many people have reserved lighting kits for professionals because of their confusing system. This has changed over the years. Products have become cheaper. Innovative brands such as StudioFX H9004SB2 are also easy to setup and use. Whether you are professional or a beginner, you will enjoy using one for the following reasons. First, it works well with most DSLR cameras. You do not have to upgrade your existing camera or customize it in any way to enjoy the value of this product. It is also ideal for photographers of all skill levels. If you can set up a stand, install a bulb, and customize their orientation, you will benefit from this photography lighting set.

Are you shopping for a new photography light kit on a budget? Even though this one lacks a muslin backdrop, its affordability is desirable. You can easily afford one and a few other devices that you lack in your studio. The durability of the products that you get is also important. Unlike some model that break easily or collapse under stress, this one lasts for long. This saves you money in the long term. Finally, the add-on products that you get with this StudioFX H9004SB2 Continuous Photo Lighting Kits boost its value. Bulbs, for instance, are power-efficient and durable. You also get a free heavy-duty carrying case that secures its stand and umbrellas well during transportation.

  • Heavy-duty carrying case
  • Power-efficient fluorescent bulbs
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Benefits people of all skill levels
  • Supports most DSLR cameras
  • Tall (7-feet) and sturdy stand
  • Favorably priced online
  • Lacks a muslin backdrop

7. Linco Lincostore 2000 Watt Photo Studio Lighting Kit

In most studios, professional photographers have the best digital and video cameras in their arsenal. Most people also go for refresher courses occasionally to keep their skills sharp. Unfortunately, because of the poor quality photography lighting sets in their possession, they have quality issues repeatedly. If you are among this group, consider buying a new one today. Models such as Linco Lincostore are affordable in most stores. This does not mean that you sacrifice quality. Its versatile design, for instance, supports most photography techniques. At home or in your professional studio, you can it to shoot portraits and or product with good results. The quality of its components is also impressive.

To focus light well and have good photos as a result, having a quality light stand is mandatory. The 77-inch model found in this Linco Lincostore 2000 Watt Photo Studio Lighting Kit is one of the best. Made of zinc alloy it is a lightweight accessory. Whenever you are planning a photography session, thus, you can move it around easily in your studio. If you travel often, you will also like having it around. Most heavy models weight down users whilst in use. The stand is also durable and has a sturdy design (with a counterweight) that most people like. Once set up, the risk of it falling over is slim. Finally, each stand has a sturdy boom handle with a second-generation clamp that secures most bulb holders well.

Whilst in use, photography kits endure a lot of abuse. Because of the heat that most produce, for instance, reports of bulb holders and or sockets burning out are common. With Linco Lincostore, however, you do not have to worry about this problem. Designed to support up to 2000 watts, this newly design four-socket light head that it has is one of the best. Even though made predominantly of plastic, its base and cap have ceramic protectors that prolong their lives. The fact that it can support up to four bulbs is also impressive. More bulbs produce more light. This improves the quality of the pictures and videos that people get.

Photography is a fun and rewarding hobby and profession. Do not let the complicated lighting kit in your possession to keep compromising your experience outdoors. Because of its ease of use, Linco Lincostore 2000 Watt Photo Studio Lighting Kit will serve you better. Set up, for instance, is straightforward. Simply turn joints clockwise to lock and anti-clockwise to unlock. This takes only about three seconds. You also get auto-pop-up components that ease the process further.

Unlike some kits that we have listed, Linco Lincostore comes with a free backdrop. Measuring 7×10-free it is a spacious accessory. It also has a reinforced stands and a durable muslin screen that makes pictures to stand out.

  • Sturdy 7×19-foot backdrop
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Durable four socket bulb holder
  • Powerful light (2000 watts)
  • Suits people of all skill levels
  • Light and portable stand
  • Durable counterweight bag
  • Free carrying/storage bag
  • Cheap plastic nuts
  • Hot fluorescent bulbs

6. Emart 600W Photography Photo Video Portrait Lighting Kit

Many reputable brands of photography lighting kits are readily available online. However, Emart 600W stands out because of its performance and the quality of the components that people get. If you enjoy portrait photography or shooting videos, the set (two) of translucent umbrellas that you get work well. Measuring 33-inches, they have spacious designs that illuminate a large area whilst in use. The quality nylon used to make them is durable. Finally, they unique black and silver designs work better than most multi-colored umbrellas that some people use. The reflect light well. They also soften and spread light streams evenly and do not spot nor glare as some low-grade models do. These improve the quality of the photos that you shoot.

Most photography lighting kits come complete with lighting bulbs. However, the quality of the bulbs offered differs significantly. With Emart 600W, you get three 5500k full spectrum bulbs, each with a power-efficient 45-watt design. If you shoot many photos and want to keep power consumption low, this is one of the best products to use. These bulbs also illuminate objects well. If you are shooting pictures or an advertisement campaign, for instance, the continuous CFL light that they produce is impressive. It illuminates objects well. This improves the quality of photos that you shoot, devoid of your skill level. Used on a day-to-day basis, each bulb has a lamp life of over 8000 hours.

The light stands that you get are also one of the best. Measuring 83-inches, its main stands, for instance, are large and functional. No matter the type of photographs that you shoot often, you will have an enjoyable time with them. They are also light (2.2-pound aluminum alloy) and have foldable designs (three sections) that you can store and or transport effortlessly. The single auxiliary stand that you get is also valuable. Even though significantly shorter (33-inch) than its main stands, for instance, it is durable (aluminum alloy). It also has a foldable design (two sections) that weighs a paltry 0.77 pounds.

Storing and transporting Emart 600W is not as frustrating as other products in this niche. Most of its components have lightweight designs that you can carry around easily. They also have foldable designs that save space in transit. Finally, the bulk case bag that you get eases its transportation further. Made of quality nylon, it is a durable accessory. It also has a spacious design that fits all components comfortably. You will like this kit.

  • Bulk case bag (heavy duty nylon)
  • Lightweight and foldable stands (three)
  • Glare free white and silver umbrellas
  • 5500k full spectrum bulbs (four)
  • Power-efficient system
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Perfect for shooting portraits and videos
  • Backdrop sold separately

5. EPhoto CASE H9004S Video Studio Photography Lighting Kit

EPhoto is a professional brand with many too-rate photography lighting kits. CASE H9004S, for instance, is a reputable video studio model with an impressive 1600-watt output. Perfect for day-to-day use, it is an affordable product. If you have a tight budget, order one online to get an affordable product that supports both photography and videography. The quality of its products is also impressive. Forget about the cheaply made lighting system that some comparable products have, for instance. The two-softbox lighting kits that you get work well in all environments (including outdoor sets).

Do you spend several minutes setting up the photography lighting kit in your studio? This is often a turn off for clients. You also waste a lot of time that you would have otherwise used to make money. To solve this issue, consider buying a new ePhoto CASE H9004S photography lighting kit. As highlighted earlier, you get a versatile accessory that handles most videography and photography jobs well. It is also affordable. Most importantly, however, it is one of the easiest to use in 2017. Its stands snap into place in seconds. With the help of its ON/OFF switch, you can also control your lights easily.

When shopping for new photography lighting kits, always make sure that you are getting the best components. Many people like ePhoto CASE H9004S because of its quality components. The two tripods that you get, for instance, are among the best. Measuring 6.5 feet each, you get tall accessories that work well during both photography and videography. They are also stable and have lightweight designs that you can carry around effortlessly. The two light holders that you get are of a similar caliber. They are durable. The four bulbs that each one accommodates produce up to 1600-watts at full capacity. Finally, each kit comes with eight 45-watt incandescent bulbs with a 5500k rating.

Do you travel often whenever you are sourcing for studio, photography, or videography projects? Are you tired of the bulky photography lighting kit that you carry along often? EPhoto CASE H9004S is a good alternative. An original model will improve the quality of your works without frustrating you on the road. This is because of two main reasons. First, the two lights that you get have lightweight designs that you can fold for easy transportation. You do not have to carry bulky accessories during your trips. Second, the large carrying case that you get secures all its components well. On the road, thus, you can move around easily without compromising the safety of your kit.

  • Heavy-duty carrying case
  • Foldable softbox light kits
  • Durable four-bulb adapters
  • Sturdy metallic stands
  • Eight 45-watt incandescent bulbs
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Convenient ON/OFF switch
  • Ideal for photography and videography
  • Fragile softboxes
  • Top-heavy lighting kits

4. LimoStudio AGG1388 Photo Video Studio Light Kit

Are you shopping for an easy to use studio lighting kit that will improve the quality of your photos? LimoStudio AGG1388 stands out for many reasons. First, it is an affordable studio light kit. You do not have to spend the hundreds of dollars that some brands charge for their products to take studio photography to the next level. Its setup and operation are also straightforward. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, you will have a fun time with this product. You will be able to set up its stands and lights in seconds and have a productive time in your studio.

Even though most people like LimoStudio AGG1388 for convenience, the quality of the products you get is also impressive. If you have used a few brands that have failed to live to your expectations, expect good results from this one. The backdrop that you get, for instance, is one of a kind. It is a durable accessory with a sturdy crossbar and support stand. The three muslins that you get (black, white, and green) are also one of a kind. Apart from their aesthetic outlooks, their glare-free designs have won the hearts of many people. You also get clear pictures without background noise.

Photography light sets are worthless if they do not have quality light sources. LimoStudio AGG1388 does not fall into this category. With one, you get a valuable product with quality studio light stands that you will like. Featuring sturdy and height adjustable designs (53-100 inches), for instance, the two main stands that you get offer value for money. They are durable. They also support a lot of weight without tumbling over under pressure. You also get two heavy-duty light stands that adjust to 86.5-inches. They are also durable and have versatile light sockets that work well with most bulbs.

LimoStudio AGG1388 reflects light. If you shoot shadowy and or drab pictures often, the 24-inch softbox reflectors that you get will improve your experience. Made of high-quality nylon, they are light yet durable. They also have heat-resistant designs that do not lose their shape and or functionality over time. Finally, unlike some low-grade models, you do not lose light. Their silver interior spread light evenly to maximize the exposure of your targets. This improves quality.

In addition to its quality components, you get several freebies with each original kit that you buy. The full spectrum CFL light bulbs (four) that you get, for instance, are among the best. They are durable. They also have power-efficient 45-watt designs that lower power consumption. You also get a free carry bag (heavy duty) for safe transportation its components. It minimizes damage in storage or transit. By bundling all components together, you can also carry them effortlessly on the road.

  • Heavy-duty carrying case
  • Free full spectrum bulbs (45 watts)
  • Lightweight yet sturdy stands
  • 24-inch softbox reflectors (nylon)
  • Glare free backdrop (three screens)
  • Cost effective photography kit
  • Works well outdoors and in studios
  • Cloth backdrops have wrinkles

3. CowboyStudio Photography & Video Portrait Triple Lighting Kit

You do not have to be a professional photographer to capture the stunning photographs that we see in magazines. First, you need to understand the principles of photography. Second, buy the best equipment. Your camera, for instance, should be top notch. Complement it with this CowboyStudio triple lighting kit to take photography and or videography to the next level. Liked by professionals all over the world, you get a durable accessory with dependable components. The umbrellas offered, for instance, are sturdy white-themed ones that disperse light. They are also spacious (33-inches) and made of a durable nylon fabric.

Do you have flimsy light stands that fall over easily whilst in use? Such products are frustrating to use. The risk of accidental fires is also high, especially when you are not around. Replace them with this CowboyStudio Photography & Video Portrait Triple Lighting Kit. It is a safe accessory. The quality of the light stands that you get is also top-notch. Made of anodized aluminum, for instance, the risk of these stands rusting and or bending over time is slim. Even when loaded to capacity, they perform well in most environments. Their setup, on the other hand, is quick and easy. Finally, because of their adjustable height, you can customize lighting on demand for the best experience.

CowboyStudio Photography & Video Portrait Triple Lighting Kit comes ready to use. Unlike some brands that require you to buy expensive third party accessories to work well, you get everything that you need. Stands and umbrellas, for instance, are of the best quality. You also get a set of energy-saving 90-watt bulbs that illuminate most types of studios well. These bulbs are flicker-free. Whenever you are shooting photos or videos, you will get a continuous stream of quality light. They also have convenient screw bases and lamp lives of around 10,000 hours.

As most products that we have reviewed, CowboyStudio Photography & Video Portrait Triple Lighting Kit is a portable accessory. Most components, for instance, are light yet durable. You do not have to worry about them breaking or bending in transit. The padded carrying case that you get also comes in handy. It secures personals well. It also absorbs shock and secures this lighting kit well during transportation. Buy yours to get a valuable product with a one-year factory warranty.

  • One-year factory warranty
  • Shock-absorbing carrying case (padded)
  • Durable light stands and umbrellas
  • Diffuses and distributes light well
  • 10,000 hours lamp life
  • Energy-saving 90-watt bulbs
  • 1-year factory warranty
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Steady lighting (flicker-free)
  • Cheap-looking connectors (plastic)

2. LimoStudio AGG814 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit

When shooting photographs or videos, many people depend on natural sources of light such as the sun for exposure. Others invest in powerful third-party lenses for their digital cameras. To get clear magazine-grade photos, however, investing is a new photography let kit is one of the best remedies. They are powerful accessories. They are also durable and come in a plethora of designs that satisfy the needs of most people. On Amazon, for instance, this LimoStudio AGG814 kit stands out. Even though the reputation of this brand has played a role in its success, the quality of its products appeals to most people. Whether you are professional or a beginner, buy an original one to improve how you work in studios or outdoors.

The quality of the light that a photography kit emits dictates the experience that photographers have. If you buy one of the cheap and low-quality models, for instance, expect a reduction in the quality of the photographs that you shoot in your studio. With LimoStudio AGG814, on the other hand, you get a 700-watt studio soft box that offers value for money. Measuring 24×14-inches, this accessory is spacious. The universal holder that it comes with fits most types of bulbs. Finally, its reflective interior disperses light well without glaring. This improves the visibility of objects. It also improves the quality of the photographs and or videos that shoot indoors or outdoors.

Forget about the low-quality light stands that some products in this niche have. Measuring 86-inches, LimoStudio AGG814 has tall and durable ones (two) that do not crumble under pressure. They are sturdy. They also have adjustable heights that you can customize to meet your needs. You no longer have to sacrifice quality because of the low-quality equipment in your possession.

Even the best photography light set require quality light bulbs to work well. To eliminate guesswork, LimoStudio AGG814 comes with a set (two) of photo light bulbs that you can use out of the box. Rated at 6500K, they produce bright and clear light. They are also durable and have power-efficient 85-watt systems that people like. Set up well, thus, you get the best quality photos and videos while keeping costs low at the same time. Finally, each photography lighting kit that you buy has a convenient carrying case that you can also use for storage.

  • Durable carrying case
  • Set of energy saving (85-watts) bulbs
  • Height adjustable light stands (86-inches)
  • Relatively easy to set up
  • Spacious 24×14-inch softboxes
  • Impressive light output (700-watt)
  • Short power cords

1. LimoStudio LMS103 Photography 600W Lighting Kit

A bestseller on Amazon, LimoStudio LMS103 tops our list of the best lighting kits in 2017. If you are struggling to get a good model that will serve you well, this is the product for you. It is an affordable lighting kit. Do not waste your money on the expensive yet inefficient models that some people have in their studios. They quality of the kit that you get is also exemplary.

Rated at 600-watts, for instance, the CFL bulbs that it uses are among the best. They are durable. The continuous light (flicker-free) that they produce is also appealing. Whenever you are shooting HD pictures for marketing or your social sites, expect quality results without exerting a lot of effort. This one of a kind photography light kit will never let you down.

Light stands are vital accessories that photographers use to control the directionality of light. Even with the best bulbs, thus, low-quality stands will compromise your lighting and lower the quality of your photographs. The good thing is that with LimoStudio LMS103, you get the best lighting stands in this niche. Measuring 86-inches, they are tall and functional accessories. They are also adjustable and have sturdy designs made of a durable aluminum alloy material. As you photograph your clients or record videos, you can customize lighting on demand. You also do not have to worry about your light falling down, as is always the case with most low-grade lighting stands.

Like its stands and bulbs, the umbrellas (two) in this kit offer value for money. Made of translucent nylon, for instance, they are durable accessories. The do not degrade and or lose their effectiveness over time. Light dispersion is also impressive. Because of their spacious designs (33-inches), they cover a large area than smaller models. They also have glare-free reflectors and durable single bulb sockets (three) that do not burn out over time. Expect quality every time you are using this LimoStudio LMS103 Photography 600W Lighting Kit.

Do you travel often? If you are looking for a photography lighting kit that you can travel with effortlessly, this is the product for you. All its components are durable. They can withstand stress and abuse without breaking down over time. The bulb case and heavy duty carrying case that it comes with will also come to your aid. They secure its accessories well. This way, you can travel with confidence that your lighting kit is safe.

  • Bulb and heavy-duty carrying case
  • Glare-free reflectors
  • Durable umbrellas (two)
  • Continuous light (flicker-free)
  • Tall and durable light stands
  • Cost-effective lighting kit
  • None


Is your photography business struggling because of the poor lighting in your studio? You do not have to switch buildings or invest in expensive cameras to get the perfect shot every time. One of the 10 photography light sets that we have reviewed will serve you the best. They are powerful accessories. They are also versatile designs that you can customize easily to satisfy your lighting needs.



  • Well done admin ! But I suggest StudioFX H9004SB2. Featuring a large 2400-watt 26-inch by 24-inch Softbox that generates continuous lighting and a durable boom arm hairlight with Sandbag, StudioFX H9004SB2 is a functional studio lighting kit made of quality materials. Out of the box, you get three large light heads that house four daylight balanced or fluorescent bulbs. You also get three seven-inch weight-stabilized boom-armed light stands and a deluxe carrying case for easier transportation and storage. As many high end products in the market, this lighting kit is affordable, easy to assemble, and works with all DSLR digital cameras.

  • I want you to try this beside the list above CowboyStudio Continuous Triple Lighting Kit. With each CowboyStudio continuous triple lighting kit that you buy from a reputable store, you get a well-made photo lighting system consisting of two 7-feet light stands, three light sockets, and three 45-watt 5500K daylight light bulbs. You also get two 33-inch white photo umbrellas and a padded carrying bag for easy storage/transportation. This lighting kit is effective, affordable, and easy to assemble using standard tools.

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