The Best Nursing Pajama Sets Make Good Maternity Gifts in 2017

Nursing pajamas are a life savior for both pregnant and nursing moms. If you get the best, you will experience the best comfort and ease of nursing. The best thing is, there is a design for everyone. If you are still on the pregnancy journey, you will find a set that suits you best. For those who just delivered, whether normal or through C-section, you will also find a set that suits your needs best. Especially when transitioning from pregnancy to nursing, a comfortable nursing pajama helps a bunch.

Don’t be surprised if you find out that none of your clothes will fit you for next few months until you are able to hit the gym and reclaim your “old body.” And, throughout this period, your only savior will be these pajamas as there is no need of shopping for all new clothes knowing very well that you do not want to remain in the new body shape for long.

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Factors You Should Consider When Shopping for a Nursing Pajama Set

Ease of Nursing: The whole purpose of getting a nursing pajama set and not any other set is to have an easy and discreet time nursing. Therefore, the set you choose should serve this purpose well.

Under-Bust Design: Remember, by this time; your bust size is not normal. You, therefore, don’t need elastic under the bust as it might feel like it’s digging into your skin which is not comfortable at all. Also, if you want to use breast pads, kindly get a pajama set with pad pockets as it will help keep them in place even as you sleep.

Waist Line Design: The postpartum belly might make your normal waist lined clothes feel a little tight or completely not fitting. Therefore, it would be wise if to go one size up as you order or better still, select a set with an elastic waistline or with a drawstring. This way, you can be sure that you will get the best fitting.

Stretchiness of The Fabric Used: The material you choose, mostly if you are still pregnant, should be able to accommodate all your body changes. Therefore, you will do better with a pajama set whose fabric is stretchy and even better, breathable.

Ease of Washing: Whether pregnant or nursing, a simple machine washable pajama set would be the best choice. Remember, at this time you do not have so much time on your hands as there is too much to be done more so for the nursing moms.

10. Sweet Mommy Nursing and Maternity Satin Piping Pajama Set

Every mom wants to feel comfortable during and after the pregnancy journey. One way of creating this comfort it getting a comfortable pajama set. This is very important because even the smallest things like an increase in temperatures or just a little overfeeding can create an enormous amount of discomfort. However, with the Sweet Mommy Nursing and Maternity Satin Piping Pajama Set, you will be in a position to get the much-needed comfort as it is specifically designed for this.

First, this pajama set features a material with a generous stretch capacity. This makes it a good fit even when pregnant as it can stretch to accommodate your growing baby bump. During this period, no tight cloths can work as they will make you feel so uncomfortable. You can also count of this stretchiness to offer the best comfort even when at the hospital waiting for your bundle of joy. Its bottoms are carefully designed to suit a pregnant mom. They thus fit nicely and comfortably throughout all nine months.

After delivery, the need for a comfort cloth does not end. In fact, you might even need a more comfortable one more than you did when pregnant. First, you will need a pajama that’s comfortable for both you and the baby, especially during breastfeeding. With this pajama set, you will have the easiest time breastfeeding as it features a supportive top that offers you a one-handed pull-aside nursing-access making breastfeeding easy, discreet and comfortable.

Again, if you just want a nice pajama set for lounging at home, you will love this set. As long as you get the right size for you, you will find it very comfortable even when you have company or on your daily house chores. For pregnant women, you are advised to take one size larger than your normal fitting due to the expected changes in your body throughout the journey. Its top is long enough, and you can just wear it with really short shorts when you don’t feel like putting on pants.

Whether you are pregnant or nursing, this pajama set is worth investing in. It is nicely designed to need all your needs throughout this period and the material is stretchy so as to accommodate any changes in your body. It is also available in various colors enabling you pick your favorite. It feels so nice on the skin and you can still wear it even after you are long done with nursing.

  • Available in various colors
  • The material is stretchy
  • It is nicely designed
  • Ideal for both maternity and nursing purposes
  • To get the best fitting when pregnant, you have to take one size larger than your normal fitting

9. Olian Nursing Pajama Set with Matching Baby Outfit, 5 pcs.

This is a 5 piece nursing pajama set by Olian. The package includes the mom’s floral Asian print pants, a nursing-friendly wrap top, a Kimono robe, a beanie hat for the baby and a matching baby gown. As a new mom, you will experience all the beautiful feelings of wearing a matching outfit with your little one. The set is so pretty and carefully designed to meet all your needs and expectations. You will get to share the coziness and comfort of it with your kid, and nothing beats such moments. You can even take some photos to keep the memories for when he/she is old enough to understand and also for you to remember how it felt years after.

Any mom really appreciates and needs a simple outfit that won’t feel too tight especially around the waist, and this pajama set’s pants is carefully designed in consideration to this. It features an elastic drawstring waist enabling you to choose the kind of tightness you prefer. Also, this is an overall stretchy material so even if you are still in the pregnancy journey, you can wear it comfortably and still after delivery.

The set also features a pretty pattern. It is so presentable and does not “scream” maternity so you can still rock it even after your kid is all grown. The cotton fabric used is super soft, so it feels very nice on your sin. It is also so breathable so that you won’t have uncomfortable hot nights. It is also very lightweight but strong enough to withstand years of washing and drying. Generally, both you and your baby will be happy with the purchase.

With this nursing pajama set, you will have an easy time breastfeeding your little one as it features an easy and quick pull aside nursing access. No one wants to deal with tight tops when breastfeeding as you don’t want to give your baby a nursing nightmare with tops that keep moving up to their chin. This pajama top is also sleeveless and offers a discreet nursing time for even when you have company.

The whole set is machine washable, and this is a life savior because we all know how busy any mom with a newborn is always busy. There is always something to be done either for you or your baby, and this means that if you can easily washable clothes the better.

If I were to choose, I would choose this pajama set over and over. It is the best nursing pajama set that anyone will find on the market considering the price and its quality. It is a 5 pcs set featuring an elastic waist line with a drawstring and an easy-pull-aside nursing access. It’s simply what any mom would want.

  • 5 piece nursing pajama set
  • Elastic drawstring waist
  • Easy-pull-aside nursing access
  • Machine washable
  • Pricy compared to most brands but totally worth it

8. Bearsland Maternity & Nursing 3-pieces Pajama Set

This is the most luxurious pajama set that you will ever own. No matter how far you are in your pregnancy, you will find them to be a good fit. It combines as a breastfeeding/nursing and maternity set due to its comfy design. This is good news to most moms as no one wants to incur extra costs of having to order two different pajamas, one for maternity and another for nursing. You can use it even when at the hospital as it is also very pretty and presentable.

The set and specifically the top features a smart and discrete breastfeeding design. Sometimes you will have to breastfeed your baby in the middle of a company. It is, therefore, great to have a pajama set that will give you the much-needed privacy and comfort at the same time. Some moms are forced to cover their babies as they breastfeed them and well, there are those times that the baby “throws” away the cover and literally “refuses” to be covered. So, what do you do because you won’t let them stay hungry?

When it comes to the postpartum period, you don’t need anything tight on your body especially on the waist line and the bust. You will love how this pajama set feels specifically around the waist line. It features an elastic and adjustable waist line enabling you to get just the right tightness for you. This makes it ideal even for those who deliver through C-section as you can just adjust it to the perfect tightness because very few clothes will work for you during the healing period.

The pajamas are made from the rich cotton material, so you get to enjoy the softness of it all. This material gives a very nice feel, and you will love even sleeping in it. You are also getting 3 pieces, and they are all designed so well. The tank top features adjustable straps making ideal for any pregnant or nursing mom. Also, the adjustable straps add to its discreet nursing design.

Overall, the fabric is super breathable, meaning you won’t have to sleep hot if it’s the only nightwear available and you can comfortably be in it even during the super-hot days/night.

Basically, this is an all season’s wear as it feels comfortable in spring, summer and even in autumn. The material is also generously stretchy and comfy. This makes it ideal for any nursing mom and even better for pregnant ones as it accommodates all your body changes perfectly. In total, you will be getting a half sleeved shirt, waist robe, pants and an inside tank top.

  • Maternity & Breastfeeding/Nursing pajama set
  • Elastic adjustable waist line
  • Breathable and stretchy fabric
  • 3 pieces set
  • Not available in many colors

7. Majamas Women’s Nursing Pajamas, The Lacey Cropped PJs

The Majamas Women’s Nursing Pajamas, The Lacey Cropped PJs offers you an incredibly fitting pajama set just like any new mom would like it. Whatever your size is, you will find a size that will fit you well more so because the pants are 3/4s which are a good news for people who have a hard time finding fitting pajamas either because of their height or because they have tall legs. When it comes to the fabric, it is super soft you would wish to live in your pajamas, and this adds to the general comfort.

These pajamas are made in the US, and if you know better, this means that the quality is awesome and the design is the best you can find. Every customer has an easy time deciding on whether to purchase a product or not because as we know, quality matters more than the good looks. You want to be sure that whatever you are buying will serve you for a long time and this is what Majamas guarantee you.

For breastfeeding purposes, this pajama set features a simple pull-aside nursing access making breastfeeding super easy and comfortable. The whole purpose of buying a nursing pajamas and not any other pajamas is to have an easy time breastfeeding. The design should, therefore, be ideal for this purpose and should also offer you a discreet breastfeeding time and thanks to Mjamas, you will get all this from their high-quality nursing pajama set.

Some moms really need to use some breast pads, and it is always great to have a nursing pajama with breast pad pockets as this keeps them in place even when sleeping. Majamas understands this need and has, therefore, designed their pajama set to have breast pad pockets to cater for your needs. You will thus sleep comfortably without worrying that the pads might find their way to your neck as you toss and turn throughout the night.

All factors considered, this pajama here fairly found its way to the top. Its designers put every little detail into consideration when it comes to pregnancy and nursing. The fabric is so nice and soft and for anyone who would like to use some breast pads, this set makes it all possible as it features breast pad pockets.

  • Made in the US
  • Breast pad pockets
  • Machine washable
  • Super soft and incredible fit
  • A little pricey but totally worth it.

6. Kindered Bravely Nursing and Maternity Pajamas, the Amelia Ultra-Soft Shorts Set

First, this pajama set is so soft and stylish. It has been designed with the understanding that you do not have to wear same old clothes or try to fit in the clothes you were wearing when you were pregnant as they might be oversize or overstretched from the changes in your body throughout the pregnancy journey. It helps you wear something stylish while also feeling comfortable as you enjoy nursing your little one.

It comes in different colors, thus you will have an easy time finding one in your favorite color or better, buy more than one in different colors. The fact that it is shorts set makes it even a better choice as you won’t have to risk buying a pajama set whose pants might be too long or shorter as it is the case with many brands. Also, if you have a difficult time finding the right pajama size for you either because of your overall height or tall legs, this shorts set should be your ideal deal.

For breastfeeding/nursing purposes, this pajama set features a simple and elastic pull-down neckline. You will, therefore, have an easy time nursing your child and they will also enjoy undisturbed feeding time. The elasticity of the neckline ensures that the neckline does not come back up which is the case with some brands, creating discomfort for the feeding baby.

The pajama shorts feature a comfortable elastic waistband giving you utmost comfort especially after delivery. This elasticity also ensures that it fits well even if you still have the after baby belly meaning you won’t have to order one size up which might become useless after you have regained your normal size.

If you delivered your baby through C-section, this pajama comes in handy throughout the healing process first because of its stretchiness and most importantly, its comfortable waistline. The last thing anyone would want in this condition is any cloth that will add pressure to the cut. This pajama’s pants are not only stretchy, the waist is well designed to be won from the top part of your belly or bellow and still look nice and feel comfortable. This means you will have the choice to choose how to wear it and most importantly, in the most comfortable way.

When it comes to washing, you will have an easy time as the set is machine washable. You won’t have to spend time hand-washing it as this might be a tough task specifically for pregnant or new moms as taking care of the baby is already a tough task on itself. Any mom wants to save as much time as possible as there is always a handful of things to be done every day once you get in the nursing journey.

This is a great pajama set. It is comfortable and totally presentable. You will feel confident even when wearing it where you have company and it makes the nursing journey easier and more comfortable. You will also sleep in it comfortably and most importantly, it comes in different colors so you can pick your favourite.

  • Pajama shorts set
  • Very soft and stylish
  • Available in many colors
  • Machine washable
  • Elastic waistband
  • They might not be appealing to people who don’t like shorts

5. Majamas Nursing and Maternity Pajama Set, the Genna Set

First, what makes this Majams pajama set stand out is its availability in different colors, prints, and sizes. Even if you are so choosy, don’t worry. With all these colors, you will find a pair that will interest you. The different sizes ease the hustle of finding a well-fitting pajama set. For pregnant ladies, just as it is in all the other brands, it is advisable you take one size up because you cannot predict how much your body is going to change and you can’t keep purchasing new pajamas after every few months. This set is also made in the USA so you can be sure of the quality and the design as well.

If you don’t like shorts or if you already have a shorts pajama set already, you might as well consider buying this set because it is a full-length elastic waist pant. It comes in handy especially when you have to get out of the house as sometime shorts do not feel so comfortable when in public. Its top is classy and well designed, and you can still rock it even after you are done with pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This pajama set also features a discreet pull-aside nursing access thus giving you an easy time when breastfeeding your baby and ensuring that your baby enjoys the comfort too. It is also so helpful when you have to breastfeed in public or when you have company. Its fabric is super soft and breathable all which adds to its comfort, and it is machine washable.

Compared to other nursing pajamas on the market today, this is a great pick for any new mom. It delivers a great combination of functionality, design and price.

To I would highly recommend this pajama set to any pregnant or nursing mom or just anyone looking for something comfy to help in transitioning from pregnancy. It is also ideal for any females looking for nice pajama sets for when they just want to relax in a comfy outfit. Its elastic waistband also makes it ideal for those dealing with postpartum belly too.

  • Super soft and stretchy fabric
  • Elastic waistband
  • Available in different colors and prints
  • Machine washable
  • Difficulty in finding the right size but you can just order one size up

4. Everly Women’s Nursing and Maternity Pajama Set W/ Baby Gown

This is a 4-piece mom & baby pajama set is all you need whether you are in the hospital or at home. You get to wear matching clothes with your little cutie, and this makes every moment memorable and beautiful. You will feel comfortable and confident to even meet your friends and family in this set as they come to see your little one or congratulate you for a job well done. You will also have a choice to either wear the top and the pants alone or just the top and the robe as it is long enough and it feels equally comfortable.

With this set is a smoked-waist pant making you feel comfortable whether you are pregnant or just transitioning from pregnancy to mother/nursing journey. If you are worried about how comfortable this set and specifically the pants will feel on your postpartum belly, worry not because it is super comfortable thanks to the elastic waistline. Even for anyone who delivered through C-section, they will still find these pants and top very comfortable as the fabric is stretchy.

The set features a surplice top giving you an easy nursing access. This is important as most people order specifically nursing pajamas so as they can have an easy time breastfeeding their little ones. No baby want to have the top running on their chin or face just because its design is not nursing-friendly. The top in this set also offers you discreet nursing because of its design, and you will, therefore, have no problem with nursing your kid even when you have company.

What’s more, this pajama set by Everly is available in different colors as well as prints. This is helpful for people who want to have a say in the color of pajamas they buy without feeling restricted. Also, the different colors make it possible to purchase even more than one pair of this especially if you love its quality and fitting. Sometime one may like the pajamas and want to purchase more pairs, but because they are available in just one color, they might not want to wear the same color day in day out.

This pajama set suits any pregnant woman as it is available in different sizes, prints, and colors. It is also ideal for women who are transitioning from pregnancy to nursing as they feature a great nursing design. And, because of their smoked waist pants, these pajama sets will do great with women who are still dealing with a postpartum belly as they are so comfortable.

  • 4-pieces pajama set
  • Available in different colors and size
  • Has a surplice top for easy nursing access
  • Machine washable
  • The price is a little high, but the quality and design is worth it

3. Kindered Bravely Ultra Soft Nursing & Maternity Pajama set, The Amelia

After making the shorts version of these pajama sets, Kindered Bravely went ahead to make an improved pants version to make sure that they meet all their customers’ need. So, if you do not like shorts, you can just pick the pants option and enjoy all through. These sets are also available in different colors enabling you to choose your favorite color among the available ones. It also comes in different sizes so no matter your size or the expected changes in your body especially for the expectant moms, you are sure to get one that will fit you comfortably.

This pajama set also features a lightweight and super breathable fabric thus offering more comfort. The choice of fabric came from the understanding that every mom, whether expectant or nursing, needs to feel comfortable both during the day and while sleeping at night. You will also find it better as it feels comfortable even as the season changes thanks to this breathability and lightness of the fabric. To add to this is its great design that makes it presentable making you feel comfortable and confident even when attending to your guests or when at the hospital.

What makes it even a better choice is its very stretchy fabric that gives more room for your thighs and bust. During these periods, pregnancy and postpartum, every woman wants to avoid any tight cloth as much as possible. Therefore, finding any beautiful and high-quality pajama set is the best thing that can ever happen to you, and this here is one of the best options. Sometimes you cannot control that changes that are taking place in your body like growing belly, thighs or bust, so the least you can do is find clothes that will accommodate everything. For this reason, you will do best with a pair of these pajamas.

The stretchy waistband makes these pajamas perfect for any moms who are still dealing with postpartum belly bulge. I know that every new mother wants to get back to their normal belly sizes as soon as possible, but in the meantime, you must find a comfortable pajama set to make you feel comfortable even in that state. Also, if you delivered through C-section, you will find this stretchy style of waistband helpful as you will enjoy being in well-designed clothes and feel more comfortable at the same time.

For breastfeeding/nursing purposes, this pajama set features a creative neck design to enable easy and discreet breastfeeding. You will have an easy time feeding your baby, and they will enjoy undisturbed feeding time. Also, when you have company or in public, you won’t feel uncomfortable feeding your baby as this top offers you some privacy.

This pajama set suits any nursing or pregnant women. Because of its elasticity, it is ideal for women in all sizes and can also accommodate the changes in your body. It is also available in different colors, so you have a wide range to choose from. Its elastic waistband also makes it ideal for women who delivered through C-section.

  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Features stretchy fabric
  • The material used is super lightweight and very breathable
  • Easy breastfeeding from the creative neck design
  • Stretchy waistline
  • Not long enough for very tall women

2. Baby Be Mine Super Soft Nursing & Maternity Nightwear Pajama Set

If you are looking for a high-quality nursing pajama set, you won’t go wrong with this one here. It is well-designed to fit your needs during the nursing period. It is available in black and blue so you can either buy both or select the color that you like best. The set contains a top and pants all designed to keep you comfortable whether you are pregnant or you just delivered recently. It is highly advisable that you get at least several clothes that are comfortable and well-fitting especially when nursing because you might find it very hard trying to nurse your little one with normal clothes.

What’s more none of the two, the top and pants, says maternity or nursing. In fact, you can just wear any of or both to different occasions and still feel comfortable. You can also mix and match, mostly the top, with your everyday trousers and no one will ever tell that you had bought it specifically for nursing.

This pajama set’s top features an amazing cut allowing for easy breastfeeding as it is the whole point of going the extra mile to purchasing a nursing pajama instead of any other type of pajamas. You can use this pajama when nursing, lounging or going out as its design is so convenient and comfortable. Especially when you just want to wear something presentable but comfortable. And, as mentioned above, you can mix and match and still feel super confident in it.

For moms who just delivered recently, this pajama set is carefully designed such that it can go above the baby bump. This design makes it ideal for both moms who had a normal delivery and through C-section. It also features a drawstring enabling you to decide how tight you want it and it also makes it fit better even on those people with smaller waistlines.

This is a great pajama set. The material is high-quality, and the fitting is just right. You can wear it on different occasions, and when it comes to nursing your baby, it is just the best and most comfortable. Its waistline is simply perfect, and you will love even sleeping in it. It is super lightweight but strong and very breathable.

  • Very high-quality material
  • Available in two colors, blue and black
  • Wearable in different occasions
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Available in just 2 colors

1. Kindered Bravely Ultra Soft Nursing and Maternity Pajama Set, the Davy Sleeping Set

For discreet breastfeeding, Kindered Bravely Ultra Soft Nursing and Maternity Pajama Set, the Davy Sleeping set it unbeatable. The top features a very good design making breastfeeding easy, quick and comfortable. In fact, you will feel totally comfortable even when breastfeeding in public. Some moms prefer moving to a private place to breastfeed their kids mostly because they have not found the right nursing pajamas yet but once you buy one of these, you will nurse your baby at anytime and anywhere.

The pajamas are available in many different colors thus you can just choose the color you like most. If you like its quality, fitting and other features, you can then order more pairs in different colors. You can also mix and match the different colors and still look awesome. All these colors are so beautiful, and they make you look even more beautiful in them as the manufacturer, and the designer’s aim is to give you something that you will love.

The fabric used is super soft, and you will enjoy this softness every time you slip in your pajamas. This softness makes the pajamas feel more comfortable more so because they are also fairly lightweight but still strong. The fabric is very breathable, so you won’t have to deal with unbearable heat especially during the hot seasons. If you need a pair for sleepwear, then this is still the best pajama set out there. Because of the fabric’s breathability and lightweight, it helps you sleep comfortably and also due to its comfortable nursing design, you will have an easy time breastfeeding your baby even when both of you are too sleepy.

You will also love the top’s bust area as it is elastic free meaning you will not have problems with the under bust digging into your skin as most pajama sets do especially do an increase in your bust size during the nursing period. This also makes it comfortable to sleep in as it is totally comfortable. You might also save yourself from most bust complications that emanate from wearing tight tops.

The pajama set also features comfortable elastic waistband making it very comfortable for all women whether pregnant or just dealing with a postpartum belly. The elastic waistband also makes it a great option for anyone who delivered through C-section as you have an option to adjust the tightness of the waistline to fit your preferred tightness.

This is a great pajama set, and it makes a great fit for any pregnant or nursing mom. Due to its lightweight and highly breathable fabric, you can also comfortably sleep in them and still be able to breastfeed your baby comfortably. The waistline is super elastic making it ideal for anyone with a postpartum belly or either delivered via C-section.

  • Super soft fabric
  • Perfect for maternity and nursing moms
  • Machine washable
  • Elastic free under-bust
  • No “tall” size


For best and easy pregnancy journey, a high-quality and comfortable pajama set does wonder. And also, for the best transition from pregnancy to nursing, the period becomes easy with a great pajama set. Comfortable pajamas become even a must have the necessity for moms who deliver through C-section as they must be extra careful with anything that goes on their body. The list above represents the best of the best nursing pajamas sets on the market currently, and you will love any of them. If you have any concerns or there is a set you would like us to include here, feel free to mention it in our comment section. Also, if you find the list helpful and you want to share with a friend or a loved one, fell free to do so.


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