The Best DSLR Shoulder Rigs in 2017 for Professionals

Popular among both men and women worldwide, videography is an enjoyable art that people engage in for many reasons. For those with vlogs or media channels of social sites such as YouTube, it is perfect for developing content. People in the marketing industry, on the other hand, use it to develop their product portfolios or advertisement. Devoid of the group you fall into, the results that you get depend on two things. First, the quality of your digital DSLR camera matters. The quality of the accessories that use also matters. DSLR shoulder rigs, for instance, are essential accessories that improve the performance of people tenfold.

What are shoulder rigs? What are the benefits of using shoulder rigs whenever you are shooting videos? Shoulder rigs are innovative pieces of equipment secure DSLR cameras whilst in use. Even though some people consider them an unnecessary expenditure, they are beneficial in many ways. If you have shaky hands, for instance, do not hesitate to buy a new model today. Their sturdy and anti-shock designs stabilize cameras well. This way, you will shoot smooth and flicker-free videos every time. The support that they offer is also invaluable. You can shoot videos for long without your hands and or shoulders getting tired. If you have a quality digital camera that you use often, buy a quality DSLR rig as well for the best experience.

  • Product Name
  • Image
  • Description
  • Universal system (15mm), Cost effective shoulder rig, Sturdy and well-balanced design, Durable aluminum alloy frame, Versatile mounts (1/4 and 3/4-inches), Non-slip rubberized handle, Lightweight shoulder rig, Comfortable C-shaped design, Easy to assemble and use
  • Comfortable handle (non-slip), Five support rods (9-inches), Removable counterweight, Heavy-duty aluminum frame, Comfortable shoulder pad, Universal mount, Quick release technology, Height-adjustable baseplate, Durable CNC parts, Easy to maneuver
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame, Universal rail system (15mm), Universal camera adapter (1/4-inches), Sturdy tripod mount (1/4-inches), Foam cushioned shoulder pad, Rubber gripped handles (two), Sturdy/well-balanced design, Lightweight rig (4.5 pounds)
  • Compact and lightweight design, Heavy-duty aluminum frame, Padded handle and shoulder pad, Universal FFA-2 15mm Rail System, SGW-5 counterweight, Supports up to five pounds, Accommodates most digital cameras, Easy to maneuver (well-balanced)
  • Customizable system/design, Supports most DV camcorders and cameras, Heavy-duty aluminum frame, Non-slip rubberized handles (two), Padded shoulder support, Advanced shoulder lift set, Lightweight construction, Benefits people of all skill levels
  • Versatile 1/4-inch mounting adapter, Supports cameras and microphones, Flexible and transformable design, Easy to set up and use, Stable double-handled design, Non-slip handgrips (with rest pads), Extendable rear arm
  • Durable (aluminum and stainless steel), Industry-standard 15mm rod mount, Comfortable handles and shoulder pad, Soft and non-slip grips, Fits 1/4-inch thread tripods, Repeatable focus movements, Adjustable slide mounting mechanism, Fits different types of lenses
  • Favorably priced online, Universal 1/4-inch mount, Supports cameras and camcorders, Customizable system, Fits lens and other add-on accessories, Padded/non-slip handles (two), Lightweight frame (aluminum), Comfortable shoulder pad
  • One-year warranty, Durable frame and components, Padded handles (flexible), Accommodates lenses and viewfinders, Has space for focus knobs, Universal (1/4-inch) thread, Lightweight frame, Supports most shooting style
  • Foam-padded handles, Comfortable shoulder pad, Lightweight frame (aluminum), Easy to configure and use, Accommodates most digital cameras, Compact/portable design

What to Look for in a DSLR Shoulder Rig

During videography, shoulder rigs are not for show. They improve the stability of people. They also improve the performance of videographers when working for long. To get the best in 2017, keep the following attributes in mind when you are out shopping:

Material: Shoulder rigs are versatile accessories that improve the performance of people outdoors. To get a valuable one that you will enjoy using every day, check the material used to make it. Is it made of a heavy metal such as steel or a light one such as aluminum? Heavy shoulder rigs last long. They also support a lot of weight. However, they often frustrate people spend shoot videos for many hours. A light model made of a durable material such as aluminum will serve you better.

Features: Did you know that the features of your shoulder rig of choice determine that experience that you will have outdoors? Instead of buying the flimsy and or cheaply made models available online, choose a product with these major features:

1. Rail system: The rail system is the heart of a shoulder rig. It stabilized DSLR cameras. Good designs also improve the performance of their users, devoid of skill level. Make sure that your product of choice has the best system. Its diameter should complement that of your digital camera. Finally, models made of durable materials such as carbon fiber always work the best. Look out for those.

2. Matte box: the matte box of a shoulder rig secure filters that used in camera lenses. If you use such accessories often, make sure that your shoulder rig of choice has a well-placed matte box that will serve you well. It should also accommodate the size and type of filters that you use often.

3. Follow focus: When shooting videos, people often adjust camera angles and setting to get the best pictures for their projects. This is where the flow focus feature comes in. Because it enables people to customize settings or camera angles without touching their cameras, they improve how people work. Make sure that your shoulder rig of choice has this feature. It will help you to get better results.

Ease of Use: The main aim of buying a DSLR shoulder rig is to improve how you shoot videos outdoors. Buying a model that you cannot use easily, thus, is one of the best decisions that you can make. Look for a lightweight shoulder rig that you can use easily outdoors. It should also have a well-balanced design with convenient features that you will enjoy using every day.

Comfort: To stabilize DSLR cameras well, shoulder rigs have mounts that distribute weight evenly on the shoulder. To have a good time outdoors, this component should be as comfortable as possible. It should cradle the shoulder well. Padded models also often serve users better than plain and hard ones. Keep these in mind.

In stores such as Amazon, many shoulder rigs meet this threshold. We have sifted them and identified the 10 best models that work well for people of all skill levels. Here is a review of their features and benefits:

10. Neewer 15mm C-Shape Shoulder Rig

The best GoPro stabilizers help people to shoot stable and quality pictures outdoors. If you are a professional videographer and want to enjoy these benefits too, a quality DSLR shoulder rig will serve you well. Most models are sturdy. They are also durable and have versatile designs that work well outdoors. To get the best of the bunch, however, this 15, C-shaped rig by Neewer is a good option. Made of aluminum alloy, for instance, you get a lightweight device that you can move around easily. It is also durable. Unlike most models made of plastic, for instance, you do not have to worry about it snapping under stress. Finally, because this rig resists rust over the years, it is one of the best for use outdoors. Pair it with the best DSLR camera to get quality videos every time.

To shoot videos for personal or professional use, people depend on different types of DLSR camera. They are of different sizes. They also have different components that people use to customize their performance. Devoid of the type of camera that you have, this shoulder rig will serve you well. Because of its stability, for instance, you can use it to support most types of DSLR cameras in the market. The versatile mounting options that it has also make it one of the shoulder rigs for both individuals and professionals. The 1/4-inch screw thread that you get, for instance, secures most compatible cameras well. You also get a 3/8-inch screw thread that accommodates most camera accessories.

The best shoulder rigs improve how people shoot videos indoors and outdoors. However, they are not 100% foolproof. Slips, for instance, are common during wet weather. Hand fatigue is also an issue with most of the poorly balanced models that people buy dirt-cheap online. Neewer 15mm C-Shape Shoulder Rig is different. In addition to impressive style and versatile design, you get a comfortable handle that makes videography fun. Coated using non-slip rubber, its stability is amazing. Even if you have sweaty hands, you will operate it well in most environments. The handle is also comfortable. Finally, you get a DV supports system that maximizes the safety of cameras.

Unlike some products in this niche, Neewer 15mm C-Shape Shoulder Rig meets the recommended industrial standard. The materials used to make it are ideal. Its accommodative design works well for most people. Finally, its universal system (15mm) not only supports DSLR rod rigs but also a plethora of other accessories. If you have a LED light microphone that you use for research, for instance, this product will serve you well. It is also one of the best for photography and for filmmaking. You will never regret buying one for professional or personal use.

Talking about shoulder rigs, many people think of scary devices that cost a fortune online. Both statements are not true – at least for Neewer 15mm C-Shape Shoulder Rig. This is not a scary accessory. Its simplicity is one of its major strengths. It is also an affordable product. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry that enjoys videography can afford an original model.

  • Universal system (15mm)
  • Cost effective shoulder rig
  • Sturdy and well-balanced design
  • Durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Versatile mounts (1/4 and 3/4-inches)
  • Non-slip rubberized handle
  • Lightweight shoulder rig
  • Comfortable C-shaped design
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • None

9. SUNRISE DSM-802 Shoulder Pad DSLR Rig and Stabilizer

When shooting videos for their blogs or for professional use, quality is important to most people. If you are tired of the shaky videos that you shoot often, we have a good solution for you. First, make sure that you have the best DSLR camera for videography. You can get many good products online. Second, buy this SUNRISE DSM-802 DSLR shoulder rig. Even though simple looking, you get a top-rated accessory that improves the performance of people outdoors. Because of its stability, for instance, users get shake-free videos. It also has a duality design with many advanced features that meet the needs of most people.

Shoulder rigs have grown in popularity over the years. However, this has seen the introduction of fake products in the market that fail to meet the needs of most people. Avoid such products like the plaque. SUNRISE DSM-802 Shoulder Pad DSLR Rig and Stabilizer will serve you better for many reasons. First, even though cheap, it is one of the most durable products in this niche. The precise aluminum used to make it supports a lot of weight. It is also aesthetic and has a rustproof design that lasts for long. The CNC made parts that you get are also the best. They are durable. They also secure it components well to improve both its stability and performance.

People have different DSLR cameras. They also employ different videography techniques to get their desired results. Thus, instead of buying one of the specialized shoulder rigs that work with specific products, choose this one. It is a durable accessory. It also has a versatile design that satisfies the needs of most people. Devoid of the DSLR camera that you have, for instance, this rig will serve you well. The universal mount that it comes with secures most types of cameras well. The quick release technology that it employs eases setup and removal of digital cameras. Finally, because it has a height-adjustable baseplate, you can customize the orientation of your camera to get your desired shot(s).

With this SUNRISE DSM-802 Shoulder Pad DSLR Rig and Stabilizer, videography is a fun process. This is twofold. First, its lightweight design works well for people of all cadres. Whether you are as thin as a needle or as buffed as Popeye, you can operate it effortlessly for long. You can also maneuver it effortlessly to get the intricate shots that you have missed always. This makes it an ideal product for hobbyists. Professionals appreciate its value as well. Finally, you get a comfortable handle with an anti-slip grip for stability. You do not have to worry about it bruising your hands. People with sweaty hands also like its stability.

For added stability, SUNRISE DSM-802 Shoulder rig has an ergonomic shoulder pad that works well. It cradles the shoulder comfortably. It also has a counterweight and five 9-inch support rods that improve its performance further.

  • Comfortable handle (non-slip)
  • Five support rods (9-inches)
  • Removable counterweight
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Comfortable shoulder pad
  • Universal mount
  • Quick release technology
  • Height-adjustable baseplate
  • Durable CNC parts
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Loose shoulder pad (falls off easily)

8. IMORDEN IR-02 Camera Shoulder Support Mount Rig

To shoot quality videos outdoors, people use an array of techniques, some of them unorthodox. Many people use tripods. Unfortunately, because of their ineffectiveness, any minor movement often compromises the quality of the videos gotten. Some people rest their elbows on their palms. This technique is ineffective when shooting for long. Fatigue and the build-up of lactic acid in hands cause people to stutter over time. For the best results, choose IMORDEN IR-02 Camera Shoulder Support Mount Rig. It is a lightweight accessory (4.5 pounds). You can travel with it and operate it effortlessly. It is also one of the most sought-after rigs for film and video making because of its well-balanced design. It eliminates shakes and many other flaws well.

The best shoulder rigs come in many shapes and sizes online. IMORDEN IR-02 Camera Shoulder Support Mount Rig stands out for many reasons. Featuring a compact C-shaped design, for instance, its convenient is impressive. You do not have to carry a bulky and or heavy rig whenever you are shooting videos outdoors. It is also one of the most durable products in this niche. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, for instance, its strength is invaluable. It can support most types of DSLR cameras without bending out of shape or malfunctioning in any way. This rig is also rust resistant.

Do not let the uncomfortable stabilizer in your possession compromise your experience and performance. A well-engineered shoulder rig such as IMORDEN IR-02 will serve you better for many reasons. First, its premium design is one of the most comfortable in this niche. The double handles that you get, for instance, are comfortable. Because they distribute stress between hands, you will be able to work for long without getting tired. Its C-shaped shoulder pad (with foam cushion lining) is also innovative. Apart from support, it distributes stress evenly to maximize the comfort level of users. Finally, the quality rubber used to coat its handle plays two major roles. It is soft, comfortable, and thus fun to handle. It also has a non-slip surface that improves the stability of this rig.

The convenience of IMORDEN IR-02 Camera Shoulder Support Mount Rig has made it a sought-after product worldwide. Unlike some specialize models that work with a selection of cameras, for instance, it works well with most models. The 1/4-screw (on top) that it comes with fits and secures most brands of DSLR digital cameras well. You also get a bottom-mounted 1/4-inch screen that fits most types of tripods. Finally, its 15mm rail is not only spacious (60mm) but also has a universal system for attaching matte boxes and flow focus.

  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Universal rail system (15mm)
  • Universal camera adapter (1/4-inches)
  • Sturdy tripod mount (1/4-inches)
  • Foam cushioned shoulder pad
  • Rubber gripped handles (two)
  • Sturdy/well-balanced design
  • Lightweight shoulder rig (4.5 pounds)
  • Light and non-functional counterweight

7. Movo Photo SG100 Video Shoulder Support Rig

Unlike what some people think, you do not need the bulky and heavy shoulder rigs to stabilize your camera outdoors. In fact, most of such products worsen the problem. They are hard to maneuver. They also require people to exert a lot of energy whenever they are recording videos outdoors. To save yourself from such problems, but this Movo Photo SG100 Video Shoulder Support Rig instead. It is a light and well-balanced accessory. Even though simple, it is also sturdy and designed to work well with most types of DSLR cameras. If you have a camcorder that you use often, you will also like using this rig. It does not crumble under pressure.

Many people like using this Movo Photo SG100 Video Shoulder Support Rig because of its performance. It stabilizes cameras well. By eliminating shakes, it also smooths videos without exerting a lot of effort from users. If you are looking for a comfortable rig that you can use every day, it is also one of the best products to use. This is two-fold. First, because of its lightweight design, this rig does not frustrate nor fatigue users. You can use it for many hours every day without stressing your hands and or shoulders. Second, padding is optimal. The cushioned shoulder pad that you get, for example, disperses stress well to keep users as comfortable as possible. Its sturdy handle (single) is also very comfortable.

Reports of DSLR shoulder rigs breaking or folding out of shape are common. The low-quality materials used to make some shoulder rigs are the major culprits. Fortunately, with Movo Photo SG100 Video Shoulder Support Rig, you do not have to worry about this problem. It is simple. It is also lightweight. However, the quality aluminum used to make it is one of the best. At full capacity, for instance, this product supports up to 5 pounds comfortably. Whether you have a DSLR camera or a standard camcorder, thus, this product will serve you well. All other components are also durable. They work together to improve its performance.

Movo Photo SG100, as some of the advanced shoulder rigs available on the Web, has numerous add-ons. The FFA-2 15mm Rail System that you get, for instance, is one of the best. It is durable. It also has a universal design that works well with most digital cameras. To help you to distribute weight well and stabilize this rig further, the company also offers an SGW-5 counterweight. Use it as you desire. Unlike some non-functional models that some products have, it works well.

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Padded handle and shoulder pad
  • Universal FFA-2 15mm Rail System
  • Long lasting SGW-5 counterweight
  • Supports up to five pounds
  • Accommodates most digital cameras
  • Easy to maneuver (well-balanced)
  • Overpriced shoulder rig
  • Tends to hug the cheek

6. NEEWER DSLR Shoulder Mount Support Rig

With its line of quality products, NEEWER never disappoints. In both the photography and videography niches, for instance, its valuable products have attracted a lot of attention online. If you get unsatisfactory results whenever you are shooting videos, for instance, this DSLR Shoulder Mount Support Rig will come to your aid. Perfect for use indoors and outdoors, its sturdy design withstands the stress of videography well. It does not bend nor lose its shape easily over time. You also get a customized accessory with an advanced shoulder lift set and a universal camera and camcorder mount. With one, you will get professional results always.

When shooting video commercials or prank video from their YouTube channels, people spend a lot of time outdoors. To get good results, they also have to maneuver their camera in various orientations to get close to the action. With our bare hands, this is an astronomical challenge. With this NEEWER DSLR Support Rig, however, you will get good results always, devoid of the project you are working on. Made of aluminum, it is aluminum, for instance, it is a lightweight accessory. You do not need the muscles of a wrestler to move your camera around as you shoot videos. You will also be able to shoot continuously for many hours without worry about back, shoulder, or joint fatigue.

Lightweight shoulder mount rigs are enjoyable to use. However, with a comfortable model, the experience is even better. This is among many reasons why professional videographers recommend this NEEWER DSLR Shoulder Mount Support Rig. With an original, you get a sturdy shoulder rig with double-handed grips. Both handles are ergonomic. They are also well spaced and have padded design (non-slip rubber) that improve how people work. The risk of developing blisters and or bruises over time, for instance, is slim. This rig also fits tight in hands whilst in use. This lowers the risk of accidents that often damage expensive equipment such as cameras. People also like its adjustable position and angle.

Are you tired of using the boring shoulder rig that you received as a gift many years ago? Buy NEEWER DSLR Shoulder Mount Support Rig to get a customizable model that will meet your needs. Whether you have a camera or a camcorder, for instance, you will enjoy the value of this shoulder rig. You get a C-shaped holder set that works well with all DV camcorders and all video cameras. This way, you can switch between your camcorder and camera easily. For specialized filming, you can also install additional components such as lenses effortlessly. Finally, DSLR shoulder rig supports most video-capture-related accessories available in the market. Buy an original and customize its system, as you like, to get good results whenever you are shooting videos outdoors.

  • Customizable system/design
  • Supports most DV camcorders and cameras
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Non-slip rubberized handles (two)
  • Padded shoulder support
  • Advanced shoulder lift set
  • Lightweight construction
  • Benefits people of all skill levels
  • Challenging to assemble (poor instructions)
  • Irritant shoulder pad (poorly placed)

5. Neewer Foldable DSLR Shoulder Rig

When shopping for the best photography lighting sets for day-to-day use, people have access to a diversity of products online. The case is the same for DSLR shoulder rigs. However, among the diversity, a few products stand out because of either their functionality or quality. Neewer Foldable DSLR Shoulder Rig is one such product. Liked globally, it is a must-have for people who shoot videos for long for many reasons. Its lightweight design (1.5kg), for instance, is a major attractant. You can carry it around effortlessly. It also loads equipment on the shoulders comfortably to enable people to work well for long. If you are struggling to avoid shakes or shoot quality videos for hours, this is the product for you.

Are you a novice videographer or filmmaker? To improve your stability and overall performance outdoors, consider buying this shoulder rig. Apart from its weight, it has numerous novel features that will improve how you shoot videos outdoors or indoors. Its extendable rear arm, for instance, eases control. You can maneuver it easily to get the perfect shot whenever you are shooting a video for personal or professional use. You also get a stable double-handled design and non-slip handgrips (with rest pads) that improve its stability. If you have shaky hands, thus, expect a significant improvement in the quality of your videos. The risk of your hands slipping is also minimal, even in wet weather.

Photography and videography often involve a lot of traveling. People also travel with heavy gear that helps them to get quality videos every time. If you are planning to add a new DSLR shoulder rig to your arsenal, avoid the heavy and bulky models that people used in the past. They are frustrating to use. Storage and transportation are also major issues. With Neewer Foldable DSLR Shoulder Rig, you do not have to worry about these problems. You get a small and portable accessory that you can fold for easy storage. It also has a flexible and transformable design that suits most shooting style. Whether you are the dramatic type or use slow and calculated movements when shooting videos, you will enjoy using one.

Neewer Foldable DSLR Shoulder Rig is a versatile accessory that has influenced the lives of many people positively. If you are planning to venture into videography, for instance, you do not need a special camera to use it. The versatile 1/4-inch adapter that it comes with supports most types of DSLR cameras. It also supports microphones, light, and a plethora of other accessories that people use when shooting videos. Setup is straightforward. Finally, the paltry amount that people pay for it makes it an ideal shoulder rig for both professionals and beginners.

  • Versatile 1/4-inch mounting adapter
  • Supports cameras and microphones
  • Flexible and transformable design
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Stable double-handled design
  • Non-slip handgrips (with rest pads)
  • Extendable rear arm
  • Flimsy construction

4. Morros DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount Rig

Shake-free filming is not as complicated as some people think. For instance, you do not need the tweaked digital DSLR cameras that some people sell online. If you have shaky hands and buy such expensive products, you will not have a significant improvement in quality. We have a cheaper and better solution for you. Optimized for videography, Morros DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount Rig works better. It is a durable accessory. It does not break easily as the cheap plastic stabilizers in some stores do. It also supports most cameras and has a Focus Flow knob for precise focus control. You will get good results every time.

Everybody likes durable products. Spending money on cheaply made shoulder mount rigs, for instance, is a poor decision that costs people money in the long term. Like tripods, these accessories undergo a lot of abuse. To get a durable one that will serve you for long, consider buying Morros DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount Rig. The heavy-duty aluminum used to make its frame is durable. Whether you have a light or heavy camera, thus, the value that it offers is impressive. The stainless steel components that it comes with are also durable. Even if you use it in the rain often, you do not have to worry about corrosion. You also do not have to worry about the structural issues some models develop.

Perfect for professional use, Morros DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount Rig has an innovative gear-driven design that works well. Its accuracy, for instance, is impressive. Whenever you are moving your camera as you shoot, you will get repeatable focus movements that improve quality. The system is also slip-free and has an adjustable slide mounting mechanism that supports a range of camera lenses. Whether you have small or large ones that you use often, this is one of the best shoulder rigs to use. Mounted on a 1/4-inch thread tripod, you can use this shoulder rig to support your HD camcorder as well.

Using an uncomfortable DSLR shoulder rig is as a bad as using a poorly designed one. They irritate the hands and wrists. They also fatigue people faster and lower their productivity over time. Apart from its versatility and durability, most people like this rig because of its comfortable design. Lightweight, for instance, you do not have to struggle with it whenever you are shooting videos. You can move it around easily. You can also run with it and maneuver it easily when shooting the fast action videos common in movies. Finally, the three handles that you get are not only stable but also have comfortable and non-slip designs (padded). Even when used for long, thus, irritation and bruises are non-issues.

  • Durable (aluminum and stainless steel)
  • Industry-standard 15mm rod mount
  • Comfortable handles and shoulder pad
  • Soft and non-slip grips
  • Fits 1/4-inch thread tripods
  • Repeatable focus movements
  • Adjustable slide mounting mechanism
  • Fits different types of lenses
  • None

3. Neewer Portable FilmMaker System

There is no doubt that Neewer is a dominant player in this niche. If you enjoy videography and want to have a memorable experience outdoors, buying one of its products is a good decision. This FilmMaker System, for instance, is a portable accessory that improves how people shoot videos outdoors. If you have used some of the heavier ones with poor results, for instance, you will like its lightweight frame. It is easy to maneuver. It also accommodates most types of digital cameras and has a sturdy design serves people for long. Visit Amazon and buy yours. You will be able to shoot continuously for long without getting tired.

Do not buy an uncomfortable DSLR shoulder rig just to save money. Because most videographers spend long sessions shooting in various settings, the model that you buy should be as comfortable as possible. Neewer Portable FilmMaker System is such as product. Apart from its lightweight design, you get two foam padded handles that you will enjoy using for long. They ease control. Because of their comfortable and non-slip designs, you can use this rig for long without breaking a sweat. The broad and comfortable shoulder pad that you get is also appealing. Unlike some models that dig into the shoulder, it distributes stress well to keep people as comfortable as possible.

Videographers use different types of cameras. They also use different types of lens and add-on accessories such a tripods to improve the quality of their works. Even though most DSLR shoulder rigs can accommodate most cameras, a few have space for the foregoing add-on accessories. This is not the case with Neewer Portable FilmMaker System. Because of its universal 1/4-inch screw holes, you can use most cameras and camcorders on it. For specialized filming, you can also add or replace components such lenses or video capture accessories whenever you want.

Neewer Portable FilmMaker System is a reputable product that has earned its place among the best DLSR shoulder rigs in 2017. It is durable. It also has a versatile system that serves most people well. Most importantly, however, it is an affordable product. Whether you have deep or shallow pockets, you get a valuable accessory that improves the performance of users. This is unlike many low-grade brands that promise people the best experience but fail to deliver.

  • Favorably priced online
  • Universal 1/4-inch mount
  • Supports cameras and camcorders
  • Customizable system
  • Fits lens and other add-on accessories
  • Padded/non-slip handles (two)
  • Lightweight frame (aluminum)
  • Comfortable shoulder pad
  • Difficult to set up
  • Wobbles a bit

2. ePhotoinc RL01 DSLR Shoulder Rig

Most standard shoulder rigs are boring and charmless. They are but inflexible pieces of metal that limit the motion of people whilst shooting videos. If you have such as product, ePhotoinc RL01 DSLR Shoulder Rig works better. Featuring a sturdy yet transformable design, for instance, it supports most shooting styles. Whether you are shooting a close-up video or a panoramic one, you will have an enjoyable time with an original model. With one, you also get a well-balanced accessory that performs well in most environments.

Designed to ease how people shoot videos outdoors, DSLR shoulder rigs are currently in demand. EPhotoinc RL01 DSLR Shoulder Rig, for instance, is popular because of its lightweight design. If you travel often and hate carrying a heavy rig around, you will not regret buying this one. It also has a compact design with a universal (1/4-inch) thread that fits most monopods and tripods. Finally, if you have sensitive hands, you will like the handles that this rig has. They are long and comfortable. They also have rubberized non-slip surfaces that improve its stability further.

The technology and designs of digital cameras have improved over the years. They are now easier to use. Most models also shoot Had-quality pictures and videos whilst in use. However, for specialized shooting results, most people depend on add-on such as lenses to induce various effects. This ePhotoinc RL01 DSLR Shoulder Rig supports such accessories. You can fit several types of lens hoods on it, for instance, and use them outdoors. It also has space for viewfinders, focus knobs, and a myriad of other accessories that videographers use on a day-to-day basis.

You do not need deep pockets to own an original version of ePhotoinc RL01 DSLR Shoulder Rig. It is an affordable accessory. The flexibility of its hands and durability of its components also appeal to many people. If you have dreamt of owning such an accessory, this is your chance. Currently available on Amazon, you even get a one-year warranty for each original model that you buy.


  • One-year warranty
  • Durable frame and components
  • Padded handles (flexible)
  • Accommodates lenses and viewfinders
  • Has space for focus knobs
  • Universal (1/4-inch) thread
  • Lightweight frame
  • Supports most shooting style
  • A bit wobbly

1. Fancierstudio FL02M DSLR Rig With Follow Focus Matte Box

Which is the best DSLR shoulder rig in 2017? As per our review, Fancierstudio FL02M DSLR fills this spot. Popular among both individuals and professionals, its versatility is impressive. The 15mm rod support that you get is one of the best. Its ABS dial and nylon gear are adjustable (360-degrees). Finally, designed to support most DSLR cameras and video cameras, you will never think about buying another product in the future. This one will serve you well for long devoid of your skill level.

Do you travel often when looking for videography projects? Do you have numerous accessories that you travel with often? Unlike some standard rigs that weigh people down, you will enjoy traveling with this model. It is a lightweight accessory. The premium aluminum used to make it is also portable and designed to resist rust and corrosion over time. Whenever you are handling long projects, thus, you will appreciate having this product. It will secure your DSLR camera well. You will also move swiftly without fatiguing your body. Buy yours today. You will have a fun time with it.

Are you shopping for a new shoulder rig for your DSLR camera? Do not but a product that you will have problems using. Apart from its weight and quality of construction, many people like Fancierstudio FL02M DSLR because of its ease of use. Its configuration, for instance, is quick and easy. You do not require tools to customize its mount and or install/uninstall your camera on demand. Because it has sturdy handles and a shoulder pad that distribute weight well, it is also easy to maneuver. You can move it left, right, and center easily to get the shots that you want.

Do you want a comfortable shoulder rig for day-to-day use? Fancierstudio FL02M DSLR excels in this category as well. If you have a low-grade product with rough handles, for instance, you will enjoy using this one. Its handles are sturdy and comfortable. They also have quality foam padding that does not bruise nor irritate hands in any way. You also get a thickly padded shoulder mount. Like its handle, it is comfortable. It also enables people to work for long without irritation or fatigue.

  • Foam-padded handles
  • Comfortable shoulder pad
  • Lightweight frame (aluminum)
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Accommodates most digital cameras
  • Compact/portable design
  • None


DSLR shoulder rigs play an important role in the videography industry. They stabilize cameras and camcorders well, for instance. This enables people to shoot smooth and clear videos with little effort. By distributing weight across the shoulders, they also lower fatigue. Finally, because they accommodate add-ons such as lenses, you can customize your videos easily, if needed. You need of the 10 brands that we have listed herein, though, to enjoy these benefits. They are the best of the best in 2017.



  • Most people recommend Mantis Folding Rig by Fotodiox to me, but it’s not good enough. If you are looking for a DSLR shoulder rig that is lightweight and easy to set up, you need to consider buying this Fotodiox Mantis folding rig. It is a collapsible rig that can take different shapes to allow you to take different shots of videos that are required. It is completely customizable and comfortable for those that usually take extra-long video shoots. It allows you to shoot from bizarre angles with absolute ease.

  • The small 1 that I’m using is StudioFX DSLR Shoulder Rig. This is a real all-rounder shoulder rig that is perfect for both professional film makers and hobbyists. Camera shake will be a thing of the past when you buy it because it allows you to record videos in excellent quality. You can adjust it to your individuals needs using the various joints it is made of as well as the pull-out shoulder pad. It features a sturdy aluminum construction that makes it very durable.

  • Where is SUNRISE Shoulder Pad DSLR Rig? You will be completely happy with the build of this shoulder rig. It features a height adjustable and quick release baseplate, ergonomic shoulder pad and anti-slip and comfortable handles. Setting it up will not take you a lot of time because it is very easy. Everything that it is comprised of is built with attention to detail, so you can be sure that you are spending your money wisely when you purchase it. You will not spend a lot of money on it because it is affordable.

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