Highlighting the Best Fishing Scales in 2017 for Commercial Use

Most people list fishing as one of their hobbies and this is where fishing scales come in. Fishing scales are a must have for most fishers/anglers whether you do it for recreational purposes or otherwise. What’s more, most of the fishing scales can be used for weighing in other places such as the kitchen or when traveling to weigh your luggage. Therefore, you might end up solving more than one problem unconsciously.

However, you only rip the full benefits of a fishing scale when you land the best. Otherwise, it might be a pain to use one, and you might end up more disappointed than you would if you didn’t own one.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Good Fishing Scale

Precision and Accuracy: You must be sure that the fishing scale you are purchasing is accurate enough to give you reliable results. You will find this helpful, especially when weighing other important items such as luggage or when using it in your kitchen.

Compactness and Durability: Any fishing scale should be designed to with utmost compactness as most of the time you will be carrying it with you, when going fishing or just traveling. It should be durable enough to withstand all the journeys even the toughest.

Weighing Capacity: The scale’s weight capacity should be able to meet your needs. It should have the capacity to weigh anything you bought it for.

Ease of Reading Off the Weight From the Display: You might need to use your scale at night and it the display should have all the features to enable you to read off the weight quickly and with ease.

Auto Shut-Off Function: The auto shut-off function saves you some battery power, an important aspect especially when you are far away to get replacements.

Low Battery Indicator: You don’t want your scale’s battery dying on you unexpectedly.

Overloading Indicator: Again, you don’t want to damage your scale by overloading it, so an overload indicator comes in handy.

10. ReelSonar Digital Fishing Scale, Fish Lip Gripper, and Tape Measure, 99lb. /45Kg

The ReelSonar Digital Fishing Scale, Fish Lip Gripper, and Tape Measure feature a digital display with a Large LCD screen enabling you to read off the results from the display with ease. You will love weighing with it even at night as you will easily read the results from its digital display. What’s more, this scale features a built-in 39 inches tape measure which comes in handy when you need to know the actual length of your catch without guess work.

The included removable fish lip-grabber is very helpful when weighing really big fish. It helps you weigh them quickly and with ease, as opposed to hanging them on the hook as at times, getting a big fish to hang well on the hook, especially if the hook is not long enough, is difficult and might interfere with the results. The manufacturers included the fish lip grabber to ensure that you have the best time weighing no matter the size and weight of your catch. And you can learn more about the importance of lip grabbers here.

Its hook is in stainless steel which gives it the sturdiness and durability needed by every buyer. The hook does not rust even when used to weigh fish from salt waters and is strong enough to withstand even the heaviest weight as long as it is within the recommended maximum weight limit which is 99lb. / 45 kg. you can also use your scale to weigh other items, but you have to be sure that their weight does not exceed this limit as this could lead to damages on your scale.

The scale features a tare (net) weight and auto shut-off functions which help in giving you accurate results while saving on your batteries power. You can, therefore, rely on it fully to give you accurate results at all times and you can use it for weighing you catch’s weight for a long period of time before the batteries die off thanks to the auto shut-off function. Actually, this battery lasts up to five hundred (500) hours of weighing as long as it’s fully powered.

The general construction is super compact and accurate. It withstands various fishing and weighing conditions and thanks to the bright, back-lit LCD screen. You can easily read off the results even at night. Due to its compactness and accuracy, this scale fits tournament situations perfectly and can be used to weigh any type of fish thanks to its gentle fish lip-grabber and from any type of waters thanks to the stainless steel hook.

Just like many other customers, you too will love every feature in this fishing scale. It is designed to make fishing fun and reading off the results from the display screen easy. Even when weighing at night, you will love how quickly you can read off the results thanks to the bright back-lit LCD screen. The built in measuring tape is awesome and the stainless steel hook reliable.

  • Built-in 39 inch tape measure
  • Tare (net) weight
  • Removable fish lip-grabber
  • Stainless steel hook
  • Powered battery
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Does not weigh in Oz.

9. Next-Shine Digital Hanging/Luggage/Fish/Kitchen Electronic Scale, 0.005Kg/0.01 lb.

Featuring a high precision sensor is the Next-Shine Digital Hanging/Luggage/Fish/Kitchen Electronic Scale thus displaying the most accurate weight results you can expect from any scale. Its weighing capacity is 40Kg/ 88Lbs. thus enabling you to weigh a variety of items while giving you the best of results.

With this scale, you can use it to weigh different items in different environments. For our case here, the focus is on fishing scales, and this is an exceptional choice. On the other hand, you can use it to weigh your luggage, especially when traveling to avoid exceeding the weight limit mostly in the airports. You can also use it in the kitchen to weigh various items as you please as long their weight is within the recommended limit. You can get your weight results either in Kg/oz./jin/ or lbs.

When it comes to its design, this scale features a utility design. It is compact and totally durable and will surely pass the test of time. You can take it and use it in the harshest of conditions, but it will still come out strong and still functioning just as well. This is important especially for fishers because the fishing conditions get tough at times and you are safe with all strong items including your fishing scale. The scale is also well designed making it easy for you to store it either in your pocket or just anywhere at home.

The included thermometer temperature sensor is very helpful in your fishing as with it. You can easily adjust the fishing address, the length of your fishing thread and fish bait as needed. And, the sensor gives you results in both degree Celsius and Fahrenheit making it more convenient and reliable. You will enjoy every minute with this scale whether you are using it while fishing, in the kitchen or to weigh your luggage.

When fishing at night, you will love and appreciate the display which is clear & readable blue back-lit because it attracts fish in the dark thus you have a high chance of catching more. You will just love fishing with it at night as it makes your work so easy. When reading off the weight from the display, you won’t have to strain no matter what time of the day it is thanks to the blue back-light. The scale also features an overload and low battery indicators and lock weight faster. The included auto-off and tare functions help in preserving both energy and time, so there is no chance of ever getting disappointed in this scale.

Overall, this is a great scale to own whether you need for your kitchen, weighing your luggage or fish. It gives you an option to read off the weight in either Kg/oz./jin or lbs. The compact design makes it very durable, and all the other features such as the auto-off and tare functions make it easy and reliable to use. The included thermometer temperature sensor sums up everything. If you decide to purchase it, do it with confidence as it cannot disappoint.

  • Widely used unit: Kg/oz./jin/lb.
  • Utility design
  • Thermometer temperature sensor
  • Readable and Clear blue back-lit display
  • Auto-off and tare functions
  • Batteries are not included

8. Rapala Tourney Scale, Touch Screen, 15 lb.

For those looking for a scale that adds convenience and ease to tracking and weighing their catch, the Rapala Tourney Scale, Touch Screen, 15 lb. is the way to go thanks to its large digital touch screen. You will enjoy the ease with which you get your results as it only takes a touch to display them. It simply takes the fishing and weighing game a notch higher. For anyone who has a real experience in fishing they know how interesting it gets. In fact, some people describe it as addictive and if you would like to know a little bit more about fishing, you can visit here.

The stainless steel hook enables you to have the best of results with minimal efforts. The stainless steel material makes the hook more durable thus serving you for a long time and in the best condition as you would prefer. The hook is also strong enough to manage just enough weight as long as it does not exceed the recommended limit by the manufacturers.

The weight is displayed in 3 different options, that is, lbs., oz., and Kg. You will, therefore, find it easy to use as all you need is a touch to change the weight display to the option you are better conversant with. When weighing your catch, all you do is hang it on the hook and just like that, its weight will be displayed within no time, and you can read it off at any time thanks to the backlight.

The hook also features a backup memory. If you want to use this feature, all you do is tap on any of the eight storage locations and enter the fish’s weight into the memory. All this is possible via the 8-piece culling system, and you can add this weight to the total weight. And, this scale’s backup data system will store your data even if the battery power gets depleted, so you have nothing to worry about.

For travel and storage purposes, this little scale comes with a storage bag containing sewn in instructions. This gives you a tailor made to fit storage/travel bag for your scale and the instructions are vital when it comes to operating it. The scale runs up to four hundred (400) hours when using 2 AA batteries though they are not included, so you can rely on it to keep up a good fight when you are out there fishing and weighing.

I would recommend this little scale to a close friend without doubt or hesitation. It is built to last and serves as required. It has all the necessary features anyone in need of a good fishing scale could need. The touch screen and back-up memory features makes it a great product to place your money on and above everything else, it is super accurate.

  • Large digital touch screen
  • 3-weight display options
  • 8-piece culling system
  • Stainless steel hook
  • Back –up memory
  • No batteries included

7. MadBite Digital Fishing Scale, with LCD Screen and Hanging Hook, Digital Thermometer, 110lb./50Kg Capacity

With a multi-unit weight display, the MadBite Digital Fishing Scale, with LCD Screen and Hanging Hook, Digital Thermometer, 110lb. /50Kg Capacity gives you the easiest time weighing your catch. You have an option to choose the kind of unit weight display you are comfortable using.

The scale also features a compact design enabling you to store it easily whether in the tackle box or pocket. This is important especially when on the go. The compact design is enhanced by the back magnet that plays the great role of holding your scale hook in place preventing snagging after you store it or when traveling. This ensures that you travel as comfortable as possible.

With the sturdy hand grip featured in this fishing scale, you will have an easy time weighing your fish or other items like luggage or needs you use in your home. A sturdy grip is the determinant of a great fishing scale as once the grip is damaged, the scale becomes as good as dead. A strong grip enables you to weigh a variety of items with ease, and this is what this scale is offering you.

A digital thermometer is one of the other most important items included in this purchase. Well, we all know how significant a digital thermometer is whether you plan to use it professionally or not. This digital thermometer helps you measure the temperature of various items, and it displays the results in Fahrenheit. In short, this is the best fishing scale you will get for the price and items included.

Reading the results off the off your scale becomes easy and quick as the scale features a large LCD screen for easy viewing. You can actually use it with ease even at night that to this display screen. What’s more this scale features a super accurate precision so you can always be getting the correct weight results. The scale is also lightweight despite it being compact enabling you to carry it to any destination with ease.

If you are looking for a great fishing scale, you should get this guy here. The scale is compact thus durable and gives super accurate precision. It is designed for use by all people including travelers thus its style is accommodative. The back magnet ensures that the hook remains in place thus no snagging as you store or travel with it. The included digital thermometer makes it even a better choice for people who might need the thermometer.

  • Super accurate precision
  • Compact design
  • Back magnet
  • Digital thermometer included
  • Large LCD Screen for easy viewing
  • Weight is only displayed in lbs.

6. Toogoo niceEshop Digital Fishing Hook Hanging Scale

The Toogoo niceEshop Digital Fishing Hook Hanging Scale is perfect for recreational fishing. So, if you love fishing and enjoy weighing every catch just to know how good or lucky you are getting, this should be a must have. The design is superb and does no harm to the fish so if you are into catching and releasing kind of fishing, just grab one of these.

Most importantly, the scale is very affordable. Not unless you have run out of options, there is no point in spending a fortune on anything that you are likely to find at a lower price and the same or even better functionality. You will enjoy using it in all your fishing endeavors without having to use so much when purchasing it.

Its construction is compact. It is designed to withstand even the harshest fishing conditions so wherever you want to take it, just be sure that it will come out strong. When planning to go for recreational fishing, you are never absolutely sure of how the conditions will turn out. So you are better with a fishing scale that will do just as good in harsh conditions as it would in normal conditions and this here will give you just that. You might also want to carry some insect repellant because there are many insects around water bodies and the bites are never enjoyable.

When it comes to accuracy, this scale gives you reliable results, and you can actually rely on it even when in a serious fishing business. With it, you do not have to keep guessing if the weight displayed is less or more than the actual weight because what you get is the actual weight. This scale is unlike other scales that only give estimates. It gives the correct results, and thus, it is more reliable.

And, whatever time of the day you want to use it, you will be able to read off the displayed results with ease as it features a LED indicator, enabling you to get the results easily even when fishing in the darkness. This is important as you don’t want to keep straining to see the displayed results every time you weigh your catch. It also makes fishing and weighing easy and quick.

The auto-shutoff function helps you save your battery life as it will automatically shut the scale off if it is not in use for some time. This is very helpful especially when you are out fishing for many hours because if your battery dies before you are done, the fun dies too especially when you are in a fishing competition.

It is a great scale to own. It has all the important features that great scales should have and it is very durable. The LED indicator makes reading off the weight from the display easy and quick, and it is very accurate. When it comes to the price, this scale is very affordable, and this is the reason it emerges among the best fishing scales one should own.

  • Very accurate
  • Very affordable
  • LED indicator
  • Compact
  • The 2AA batteries needed to operate it are not included

5. Ultimate54 Portable Digital Luggage and Hanging Hook Fishing Scale, Tare Function, Multifunction, Large Backlight and LED Display, 110lb/50Kg weighing capacity

If you are looking for a compact fishing scale, you won’t go wrong with the Ultimate54 Portable Digital Luggage and Hanging Hook Fishing Scale. It is well designed, and every part of it is strong enough to withstand any fishing and luggage weighing hardships. Also, the fact that it combines as luggage and fishing scale makes it a better deal as once you own it, you can use it for any of the tasks without incurring an extra cost of purchasing two.

Again, this scale is better suited for travelers thus is it very lightweight enabling you to take it with you wherever you go. No traveler wants to carry unnecessary weight and this scale ensures that you travel as light as you would want. However, being lightweight does not mean that there is any compromise on the compactness. In fact, this is the most durable fishing/luggage scale for the price every part of it is built to withstand all the weighing procedures.

The scale is super precise and reliable. If you need one to be weighing your luggage when traveling, don’t hesitate to purchase this. It gives accurate results, and it is reliable in that it will never stop working as long as the batteries are powered. Most people have talked about getting disappointed by their scales especially when they need them the most but with this, getting disappointed is out of the question. Also, because of the bright LED display and bright light, you can use it at any time or place with ease and get quick results.

With the multiple weight display unit, you can always be sure to have an easy time reading off the weight results from the display. You don’t have to convert what has been displayed on the unit to what you understand better. Instead, you can just switch the unit by a click of a button to your preferred choice. The auto-zero function ensures that you get accurate results thus However you choose to use it, you can always be sure that you are getting the correct results.

With the auto-off function you are sure that your batteries will serve you for a long time. First, you need 2 AAA batteries to operate it and the good news is that they are included. This helps in cutting extra costs and with this function, the auto-off function, you can always rely on the scale to serve you as you would expect. What makes it even a better choice is the data lock system. It enables you to access your last highest weight results thus keeping track of how you are doing.

In general, this is a great luggage/fishing scale to invest in. It features great features such as the auto-zero function, tare button, data lock system, resistance to vibrations, overload indicator, low battery indicator and a bright LED display and bright light all making weighing easy and accurate. It is super lightweight thus very portable and very compact thus durable.

  • Auto-zero function
  • Data lock
  • Resistant to vibrations
  • Bright LED display and bright light
  • Overload and low battery indicator
  • Has no serial number. It’s just a household scale

4. American Weigh Digital Scales, AMW-SR-20, Yellow, 44 Lb. By 0.02 Lb.

This scale by American Weigh brings scales portability to another high level making it an ideal weight scale to use while on the go. First, this scale features a retractable handle enabling you to pack it in the smallest space possible thus becoming more portable. In fact, when the handle goes all in, it looks like a really tiny gadget, but its functionality is in no way compromised in the process.

The scale also features a fold away hook which adds to its portability and ease of storage. The manufacturers knew very well that every traveler goes for anything that will make traveling easy and minimize on the luggage size as much as possible. Thanks to this hook, you do not need a specialized bag to carry your scale in. You can just stash it in any space available in any of your luggage bags.

Its weighing capacity is 44lbs thus you can weigh various items with ease. If you are buying it to use it at home, you will love it as with this weight capacity. There is so much that you can weigh comfortably. And, you may never know how important a weigh scale is until you desperately need to weigh something and you don’t have one or can’t recall where you kept it.

Again, if you travel a lot, a weigh scale is a must have item. It is not easy to guess if your luggage is or has exceeded the required weight especially at the airport and with a scale, you will walk in confidently. Also, for people who are into fishing, you will find this scale helpful especially if you are in a fishing competition. The hook is well designed to help you get the weight of the fish without hurting it. So, if you are into catching and releasing fishing game, you will like it more.

The back-lit LCD gives the user an easy viewing. This is especially important if you are using the scale at night more so when you don’t even have the light to enable you to read off the weighing results. Nothing beats a weigh scale with a back-lit LCD because you can comfortably use it from any place and at any time.

If you are looking for a portable scale, this one will serve you best thanks to its foldaway hook and retractable handle. It only requires a pair of AA batteries to operate, and the good news is, these batteries are included. The back-lit LCD makes it more likable, and the color is just right.

  • Retractable handle
  • Fold away hook
  • Included 2 AAA batteries
  • Back-lit LCD
  • No tare function

3. Brainydeal Digital Hanging/Luggage/Fishing Scale

This is a neat little portable digital hanging/luggage/fishing scale by Brainydeal. It favors a wide range of users from those who need it for weighing their luggage mostly when traveling, those who would like to weight their trigger pull weight of firearms and those who want it purely for weighing fish. So, if you are traveling and at the same time, you go fishing, you will get a two-in-one scale. However one decides to use it, you will be pleased with its functionality.

The scale features two locking functions i.e. auto-lock in of the reading after the weight is stabilized and no auto-lock just like spring scales. This way, you can always select the best locking function for the item you want to weigh. You will not also have to wonder if the results you received are accurate or not because you have a choice to choose the perfect function for your type of measurement. The scale is very accurate. It has a High accuracy of 10g, 0.5 oz., 0.02 pound which makes it more reliable especially for those times when weight is a major factor to consider mostly when on long journeys.

This scale features a low battery indicator meaning you can always tell if you have enough battery to last you throughout your mission. This is extremely important, especially when going to places where getting a replacement is next to impossible or when you have too much to weigh as battery consumption will also be high. This feature saves you the disappointments of, for example, going all the way for a fishing game competition only for your battery power to get depleted before the game is over. Without this feature, you will always feel like you are walking into the game blindly as you can never tell when you will have a battery low.

Again, this luggage/fishing scale features a Tare full capacity function. This is very important, and it adds to its general accuracy which is important especially when weighing luggage. There is nothing as disappointing as traveling all the way to the airport knowing that your luggage is not overweight only to be forced to pay extra as the luggage ends up exceeding the required weight simply because your scale is not as accurate. This scales weighing capacity is 40Kg, 1,210 oz., 88 lbs., and Minimum weight: 20g, 0 0.7 oz., and .04 lb. And, the scale has 3 different unit selection: Kg/oz./lb. To understand the role of the tare function better, visit here.

With the auto-off function, this scale helps in preserving your battery life enabling you to use it for a long time without a need for replacement. As we all know, once the battery dies, the scale becomes just useless hence the need to ensure that it has enough charge always and this auto-off function is a sure way of achieving this.

Overall, this is a great scale to have. Whether you want it for keeping track of your luggage’s weight during travels or weighing your fish while fishing, it will serve you well. Its screen is perfectly visible and the buttons are easy to press thus easy to operate. The strap is strong thus more durability, and the lock in feature makes it more awesome. You will love it!

  • ABS engineering plastic
  • Overload indicator
  • 2 locking function
  • Low battery indicator
  • Thin strap thus not so comfortable when weighing really heavy items.

2. Dr.Meter Digital Fishing Hanging Hook, PS01, 50 KG/ 110Lb., Backlit LCD Display, Measuring Tape and 2 AAA Batteries included

Unlike most fishing scales that only features a weight measuring unit, this digital fishing unit by Dr.Meter combines a weight measuring unit with a Built-in tape to measure objects in cm/ft/in/. This way, you won’t only be weighing how heavy your catch is but also how long. This makes fishing even more interesting especially for those in a fishing competition. It is also important for those in fishing as a way of earning a living as you can always tell when you have caught the best deal thus more earnings.

To make it even a better option, this digital fishing scale is portable, thanks to its design. It is small in size but very compact and lightweight so you can carry it with ease to any destination and it occupies a very small space thus ideal for when you want to keep weight down while minimizing space occupancy.

With a metal hand strap, you can be sure that it will withstand so much weight measuring. This makes it more durable, and you can rely on it even when measuring heavy items as this scale can be used to measure other things too apart from fish. Once you buy one of these, you can be sure that you can use in every fishing activity without failing you.

Its measuring capacity is 50Kg/110Lb so you can always measure any fish within this capacity. If you want to use it to weigh other items, especially when traveling via plane and don’t want to risk exceeding the weight limits, you will find it helpful. But, most important is its durability which makes it a better choice for any users. The scale also features a convenient switch for the weighing unit.

And, when it comes to weight display, this scale is designed to give a multi-unit weight display in g/kg/lb/oz. Thus if you are more comfortable with one choice over the rest, you can always go ahead and set it to always give you the readings in it. No one likes the weight converting maths especially when fishing and in a hurry to just get the weight and release the fish back into the water.

With the Auto lock function, you will always have the highest weight you have measured, and the hook features a stainless steel construction making it more durable. This way, you can always use it for a long time while it’s still in a good condition.

  • Auto lock function
  • Multi-unit weight display
  • Weight capacity 50Kg/110Lb
  • Metal hand strap
  • The tape adds some weight to the general weight of the scale

1. Mango Spot Digital Fishing Scale, LCD Electronic Balance, 50 KG, 110 Pound, 10 Gram, 2 AAA Batteries included

If you love fishing then you will definitely love this fishing scale by Mango Spot. It is ideal for all types of fishing as it does no harm to the fish as you measure its weight so even if you just want to catch then release that’s okay. The fishing game gets better and more interesting if you can measure the weights of your catch and compare you caught the best “deal.” And, this is only possible if you have a reliable measuring unit and this is where this fishing scale comes in. It measures up to 50KG/110Lbs, so you are sure to use it on a variety of catches.

The fact that it is a hanging hook scale makes it even a better option to use as you are sure that you won’t end up hurting the fish in the process of measuring its weight. This too makes it ideal for a variety of fishers because some people are only interested in seeing the heaviest fish they can catch while others are in the fishing and selling business thus wants to know that they are catching the best for their customers. For those in a fishing competition, you know you are the winner if you get the heaviest.

When it comes to accuracy, this fishing scales accuracy is incomparable. You can be sure that the measurements you are reading from your scale represent the actual measurement of the fish. What makes it even more accurate is the tare function. Even when not measuring a fish, you might be measuring other items in a container so you don’t have to go through the struggles of deducting the two weights, thanks to the tare function.

This fishing scale too features a data lock function meaning you can tell the highest weight of the last bunch of fish you weighed previously. This helps in keeping track of whether your fishing is getting better in terms of weight of the fish caught or not.

The fishing scales comes with 2 AAA batteries needed for operation so you can start using it immediately after receiving it. These batteries are of a high quality so you can use them for a long time before replacing them. The scale also features an over load indicator so you can always tell when the weight of whatever you are weighing exceeds its capacity as overload might cause damage to the scale.

To save battery, this fishing scale features an auto power off switching it off after every 120 secs of no operation. This way you can count on it for many fishing activities, and you can be sure that the battery won’t run out when you are away fishing with no places to get replacements.

When it comes to measuring, this fishing scale features a multi-unit display in Lb. /oz. / and jin. This enables you to read off the weight of your fish with the unit you understand better. Some scales feature only a single unit display, leaving you with the task of converting the results to other units that you understand better.

The scale features a stainless steel hook construction thus very durable. This is important as we know fishing conditions can get tough at times and you need to know that all your tools, including your fishing scale, will come out strong and continue serving you for as long as possible.

  • Durable hook construction from stainless steel
  • Tare function
  • Data lock function
  • Auto-power-off switch system
  • The scales handle is small for those with big hands


Finding a good fishing scale is quite a task mostly for people who have not owned one before. This article aims at simplifying this task by giving you some relevant tips while searching for one and some of the best scales available on the market currently. Go ahead and read through and if you find the article helpful, you can save your friends by sharing it with them. You can also look into this article to see more options from the scales we had previously reviewed. If you have any questions concerning any fishing equipment, you can pose them on our comments section or visit other sites like. Good Luck!


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