Best Vacuum For Stairs In 2019 Reviews

Are your stairs the hardest part to clean in your house? If yes, then this is your lucky day. By the end of this post, you have said goodbye to the most stubborn stains not only on your stairs, but also throughout the house. The truth is that most people tend to neglect their stairs when cleaning other parts of the house. Perhaps, it is because they require more effort.

Anyways, regardless of your reason for neglecting them, things can change in the house. What you need is an effective and easy to use vac tailored for the stairs. The following are the five best vacuums for stairs:

#1. Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum

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Hand-held but powerful, this model from Eureka perfectly eliminates all the hassle of having to lug around with a full-size vacuum for cleansing carpeted stairs, sofas, and car upholstery. It features a twenty-foot long cord that you can wrap around effortlessly for storage purposes. The cord offers a good reach just like the deluxe hose that stretches up to 3 times its length. With its crevice tool right at the hose end, the vacuum reaches perfectly to even the tightest of places. Two powerful motors drive its high power suction. One motor powers the revolving brush while the other powers the suction. Its 5.5 amp power guarantees that the vacuum will surely clean deep.

#2. Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vacuum

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This handheld vacuum cleaner is designed specifically for picking up pet hair around the house. It impressively delivers the much power needed for real time results. The unit features a flexible rubber contour nozzle, which is highly effective at removing pet hair and dirt from stairs to upholstery. It also has a nozzle for getting rid of all dry messes in the house or inside your car. The cleaner provides lightweight construction with its less than four pounds weight. Handling it is effortless since it has an easy to handle and comfortable grip. You’ll also enjoy the fingertip-access off/on switch. You can empty its dirt container after use in order to guarantee maximum suction performance. Other remarkable highlights include a filter screen, pleated post motor filter and
16-foot power cord that feature a wrapping system.

#3. Eureka RapidClean Handheld Vacuum

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This Eureka model was specifically designed with your stairs in mind. It brings with it an off/on brushroll together with a floor brush, which incredibly flips down to clean non-carpeted stairs easily, as well as other hard surfaces. You can turn the brushroll on in order to deep clean upholstered furniture as well as carpeted stairs. The vacuum’s 28-foot system comprises of a twenty-five foot cord and three-foot stretch hose. It also has a crevice tool to help save time when cleaning in addition to assisting reach even the furthest areas. With this model, expect easy roll wheels that protect hard floor surfaces perfectly. They also make cleaning easier.

#4. Dirt DevilHandheld Vacuum

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Whether it is pet hair, stairs, or car interiors, whenever the job is extremely tough for your broom, but small to haul your large vacuum cleaner, there is no better solution than the Dirt Devil handheld vacuum. It features the power of upright and compact design that come in handy in offering powerful suction. It has a revolving brush that aids when it comes to deep carpet cleaning. Does your house always have tough-to-reach spots like between couch cushions, or under car seats? If yes, then worry no more. This vac has a gentle lower speed and loud higher speed.

#5. Shark Pet Perfect II Handheld Vacuum

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With the shark pet handheld vac, there is no doubt that pet hair does not even stand a chance. Say goodbye to the stubborn dirty shoeprints. It does not matter the nature of the mess you need to clean, this vac is definitely up to the task. It brings with it numerous features that will surely make your operation a breeze. For instance, look forward to a rechargeable battery that vacuums messes all over the house. it motorized brush roll is extra large and detachable in order to get rid of ground-in dirt as well as pet hair from the upholstery.


Choosing the best vacuum for the stairs should not be a challenge anymore. With the above 5 best vacuum for stairs, your selection should be a walk in the park.

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