Best Remote Control Cars Under 200 Dollars For Kids In 2019 Reviews

Treat your kids as they deserve by getting them a perfect toy car that is beyond the cheap toy trucks. Remote controlled cars are very basic and will make your son go out and play with them and have a blast.

The trucks are also designed to help your child explore the road adventures as they are made to be realistically close to the normal cars with all the most important features and details included. The best remote control cars for your kid that are available in the market include:

#1. Hosim 33+MPH 1/12 Scale Electric RC Car

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This toy car is made with the most advanced latest technology therefore due to ease of use, it has the call service for support which is operational all day every day. Also, simplicity in used of the toy car by your kid is made possible because of the S truck suspension technology deployed during its construction.

The car also has very attractive all terrain tires which have been filled up with foam giving the cars an appealing look. It is powered up with battery cells which last up for a long period of time giving your kid a good service. This car is of high speed and can be controlled with a remote control making it very convenient to use.

#2. Traxxas LaTrax Teton 1/18 4WD Brushed RTR Truck

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This is an amazing remote controlled truck which is so efficient as is powered electrically. It is also radio controlled under the frequency of 2.4 GHz which gives this car a sense of uniqueness. It is suitable for kids who are aged 8 years and above. It is light in weight and weighs about 4 pounds making it very easy for your child to carry it around. It also has a warranty of purchase therefore it is a guarantee of good service. Its strong wheels make it suitable for a rough terrain including the muddy terrain.

#3. Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy, Blue

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It comes with a user’s manual during purchase making the product to be simple for operation. Also, for easy repair of the car truck or for any difficulties that may arise during use there is a well dedicated support team that will answer the questions and give you guidelines or help in repair of the truck. It is a well powered truck that delivers good service to your child during the plays and this is achieved by the use of 4 batteries for the truck and 8 for the remote control which are bought separately. It is also radio operated at the frequency 2.4GHz.

It comes with a large fuel capacity that measures up to 75cc which makes your son have fun during play. Its speed is also good that is the single transmission type. It is a very durable piece of truck and does not wear out easily because of the composite disk brakes and the aluminum caps for absorbing the shock. The truck also has a very powerful engine. Suitable for children who are 14 years and above. It also comes with a warranty of purchase therefore one is assured of the best quality service to be delivered.

#4. Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck

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It has guidelines for operation included in the user’s manual which makes it very simple to operate. All the requirements are also included on the same manual such as the battery requirements and the major ways to solve minor break downs. For solution of problems related to the product that may be beyond your reach, the product has a support team that can be reached by email through their website.

This car is very resistant to water and this makes it very durable and resilient therefore it gives a good service. It is powered up by 8 batteries which are bought separately. The truck is also 2.4GHz radio operated. It can be powered by electrically and has an adapter included for charging it. The aluminum caps are filled with oil that enable it to absorb shock. It is also very durable as it made from polycarbonate which is a strong material. It is suitable for kids who are 14 years and above.

#5. Holy Stone 2962A Lamborghini Veneno

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This car is well and efficiently powered as it comes with a chargeable battery. The transmitter for the car is also powered with a battery that is purchased separately. It has awesome functions making it incredibly fun during play and your kid will definitely enjoy it. Made to last for long as it is very durable. The red lights make it very cool. It is light in weight hence can easily be carried around. It is made in China and suitable for children who are above 14 years of age.

These remote controlled cars will make your child have fun and are very thrilling and will definitely drive an adrenaline explosion to your kid making them love you even more for them. They are very efficient for use and will enable your child to go through even the toughest obstacles because of their strong wheels. They are definitely a great value for your money and a good addition to your kids toys.

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