Best Memory Foam Mattresses In 2019 Reviews

When compared to the premier generation temper foam mattresses that were developed in the 60s, the modern day ones are available in different firmness levels. They last longer, heat up less, springs back faster etc. Simply put, as long as you make the right choice, you stand to enjoy an array of benefits from today’s memory foam mattresses.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that today’s mattresses lack defects. In fact, some are far from flawless — yes, that’s the ugly truth. Since the decision making process, which goes into buying a memory foam mattress might be highly exhaustive, it is prudent to take your time, in order to settle for the best deal. It is very important to know exactly what you want in a mattress. In other words, which features are you looking forward in your purchase? That is the million-dollar question you need to answer.

The following are the best memory foam mattresses in 2019 … happy and stress free shopping!!

1. Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress

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The Contour 8-inch mattress boasts a soft quilted cover. It perfectly conforms to your body curves thus giving you a comfortable and peaceful sleep. The mattress brings with it an incredible design that distributes weight equally as it relieves pressure all along the body. Its independently encased coils get rid of any motion disturbance in order to guarantee uninterrupted sleep at night. To improve its quality and comfort, the mattress boasts a think foam layer at the bottom and top. for your utmost convenience, it is vacuum-sealed, rolled and compressed.

2. Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

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There is no better way to enjoy a good night’s sleep of support and comfort than by using this incredible mattress. It has a 12-inch foam that offers nothing short of comfort. Additionally, its pressure relieving foam layer conforms perfectly to your body’s natural shape. The mattress is not only stable, but also long lasting. You need to open your mattress package within 72hrs after receipt and give it 48hrs for the mattress to get back to its plush, original shape. The Green Tea Memory Foam mattress features a worry free ten year limited warranty. This is without a doubt another comfortable innovation from Zinus.

3. Tuft & Needle Mattress

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Tuft & Needle is a brand new mattress company specializing in designing universally comfortable mattresses that are always ranked among the top on Amazon. A great attribute about this mattress is that it incredible strikes the much-needed balance in a comfortable mattress — it is not too hard nor too soft. Getting it in and out of bed is a walk in the park. It features localized movement, which prevents the disturbing sleep partners. The mattress comes with a thirty-day trial. It features an exclusive Amazon Return Policy meaning you can return or exchange it within a particular time frame.

4. DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Mattress

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There is no doubt that this mattress takes utmost comfort to a brand new level. This 12-inch mattress boasts a 4-layer construction. Its texted foam offers you the best night’s sleep. That is for sure. The mattress has an extra thick gel memory foam layer meaning that you are totally guaranteed of utmost comfort. Enjoy the classy and luxurious white cover with brown suede on the corners. You also stand to obtain free two gel pillows that match the mattress cover.

5. Sealy Soft Foam Mattress

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To give you nothing short of the best product, Cocoon designed and tested more than 100 prototypes during their two-year journey of creating a shippable mattress that not only meets the standards but also is also long lasting and is of high quality. By buying this amazing mattress, you bless yourself with high-density, high quality foam that incredibly cradles you. it is perfectly engineered to be durable, breathable with a lofty feel. Get yours today and discover the magical nature of Cocoon mattresses.


While there may be a number of leading contenders in terms of manufacturers of memory foam mattresses, it is highly crucial to extensively research your options. In doing so, you avoid regrets and disappointments in your purchase. Remember that by doing your research right; you end up being a happy and satisfied consumer. By reviewing the above best memory foam mattresses in 2019, there is no doubt that you’ll make the right decision.

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